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“The S-Ranks that I Raised” Translation Ch. 45

t/n: just letting you guys know that yes, i’m aware other sites have put up my tls. it’s not that i don’t care, bc if ppl asked me directly if they could put up my tls, i would refuse (tho if you want to use them to tl to a different language, then go ahead as long as you’re aware my tls may be lacking ^^). but i don’t care enough to ask them to stop, since they’re sites that gather tls so it’s not like they’re personally pa.s.sing it off as their own work. i’m doing this for fun to improve my own krn, and i don’t want to accept money for it either since a) i’m not working in juction w the original author and b) my tls definitely aren’t good enough quality to be official, so i only care about whether sb is pretending my effort is their own. i did notice the first few ch aren’t my work, which, i wasn’t aware there was sb else already tl-ing bc i couldn’t find any tls online before i started, so i do feel sorry towards that person if i accidentally took over their project. i’m not a proper fan translator so i don’t really know the rules(?) in that community, but n.o.body messaged me abt it either so i was just continuing…

< It’d Be Great If You Left Me Alone >

[Why don’t you come here to meet up already.]

When I got home, I sent a text to the Dokkaebi’s contact information that I got from Suk Simyeong. They didn’t take calls, only texts.

There wasn’t a reply but after a short while, the Dokkaebi showed up midair. I knew that mask. I saw it in a Korean language textbook. It was definitely a Malddooki mask. Malddooki was… a role that made fun of and mocked the n.o.bleman they were escorting. The Korean language teacher’s impersonation of a Malddooki was so skilled that I remembered it.

…Was it on purpose? Hm?

“Oh, Boss Mr. Kim did you call for me? There was no news at all, so this dokkaebi had thought that the boss who could possibly die just from having his ankle grasped had left for that long road, the road to the afterlife, in the meantime, and was in the middle of putting a dried pollack head on an ancestral memorial table and sticking a spoon into a bowl of highly piled rice and bowing two times!”[1]

“……That’s enough.”

“Ah why didn’t you follow my lead!”

Should I bring over a janggu[2] and hit it? I should quickly send them far away or something, it was too tiring to play with a three-year-old.

“No thanks, and I have something for you to do.”

“I’m a busy person! I won’t do something trivial!”

They sure were haughty for a subordinate. I took out a tablet I prepared beforehand.

“If you hear, you’ll probably change your mind?”

“You’re confident. Tell me!”

The Dokkaebi crossed their arms and nodded their head. Were you my boss?

“If you’re a subordinate, shouldn’t you be a little more polite?”

“Please tell me!”

“What you have to do is simple. Investigate foreign countries’ dungeons.”


“That’s right. I put the details about the investigations in this tablet.”

I organized the items and investigation methods as I remembered them. First, after investigating all of the nearby j.a.pan’s dungeons, I could pa.s.s them to Suk Hayan and then supplement the lacking parts she pointed out.

“Normally, dungeons are so that foreigners can’t approach. But you can hide and teleport, so you could easily investigate.”

“Of course it’s possible for me! But why do I have to do it?”

“If the laws of dungeon formation are discovered, you could lower the damage from breaks. Simply speaking, you could rescue many people. The great Dokkaebi-nim is doing hero-like work.”

“I like that kind of thing!”

The Dokkaebi shouted, s.n.a.t.c.hing away the tablet. They knew how to use it, right? Thankfully, the Dokkaebi skillfully flipped through the screen.

“But do I have to go to other countries? It’s too far.”

“If you secretly get on an airplane, you can get to j.a.pan quickly. I will leave it to you, our[3] loving Yoon Yoon-nim.”

The keyword had to be applied quickly so they could get the ultra-long distance portal skill. At the word ‘loving’, the Dokkaebi hated it.

“That word again! I won’t work then?!”

“Why do you hate the word ‘love’ when you’re a dokkaebi? Dokkaebi are normally a kind that are full of love.”

Dokkaebi turned into beautiful women and bewitched men or even coveted women. Encyclopedia reference.


“Of course. Real dokkaebi have to be used to love. I love you, Yoon Yoon. There, you try.”

The Dokkaebi, who was hesitating, shouted loudly.

