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Hatchling Cla.s.s[1] Teacher (1) >

“He looks bigger than the Horned Flame Lions I’ve seen in the dungeon?”

Yoohyun said, after seeing Peace. He was a little negligent during this time, but ultimately, when he saw the adult form, he had an incredibly excited gleam in his eyes.


“Yeah. According to the individual’s ability, the number that comes out also differs, but I haven’t ever seen a guy this big before. Though we’ve only attacked it twice.”

Even if they were monsters of the same rank and type, they weren’t the same like twins. Their abilities and the skills they had were a little different.

And their size being big usually meant their abilities were good. That he was outstanding – my mood became good on its own.

“He got all of his optimized initial skills, too. Flame Breath, Blaze Run, Giganticize. And he already had Fire Resistance.”

“That’s impressive. There wasn’t one that used all of those either.”

“Our Peace really did grow up well.”

When I stretched out my arms to hug him again, as if he was waiting, Peace’s body became smaller. In an instant, he turned back into a juvenile. But the status window was different from before.

[2nd Rank Unicorn Subtype – Horned Flame Lion Peace

Current Stat Rank A]

There wasn’t a ‘juvenile’ sign, and the stat rank wasn’t C, but A. He also had all of the skills. It was a pity that he wasn’t S-Rank, but he was strong even after becoming little.

“Come here.”


Yoohyun stared at Peace, who immediately was held in my arms, with eyes that seemed to think it was dumbfounding.

“Be reasonable about accepting him acting childish. He’s all grown now.”

“So what? He wants to be held.”

We had to be apart for several days at a time when he went into a dungeon, so who cared if he acted a little childish? And even if he was all grown, it was thanks to the skill, and his actual age probably wasn’t much. Wasn’t it okay to say he was still a child?

“Just give me the owner’s token.”

Yoohyun held out his hand. It was obvious that I had to return the taming item, but when I actually had to take it out, I hesitated.

“You have to be good to our Peace.”

I said, taking the token out of my inventory and holding it out.

“You’re not going to take a kid with no experience into this time’s S-Rank dungeon right away, right? Just pa.s.s over this one, and get in sync with each other in about an A~B first. You have to raise his levels too. I’ll ask Myeongwoo to make equipment for Peace to use. Even in dungeons, regularly make sure to feed him, and even if he doesn’t listen to you well, soothe him well. Both words and actions get through to him well. If he gets hurt, get him treated right away, too. He hasn’t gotten an injury while fighting yet, so he might be alarmed.”



“Peace is much stronger than hyung. You don’t have to worry.”

“Still, how could I not worry? I worry about you too, you know?”

I worried that the dungeon would go weird and something like a Lauchtas would pop out. System people, please manage it well. Our Yoohyun was still young, so if he met something like a 1st Rank dragon type, he wouldn’t even know to run away. The difference of 5 years was big.

As expected, I had to quickly grow him too. Growth before new skills. The My Brat standby time had pa.s.sed, so it would probably be perfect to use it on him before he went into the S-Rank dungeon this time.

Yoohyun took the owner’s token and put it in his inventory. Even until then, Peace stayed quietly in my arms. I didn’t feel anything had become different.

“Come here.”

At Yoohyun’s order, Peace twitched the ends of his ears as if they were trembling. He exuded a sense of it being annoying, but still, he went over to Yoohyun. Then, he looked distastefully at his changed owner once, and then came back to me.

“So he does listen to my words.”

Taming wasn’t a skill that completely manipulated monsters. It was to the point of ‘I’m the leader so follow me’. So I had worried, but it was relief that he did follow. Would something like a bond over wrecking a dungeon together form?

Even so, they were still indifferent to the point of chilliness.

“I told you to be good to Peace beforehand. You didn’t even pay attention even while living in the same building. Pick the people who’ll receive the tokens for the unicorns ahead of time, and make them look after them.”

“Okay. But there shouldn’t much of a problem with Peace. We already have an agreement, more or less.”

