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Ruler of Water (1) >

“Yerim, even if you have a favorable attribute for underwater, you definitely can’t go alone. As for items for freedom of movement in water, other people would have them, too.”

You couldn’t tell what environment it would be for a first attack dungeon, so if you were a decent high rank Hunter, there were basic items you had.

“And I also-.”

“It’s even more impossible for ahjussi to go.”

Yerim cut in.

“It’s a dungeon that the zombie made, so something cute like before could come out, instead of water. Then ahjussi would immediately be swayed over.”

“I mean, I was a little… excessive I think, but back then was, how should I say it, should I say it was sudden, and I was being careless……”

A faint appearance from a distant memory had abruptly jumped out vividly. If I saw it again, I would be able to be much more compos…

“Ten of Peace when he was a baby. With his fur soft and round. Running around in a circle trying to catch his tail on a nice sunny green lawn.”


“All mingling together, with Chirpie sitting on their heads. Chirpie chirps and flaps as it dances cutely.”


Just imagining it made the ends of my mouth go up on their own. If it was in front of my eyes for real, I definitely wouldn’t be able to resist. I couldn’t be like that. But they were cute. His current juvenile form was also small, but he was smaller when I first saw him. And rounder. And flopping on his back and wagging his tail. And adding Chirpie. Chirping danc… ah, s.h.i.t. The destructive power was too strong. It felt like my heart was hurting again.

“……Yerim, isn’t that too much of a scam?”

“On top of that, a small Guild Leader holding Peace. Since he’s too big for a kid, heave-ho with both hands. With Chirpie on his head.”

“I’ll tie my wrists so I won’t dash out.”

“What about if they ask ahjussi to make an unfavorable contract? Or get you to attack your colleagues.”

“If they say something like that, then it’s too obvious that they’re fake. Far from being cute, it would probably give me gooseb.u.mps.”

I felt like I was suddenly splashed with cold water. And if they openly said they would use the kids’ appearances, then I would probably get mad, too. No, I definitely would be angry. If the zombie had also talked about the bet or whatever with that appearance, I wouldn’t have been able to listen nicely to it. Just thinking about it felt dirty.

Yerim, who was searching my expression like she had read my thoughts, shrugged her shoulders.

“I said you were surprisingly resolute.”

“It’s not surprising; of course I would hate it, something like that. Anyways, it definitely can’t be you alone. Hm, Yoohyun, it’s a bit too much to be inside water for you, right?”

“If it’s close-range combat, then there’s no big difference.”

Still, his power would decrease. And he wouldn’t be able to use it to keep things back. He did have a swordsmanship skill, too, but there would be no helping but having a difference in speed and strength inside water.

I didn’t know what kind of dungeon it would be, but it was certain that it was full of water. Since even now, the lake’s width was slowly getting wider. So we needed a Hunter who was skilled in underwater combat. Kim Sunghan was defense, and Riette was close-range and poison would be neutralized and become weaker, and Noah was the same, and Moon Hyuna was also weak inside water…

“What about my Guild Leader?”

Kang Soyoung said.

“At any rate, it goes following the chains, so there is not much of a difference inside water. If it is pure water, it would be a nonconductor, it would instead be better for focus. I do not know if he would come, but should I try contacting him?”

He was indeed a person who would be of help, setting aside his skill’s main attribute. Still, it was a little annoying. Exactly what was his weak point? Why was he amazing in everything? Weren’t there any monsters somewhere whose insides as well as their outsides, were insulators? Even so, he did seem like a person who would somehow easily dispose of them.

“Yes, please do.”

Kang Soyoung made the call and in not that long of a time.


A helicopter appeared in the sky. It went in a circle once as if to check out the lake, and then a man who was dressed up in a three-piece suit as if he had received an invitation to some sophisticated party, jumped down from the helicopter. Sung Hyunjae, who had landed lightly as if coming down from one step even though it was a considerable height, swept back his hair, which had become rumpled from the wind. He was really terrible.

“It seems like you liked the lake sightseeing very much. You invited me over, saying a new lake had appeared like this. As a guide, I’m proud beyond words.”

“I put half a star out of five stars total, but it seems like you have not checked that yet.”

