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< Preparations Done (2) >

“You have finally contacted me. Can I look forward to it?”

Suk Hayan, with a gleam in her eyes, sat in the opposite chair. Today too, she had on a long dress that seemed like something you would see in a summer resort. And earrings in the shape of large pineapples were dangling from her ears.

“First of all, please look at these.”

I held out the tablet that had the j.a.panese dungeons’ data. White fingers flicked through the tablet about two times, and her eyes slowly became bigger.

“This is……”

The movements of the fingers became faster. The gaze flickering up and down was busy. Not that long of a time pa.s.sed, and then Suk Hayan lowered the tablet she was holding onto the table. She took a deep and long breath and then opened her mouth.

“Data that was definitely investigated; is that right?”

“That is right. I guarantee it.”

“This much data in not that long of a time… And you definitely made a system and even arranged it.”

“Are there any places that need to be supplemented?”

“You should not ask me that. I haven’t investigated some of even the country’s dungeons yet. The Hunter a.s.sociation is not being cooperative yet. Of course, it would be weird to give permission to someone who hasn’t even properly prepared anything yet. That was why I was trying to set up a lab.”

“Ah right, has Haeyeon Guild contacted you about the problem of the lab?”

Suk Hayan nodded her head.

“My uncle said that they have the intention to help. But I did not feel disposed to being affiliated to one guild. I don’t want the research results to be used too commercially. Of course, I am not saying Haeyeon Guild will do so, but it would be good if the dungeon information could be used by anyone freely, or at minimum, by paying an equal price.”

“That is a really commendable att.i.tude. I am in agreement. But, if usable results come out, it would be difficult for Suk Hayan-ssi to protect.”

At my words, Suk Hayan’s frowned slightly.

“That is so. Then would it really be better to collaborate with Haeyeon Guild?”

“That would not be bad, but I would like to offer a proposal.”

“Han Yoojin-ssi would?”

“Yes. You are aware that a monster rearing facility is being made, correct?”

“Of course. I even saw the construction going on, on my way here. Ah, could it be!”

Suk Hayan slapped her hand on the table.

“I saw it on the news! The monster rearing facility that is going up right now and the building next to it will be receiving the protection of five guilds from now on for five years? Could you be offering a place for my lab?”

She was sharp. I didn’t need to explain in length.

“Yes. That is correct. At minimum, you could have your safety guaranteed for five years. A-Rank Hunters will be stationed there and in case of an emergency, we can receive aid from Haeyeon Guild right next door.”

Of course, once the research results started to come out, that wouldn’t be enough.

‘S-Rank Hunters really are needed.’

Riette and her brother would really be perfect. They weren’t affiliated to a guild and their abilities stood out. For now, we were mutual followers. I was thinking of putting comments on each other’s accounts a bit and building some closeness for show, and then actually contacting.

‘The best would be highest rank monsters, though.’

Magic beasts were much less likely to be won over by someone else or to betray you, compared to people. And they wouldn’t be absent because they needed to attack dungeons. The problem was that for now, it was harder to find a highest rank baby monster than an S-Rank Hunter. It was exactly just two only, right now. Peace and the one coming by boat.

And guilds that could attack S-Rank dungeons wouldn’t try to hand over the difficultly found baby monsters, either. If nothing really worked out, should I add the guy who is planned to be used for my protection? For me, I would be surrounded by crowds of kids anyways.

Right now it was just Haeyeon, but when baby monsters started coming in from here and there, even for just them, the guilds would know to thoroughly protect us on their own. It’s a little awkward to say this about the kids, but they would be something like hostages. No, monster hostages[1]?

“Above all, it is a place where prominent guilds from, of course the country, but also the world will come looking. I am speaking of Hunters who mostly attack high rank dungeons with relatively lacking data. And since they would be visiting in the position of being the other party involved, it wouldn’t be hard to extract information. Of course, I am thinking of a.s.sisting for this part as well. Not just that, Suk Hayan-ssi would be able to make connections with high rank Hunters who would need the dungeon research results the most. Depending on how you act, even without my help, the lab could become as big as you want.”

Instead of being at a level of a lab, it could become a separate giant inst.i.tution.


Suk Hayan froze.

“Ah, is that so? I suppose it would be?”

“First, if they are S-Rank Hunters, all of them would come looking for you at least once. Especially if they need to entrust highest rank monsters, they have no choice but to come personally, even if only because it is uneasy to not.”

Or, at least, they would send several A-Rank Hunters.

“That’s, I, truthfully that sort of thing is difficult for me.”

Suk Hayan said hesitantly.

“My grandfather has a lot of personal connections, so even while earning my degree, I did not have much cause to ask for favors. So bargaining with the research instead of simply presenting to the research society, is a little… Though I am good at secluding myself in the lab for a hundred days.”

“You were good at making an offer to me?”