“I love you, Mr. Kim!”

“Good, you’re doing well. I love you too, Yoon Yoon.”

Since we did a love ballad face to face, I checked the skill window just in case, but the Dokkaebi’s name wasn’t there yet. Maybe because I didn’t know much about the Dokkaebi’s personal affairs, three to four times seemed to be too little. Should I count how many times it would take?

“Ughhhh, I’ll go to j.a.pan…”

“Have a safe trip. Be careful. Your safety is the most important. If you need anything, whatever it is, you can tell me any time. I love you.”

The Dokkaebi abruptly disappeared.

Looking at the empty s.p.a.ce, I sighed unconsciously.

‘It should be done with this.’

I perched on the bed, before just flopping down.

Now all I needed to do was pa.s.s the data to Suk Hayan. If I let her research lab in my building, safety would be guaranteed and the government and particular guilds wouldn’t interfere.

Unlike 5 years later, the information wouldn’t become hidden or be monopolized.

‘And there are familiars and Yoo Myeongwoo too. And I would make two originally A-Ranks into S-Ranks. If it’s this much, didn’t I do pretty much all I need to do?’

Now I didn’t have anything I particularly needed to do besides raising the kids. Other than that, occasionally going around grabbing promising Unawakened People and causing them to Awaken?

Even if I said I knew future information, that didn’t mean I knew about everything that went on in the world, and now a lot of things would change so it wouldn’t be particularly useful.

If I’ve laid the groundwork about this much, everything would sort itself out better on its own.

Truthfully, I felt like I did too much. Once you start rolling, it’s hard to stop – it was exactly that.

Still, now it really was the end. I guaranteed my safety, amply took care of my a.s.sets, and my originally already amazing brother would become even more amazing.

Once I finished raising Kim Sunghan and even pulled Moon Hyuna over safely, the number of S-Rank combat Hunters would be as much as four. And I would keep on reeling in and sending over promising looking combat or healer types, so becoming the country’s number 1 would be a matter of time… hm. Then wouldn’t I really have to go into Haeyeon? That was too bothersome.

I wanted to revoke the younger brother’s discount and change the condition to the world’s number 1.

‘Still, my brother probably wouldn’t just take advantage of me.’

Finishing with just putting my name forward.

Anyways, done for real. All done!

But just one thing,

‘……The guy who made the system is a problem, though.’

Still, they said the checking was done. Could it be really finished? I should have tried while I had the Dokkaebi over.

It was uncomfortable.

……s.h.i.t, I don’t know. I did everything I could. Wouldn’t it be fine just filling up the standby positions when I have time?

Just leave me alone so I can live peacefully raising monsters.

“Ahjussi, the advertis.e.m.e.nt is ending now!”

Yerim, who was sitting on the sofa holding a cushion, made a fuss. For reference, that sofa was number five. The four before it were commandeered[4] by the one rolling around on top of the table, Peace. An undisputed destruction king.

“I don’t particularly want to watch it.”

“Why? I even set up a recording before I came here.”

Why would you record it? …Though I programmed a recording too. Since Peace showed up in it. Even if it was a little embarra.s.sing looking at myself, I should save the parts with Peace.

When I went to the sofa and sat, Peace jumped into my lap as if he was waiting. Jump lightly. Think of your build.


When I patted the head that was rubbing me, Yerim looked sideways at us.

“Did you know Peace is totally a pro at acting coy?”

“Acting coy?”

“When ahjussi isn’t here, far from swishing his tail, he completely ignores people. He doesn’t even pretend he didn’t see them.”

“Yerim, you annoyed him since you first met him. That’s enough for him to ignore you.”

At my words, Yerim had on an expression like she was wronged.

“It’s different from that. Oh, it’s playing.”

There was a short narration and Yerim was presented first. There was a caption saying she was the youngest S-Rank combat Hunter.

“It started already?”

Yoo Myeongwoo said, coming out holding snacks. I automatically straightened at the nutty[5] smell wafting to my nose.

“What is that?”

Yerim also showed interest and lowered the cushion she was holding. Yoo Myeongwoo lowered the dish he was holding in his hands onto the table.

“Fried scorched rice[6] and b.u.t.ter potato.”

