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Fear Resistance >

Past the lobby, there were neatly made pens[1] spread across the rearing room on the righthand side. They were big enough to be close to rooms, rather than pens, and there were, of course air purifying and temperature adjustment installations, but also CCTV installed. Apparently, the relatively smaller pen could withstand up to standard level 10 and stat B, and the largest pen up to A.

The unicorns were also already moved to here.

There was Peace and Blue, too, on the nameplates on the pens. While I wasn’t here, they would stay here where the Hunter in charge was.

In the pen that didn’t have a owner yet, the nest from Seseong was placed and Comet was lowered on it.

-Sii shwik!

The baby dragon wrapped their long tail around my wrist and snorted at Blue who was loitering outside. There was a difference in their weight cla.s.s and abilities, so it couldn’t lunge at her, but it seemed incredibly upset.

“Alright, alright. Blue can’t come in, so sleep here.”

Then I left Blue and Chirpie to the rearing room as well. My things were still at the dorms, so I was thinking of taking them home after it was all moved in. There wasn’t a lot, but there wouldn’t be anything left while trying to move along with the kids, especially Blue.

Kang Soyoung left to go shopping, saying that she would decorate Comet’s pen. Emulate this, Han Yoohyun. Hurry up and come out and bring in a highest cla.s.s pet bed into Peace’s pen at least.

“You can use the mini portal to the 2nd floor as long you have the registration key.”

Sung Hyunjae said, taking out of his inventory and showing a card the size of a business card that was made from an S-Rank magic stone thinly cut with a code placed in it. But why was that person holding the registration key?

“There are six registration keys in total, with the four guilds, excluding MKC, having one each. The remaining two are Han Yoojin-gun’s. They were sent to Haeyeon Guild, so you just have to go and take it.”

“Do I not have any privacy?”

Why would you divvy up and take someone else’s house keys?

“There’s another door inside, so don’t worry.”

“If it is a normal door, it would be like a piece of paper to an S-Rank.”

“It’s not to that extent – about a wooden plank? It was made specially in its own way.”

There wasn’t much of a difference between things that would break after being hit. Though there was no helping it since there was no way to make sure some problem wouldn’t occur at home.

“Apparently the house’s outer walls can endure against an A-Rank combat Hunter for about 30 minutes.”

“It is durable.”

“A 3rd Rank armored dragon’s skin was used as the exterior material. There wasn’t a way to process it, so A-Rank Hunters had to be put to it.”

I’m much obliged. There weren’t any dungeons within the country where 3rd rank armored dragons came out, so did they import it from overseas?

The house key was also sent to Haeyeon, so I couldn’t go inside. They certainly must’ve made it well.

Besides that, Sung Hyunjae pointlessly kindly explained the training room, maintenance room, reception room, etc. I felt sorry for Song Taewon’s whose mouth kept on being blocked, so I tried showing it in my own way, but it didn’t get through at all.

“Seseong Guild Leader. You should be busy, so I apologize for taking up so much of your time. I will hear the rest from Chief Song Taewon.”

At the words saying to go back to your place, Sung Hyunjae’s gaze went towards me. The corners of his eyes thinly held a smile.

“The time I give to you isn’t wasteful at all, so don’t worry.”

f.u.c.k, beating about the bush really didn’t get through.

“It is burdensome to me, so please leave.”

I threw a fast ball. When I did, he put on a hurt face. Crazy. ……As expected, crazy.

“You’re more heartless than you look.”

“…We do not have a relationship where things like ‘heartless’ are relevant, do we?”

“I thought I put in quite a lot of sincerity. Besides checking the skill, I haven’t treated you badly either. Truthfully, isn’t it rarer to accept that type of skill defenselessly?”

Shortly after thinking ‘what nonsense is this’.

‘Did Sung Hyunjae… treat me quite well……?’

Thinking back on it, besides rejecting the skill, there wasn’t a time where he had hurt me. When I had gone to Seseong too, he was amicable the whole time, and I even received Peace’s toy and the earrings. And when we went into the dungeon, he was a problem because he picked fights with other people, but he listened well to me. He also bought a present and came to visit me at the hospital, and today, he broke Song Taewon’s car, but thanks to that, we came here comfortably.

It did seem like he was being sincere to me, like he said.

‘……It feels like I’m falling for a scam.’

Considering how he’s an amazing giant guild leader, he was incredible genial. Even now when he had heard me openly tell to him get lost, he didn’t show at all that he was angry.

It was definitely like that, and he wasn’t wrong about the skill, and they were all truths that I had directly gone through, but why did I keep on feeling like I was being deceived?

When I was being dissatisfied, Yerim grabbed my arm.

“Ahjussi, don’t be taken in!”

What did you mean ‘taken in’. It was super icky.

“Thinking over it, it is so. You paid much attention to me during this time.”