“Oh, rather than an offer, that was bulldozing into you. And I had thought that Han Yoojin-ssi was a research pract.i.tioner like me.”

Then again, she just thoughtlessly yelled, ‘Let’s research together! Let’s collaborate!’.

“Please do not worry. In the first place, Suk Hayan-ssi cannot handle everything on your own, and it wouldn’t be right for you to.”

It was a waste for Suk Hayan to also do trivial things. And for things like related negotiations, a specialist should handle them.

“And you are not going to run the lab by yourself, either.”

“Yes, yes! Of course. Right, will you look at this?”

Suk Hayan held out and showed her cell phone. There was a photo on the screen. Suk Hayan and five men and women who seemed like foreigners. From people her age to middle-aged, even elderly, it was a diverse group of ages and races.

“This is D-Mate. It is a dungeon and Awakened People research meeting that is on its 2nd year this year.”

“A research meeting?”

“Yes. Of course, I haven’t told them about the data that Han Yoojin-ssi will be providing. If it is alright, can I bring my friends over? All of them will be pleased.”

At her words, I looked a little closer at the photo. The elderly person with grayed hair and the middle-aged woman were familiar. They were researchers who were under Dungeon Persons with Suk Hayan. I vaguely remembered them because they had even appeared a few times on TV with Suk Hayan.

“If they are people Suk Hayan-ssi can trust, then I will welcome them.”

“You are saying something that is a little burdensome.”

“Burdensome, you say. In the first place, isn’t it Suk Hayan-ssi’s lab?”

“Still, there are so many parts you are helping with, so I cannot act however I wish. Right, this one here is Jayden. He has more interest in Awakened People rather than dungeons, so if it is a place where a lot of high rank Hunters would come to, he probably would try to stay here even if he has to pay money? If he hears the news, he wouldn’t be able to sleep for three days and two nights and look for Jesus.”

The face of Suk Hayan, who was introducing the other meeting people, was bright like a light was shining. Her voice was cheerful as if she was singing, as well. It seemed like they were a team that got along considerably well.

‘It seems like she’ll do well on her own after I just give some support.’

To think that there was a research meeting. Then again, there was no reason people who were pa.s.sionate about dungeons and had the ability would just stay still doing nothing all this time.

“Please take the tablet for now.”

“Could I? Are you not worried about the data being leaked?”

“At any rate, they are just a part of j.a.pan’s dungeons. And I would like you to research other things before the dungeon formation laws. Things like degree of mana saturation.”

“But wouldn’t the formation laws be the most urgent?”

“That is true, but just for the time being. There is something I need to check separately.”

There was the matter of Riette, and there was a possibility that the dungeon formation rules would have changed from the original future. I should check when I would meet the system people in a few days.

It would be good if they let me know properly, refreshingly, this time.

When I returned home, I saw Myeongwoo pacing around the living room restlessly. Going around and around the table, he seemed like he was praying around a paG.o.da[2].

[Sharpening the blades of 10,000 bladed tools(Progress 9,839/10,000)]

Now he didn’t even have two hundred left to fill up. It would be finished today.

“You’re that nervous?”

Myeongwoo stopped walking. Maybe he had slept fitfully last night because his eyes were bloodshot.

“……I think I did it too fast. What should I do if a weird D-Rank or lower thing comes out because I did it too fast and too carelessly?”

“That wouldn’t happen.”

I said concisely, and woke Peace and went to my room to bring Chirpie. After putting Chirpie on my head, I picked up Peace. It was a little difficult because both of them tried to cling. Chirpie at least quietly stayed apart for one or two hours if I gave it the magic stone bottle, but Peace didn’t do anything like that. He wouldn’t ask me to hold him when he was all grown, right?

“But… if a useless one comes out, it really would be disappointing, right……?”

“Even if that happens, don’t be too disappointed.”

Of course, an SS-Rank skill probably would come out, but even if it failed because of the rare chance a system error occurred, there was no change in that Yoo Myeongwoo was an impressive guy. Since he possessed abilities that would let him be successful and live extravagantly right away as long as he took the right direction.

“No, not me, I meant you…”

Myeongwoo said with a gloomy expression. Hm? Me?

“Me? I mean, I don’t have anything to be disappointed about.”

At my words, the gloomy face evolved into an agonized look.

“Because you don’t, expect anything at all…?”

“No, no. It’s not that I’m not expecting anything. Of course I do. If I didn’t have some sort of expectation, I probably wouldn’t have waited for the last day and tried to go with you? But Myeongwoo, you’re impressive enough to me as you are now, so even if you didn’t get a skill at all, there would absolutely be no reason to be disappointed. Not just me, but Yerim also comes to rob the fridge at the drop of a hat.”

