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The a.s.sociation Head Is (4) >

If words had a form that was visible to eyes, it would’ve been something like a sharply honed knife. It was a rude greeting that dug out a past humiliation, that would make even a reasonably easygoing person frown, but Song Taewon’s expression had no change.

Though I had looked forward to it a little, wondering if he would get angry.

‘Then again, there’s so reason that someone who was hara.s.sed by Sung Hyunjae would easily rage at my one sentence.’

It was someone that that person had even said wouldn’t be easy. Getting all the way here was because I bothered the a.s.sociation; if I had directly poked at him, he wouldn’t have even bat an eyelid. He was difficult, really. Someone who was content with staying in their place without budging an inch was the most difficult in the world.

You can’t fill up a full gla.s.s. It was a something like a large water tank, rather than a gla.s.s, so it was hard to push it over to empty it by force, too. I tried kicking in my own way, but not a single ripple occurred on Song Taewon’s face.

“It seems you are closer to the Seseong Guild Leader than I had thought.”

“No, not at all. It is a completely dry relationship where each of our goals are obvious.”

He was a useful person to the point that I felt wronged, so it was merely that I had no choice but to collaborate. Please do not misunderstand.

“So what is the matter? Did the higher ups cling to you, asking you to block my mouth, Chief Song?”

“Please hold out your hand.”

Why my hand? When I held it out, wondering what it was, he dropped a rectangular key on top of my palm. Then the entrance’s key was added. The two keys were smudged with blood that wasn’t that old. They seemed like a horror movie’s props.

“They are keys that were additionally produced by an a.s.sociation executive. They said that there are not anymore, but just in case, please be careful with your surroundings.”

So they weren’t keys he ripped away from the Hanshin Guild Leader, huh. To think they made spare keys – it sure was cute.

“Is the owner of the keys alive?”

“Of course. It was carried in their inventory, so I merely had to take some slight measures.”

Slight, he said. First of all, it seemed like the other party was an Awakened Person. I raised my gaze from my palm, and stared at Song Taewon. It was as hard as ever to read his mind from those heavy black eyes. But he had handed the keys over to me.

It meant that he considered my safety the priority.

“To think that you would prioritize me over the keys’ owner – I am touched. While you were at it, it would have been good if you had received and held onto the ball I tossed.”

Instead of taking it to the a.s.sociation and offering it.

If he was going to play the role of a leashed dog, wouldn’t it also be okay to give that leash to me? I was thankful for the keys, but if you were going to give them to me, you should’ve given more.

“Han Yoojin-ssi.”

Did he notice my inner thoughts in my words? The voice that had been businesslike as if facing a civil pet.i.tioner, was sharp. If I didn’t have the fear resistance, it would’ve been quite menacing.

He came one step closer. A large hand lighted grabbed my left shoulder. Peace, who had been tense since a bit before, bared his teeth.

“It’s okay, Peace.”


At my petting, Peace let out a heavy warning sound and closed his mouth. Song Taewon, who was staring at the Horned Flame Lion well-behavedly sitting with his b.u.t.t to the floor, turned his gaze to me.

“I think that it is reasonable you are self-confident. Since, it is not only one or two beasts you have tamed.”

Strength slowly went into the hand that grabbed my shoulder. It wasn’t to the point of hurting yet. But if Song Taewon decided to, he could crush it in an instant.

“However you are too feeble to act like you’re taking the leash.”

“That is news to me. Isn’t a thin string that could break if it is just wrapped around a finger and pulled, your preference? Or, should I introduce to you a Mr. Durable Chain?”

If he had wanted a strong restraint that could definitely bind him, he wouldn’t be here being like this. He didn’t need to go far – Sung Hyunjae would’ve kindly put a leash on him.

But Song Taewon probably, possibly obviously, wanted to be bound normally. By a thin string that could stably wrap around and grab ahold of him, who wasn’t normal. Though that kind of thing wouldn’t exist. Did I have to find Gleipnir[1] or something? Fenrir was part of the dog family, too.

“Isn’t the cage that Song Taewon-ssi has squeezed into and is sitting inside of right now, not that strong anyways? In the first place, if you did not lower your head on your own and crawl in, there is n.o.body who could grab you and put you there.”

“Even if it is not strong, there is no reason it will disappear. Even if it was jarred wrongly and a portion collapsed, it will soon be restored, like an anthill that has hundreds of ants.”

It was indeed true. Unless a crazy tyrant S-Rank who would try to rule even if they had to kill everyone popped up, the nation probably wouldn’t collapse. And the possibility of that kind of tyrant appearing was rare. Who knew if it was around medieval times, but the current civilization was too convenient and precious to sweep away.

