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161 Part 1

Chapter 161 The Sea of Fog Family (2)

“Mr. Taewon Song!”

I spoke while waving to Noah, and he lifted me up to take me where Taewon Song and others were.

“About your looting skill.”

I spoke while observing the giant’s condition, and Seokwon Choi opposed Riette without rushing things, probably due to what happened to his arm. Thorns waved in a threatening manner from the dragon’s body.

“You can apply it to weapons, right? Can you do that when another person is holding a large spear?”

Soyoung Kang possessed a large spear as she had that Dragon Rider skill. While she had not used it because she had no beast to ride, I had heard her complain that an expensive A cla.s.s weapon was rotting in her inventory.

“That would penetrate that armor if your skill is applied.”

“That’s not possible.”

Taewon Song spoke firmly.

“My skill is effective on the weapon I apply it on. Since all stats of the weapon will decrease, it will break before piercing that armor. I use mid-cla.s.s weapons because of that and consider durability rather than its performance.”

He said that the weapons broke after a few times anyway. So, that skill was a double-edged sword and a reason for why Taewon Song used his fists rather than a weapon. If the skill worked both ways, even an S cla.s.s spear may not last against that SS cla.s.s armor, as the weapon would be burdened by the thrust. Then, where do I get a weapon more durable than an S cla.s.s even when the looting skill is applied…?

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Yoohyun frowned as he saw me remove my bracelet.

“You shouldn’t do that.”

“I can be afloat with Mr. Noah. That giant does not have wings.”


“I’ll get to safety quickly. h.e.l.lo.”


A bluebird appeared.

“You can be used as a simple weapon if excepting the damage nullifying skill, right?”


The bluebird sang in an answer. If others could not even hold it, the bracelet would not have been stolen from me. But I had several times.

“Change into the largest charging spear you can manage.”

The bluebird went into the jewel, and the bracelet changed into something taller than me. I put it down on the ground because I could not manage the weight. A little bit later, a large spear that seemed at least three meters appeared. It was intricately carved in waves and translucent with clear blue light. While it seemed like a decorative spear that would break with a hit.

“It has an L cla.s.s durability.”


“It was said to be unbreakable, but that monster is only an SS cla.s.s.”

I spoke with certainty, as the bluebird would be one of the most durable in existence and would remain an S cla.s.s even with that looting skill.

“Yoohyun, can you distract that giant? Don’t strain yourself.”

“It won’t be a problem at that speed.”

“Be careful since he seems to be getting faster.”

The giant was an SS cla.s.s, and while there were cases where S cla.s.s monsters were slower than mid-cla.s.s hunters due to focusing on protection, Seokwon Choi was the base for that monster. While it wore thick armor, it would not be slow since it was shaped like a human.

Yoohyun jumped in the air, and Irin whirled on his arm and changed to flames that swallowed up the blue willow leaves. Thousands of flame petals fluttered in the air.

‘That was possible…’

I had never seen that sight when he used the black flames, and the petals flew to block the giant’s sight. While the petals dissipated when touching the armor, the snow was a different matter, as the snowflakes evaporated when touching the petals.

The giant swung his arms, but it was impossible to block all of the leaves. Irin then jumped down and melted into the ground to burst out in fire at the giant’s feet. The ground melted, and his heavy legs went down.

‘Yerim could solidify that.’

Yoohyun was doing a good job and was using Irin well like it was ingrained in his body. I did not need to worry about that then and shouted to the black dragon.

“Riette, Ms. Soyoung!”

Riette jumped back and came to us at my call, and Soyoung Kang waved as she bent her head. Since Riette was quite big, Soyoung Kang was sitting on some sort of saddle on Riette’s head instead of her back. It seemed durable as roped were tied on the thorns and was in the right position to charge with a spear.

“Attack with this spear.”

“This? Won’t it break?”

-It looks like it’s going to shatter with a hit.

“It won’t. While it does not have other abilities, it has an L cla.s.s durability. Mr. Taewon Song will apply his skill on this spear. You saw the armor weaken.”

“I did. It really has an L cla.s.s durability?”

“Nothing else, though.”

Since other weapons were durable, this spear was not useful except in special situations like this. Why use a weapon that only does not break when others increased your stats and had effective skills?

Taewon Song took the spear and jumped on Riette’s head. Soyoung Kang handled it like it was a fishing rod and put it forth. She fixed the handle of the spear between the dragon’s thorns. Taewon Song also took his position, and black shadows spread on the blue spear from where his hand touched it.

“Mr. Noah, you didn’t use stat rental yet, right? Please do so for Ms. Soyung Kang. Cast as many supporting skills as possible.”


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