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144 Part 2

This had to have been an invasion of privacy because Yoohyun and Irin were together all the time. Maybe it was about personal tastes, which I was a bit curious about. He might be a fan of a celebrity while pretending he had no hobbies. Did Yoohyun play any games? Yerim said she played a game in which she decorated things.

“No, I have none.”

“Really? Your face says otherwise.”

“I don’t.”

Yoohyun turned around, and his reaction said that there was something. While family members had to respect each other’s privacy, I wondered what his secret was. I hoped he was going on dates without telling me.

I took out my phone to find Taewon Song’s number. Not being able to see well was inconvenient, so maybe I should get gla.s.ses as a temporary measure. He probably bought a new phone or connected a different one since he answered. Taewon Song told me that he was where the dungeon break had occurred when I told him I wanted to meet him concerning yesterday.

“Then, can I come over there?”

“Yes, but it will not be a comfortable meet up.”

While there had been almost no casualties, things would be uncomfortable since it was an accident site. I was going out of the room after ending the call when Yoohyun grabbed my arm.

“You said you couldn’t see well. I’ll help.”

“I’m not blind, and I can get around.”

While I stumbled a few times on the stairs, I could manage myself on even ground.

“If you can’t see…”


“It’s nothing.”

While my brother had mumbled, I could understand what he was thinking. While it had not happened yet, he had not healed my leg.

“I need to see because I want to see you and everyone else.”

Most of what I lived for would disappear if I could not see the children since I was feeling the strain of not being able to see Yoohyun clearly. I should get a pair of gla.s.ses on the way.

Soyoung Kang and other Sesung hunters, were waiting when we went outside the miniature portal. Their faces were filled with dread and worry since Hyunjae Sung had sent them to bring us clothes.

“Nothing…happened, right?”

Soyoung Kang asked with an expression that she desperately wanted an affirmative answer. While many things happened, I could not say anything specifically.

“The aquarium had burst.”

“Oh! The aquarium will not burst under normal circ.u.mstances…”

“We used it to put out a fire in the garden below due to light refraction.”

“Oh, all right…”

I wanted things to go over smoothly, but Soyoung Kang and other hunters continued to glance at Yoohyun. He must look like Minyui Kim to them, and I wondered if something went wrong with the effect on the gla.s.ses.

Odd gazes followed Yoohyun, or Minyui Kim until we got out of the Sesung Guild building. They did not approach us but followed him with observant eyes.

“Did you do something while I was gone?”

“No, nothing happened. I went to Sesung Guild leader’s house with his permission.”

Then why were Sesung hunters acting like that? Was it because of the accident on the road? He had organized the site too easily for a supporting hunter.

“h.e.l.lo, Hunter Minyui Kim. If it’s not too much trouble, would you receive this card?”

I met another guild employee who was giving out his card in the parking lot, although it was rude to approach a hunter who already belonged to another guild. A fight might ensue against a high-cla.s.s hunter, but since Minyui Kim was a B cla.s.s supporter, others could try to reach him.

People might really be thinking that Minyui Kim did not have B cla.s.s supporting stats because of what happened at the accident site. The guy would be mixed up in some complications when he came back.

We politely refused the card and got a pair of gla.s.ses at a store before heading to the dungeon break site. The surrounding area was off-limits since there still might be monsters around.

While the site had been chaotic at night, it was a battleground at midday. While the rain had stopped, it was still cloudy, and with the building ruins and cracked roads looked eerie like a scene from an apocalypse film.

Well, the end of the world as we knew it might come for real.

“You came.”

Taewon Song came to us, and his gaze stopped on my face.

“Are those gla.s.ses prescribed?”

“Yes, things happened.”

“What had…”

Taewon Song stopped speaking and looked around.

“Let’s talk somewhere else.”

“The convenience store is unlocked and empty since the employees were not able to lock it up before escaping. Let’s go there.”

There were tables and chairs in the store, and while large debris had fallen around, the gla.s.s walls were fortunately intact. I placed a wet bill on the counter after choosing a coffee.

“Is this much all right?”

I asked as I handed a coffee to Taewon Song. It cost less than two thousand won because of a two-plus-one event, although I had left a ten thousand won bill for it. Taewon Song asked what had happened as soon as we sat on the chairs.

“It’s nothing.”

“It’s because of the Sesung Guild leader.”

Yoohyun revealed the culprit as he sat next to me, and Taewon Song’s brow furrowed at the same time.

“Is it because of what happened last night?”

“No, he escorted me home without any problems. I had gone to his house today-“

“Yoohyun Han had gone there alone and suffered the consequences.”

My brother spoke in a sulky voice.

“You went there alone.”

Taewon Song sighed, and the two stared at me with similar eyes. So what? I could allow Yoohyun to look at me like that, but Taewon Song’s gaze was too intense for my tastes.

“I’m alright except for my eyes. Actually, I was going to track you down because of yesterday’s dungeon break.”

I continued as I put a straw in the coffee.

“Will you cooperate, interfere, or observe us?”

Taewon Song ripped the plastic wrapping from the straw as he stared at me. He drank a sip before opening his mouth to speak.

“I already said that I would protect you.”

So, he would be on my side if my safety were on the line. I would welcome the protection anyway.

“I have something to ask you.”

I did not want to be forward, but I could not stifle my curiosity.

“If you gave the Sesung Guild leader something precious as a present before you died, why would you do so?”


Taewon Song stared at me like I was crazy, and Yoohyun looked at me as if I were sick. How do I explain this?

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