I acknowledged that. I continued, to the smiling face.

“So, please show me some kindness this time as well. If you go back without much trouble, I could feel touched a little.”

If you’re going to treat me well, treat me well to the end.

At the continuing words turning him away, Sung Hyunjae’s eyes quickly turned chilly. I am the person who is raising your place’s child, please calm down.

“It seems I have no choice. The one who falls for the other first[2], is the one who loses.”

What was he even saying.

Sung Hyunjae gazed at Song Taewon once, and then obediently turned around. He clearly should’ve had a secret scheme, but he listened to me so well that it was uncomfortable instead.

“Yerim, you should start to go, to take the cla.s.ses you skipped.”

“How can I go, leaving ahjussi?”

“This is my house now. There’s also Hunters who are already guarding it.”

At my words, Yerim glared at the silently standing Song Taewon.

“Even so, they’re only A-Ranks. If that ahjussi also leaves with me, then I’ll go.”

Even if she was an S-Rank, Yerim wouldn’t be able to match up to him yet. He was the person who had the most combat experience against Hunters, instead of monsters, within the country. He would be able to easily subdue low-level Yerim.

“Why are you so aggressive? Even if he does something or the other, he’s a public official, so would anything happen? And he wouldn’t just drag somebody away without procedures.”

“I do sometimes.”

Song Taewon said unreservedly. …So he did drag people away. I didn’t know. Yerim put more strength into the hand grabbing my arm. It hurt.

“B-Rank and higher Hunters are capable of ma.s.s destruction, so immediate restraint is possible under my judgement. According to skill, it can be applicable to C-Rank and lower Hunters as well.”

“…Ahjussi is also B-Rank, now.”

Yerim whispered, frowning. Though I was stat F with zero attack skills.

“Truthfully, even if someone is dragged away, rather than me, Yerim, you would be first… hey hey.”

Don’t pinch me. The adults around her were bad, so I worried that it wouldn’t be far before something happened so that I would have to visit a detention center.

“Of course, I have not come with that purpose today, so if you have not committed illegal actions, you can be relieved.”

…There was murder, threatening, a.s.sault. Though I wouldn’t get caught. When I told Yerim to go to cla.s.s again, she sent a gaze full of mistrust.

“You wouldn’t come up in the 9 o’clock news, or something, right?”

“Then send me food from outside[3].”

Yerim’s grumbling brought something to mind, so I took out a pen and memo sheet made from dungeon byproducts from my inventory. After writing down two phone numbers on the memo, I gave it to Yerim.

“In the unlikely case that I go missing, contact here and ask them to find me.”

“Whose contact information is it?”

“You’ll know if you call. Don’t call pointlessly, though.”

It was Do Hamin’s and Yoon Yoon’s contact information.

I had changed my phone, but I had my ID card that was issued a long time ago, so if she commissioned Do Hamin, she would be able to find my location immediately. And Yoon Yoon, who had been stat B and couldn’t take others very far, was now stat S and had the ultra long distance portal skill, so an easy and safe escape was possible.

It meant that as long as I stayed alive, there wasn’t any need to worry.

When I pacified Yerim and sent her off, finally it was just Song Taewon and me. There wasn’t really any need to go around the facility more, so we went to the reception room that we had pa.s.sed before.

“You have not come to actually drag me away, correct?”

I asked nonsensically, as we walked.

“No. Though I have met with your brother a while ago.”


“Since there were several dead people through Han Yoojin-ssi’s kidnapping case. I was a little surprised because it was the first time the Haeyeon Guild Leader accepted investigations that obediently.”

“That… if it was the first time, does that mean there were similar situations before that?”

“It should have been about a quarterly event.”

Quarterly… four times a year…… Yoohyun?!

With complicated feelings, I opened the reception room door. It was a luxuriously decorated room with one wall made out of gla.s.s. There was also a fairly large break room attached. Right now, there wasn’t anybody here, but soon, I should hire employees.

“I have not… heard about such things. Was there possibly a time when the problem was quite serious?”

“Seeing as there are not many things that are known publicly, it makes sense that you do not know. It is rare for things to not be serious with S-Rank Hunters, but still, it is much better lately. Since dungeon breaks barely occur.”

Song Taewon continued speaking, smiling slightly.

“As the usage of attack skills cannot be restricted in regions where dungeon breaks have occurred, previously, I had to be resolved to lose about an arm, if my luck was bad. As you know, the Haeyeon Guild Leader’s disposition is not normal.”


“I apologize.”

When I hesitated, unsure of what I had to say, Song Taewon apologized.

“Ah, no. Or rather, I apologize. My brother is… it seems like he caused you much trouble.”

Ah, s.h.i.t, Yoohyun, what did you go around doing? It wasn’t a different guild or an ordinary Hunter, so why did ‘resolve to throw away an arm’ come from a public official’s mouth?