Just hearing it, it sounded delicious. My and Yerim’s hands moved almost at the same time. Each of us took a piece of the scorched rice and brought it to our mouths.


Wow… How was it so perfectly crunchy like this? The amount of dusted sugar was also superb. Rather than covering the nutty taste, the sweetness perfectly boosted it.

“Woah, what is this? What is it? Did you make it yourself?”

With wide eyes, Yerim stuck a fork into the b.u.t.ter potato. Maybe it wasn’t hot because she quickly put it in her mouth and chewed, before putting on a deeply moved expression.

“Myeongwoo oppa…!”

……His t.i.tle became ‘oppa’. Yerim, you punk, when was it when you ignored Myeongwoo, but with fried scorched rice and one potato, you get completely taken in?

Of course, it was tasty enough to get take… ahh, this potato was so good. It was enough to feel like it was a pity that Peace didn’t have any interest in anything other than magic stones and monster meat.


Just then, Peace cried toward the TV. When I lifted my head, I saw myself sitting on a chair holding Peace. Seeing my face on the screen was a little embarra.s.s… wait, what was that caption.

“Ahjussi, look at your introductory phrase! It says monster’s dad~.”

Yerim smiled, clutching the scorched rice in both hands. Like she said, at the bottom of the screen, there was a caption saying ‘Monster’s dad Han Yoojin’.

s.h.i.t, I definitely said it was a magic beast rearing skill, a magic beast trainer, so why was it monster’s dad? It was a caption that seemed like it would end Those Things On Earth[7] or Animal Farm with ‘Peace, you have to listen well to dad~’.

Was it that kind of program? Why was it like that?

“Even appearing in a broadcast, impressive as expected.”

Unlike the laughing Yerim, Myeongwoo was genuinely admiring. What ‘impressive’. You would soon be able to show up in places like that too.

Just then, my cell phone rang. It was a call from a number I didn’t know. Who was it?


[Yoojin! I just saw you on TV. Do you remember me? We worked at the factory together!]

I completely didn’t remember. If it was when I was working at the factory, it was 4 years or so ago from now, but it felt like as much as 9 years ago. Would I have cause to remember?

“I am sorry, but I am not sure.”

[Really? That’s a little sad. Do you want to meet up? I have my own business lately; this is really an unbelievable item!]

Ah, it was that kind of call. Just when was it when I showed up on the broadcast – it sure was fast.

“Is that so? What kind of item is it?”

When I showed interest, they started to babble. Hm, it wasn’t very original. It wasn’t persuasive and they didn’t explain well.

“I am not particularly interested. I will decline.”

I ended the call and blocked the number. Yerim, who was watching me take the call, shook her head.

“Why did you answer? You should just hang up immediately. I actually changed my number. I even got calls from, not even the same cla.s.s, but a nextdoor cla.s.smate’s parent’s in-laws’s relative. Ahjussi, change yours too.”

“I don’t plan on changing it for a while. It’s fun.”

“…It’s fun?”

“Yeah. I like getting spam calls. Especially creative ones.”

It was one of my few hobbies. The other person paid for the call, they worked hard to tell their story, and the service was friendly, how great was that? It was cost-effective leisure time where you could have fun just lying there still. The repertoire being too similar was the sole weak point.

“Oh, another one came.”


Yerim’s face looked dumbfounded. Myeongwoo also had a taken aback expression. Was it that weird?

“I mean, um… if there really is a good product, you could also make an investment.”

“Like that, you’ll fall for a scam. How about you find a different hobby?”

“Right, you could be misled and get into big trouble.”

These guys. It wasn’t for just one or two years that I had this hobby, and I knew a lot better than you. Still, I felt awkward so I couldn’t answer the phone and I put it on silent. With the value of familiars, the giant guilds making investments, and stories coming out that smelled of money, there should be calls coming from all sorts of places, though.

It should be fun for quite a while.


I gave a long yawn and went out to the living room. There was someone who was really skilled with their words so while I was busy listening and chiming in agreeably, I went to sleep too late. If it was that kind of story with that proficiency in speaking, why didn’t you aim for a broadcast appearance or put out a book, instead of trying to pull scams? It was a waste of talent.