One day, she had grabbed me and started with, ‘You can’t ever start a rumor that Myeongwoo oppa is good at cooking. Even what we have to eat isn’t enough,’ and went on a cooking review for over one hour. Though I didn’t know why she was expressing her appreciation to me instead of Myeongwoo.

“Truthfully, even if you went into the restaurant business instead of being a Hunter, you’d be a hit? A full-fledged restaurant would be busy and tiring, so something like a cafe would be good too. You could use part-timers for the drinks and just make enough snacks or cakes or something and sell them, and in that time, past a line forming, you would also be able to put out franchises one after the other. If you want, I can get a place for you.”

If Myeongwoo got busy, I would be sad, so I was against making a proper restaurant. It would become jam-packed, no doubt.

“……I’m thankful for your words, but I don’t really want to do that.”


That was a surprise. …Could it be he didn’t like cooking? There was no indication of that.

“Calm down, and let’s go down for now. We should see to the end.”


Myeonwoo, who was walking to the door, suddenly stopped walking and turned to look at me.

“Whatever the result is, thanks, seriously. I mean it genuinely. So Yoojin, if you’re not disappointed, then I’m okay too.”

“I said I’m not disappointed.”

When I told him again, his expression became brighter.

I went down to the equipment management department with Myeongwoo. Of course, an A-Rank Hunter also accompanied us, and it was while holding Chirpie and somehow Peace. Because he didn’t try to come down from my arms. Maybe it was because I had been busy continuously going into dungeons and couldn’t pay him attention lately, but he was stubborn for a while so I just took him along.

Thanks to that, the equipment management team people’s gazes were strange, but whatever. Should I have put Chirpie on my shoulder instead of my head? But it wouldn’t have been able to balance well on my shoulder.

Meanwhile, the workroom that Myeongwoo had been using had changed a lot from when we first came. There were two new big racks, the organization became neat, and even the lighting had been replaced for a brighter one. Even the chair in front of the grinder looked more comfortable and better than the one before.

“It looks like people paid some attention to you?”

Myeongwoo scratched the back of his head with a bashful face.

“Yeah. They said I was working hard. One day, Minsuk ahjussi watched me sharpen knives and told me to join the management team if I wanted to. Saying that I could just put on equipment if I was short on strength.”

If he had seen that, then that was a natural response.

“As expected, you really are impressive.”

Although it was awkward, him smiling seemed like his anxiety was definitely lessened.

Yoo Myeongwoo sat in front of the grinder. I dragged over the original chair that was pushed into a corner, and also sat down. When the power turned on and the machine started to work,


Maybe Chirpie was surprised, because it flapped and then rolled and fell onto my lap, on top of Peace. It was briefly upside down, and when it raised its body and tried to dash to the machine, I quickly grabbed it. Was it fascinated by the machine working rather than being surprised?

“Stay here quietly.”

During that time, Myeongwoo had been skillfully sharpening knives. The still accurate, fast, and uninterrupted motions were elegant.

[Sharpening the blades of 10,000 bladed tools(Progress 9,843/10,000)]

The number on the opened status window also went up without a break. Peace didn’t seem particularly interested, but Chirpie watched the knife sharpening with its beak open wide. Watching that, what was it understanding? Though it was a captivating scene even if you watched it without knowing anything.

Without room to feel it tedious, the number exceeded 9 thousand 9 hundred. Nine hundred ten, twenty, thirty.

He had said that normally he rested after sharpening forty to fifty, but today he didn’t stop his hand for even a moment. I did worry that he might ache after doing that, but it should be okay because it was the last day.

And finally,


The ten thousandth knife fell on top of the pile of knives on the ground.

(Progress 10,000/10,000)

The status window’s conditions disappeared. I looked at Yoo Myeongwoo whose movements stopped. Outwardly, there was no change. But his gaze was stuck in the middle of the air. He was looking at a message window that I couldn’t see.

Did it succeed? Did it pop up properly?

An uncertain uneasiness finally came over me.


Say something at least. Just then, I heard a whoosh, the rough sound of a breath being drawn in. Thick tears fell. The machine completely stopped, and the scattered knives on the floor quietly reflected light.

I waited. I didn’t need to wait for that long.

The chair sc.r.a.pped back, and Yoo Myeongwoo rose from his seat. The face that turned to look at me had no trace of tears and was very bright.

It was self-confident.



That guy’s voice was calm. My voice actually shook more.

“I got an SS-Rank skill.”

When I heard that, a smile naturally spread across my face. I had known that it would happen, but a smile came out like I had absolutely no idea. I didn’t need to fake happiness, and was actually happy.


I didn’t speak in length. As if that was enough, that guy also smiled.

[1] the word for ‘hostage’ (인질) has the word/character for human 인(人) in it, so in this sentence, yj just swapped it for ‘monster’

[2] in kr, there are these paG.o.da-like things called 탑 that are usually in buddhist temples, and ppl usually circle around them to pray

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