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Blue (2) >

The number of monsters who had arrived were three, but there were only two cages. Inside the huge cages, I saw the curled up baby monsters.

[3rd Rank Unicorn type – White Shadow Unicorn(Juvenile)

Current stat rank E

Possible growth stat rank A

Optimized Initial Skills

Shadow Running(A) Achieve after growth

Powerful Ramming(A) Achieve after growth

Galloping Reinforcement(B) Achieve after growth

※Growth only possible in a particular region]

The two monsters stuck close together in one cage were none other than Shadow Unicorns. They were famous magic beasts that went around as a black and white pair. The Black Shadow Unicorn’s status window was the same as the White’s.

Growth only possible in a particular region. These guys also had quite a difficult adult growth condition. It was highly likely to be a region inside a dungeon, and it would take a lot of manpower and time to find that place and then stay there to grow them.

“I was wondering what they would be but they’re Shadow Unicorns, huh! Putting aside that they’re high rank, they’re guys with really good rushing power! Haeyeon Guild Leader, can’t I somehow get just one?[1]”

Moon Hyuna was wistful, saying that even if they were high rank, they had perfect abilities as familiars. Then again, they even had a Galloping Reinforcement buff, so they might be better than a highest rank monster that was average to use for a grand charge. Just because a monster was highest rank, didn’t mean its speed was fast.

In the cage in the other side, a small monster the size of a medium-sized dog was looking around with eyes filled with curiosity.

[2nd Rank Gryphon type – Gold Gryphon(Juvenile)

Current stat rank C

Possible growth stat rank A~S

Optimized Initial Skills

Ruler of Wind(S) Achieve after growth

Gold Arrow(A) Achieve after growth

Wind Resistance(A) Acquired

Sharp Cry(B) Achieve after growth

※Growth once over a certain amount of particular monsters are ingested]

Wasn’t that ‘particular monsters’ probably magical creature[2] kinds? If my prediction was correct, the growth condition was easy, for a highest rank monster.

Though it would differ according to how much the certain amount was, and the ranks of the particular monsters.

The type was Gold Gryphon, but it had soft cream-colored fur, maybe because it was still a baby. There were fairly huge wings, compared to the small eagle head and the body, which was like a cat that was chubbier than a lion. Since it was wind attribute. There was an S-Rank Hunter that was affiliated to that type. Though they were a foreigner.

“Gryphons are good too, but rushing is more attractive than swooping.”

Even while saying so, Moon Hyuna’s two eyes shone with greed as she looked at the Gold Gryphon. Gryphon types were also strong monsters with outstanding abilities. Especially in aerial combat, they should have no match, except for dragons. Bird types had slightly faster speeds, but if they collided properly, they wouldn’t win against the gryphon’s durability.

“These are the owner’s tokens.”

The Haeyeon’s A-Rank Hunter, who must have suffered for a long time buying up and guarding the monsters, took three tokens out of their inventory.

Yoohyun, who received them, directly handed them over to me.

“I’ll leave it to you this time, too.”

“Leave it to me.”

The black and white unicorns were herbivores and on the gentle side, so there were no big worries, and the gryphon was a problem. Still, there was Peace, so it would be okay. When I grasped the tokens, the kids looked at me at the same time. The unicorns still looked a little frightened, but the gryphon’s gaze was too bright for words. Those two eyes were a really pretty blue. They seemed like deep blue gems.

“Apparently, the unicorns are a male and female pair, and the gryphon is female.”

Yoohyun said. So those guys’ s.e.xes were clear. Our Peace was still ambiguous. Chirpie was like that, too. Should I try taking Chirpie to a chicken s.e.xer? Or someone like a bird specialist.


The gryphon cage’s door was opened first. The baby gryphon that jumped out without any fear shook its body once.


The gryphon let out a cheerful-sounding sound.

-Kkyaoo kkya!

Maybe she was happy to come out of the cage, because she jumped around and then opened her wings wide and stretched. Once she loosened up her body, she tilted her head, looking back and forth between me and the unicorns. It was an att.i.tude like she was wondering which side to bother first.

“You can’t attack the unicorns.”

She wouldn’t understand, but I said it ahead of time. Gryphons, who were monsters from dungeons, also liked horses, like in our world’s stories. As food. There was a difference in rank too, so you couldn’t ever put the black and white unicorns together with the gryphon.

As expected, as the monsters increased, this issue became difficult.


Whipping around her lion tail with a fluffy tip, the baby gryphon turned toward me. The blue eyes were still sparkling and the slightly opened beak seemed as if it was smiling. Even though she was suddenly kidnapped and dragged a long away across an ocean, it was a flawlessly sunny expression.

-Kkya! Kkyaa!