“What agreement?”

“An agreement that I’ll help with him needing to increase his abilities since he can’t trust just anybody.”

…Exactly when did they reach that kind of agreement? It was probably at that dungeon. I was getting curious over what the two of them did during the 30 minutes I wasn’t there.

“h.e.l.lo, Kim Sunghan-ssi.”

I said, going into the the stamina training room for high rank Hunters. I saw all sorts of exercise equipment in the large interior. Outwardly, they looked normal, but all of them weren’t ordinary machines. There was the durability, but in order to bear the terrifying load, there were even weight reduction measures on the bottom of the machines.

Kim Sunghan saw me and came off the shoulder press machine. The well laid out muscles were clear through the thin shirt. I was envious. Should I also exercise a bit?

“What is the occasion, coming all the way here?”

He came towards me, smiling gently. I still wasn’t adjusted to Kim Sunghan’s kindness. What was up with that keyword effect? Though he did apologize that he judged me wrong even before the keyword application.

“It is not anything in particular; I was just thinking of expressing my grat.i.tude for looking after me all this time.”

Though the real purpose was using the My Brat skill. Last time, I had given a growth buff before he had gone into a dungeon, but this time, I was thinking of giving him a skill. I could probably just choose Indomitable Body or Regeneration.

I smiled lightly back and used the My Brat skill, when,

[Target Kim Sunghan’s growth has reached the minimum requirement.]

An unexpected message window popped up. What was this?

[If the conditions are met during the My Brat is the Best skill application, growth to stat S-Rank is possible.]

…Huh? Growth to S-Rank is possible? Already?

“What is the matter? Do you possibly have anywhere you are hurt?”

Kim Sunghan asked worriedly at me, who was standing blankly.

“No, there was just something… I had to think about.”

[Meet one of the below conditions for target Kim Sunghan’s stat growth

Disposing an A-Rank dungeon boss with one blow

Solo hunting an S-Rank monster

Hunting an SS-Rank monster with less than 10 people

※Even if conditions are not met, when the maximum requirement for growth is satisfied, he will be grown into stat S-Rank.]

After a short moment, a continuing message window popped up. It looked like the system people were working in real time.

‘Did it meant that that he could directly increase in rank once the amount of growth was the minimum requirement level, though the condition fulfillment? And if he can’t meet the conditions, then he slowly grows into an S-Rank?’

Kim Sunghan was still an A-Rank after 5 years later. Even if he received a growth buff, it would take more than three to four years to get to stat S-Rank. So, obviously, we should aim for meeting the conditions, but.

‘To think it’s killing an A-Rank dungeon boss with one blow.’

Kim Sunghan-ssi was a defense apt.i.tude Hunter, though. Even if he was a combat apt.i.tude, it was impossible for an A-Rank Hunter to dispose of an A-Rank boss with one blow. Solo hunting an S-Rank monster was obviously impossible, too.

But partic.i.p.ating in an SS-Rank monster attack was, well, first, SS-Rank monsters themselves didn’t exist yet.

I remembered that the S-Rank dungeon bosses until now were about mid grade S-Rank at most. Even bird types that were low in abilities compared to rank didn’t come out as 1st Rank, probably. The one Riette caught was probably about SS-Rank, but it wasn’t a normal route.

‘Do I have to get him to get a skill first and then wait for an SS-Rank monster to come out?’

Though I didn’t know when they would come out. If it was as it was originally, it would take 3 years. Even if they came out early, I got stuck on it having to be under 10 people and during the My Brat skill application. The duration time was 3 days, so in the end, that meant I had to go in, too. How could you catch up to a boss in 3 days? Or you had to aim for a dungeon break.

All three of them really weren’t easy conditions.

“Kim Sunghan-ssi. Do you possibly have an attack skill as well?”

“Yes. I have one A-Rank proximity attack skill. But, as I am a defense apt.i.tude, it is not that strong compared to the rank.”