‘As if they would have one or two related skills if they Awakened optimally.’

Like, even if they fell in water, their tongue would float.

“Sorry I’m late. Were you very uncomfortable?”

When I opened the pen door, the waiting Peace quickly jumped out and rubbed his cheek on my leg.


“Right, right. Let’s eat and go out.”

We ate a partial breakfast that was also lunch and went outside. Peace, who had slipped from my arms, took the lead and trotted off.

Unlike before, there was security at the dorm floor’s elevator and stairs. They weren’t ordinary guards, but Hunters.


I examined him as I greeted him. B-Rank, attack-related. Looking at the visitor’s pa.s.s around his neck, it seemed like he was sent from MKC.

Because it was decided that my protection would be a collaborative effort, each guild would rotate sending guards.

Yesterday was as much as an A-Rank from Breaker, but MKC was stingy. Of course, B-Rank wasn’t that low of a rank. The Breaker A-Rank had a good personality, unlike the guild leader. Despite being a high rank, they weren’t arrogant and was a kind beauty and had a lot of interest in familiars.

They were probably friendly because of the latter, but so what. Friendliness with ulterior motives was better than unfriendliness without.

“Will you be going down to the training room?”


The B-Rank Hunter pressed the elevator b.u.t.ton for me. It was treatment I couldn’t even dream of before the regression. But, I was B-Rank now too, huh.

When the elevator arrived, Peace got on like he was used to it and jumped up to press the bas.e.m.e.nt floor b.u.t.ton. I didn’t know whose kid he was but he sure was smart.

We arrived at the bas.e.m.e.nt floor where the training rooms were, and got the key for the training room that Peace and I used exclusively from the maintenance room. Even if you said it was exclusive use, it wasn’t to the point of calling it a special favor.

You couldn’t use skills with killing power in the downtown area, so there was no reason for the overabundant training rooms to be completely filled up. If you were about B-Rank or higher, you used the training facilities in Gyeonggi-do if you could help it.

So, Haeyeon’s bas.e.m.e.nt training rooms were used more frequently by a.s.sociate guild members, rather than Haeyeon Guild members.

Most giant guilds had several medium to small guilds under them. It was because mid to low rank dungeons needed to be managed over a certain rate, not just high rank dungeons.

Sending guild affiliated high rank Hunters to mid to low rank dungeon attacks was a waste of manpower. So, they relegated mid to low rank dungeon attacks to the a.s.sociate medium to small guilds. In exchange, they became a reliable support and let the a.s.sociate guilds use training rooms or facilities like the equipment management department.

Haeyeon also had several of those a.s.sociate guilds.

‘Even up to 5 years later, they all didn’t cause any problems, right?’

I didn’t remember the matters of the medium to small guilds as well, but I thought it was so. Just seeing how the a.s.sociate guilds were quiet, didn’t that mean Yoohyun was on the mild side for a guild leader? I, who had resented my brother even more for not having anything to find fault with for 5 years, could guarantee it.

He was the best out of the guild leaders.

[1] i’m sure it’s obvious through context but anyways this is what you do during ancestral memorial services during yearly celebrations, or for the (relatively recently) deceased family members (whom you knew) on the anniversary of their death

[2] an hourgla.s.s-shaped drum used often in krn folk music

[3] there is no ‘our’ or any possessive article, but leaving it out sounds weird in eng. Also, the phrase before that is lit. ‘I request’, i.e. like that polite phrase that’s come up before, but I thought it would make more sense in eng like this.

[4] yj jokingly uses honorific speech here so I tried to get that through by using a fancy word

[5] not rly sure how to tl this. I could’ve used ‘aromatic’ or ‘savory’ but those didn’t feel specific enough, so I checked the official def in the krn dict, which was ‘a taste or smell like roasted sesame seeds, sesame oil, etc.’ so I thought ‘nutty’ would be the closest eng equiv even if there aren’t any actual nuts involved. The tastes/smells are similar enough

[6] 누룽지 (noo-roong-ji): scorched rice, a crust of overcooked rice that forms at the bottom of the pot when you make rice (not in a rice cooker). It can be eaten as a snack

[7] a krn program about weird/outrageous things on earth

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