Along with the high tone sound that seemed like an excited young kid’s cheer, she came bouncing over. As soon as I thought, ‘The wings are huge, but maybe she can’t fly yet,’ the two milky white wings, which were lighter in color than the body, spread out widely.


The gryphon who was lightly flying over became of height to my eyes. When she did, a message window popped up, like it did with Peace.

[t.i.tle ‘Perfect Caregiver’ has increased the effect of item ‘Owner’s Token’

The tamed target shows goodwill toward the Caregiver.]

“Kiddo, you’re really cute.”

The way she looked altogether was cute, but the mischievous-puppy-like expression was really lovable. I put the owner’s token in my inventory and opened my two arms.

“Come here.”


She tilted her head and spun once in a circle midair, and then dashed toward me.

“Be careful!”


Yoohyun quickly s.n.a.t.c.hed the gryphon’s wings, but the hard beak powerfully brushed past my chest. A stat C-Rank had dashed forward with all her strength, so if she wasn’t grabbed, my ribs might have broken.

“Here, drink.”

Moon Hyuna opened a potion and held it out.

“It is not to the point of taking a mid rank potion.”

“I don’t do low ranks.”

Ah, yes. I understood, but it really was a waste. I was at the point of starting to come out an F-Rank’s expenditure, but it was hard. Still, it was free, so I just drank it.

“Looks like we shouldn’t let hyung directly take care of the gryphon.”

Yoohyun said, frowning slightly.

“Unlike Peace, she seems unused to controlling her strength, so you could get hurt bad if things go wrong.”


The gryphon who was lifted with her wings grabbed, flailed her four legs in the air. Looking at that innocent appearance, it seemed like she had absolutely no intention of hurting me.

“It shouldn’t be that she can’t control her strength. She flew skillfully. It’s probably that she doesn’t know how weak I am.”

If she was unskilled in handling her own body, she wouldn’t have been able to fly easily like just before. It wasn’t simply flying, and her rotating and hovering flight was perfect.

“I don’t have to say anything about her same type, and she would’ve only met mid rank and higher Hunters, so that’s enough for her to not realize I’m weaker than her.”

It wasn’t like she had ill will, and she was tamed, so she just needed to be taught. The problem would probably only be that it was impossible through conversation.

If words didn’t work, then you just had to use your body.

“Do you happen to have high rank potions as well?”

I asked, rolling up my right sleeve. If it was mid rank level, then it should be enough, but just in case. At my words, Yoohyun reacted first.

“Wait, hyung. Exactly what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to try to teach the kid gryphon how weak I am.”

“That teaching is-.”

“Just quietly stay there grabbing the kid. If you try to meddle, it’ll take longer.”

Maybe he had realized what method I was going to use, because Yoohyun’s complexion wasn’t good at all.

“There’s no need to go that far. And we can get other people to do it.”

“Why drag in a poor F-Rank who’s not even related to this? It’s a matter and a monster that I have to be in charge of.”

And it wouldn’t be easy to teach her using someone she didn’t have goodwill toward. I had the t.i.tle’s effect, so it would finish quickly.

“Hyung-nim is right.”

Moon Hyuna said, taking out a high rank potion and shaking it.

“He’ll have to keep on taking care of various monsters from now on, so is it alright for him to already step back and pa.s.s it off to others? And, Haeyeon Guild Leader. I know well that you hold your hyung-nim dear, but hyung-nim is also a Hunter? A Hunter for whom being attacked by monsters is a normal everyday occurrence. He might be in a special position, but it’s the same as being deep in the Hunter community, so he can’t be trembling from fear from just this. Like this, you’ll try to completely wrap him up and hide him away.”

He actually did try to do that, that guy. He had gotten a lot better now, though.

Maybe he was bothered by it or something, because that Yoohyun didn’t protest anymore and closed his mouth. His expression was still bad, so I should pacify him or something separately, or he would probably go astray.

“You’re a good girl, right, kiddo.”

I stretched out my hand toward the gryphon who was staring at me with bright widened eyes. Even while being held up with her wings grabbed, she quickly smiled brightly and waved her tail. Her personality seemed really good.


She stretched out her neck and,



Immediately chomped on my hand. I purposely yelled loudly and forcefully took my hand back and stepped back. I didn’t meet the gryphon’s eyes and looked away.


A high rank potion was spread on the wound that was past having a piece of flesh ripped away to even the bones being exposed. It would’ve been enough with mid rank, though. Still, the effect was outstanding so the wound healed up in an instant as if washed away. Expensive things really were great.

“Are you okay?”

Moon Hyuna asked, putting the stopper on the potion. I nodded my head and turned back again.

The gryphon had wide eyes as if taken aback. Seeing the response, it seemed like she would quickly understand the situation.

“You can’t bite. It hurts.”