Kim Sunghan, who was looking down at me worriedly, answered.

He did have an attack skill. Then I could apply the Veteran F-Rank t.i.tle’s doubled attack skill effect.

‘And if I ask Yoohyun to give S-Rank equipment and get him to wear them, and he receives even Yerim’s buff, I think he could probably kill an A-Rank dungeon boss monster in one blow… but the problem is that I have to go into an A-Rank dungeon.’

And if it was a proximity attack skill, I had to stick right next to Kim Sunghan’s side. If the boss was disposed of in one stroke, I probably wouldn’t get attacked, but I probably wouldn’t be able to handle Kim Sunghan’s movements. I thought it would be pure physical attack, but how big would the recoil be?

As expected, did I have to wait until an SS-Rank monster appeared? But it was an S-Rank defense apt.i.tude Hunter. Unlike fledgling Yerim, he was Kim Sunghan, who had ample experience and had worked together with Yoohyun a lot. If the two of them went into a dungeon together, there wouldn’t be much need to worry. He would be reliable.

‘An A-Rank dungeon… what should I do?’

In the end, I went back home after chatting a little with Kim Sunghan and without being able to use the My Brat skill.

If it seemed like it really wouldn’t work out, I would’ve made him get a new skill, but it was a problem because it was ambiguous. Going into an A-Rank dungeon itself didn’t seem like it would pose a great danger.

‘Since the number of S-Ranks that I can mobilize right now is about five.’

Adding onto Han Yoohyun, Bak Yerim, and Peace, I could ask Riette for help, and I could call Moon Hyuna over as the price of borrowing the gryphon. If I counted even Riette’s younger brother, it would be six.

And if we went into a low grade among A-Rank dungeons, then I didn’t need as many as six. It would be enough with four, with two for the dungeon attack, and two for my protection.

‘I just need a method of protection while hunting the boss.’

Wasn’t there one?


While I was rummaging through my memories, wondering if there was a usable item among the items that had come out around now, Myeongwoo suddenly spoke to me.

“Here. Take this.”

“Hm? What is it?”

Looking at the thing that was held out, it was a crude metal bracelet.

[Nameless Bracelet – Undecided

It is imperfect, but contains a powerful strength.]

What was it really? When I looked at him with eyes asking for an explanation, Myeongwoo opened his mouth a little shyly.

“A while ago, you said you wanted an item that increases the defense power of the body itself. It turned out that that isn’t easy.”

“Don’t mind it too much.”

“That bracelet is still a usable one that came out among the experimental ones. It’s one time use and limited to 10 minutes, but it can nullify any damage.”

At Myeongwoo’s words, I was taken aback inside and opened my status window. I saw a new skill that appeared.


Both the skill name and rank were undecided and the the explanation window didn’t even pop up.

“Theoretically, there’s no restriction on the attack rank it can nullify. I checked that it can definitely nullify up to an S-Rank flame attack, with Ismual’s help.”

“I mean, you……”

I couldn’t speak. Why was this guy alone outside of common sense at the drop of a hat? To think that it nullified any damage and that there wasn’t a damage rank restriction either. I had just meant merely making an F-Rank body a little more durable. Even if it wasn’t a lot, about C-Rank, I would have shot an celebratory artillery salute overflowing with thanks.

But what was this? He was little scary. If I didn’t have Fear Resistance, I might’ve been like ‘gasp, you are not at a level I can handle’ and stepped back.

“……Even if you say it’s one time use, it’s really not a joke.”

“It’s all thanks to the materials. So, I can’t make a lot of them.”

“Exactly what is the material?”

“That’s still a secret.”

Myeongwoo laughed, telling me to look forward to it. Was it L-Rank or something? …Could it be?

“Don’t use materials that are too expensive. You have to make even better things later.”

He just smiled, and there was no reply. Hey punk… pointlessly making me uneasy. Still, he would probably keep a limit. I was stat F, you know, F.