Didn’t people say that the current middle cla.s.s lived much more affluently than past kings? Rather than getting a headache making a new system, it would be better to enjoy capitalism with the money you earned from dungeons.

“On the other hand, it is the end for Han Yoojin-ssi with one bite.”

“My kids do not bite.”

“I bite.”

The two gazes went to my palm at the same time. I was wondering why he had brought the keys with the blood smeared on. So it was a warning letter that you had already bitten someone before you came over. I apologize. I had thought that you had a muzzle on as well, but as expected, it looks like you only had a leash.

“Even if I look like this, I have suffered many rough situations. I do not care about a little bite mark being left. Haven’t I already been bitten by Song Taewon-ssi before?”

“That is why it is more difficult.”

Song Taewon said, letting go of my shoulder and taking one step back. Why was he saying it’s difficult?

“Please be satisfied with replacing part of the Hunter a.s.sociation.”

It was a voice that had gone back to being businesslike. Did he come to warn me to take a reasonable amount and then leave? He sure treasures his cage.

‘What should I do?’

He was already a man with a good build, but he felt large like a barrier anew. It was good that the tiger that was shut in a cave jumped out once the mountain was set on fire, but it was trying to crawl back in after just telling me to be reasonable about playing with fire.

‘Though the state of the a.s.sociation would probably be better than before the regression with this replacement of people.’

Even so, I couldn’t relax. The level of difficulty for dungeons was going to go up faster than before, but the reaction following it would be lukewarm and then the a.s.sociation would keep on holding guilds back and not letting go. Especially since it wasn’t just one or two people who did useless nonsense, saying that they would mediate between guilds and make a stable compet.i.tion.

A monopoly or ogliopoly was not allowed – I understood that, but it wasn’t something to discuss in a situation where the world was falling to ruin. So if it wasn’t going to go under and be swallowed up, there needed to be someone at the very top who would be tough, matching the suddenly changing reality.

I let out a sigh and stared straight at Song Taewon.

An S-Rank Awakened Person who wanted to be bound to his past position. Him forcefully folding his body even while knowing well that it doesn’t fit his size, was devoted as well as selfish.

‘Still, first of all, isn’t the seat of the a.s.sociation Head also a cage?’

His position right now wasn’t a low position either. Though it was similar to running around on site and getting instructions, thanks to his distinctive characteristics. Was it that he didn’t think he himself would be able to endure if he completely rose up to the side of giving instructions?

Though I couldn’t know everything inside his head, which was full of contradictions.

“Since you have come all this way, let’s have a drink together. Draft beer, since it can be delivered here.”

At the light words, Song Taewon’s eyebrows twitched a little.

“…Is that something to say right now? I will decline.”

“I am going to talk behind Sung Hyunjae-ssi’s back, but you really do not want to?”

There shouldn’t be a lot of people who would talk about that person behind his back with me. Even more so if they were a normal person. I offered again, while calling the security room. Song Taewon frowned, but he didn’t turn and go out.


“Yeah, it’s no big deal. We’re just having a drink. Why are you worrying when you know I have poison resistance? Don’t pay it any mind. And don’t work too late.”

It’s okay, it’s all okay, there’s no problem – after telling him that, I ended the call. It seemed like Yoohyun had heard that Song Taewon came to find me. Then Yerim also asked if it was okay, and I got a text from Moon Hyuna. Sung Hyunjae was in the middle of a dungeon attack so he was quiet. If contact had come, I would’ve told him we were talking about him behind his back.

“So some time when you and the Seseong Guild Leader are in the same place. Wouldn’t that person feel bad if I said you looked like the hyung?”

“I would not like to be there.”

“Why – you do not want to see that?”

“I think I will feel bad first.”

Even as he spoke curtly, the shape of his eyes loosened faintly at least. He couldn’t get drunk, but the beer was refreshing and the snacks that came with it were good to eat.

“Still, he is not the type to openly take revenge.”

“It is also not that he does not.”

“He does not seem like he would keep that kind of thing in mind either.”

“It is a problem because he reciprocates unexpectedly because he suddenly thought of it.”

Had he been the recipient of that before? He would’ve interacted with him much longer and much more than I have, so it was enough for him to grind his teeth, but surprisingly, he was placid. No, it might be that this man talking about it like this meant that there was a lot that had acc.u.mulated.


Chirpie, who had been floating around in circles around near us, landed on top of Song Taewon’s head. Not there, Chirpie. Even while having a baby bird sitting on his head, he emptied his gla.s.s like it was nothing much.

And we conversed about trivial things again. But as if we had tacitly agreed, we didn’t bring up stories about our own selves. I sneakily tried nudging him about the a.s.sociation Head seat, but Song Taewon smoothly changed the subject.


