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157 Part 1

Chapter 157 A Blue Fog (1)

Yoohyun Han came out of the car in Minyui Kim’s appearance, and he had arrived in front of a large manor. There was no indication of anyone present in the surrounding houses. The inhabitants were not out, as the houses were empty from the first place. The houses must have been purchased for more security.

Yoohyun Han approached the door and rang the doorbell. The surveillance camera looked at his face instead of an answer, and Yoohyun Han raised his face without any hesitation. His face would be blurred on the monitor connected to the camera due to the effect of the gla.s.ses he was wearing. If he was not facing a living organism, he would appear like a mosaic.

A person came out from inside and opened the door after a moment. A high-cla.s.s hunter confirmed Yoohyun Han as Minyui Kim.

“Come in.”

Yoohyun Han walked slowly, and his movements became slower, like he was hesitating when he entered inside after pa.s.sing the garden.

The lobby he was escorted to was dark and smelled of new furniture. The house seemed to be unused, and Seokwon Choi appeared after a while. Yoohyun Han’s face showed surprise, as he had not expected this outcome. He had not thought that the MKC Guild leader would show himself this soon.

‘Is it because he wants to enlist me before I finish the dungeon conquest?’

Seokwon Choi would be hurrying since the last dungeon conquest period had been notably short. He walked up to Yoohyun Han with a pleasant smile.

“Hunter Minyui Kim, it’s nice to see you. I have heard a lot about you.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Guild Leader Choi.”

“I’ll cut to the choice. Help me kidnap Yoojin Han.”

Seokwon Choi spoke in a tone that showed that he had not lost his arrogance.

“It’s a surprise since I thought you would talk about enlisting me.”

“Enlist? How can you be a new S cla.s.s hunter even if the rumors say so? That fox Simyeong Seok would not have let you go about like this if you were a real S cla.s.s. Since you were placed to Yoojin Han, you can’t be a B cla.s.s supporter and would be an A cla.s.s attacker at the most.”

Seokwon Choi smiled confidently.

“If you were placed as Yoojin Han’s guard after spreading rumors about you being an S cla.s.s, it would be similar to having a real S cla.s.s. No one would rush at you, and it’s an effective method.”

“Do you believe that you are right?”

Seokwon Choi’s brow furrowed at the calm voice bordering on cold.

“You’ll be only a baby S cla.s.s, even if I’m wrong. Just answer.”

Seokwon Choi spoke as he took out a contract.

“If you cooperate with us, you’ll have an adequate reward. Since you came here after refusing other guilds, it’s not like you don’t have some intentions to transfer.”

“Why are you rushing like this so hastily? Who are you going to deal with after kidnapping Mr. Yoojin Han?”

“You don’t have to know! Let’s make this pleasant for both of us. What do you want?”

Yoohyun Han stared at Seokwon Choi and saw that he was anxious despite being arrogant. He looked like prey chased by a predator, and he did not look like an S cla.s.s hunter.

‘Is it because of his contract with the addicts?’

If he would not answer alive, Yoohyun Han only had to ask his corpse.

“Catch him.”

Seokwon Choi noticed that something was strange after he heard an order. There was another one in the room. However, the realization came too late. A poisonous nail touched him at the back of Seokwon Choi’s neck, and at the same time, a sharp blade touched Seokwon Choi’s Adam’s apple. While Seokwon Choi had to be slow in reacting at the nail, he had been unable to follow the movements made right in front of him.

He was not an A cla.s.s nor a child.


Seokwon Choi clenched his teeth as the blade was familiar to him.

“Yoojin Han-!”

The poison trapped him instantaneously, and Seokwon Choi bent his knees. Noah glared at Yoohyun Han as poison dripped from his transformed hand.

“Do not order me around. I’m working with you only for Mr. Yoohyun Han’s safety.”

Yoohyun Han looked down instead of answering. Noah’s poison was less lethal than other S cla.s.s skills, but its paralyzing and restricting effects were quite strong. It would take quite a detoxicating skill to be able to fight against the poison.

“Break the contract, and I’ll let you live.”

Yoohyun spoke a lie. He would not let someone after his older brother live but beheading him now would probably lead to his corpse being reused like Gyeongsoo Yoon.

Yoohyun Han bent down to pick up the contract that had fallen down on the floor, and the parchment made from monster leather fluttered from his long fingers.

“I’ll sign the contract.”

While it was an illegal contract that would bind an S cla.s.s, he would be able to easily nullify it if he borrowed his brother’s strength. Seokwon Choi strained his neck to look at the still young face. Yoohyun Han was standing there instead of Minyui Kim, and one of his cool eyes was red.

The moment his eyes met them, Seokwon Choi was certain he would die. The man frowned, as he was now sure that Yoohyun Han had killed Gyeongsoo Yoon. Just because he had gone after his brother, and Seokwon Choi had been quiet because he had known the reason.

That had been the case until the successor to Diarma had appeared.

[You failed your a.s.signment, and now you’re useless. Why would I have to let you live?]

Seokwon Choi could not reply to the disdainful voice.

[However, since I need a p.a.w.n, I’ll give you exactly a month to rebuild your guild so it’s usable. If it doesn’t meet my standards, I’ll have to use them as ingredients~]

A month was too short to bring back an almost ruined guild, as Seokwon Choi’s reputation was in the gutter after being rescued from being arrested. While he had gone in to maintain at least MKC’s fame with the a.s.sociation’s help, the Hunter a.s.sociation had completely changed hands. That meant that Seokwon Choi had lost his high-cla.s.s connections and now faced other guilds without any help.

He had been unable to overcome Sesung in the first place, and Haeyeon had two more S cla.s.s hunters. Breaker had maintained its position without any damage, unlike MKC. He could clearly see that the second-ranking guild in Korea would fall straight to fourth in one sweep.

Seokwon Choi could not even ignore Hanshin, and he turned his eyes to overseas after being cornered.

‘We will rent you an S cla.s.s hunter if you hand over Yoojin Han.’

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