“Oh dear, in order to regain my honor, it looks like I’ll have to provide someplace again. What about the sea this time?”

“Ah, I have a seawater allergy.”

“I didn’t know you had such a thing.”

“I just got it.”

I’m scheduled to get this and that from now on as well. Sung Hyunjae smiled as he held out a sealed plastic bag that he was holding in his hand. They were spare clothes and towels that had been requested through Kang Soyoung. Dungeon items or clothes made out of byproducts would be comfortable, but I didn’t want to gain more debt with shirts. Since there was no burden if I extorted normal clothes.

“I personally went on a little errand for you like this, so isn’t a half star too cheap?”

“I did not know you would come bringing it personally. Then, one and a half.”

I had thought he definitely would’ve gotten someone else to do it. Your pointless excess kindness was ominous rather than burdensome. When I briefly explained the situation to Sung Hyunjae, he looked back and forth between Yerim and Yoohyun.

“Putting aside the little lady, is young master going as well?”

At Sung Hyunjae’s words, Yoohyun immediately raised his eyebrows.

“Is there a problem?”

“To think it’s a drenched young master; it’s not a bad appetizer. I did wonder how it would be. If the fire would properly catch on.”

“I have caught electric eels before in a swamp region, so do not worry.”

Don’t pick a fight with a kid while being almost twice his age, you adult.

“Please play the role of a good adult today as well.”

“Unfortunately, the free trial period has pa.s.sed.”

“Shouldn’t you give at least a week? It is incredibly short. How much is the paid service-.”

“What are you doing, hyung?”

Yoohyun cut off my words with a dumbfounded tone. I mean, because I thought I had to cut him off ahead of time. Yerim also had a similar expression as Yoohyun, as she stared at me and Sung Hyunjae.

“You’re surprisingly close to the Seseong Guild Leader, ahjussi.”

“We’re not close.”

“We’re close.”

“Please do not pretend we are close.”

“Instead, I’ll increase the free trial period for a week more.”

“Let’s put it as us being close for a week from now.”

After saying that, I felt like I had fallen for a scam. In the end, it was paid. Even so, I couldn’t take it back and leave someone who could run off to anywhere, to pick fights with kids. While feeling icky, I went toward Song Taewon.

“It should be better for Chief Song to stay here, I suppose.”

“Yes. In the case that it is a similar phenomenon to a dungeon break, we cannot know when monsters might burst out. At least one S-Rank Hunter should stay on guard.”

“If it seems like the combat power will be lacking, please contact Hunter Riette. If you say I requested it, she will help at least once. Ah, Hunter Noah will also be of help in various ways. And please give me as an excuse. But please avoid putting the two people together. If you are going to call Hunter Noah, instead of Riette, Hunter Kim Sunghan or… would Hunter Moon Hyuna come, too? Should I give you Hunter Noah’s contact information?”

“It is alright. I remember the contact information of all of the S-Rank Hunters who have entered the country.”

He really was a sincere public servant. He was reliable.

“As for Han Yoojin-ssi, will you really be going in as well?”

At the worried question, I smiled awkwardly.

“There is an adult who cannot act his age, for me to just send them off. And there are other reasons, too.”

“Please be safe. And… thank you for being considerate.”

“It is no problem. It is obvious to give aid.”

Song Taewon’s face, which had been stiff from the beginning, held a small smile. He would’ve had a lack of manpower chronically, so he was probably pleased. After nodding my head to tell him good luck, I went toward the edge of the water.

“Please do not go right into the gate.”

Three S-Rank Hunters were gathered, but it was uneasy to go into a suspicious unidentifiable dungeon without any information. The filial duty addicts couldn’t directly step into our world, but didn’t they send monsters that were about SS-Rank?

And there needed to be a fallback for the water that was continuing to pour out, too.

“Just believe in me, ahjussi!”

Yerim spoke confidently, and grabbed my arm and went in the water. The ranks and effects for items that let you move inside of water were all different. If there were types where it was easier to move completely freely in water compared to outside, then there were low rank goods that simply just let you breathe.

Yerim’s earrings were highest rank, so she quickly moved forward, taking me along. A lot of it was thanks to the flight skill, too. It wasn’t that big of a lake yet, so it didn’t take long to see the gate. I felt water slowly flowing out of the gate.