I soothed, and held out my hand again. The beak opened reflexively, and then closed again. Instead, the two front paws tightly grabbed my hand. The exposed claws dug into my flesh.


I shouted loudly and whirled away.


This time, it was definitely a dispirited sound. I drew back and had my hand treated, and then waited for a moment. After looking away for about ten minutes, I turned back to the gryphon. The drooping guy snapped her head up.


I showed a smile and went toward her again. When I held out my hand, this time, she didn’t bite it or grab it with her paws. I gently petted her head and under her beak.

-Kkya kkya!

“Right, right. You’re a good girl.”

I stroked the end of her beak, and then slowly put my fingers inside the open gap. She carefully bit and then a slightly excessive strength went into it.


When I showed that it hurt, she quickly opened the beak that was closed.


“Good. You can’t bite that hard. It hurts.”

When I touched the beak again, this time, she lightly bit down an appropriate amount as if grabbing my fingers.

“Now, let go.”

Yoohyun let go of the gryphon’s wings that he was holding. The baby gryphon flying up didn’t dash like before, and instead hesitated and then carefully placed one front paw on my chest. She really was smart.

I stretched my arms and hugged the gryphon.

-Kkyaa! Kkya!

“You can’t leap around. And put your claws in. That’s right. Yoohyun, her name… she probably doesn’t have one, right?”

It was the guy who didn’t give a name to Peace even after having him for one month. There was no reason he would’ve named the monsters coming over.

What should I call her? When I looked down at her, she went ‘kkyakkya’ and stared right back. With the pretty clear blue eyes.



How cute. She was soft and warm. The unicorns could be something like Black, White[4]. It was short, simple, and easy to understand. It had to be, to be convenient to call during combat.

“Take care of me from now on, Blue.”


I placed my check against the beak that came rubbing over, when,


I heard the sound of a phone camera. It was Moon Hyuna. She was smiling while holding her cell phone towards me.

“Please do not take photos however you want.”

“Ah, don’t be stingy. Personally, I want to pretend we’re close. Do you want to take one together?”

“No thank you. Please delete the photo instead.”

“Why are you like that to just me? What about your brother?”

What about Yoohyun. When I turned, I couldn’t see even the c of his cell phone[5]. Why was this woman dragging in someone else’s innocent younger brother?

“Please hand over your phone.”

“Do you want to trade with my photo?”

There was no need. After forcing her to delete the photo, this time I went toward the unicorn cage. The two foals moved their heads the same way, like twins, and looked up at me. The kids were quite cute. Though it was rare for kids to not be cute, even for baby animals.

-Kkyaoo! Kkyak!

Just then, Blue suddenly broke free from my arms and flew up. Then.




She drove her body into the cage the unicorns were in. Along with the loud noise, the cage shook and the unicorns were frightened and fled to a corner.

“Blue! No!”

-Kkya kkya!

Blue scratched the unicorn cage with her front paws. When the cage didn’t budge a bit, she even turned to look at me as if looking for help. It looked like she felt like the unicorns would be a tasty lunch.

“They’re not your food, punk.”

When I forcefully pulled her off the cage, she was displeased, but obediently cuddled over. Seriously, I had to be careful with these three kids.

For safety, the unicorns were separately moved. It was because even after that commotion, the glint in Blue’s eyes glaring at the foals was serious. It seemed like it would be better to manage the unicorns and the gryphon separately even afterwards. She wasn’t even an adult, and it wouldn’t be easy for the baby to suppress the instinct to go crazy about horsemeat.

“Is it really okay to take her home?”

Yoohyun said, looking at Blue clinging right in my arms. A while ago, I tried to pull her off the cage and she shrieked ‘kkak kkak’ a lot.

“I can’t continue keeping her separate anyways. While I’m at it, I should let her and Peace familiarize with each other.”

It would be good if the two of them got along well without a problem. As oppa and younger sister. Or unni and younger sister?

[1] she says sth more like ‘can’t just one be okay’ but she’s probably asking him to give her one, so I added the ‘give me’

[2] this is that 마수마 word again. At this point I know 마수 = magic beast, and anyways I also confirmed the hanja and def on namu wiki, so I’m 100% sure. But I can’t find 마수마 anywhere so I really don’t know!

[3] eng word transliterated into krn, and yes, the name of the ch.

[4] both also said in eng transliterated into krn

[5] ‘can’t [verb like ‘see’ or ‘find’] [1st letter of sth]’ is a common expression. I don’t think I need to explain what it means tho

t/n: The author is doing a little event on munpia right now where readers can suggest names for Yoojin’s magic beast rearing center as a contest ^^ Some of the comments are quite funny so I might tl them and add them to the tl of the chapter that came up with the contest announcement. We’re (the eng tls) very far from that though, it’s ch 348…

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