News was playing on the TV about the corruption of one of the Hunter a.s.sociation board of directors. Compared to the S-Rank item smuggling from before, it was a trivial crime, but the inflamed public opinion shouted for immediate eviction. There was also talk that there needed to be a complete investigation. There was a rumor going around that a special investigation team for the Hunter a.s.sociation was going to be organized.

Among the people affiliated to the a.s.sociation, those with qualms were anxious, wondering when they would be implicated. If they had tried to hide deep flaws, they couldn’t sleep properly at night.

Of course, the ones with the worst complexions among them, were the ones who were warned by Han Yoojin.

“It cannot be left like this. The attention of the general public must be averted.”

It was true. Even things that would normally be adequately buried were being all dug up, because people’s attention was focused on the a.s.sociation due to the kidnapping incident.

But how?

“Relationship rumors wouldn’t be persuasive at all.”

There was no opportunity that would excite the topic of conversation more than the magic beast trainer’s kidnapping. How do you win against a stimulating story about buying and selling a human with enormous amounts of money, which also had a lot of meaty details added?

Just then, one man quietly opened his mouth.

“Let us burst open a dungeon.”

At his words, the other two people flinched and stiffened. But the surprise wasn’t long.

“Would we be able to match up the time?”

“There is an illegal A-Rank dungeon that should have started its attack ten days ago originally. Because of this matter, the attack was pushed back, but it will burst within two to three days at most.”

“This person already decided and pushed it back, huh.”

“There is nothing better than this to deflect gazes.”

No matter how stimulating an article was, would it be more so than the danger to your real life? The A-Rank dungeon was a waste, but the Hunter a.s.sociation could pocket more things than that with its position.

The first high rank dungeon break in a long time would be enough to occupy the top topics.



Peace rubbed his head against my chest as if he didn’t want to be apart. After acting childish like that briefly, he glanced at Yoohyun and jumped down from my arms.

“Have a safe trip, Peace.”


He let out a noise as if replying, and then went to stand next to Yoohyun. Then, my brother stared at me with slight worry.

“It won’t take long, so stay still at home.”

“I’m your hyung.”

Acting like some guardian. Though it wasn’t new for him to be like this.

“Anyways my face is well known, so I have no intention of going out. Unless a dungeon bursts nearby, I’m going to quietly shut myself inside.”

“You have to actually be still, ahjussi!”

Yerim also said, worriedly. These kids, really. I’m mentally twice your age, punk.

“Yerim, worry about yourself first. This is your first time formally going to an S-Rank dungeon attack. It’s not even low grade.”

With the Hong Kong case, Han Yoohyun had judged that Bak Yerim had grown enough to make an S-Rank dungeon attack team. Apparently, it would be possible, in terms of firepower, to attack up to mid grade S-Rank as long as the dungeon environment is matched, if you just had enough experience.

So she had come to accompany an S-Rank dungeon attack like this.

Our Yerim really grew up a lot. This was only barely the second month since she had Awakened, but it was really fast. Even if the mermaid queen’s help was big, it was an unprecedented fast growth.

“Please do not worry! I was equal to Guild Leader. I’m strong enough.”

“It was 3 versus 1.”

At Yoohyun’s words, Yerim raised her eyebrows.

“The Seseong Guild Leader only kept you in check, and Noah oppa also didn’t attack, so I did everything, okay? And Guild Leader got a buff, too.”

“An attribute buff, stat rental, a.s.sistance from Hunter Noah and the Seseong Guild Leader, a flame resistance coat, and even the environment was perfect. And starting from midway, I put hyung in a safe place, so there was no buff. Even so, it was a draw.”

“I’m on my second month, you’re on your third year! And starting from then, the Seseong Guild Leader also drew back to protect ahjussi. It was 2 against 1! And Noah oppa still only did a.s.sistance.”

Hm, they got along well.

“You can’t fight after you go into the dungeon. Yoohyun and Yerim, I love you both. Of course Peace, too. Don’t try to end the attack too quickly, and safety is the most important. Especially you Yerim, watch well and learn well.”



“For real, don’t fight. And always be careful.”

Including Peace, the three got in a car. I lowered Chirpie from on top of my head into my arms and stared at their backs getting further away. That Yoohyun, he shouldn’t run wild by himself again. He should also let Yerim pile up experience.

‘Anyways, not that much contact has come yet.’

There were only four people who gave an affirmative response, among the a.s.sociation executives who were politely asked to step down. There was still one more day left, but if they held out to the end, did I really have to forcefully drag them down? I had hoped they would go amicably.

It was that evening, when I heard unexpected news.

[1] gleipnir is the chain thin as spidersilk and made of impossible things that was used to bind fenrir, a monster wolf in norse mythology

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