“Please do not pay too much mind. It is common for high rank Hunters to be sensitive while handling dungeons bursting, which are not even dungeon attacks. Especially if two or more S-Rank Hunters enter the same region of a break, there is no other method than to put up restriction lines and have healers on standby. Nevertheless, it was an uneasy time, so it was not known to the public. Considering that time, nowadays is really peaceful.”

“That, Yoohyun… the Haeyeon Guild Leader also possibly……”

Song Taewon lost the calm expression he had maintained from the beginning and showed a helpless smile.

“I am becoming afraid of truthfully telling you a review of that time. You can see it as something that S-Rank Hunters who awakened initially have gone through at least once. So I was considerably worried when I heard the news that four S-Rank Hunters would go into the same dungeon. On top to that, two of them… nevermind.”

They did pick fights with each other, but there wasn’t a big problem. I remembered Yoohyun being regretful that there was no reason for S-Rank Hunters to gather like that in a dungeon. If they originally fought with each other a lot, it must have piled up a lot, since it had been quite a long time since dungeon breaks became rare. In that time, their abilities would have changed a lot; it made sense that they were curious.

Still, it was wrong. Wait for the relatively safer ranking compet.i.tions to appear.

“Um, would you like something to drink? Should I give you coffee at least?”

Drinks were cheap, so it should be fine. Song Taewon nodded his head. When I went into the break room, I saw a large coffee machine. How did you use it… When I opened the cupboard, there was also instant coffee.

“The reason I came looking for you today, is to check Han Yoojin-ssi’s status.”

I was ripping the instant coffee bag, when I suddenly heard the voice behind me. Why didn’t you just wait; why come in here too?

“My status?”

When I turned around, Song Taewon was looking down at me with that usual calm face.

“Yes. Han Yoojin-ssi’s stats are F. On the other hand, the ranks of your special skills are high. It means you are someone who is very easy to lay a hand on.”

That, I also knew. That was why Yoohyun occasionally made suggestions, and I also paid attention in my own way and made my current place.

“You had a discussion with five guilds, but because of MKC, the balance has collapsed. I have heard that Hanshin is also receiving pressure in various ways.”

Was that why there was absolutely no contact from Hanshin?

“Since apparently, they were taking Han Yoojin-ssi into an A-Rank dungeon in the middle of that chaos, I was suspicious.”

Specifically, it was me taking them, though.

“Have you possibly ever received mental or physical harm?”

“…Excuse me? Well, I was tired because they kept on trying to fight. But it was about that much.”

“You can speak comfortably. Is it not stranger for Han Yoojin-ssi to be unharmed? You may not know well, but there are skills and items that can manipulate people however one wants in the Hunters community. On top of that, the lower your stats are, the easier it is for those to be used.”

I also knew that. And there was a time when I was about to suffer damage. But now, there was no need to worry much.

Mind types, especially brainwashing types, didn’t affect even stat F’s, if they were stable mentally. And the easiest way to make someone unstable was definitely fear. You just needed simple preparations called violence and threats.

‘But I have a fear resistance skill.’

Not even one eyebrow twitched in front of an SS-Rank monster, so what were they going to do? So I didn’t really worry about that kind of skill or item.

“I am fine, so you do not have to worry.”

Still, I was thankful that he did worry. At my reply, Song Taewon’s eyes became heavy and settled. It was strange, considering that it was a reaction to the words that I was alright.

And then a hand touched my neck. The hand that I couldn’t notice coming closer, wrapped around my neck and a thick thumb lightly pressed over where my pulse was.

“Chief Song?”

It was a situation I didn’t really understand, so I was a little baffled.

“Did nothing really happen to you?”

A voice one step heavier pieced my ear.

“Sorry? There was not anyth- ugh.”

Strength was applied to the hand grabbing my neck. At the sensation of my breath being blocked, I did think that I had to do something no matter what, but there really wasn’t a method to. I wondered if I had to carry around an emergency bell or something.

Before that, there wasn’t any reason for this to happen.

“Cough, cough!”[4]

Thankfully, Song Taewon let go of me after not that long of a time pa.s.sed. As the blocked breaths were spit out as coughs, I looked up at him. I mean, why-.

“Please excuse me. It seems that the one with the problem wasn’t the guild leaders, but Han Yoojin-ssi.”


Song Taewon opened a potion and held it out as he continued talking.

“I have observed Han Yoojin-ssi the entire time since the hospital.”

I took the potion and took a sip. The pain in my neck settled down to a certain point. Was the reason why there wasn’t much of a reaction when Sung Hyunjae was being provoking, because he was watching me?

“I thought it could be like that, up to Hunter Bak Yerim. She is still young, and you seemed considerably close. However, Han Yoojin-ssi treated even the Seseong Guild Leader comfortably.”

“Since we are acquaintances, in a way.”

