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Chapter 172: Chuchu VS Long Feiwu (2)

Translator: Huiting Teng   Editor: Lucy

“Ah!?” Li Yexue could not help shrieking. She always regarded Chuchu as an ordinary girl and never imagined she came from a powerful background. Albeit the royal in Jinxia, Clan Chu enjoyed a high status just like Clan Long in Longyuan.

Chuchu answered bitterly while seeing Li Yexue’s astonishment, “Clan Chu is the feud of the royal in Longyuan. You know that?”

Li Yexue nodded, murmuring, “It’s widely acknowledged. Clan Long is your family’s opponent.”

Chuchu pointed at the masters outside, “The martial artists out of our dormitory come to capture me.”

“What to do next? You run away now!” Li Yexue shouted anxiously.

Chuchu was startled, “You still care about me even knowing who I am?”

Li Yexue shook head, “I don’t care where you come from. I only know you’re my friend.”

Chuchu was moved to tears.

“Thank you! How lucky I am to know you in Longyuan!” Chuchu grasped Li Yexue’s hand and replied excitedly.

Li Yexue answered eagerly, “It’s not the time to talk about this. You need to come up with a method to escape.”

“Escape? Ha…ha…I’m afraid you don’t have the chance.” The door was kicked open when Li Yexue just finished her words.

Youlie, the traitor, revealed his complacency.

Chuchu glared at him with a cold look, gritting her teeth, “Why you betray me?”

“c.r.a.p! To keep my life!” Youlie snapped back.

His remark made sense. Even Chuchu had no right to require the villain to die for her, since everyone was equal.

“You lordship, she’s Chuchu, the second young lady and also our commander.” Youlie pointed at Chuchu, screaming.

Long Feiwu had already envisioned Chuchu’s appearance before seeing her and fought with her many times over the past three years.

He did not believe Youlie’s description of her at first. Now, he saw Chuchu himself and confirmed Youlie’s remarks. But he was not that superficial as Youlie. Albeit her ugliness, wisdom shone in her eyes.

Her intelligence brilliance covered her unattractive look. Long Feiwu was a little thrilled to have such a strong opponent in his life.

“Miss Chuchu, we’re not new to each other!” Long Feiwu grinned.

Fearless, Chuchu nodded and flicked a resolute and bright look at him.

“The well-known fighting dragon, nice to meet you.” Her clear and melodic voice stayed in contrast with her face.

“I never expect the three-year rival is a woman. Clan Chu enjoys numerous talents!”

Chuchu turned around to Youlie and scowled at him, responding in hatred, “Unfortunately, Clan Chu developed a traitor.”

Long Feiwu smiled, “You hate him?”

Chuchu sneered and replied flatly, “You don’t hate the one who betray you?”

“Of course I do!” Long Feiwu nodded and laughed, “It’s my first time to meet your ladyship, but I don’t bring any gifts. You hate the traitor, and I would like to present his head to you.”

“Ah? What! Your lordship, you…” Youlie’s face twisted in scare.

Long Feiwu cast a contemptuous look at him and said coldly, “You really think I’ll give you ten million for living a leisure life? Ha…ha…Dreaming! Why should I spend the fortune on a buzzard? Since Miss Chuchu is interested in your head, I can do her a favor and save my money at the same time. She’s is more important than you!”

“Long Feiwu, you…dare to break your promise? b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Youlie trembled in anger with a purple face.

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