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161 Part 2

Noah returned to human form except for his wings.

“Since you don’t have that bracelet, it will be safer like this.”

He carried me in the air, as riding a dragon solo will probably deeply injure me. Velare raised her head as she had been with Noah.


“I’m sorry you have to go through this.”

I had planned only a light walk.

“I’m ready!”

Soyoung Kang shouted, and her cheeks were flushed with excitement. She had an S cla.s.s stat and had Noah’s strength added, so she would feel charged now, especially with Riette. The black dragon also growled in joy and gathered strength in her four legs.

The giant was still distracted by Yoohyun and was the perfect target. Black shadows swirled at the end of the spear as the dragon’s legs stomped. The muscles slowly trembled under the scales, and the dragon charged like an arrow and rushed to the giant.

Yoohyun let the flames die out, and I saw Soyoung Kang clench her teeth. The moment the spear touched the giant, Taewon Song increased the spear’s weight.

With a giant crashing noise, the world seemed to shake like multiple explosions had occurred. The end of the spear knocked against the giant’s chest, and as the armor crushed, it ripped apart from the looting skill’s effect. The blue spear went through the armor, and a large hole appeared as the giant’s body was cut in half.

The aftermath crushed the buildings in its path.

“Mr. Noah, your healing skills!”

The recoil would be ma.s.sive, and both of Soyoung Kang’s arms had been broken. Riette’s thorn had been crushed, and Taewon Song’s hand was a pulp. Since Soyoung Kang could not even take out a potion, Noah flew to her and used his healing skills.

The giant’s body broke down, and Soyoung Kang let out a bright smile.

“That was amazing! I could die like this after fifty years!”

…Fifty years? It may be short for an A cla.s.s hunter, but…

-Sweetie. You have no greed.

She had announced that she would have all the dragons that existed. The bracelet turned to a spear again as I landed on Riette’s head. I took out a mana potion as I wore the bracelet again to drink. I felt worn out and turned off my teacher’s skill. Too many S cla.s.ses, including Soyoung Kang in her present state.

I wanted to go home and lie down. Where was Hyunjae Sung? He was completely late, and I should message him to go back.

‘How can I get Yoohyun’s memories back?’

I wish they returned on their own and turned my head to look at him when a loud sound rang in my years. I flew in the air and did not understand what was going on even when I sank to the ground. I forced myself to raise my head and smelled blood everywhere. I saw someone standing afar where the giant had fallen. I used my skill to see who it was.

[Awakened: Seokwon Choi (A member of the Vacant Sea

Current Stat Cla.s.s: SSS

Cla.s.s Capacity A~S]

I could not believe what I was seeing, and his stat cla.s.s had increased from when he had been a giant. I saw the fear resistant message window in front of me and felt like the smell of blood clawed at my brains. Since I did not see any other messages, I was safe for now.

“…Seokwon Choi!”

I shouted as I raised my body, and he also looked at me. I clenched my teeth while I looked around. The first thing I saw was the fallen black dragon, and she was deeply bleeding from a shoulder. She had not lost consciousness, but Riette only glared and showed her teeth that showed she could not get up. I also saw Soyoung Kang, who was lying on the ground, unconscious. Taewon Song had barely managed to raise his upper body, and I saw blood.

Noah was lying down amidst the ruins, and his golden wings lay limp. While he did not move, since the last grace had not been activated, he would be alive.

“You would have not gotten that kind of power without a price.”

I moved towards Seokwon Choi, and he was wearing armor similar to the giant. His skin, where I could see it, was pale like a corpse. His hair was murky blue like the fog, and I could see that his eyes were not human.

“Tell me what you gave up.”

I took a deep breath and looked sideways to see my brother. He was conscious and was watching us with a pale face. I saw blood having spread nearby. While I grew cold inside, he was still all right. I smiled at Seokwon Choi again.

“It must be something big, and I can help.”

“You can?”

Seokwon Choi finally opened his mouth, and his voice was dry and rough.

“How can you?”

“I know that jellyfish you made the contract with since we tend to meet now and then. Since you’re not your normal self, will you become a monster? Or is that your last flame before going out?”

Seokwon Choi sneered at my words.

“First, it was half of my remaining life. Now, I have a day left. The first was a trap.”

“Come on, normal people will just be laughed at when they shout that they want to become powerful in exchange for their lives.”

It would never happen for an F cla.s.s. I spoke as I watched Seokwon Choi’s scowl.

“Do you want me to tell you how you can live?”

He moved and grabbed my collar to drag me towards him.


I heard Yoohyun’s rough voice. Please remain still.

“Elixers and curse removal will be useless. That woman has the rest of my life span.”

“Then, it will be easier. That jellyfish wants me.”

I tapped his hand to sign that he should let me go.

“Much more than you’re wanted, so negotiate using me.”

Beg for your life.

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