“It makes even less sense because it is so. You have gone into an A-Rank dungeon together. I know that Han Yoojin-ssi lost consciousness on the 2nd floor, after the SS-Rank monster was killed. Is it correct that you have seen the Seseong Guild Leader attack the SS-Rank monster?”

I nodded my head.

“After confirming the strength of a fiend in a different league than you, treating that person however you like, is definitely not like a normal stat F-Rank. Ordinary people get frightened even after meeting a ferocious dog barking fiercely. If the leash is released and it wanders the surroundings, there is hardly anybody who could calmly face it. Not just that, Han Yoojin-ssi couldn’t feel fear at all in other situations.”

“Other situations?”

“Yes. Didn’t you stretch out your hand unhesitatingly at the baby dragon who had higher stats than you? Rather, Hunter Kang Soyoung was more worried. That is why I checked, risking discourtesy, but as expected, it was strange.”

Was he talking about choking my neck? I was wondering why he was suddenly being like that, but he really didn’t have the intention to actually harm me.

“Even in a situation where your life was threatened, you were simply slightly surprised and taken aback – there was no indication that you were frightened at all. It was as if your fear was neutered.”

He was correct.

“Even so, that is not something bad, right?”

“It is bad.”

Song Taewon said concisely.

“Right now, it is the same as if Han Yoojin-ssi’s warning light has been turned off. It is good that you can overcome fear, but if you do not have any from the start, you will simply become reckless. It is even more so because your stats are low. If a lamb does not get frightened in front of a wolf, what could happen?”

It would probably become well prepared dinner.

“But if it knows that wolves are dangerous, then it would run away right away.”

“That is true, but the current Han Yoojin-ssi seems like the type who would try to observe wolves, thinking this distance should be fine. It is not completely dangerous, but it is also not safe.”

Was that so? But there were times when it was scary when the skill message window didn’t pop.

When Yoohyun and Yerim were having their battle of nerves, I trembled a little, and I was a little scared when Suk Simyeong contacted me, and I was startled when I was told to gather 50 S-Ranks, and…

…Thinking of it, lately, if it was a certain point, I just pa.s.sed it over. Even when the S-Rank Hunters were growling as a group, rather than being afraid, I was annoyed. When Yoon Yoon changed into the demon king, the fear resistance skill’s message window didn’t pop up at all. Even if we knew each other, it was against an SS-Rank monster.

Compared to about a month ago, I had definitely become insensitive.

‘Am I getting dull because there is no stimulus?’

I thought that it could be dangerous if I left it like this. Should I leave the fear resistance off at least at home? Or watch a horror movie with it off.

“It seems that is accurate. I will try to be careful. Thank you for paying attention.”

“……You are quite a difficult person.”

At the expression of thanks, Song Taewon showed a slightly helpless smile.

“The finger marks on your neck have not even been erased completely yet.”


This was strange, even when I thought about it. I should be careful.

“I would like to thank Han Yoojin-ssi personally. I was also worried about the Awakening Centers, but there was nothing I could do. So, I would like even more for there to not be any problems near you.”

He said that firstly, there were no big issues, so it was a relief. And then he took out a pen and a memo sheet from his inventory and wrote down a number.

“This is my personal contact information. If you happen to need help, please contact me any time.”

“Thank you.”

But what should we do about Song Taewon-ssi’s way back? He didn’t even have a car.

“Um, there should be an employee or a Hunter with a car. I will ask them to escort you back-.”

“No thank you. I will go directly on the subway.”

It wasn’t even a taxi, but the subway. I wanted to drive him if only I had a driver’s license. I should get one.

“Ah, I do not know if you have seen the news, but recently there are frequent terrorist attacks against Hunters. They are mainly aiming at the Hunter a.s.sociation, but the rearing facility even has Yoo Myeongwoo-ssi added, so you should be careful, as you have become well known.”

“Yes, I will.”

The group insisting that the dungeons had to burst open didn’t terrorize Korea until a long time later. I couldn’t remember well the instances overseas, but I definitely remembered the ones within the country.

Still, there was no way for the future to be completely the same, so should I keep it in mind?

[1] just fyi I’ve been tl-ing this word as either pen or cage depending on context, bc ‘cage’ in eng (to me) brings to mind more negative connotations

[2] he doesn’t say the ‘for the other’ part, but if I left it as just ‘fall’, then it might be mistaken as like… physically falling or w/e, so I added that. He’s definitely saying ‘becoming enamored’ but it sounds better as ‘fall for sb’ which is why I tl’d it that way

[3] the word for ‘food’ used is specifically ‘food brought for an inmate from outside’, so I added the ‘from outside’ to try to get that meaning across.

[4] lit. ‘kollok, kollok’ which are coughing sounds, but eng doesn’t really have those. He’s not actually saying ‘cough’, I just meant that he’s coughing

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