Anyways, it was possible to apply the doubling attack skill effect to Kim Sunghan, with this. 10 minutes was enough. Now, there was only one obstacle left.

‘Yoohyun, it’s an S-Rank. An S-Rank defense Hunter.’

If I spoke well, he would probably be understanding.

“Kim Sunghan’s stats can grow to S-Rank as long as conditions are met?”

Yoohyun had an expression that said he couldn’t believe it.

“Kim Sunghan-ssi originally could have Awakened as S-Rank. Maybe because of that, conditions popped up, saying that he filled the minimum growth requirements.”

When I told him the growth conditions, the gleam in Yoohyun’s eyes settled darkly.

“It looks like there isn’t any we can do right away. Like an S-Rank growth condition, it’s difficult. At any rate, the most likely one is the SS-Rank monster attack, but there aren’t any within the country, and looking for one overseas-.”



“There’s me.”

I said, pointing to myself. Yoohyun tilted his head, looking doubtful.

“What about hyung?”

What did you mean ‘what’.

“Doubled attack skill effect. And sharing is possible. Though it has to be through contact. If you give S-Rank equipment to Kim Sunghan, and add even Yerim’s buff, killing an A-Rank boss should be sufficiently possible.”

Yoohyun, who had been thinking over my words with a slightly blank expression, frowned hard.

“Hyung, are you crazy?”

“Your words are too harsh towards your hyung.”

“What would hyung say if a stat F-Rank with nonexistent combat-type, defense-type skills said they would go into an A-Rank dungeon?”

“Hm, that guy’s a total crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d?”

Looks like they don’t want to live in the world anymore, even a D-Rank dungeon is enough for a quick suicide so that’s a waste of money, would they even be let in, what a nuisance, etc.

At my reply, that Yoohyun crossed his arms and stared at me, as if saying ‘see, look’. Still, my case was different.

“I have a B-Rank shielding skill.”

Through the earring.

“And if about two experienced S-Rank Hunters stick close to me and protect me, there shouldn’t be much of a trouble in a low grade A-Rank dungeon? I already received a reply from Moon Hyuna-ssi saying that she can help.”

I didn’t tell her in detail, and asked if she could possibly help with going around in a dungeon for about three days, but she readily agreed. Unfortunately, Riette wasn’t in the country.

“Yerim also finished dungeon attacks 10 times without an accident, so she can go into an A-Rank dungeon, and Peace is all grown. I think it’ll be enough if you supplement a few A-Ranks to you and Kim Sunghan-ssi.”

Having four S-Ranks was past being extravagant to being a disgustingly inefficient team to go into an A-Rank dungeon. There was no waste quite like this, but it was for a new S-Rank.

“…Putting aside the A-Rank dungeon, what about the boss? Kim Sunghan’s attack skill is a proximity skill. It’s a motion where you make a running start and then strike down, so a stat F can’t withstand it. Since you said the skill sharing has to be through contact, you wouldn’t be able to use an ordinary shielding skill.”

“For that problem, there’s this.”

When I held out the bracelet and explained, Yoohyun’s face said he had no words either. Our Myeongwoo really was a baffling existence in various ways.

After that, we had to argue back and forth about ‘are you going to publicize all your skills’, ‘what suddenly after coming all this way’, ‘the effect is too good’, ‘at any rate, the utility is low’, ‘it’s not like I won’t use it for my entire life’, etc., but I won in the end.

I was asked if I was crazy by Yerim and Myeongwoo, and Kim Sunghan insisted that he wouldn’t do it, but all that also pa.s.sed over smoothly.

…Why was the process of going into a dungeon harder than attacking one?

[1] it’s actually ‘chick cla.s.s’ but that sounded weird to me in eng… anyways in kindergartens and such in kr, cla.s.ses are normally named like this, like ‘chick cla.s.s’, ‘kitty cla.s.s’, ‘puppy cla.s.s’, etc. things kids like. So this t.i.tle reads as very… day care teacher.

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