“Both of you are sloow~.”

She was being conceited. Though it made sense. Yoohyun and Sung Hyunjae also soon arrived. After checking the two of them, I went to the front of the gate and knocked three times. The gate’s shape was the same, but the flow of the water coming out stopped.

It really did work.

“Let’s go in. Inside will be cold.”

“It will be cold?”

If it was the same as before, then it would be cold. Just in case, I stepped into the gate with Yerim after Yoohyun and Sung Hyunjae went in first. Right afterwards, my whole body was covered by a freezing cold wind.

“Ugh, even cold resistance items don’t have much of a use.”

“If you don’t have an item, your wet clothes will all freeze. But it’s not water, but a field of snow? Did it melt and flow out?”

I wanted to explain, but clothes were first. It was good I had prepared them ahead just in case. While I was quickly taking out a tent, Yoohyun sent the fire lizard. It was a little better. After asking them not to fight, I went inside and changed my cloth-.


“I told you to be well-behaved! If it is the volleyball, then they are not enemies!”

Then, I heard bouncing noises, and hit the tent.

“Newcomer, wait!”

Geez, really. I changed into dry clothes, and took out and put on the thick outerwear that I had prepared for coming here. If you were going to make it, why didn’t you make it nice weather instead of a snow field of all things.

When I came outside, Yerim and Sung Hyunjae were sending gazes full of curiosity toward the volleyball. One of them seemed like they wanted to try kicking it, and the other one seemed like they wanted to try cutting it up.

[Honeyhoneyhoney! I also know that person!]

Newcomer said, bouncing around Sung Hyunjae. If you keep doing that, you’ll get hit by lightning again.

[This time, he discontinued things early! Then again, since the lizard’s owner would have known, too!]

“Besides that, can you connect me with Water Droplet?”

[Ah, yes!]

The volleyball bounced over to me. As soon as I asked Yoohyun to explain, sound was blocked. Then, I heard a much more adult-like voice.

[h.e.l.lo, Honey.]

It felt like the mermaid queen’s appearance had suddenly emerged in front of my eyes. That stingingly clear blue wave. I took in a small breath and continued speaking.

“Do you know that the replacement has come?”

[Of course.]

“They asked me to convey that they will come to make a bet. And they left a strange dungeon saying it is a present, and disappeared.”

[She is not that aggressive. But if you attract her curiosity, it can be dangerous.]

…That zombie guy showed interest in Yoohyun. It looked like we had to be careful.

“Do you know about the dungeon she left behind? Water kept on coming out of it.”

[I can guess. But it will be a little difficult for Honey and company to handle-.]

“Then please help.”

[You know that we cannot do that.]

What do you mean I know? You have a lot of things. Whatever it was, hand it over.

“Mermaid queen, you had claimed that you would a.s.sist, but was it not me who caught the lizard? But there was nothing that was put into my hands other than the magic stone. Please give me the reward you have forgotten now at least.”

[Not only was that a matter outside of the system, didn’t you take his skill?]

“I merely combined it through the foundation of the abilities that I already had. If you call that a reward, beyond being sad, I will feel wronged. I do not expect something excessive.”

I flicked my eyes and looked at Yerim who was poking the shielding that was set up around me with the tip of her spear.

“Please give your skill, which is enough to resolve this matter.”

[…My skill?]

“Yes, Mermaid Queen of Sea Waves. It does not matter if it is ice attribute or water attribute.”

A silence fell. As expected, the owner of the earrings that Yerim had was Water Droplet. Shortly after, she opened her mouth.

[Those earrings that that child has are ones that I wore when I was young.]

“That kind of connection has formed, so please help.”

Yerim was an S-Rank Hunter, but she was still young and relatively weak. Even so, she wasn’t the type to quietly be protected, so were there many choices? I should make her strong enough so she could protect her own body while in future danger.

[Honey, this is an excessive demand for me. But I…]

Another short silence flowed, and then a calm settled[1] voice, continued.

[It seems like I have no choice but to listen. Instead, I will take away a little of my guilt.]


[This is a deal. Please do not express thanks.]

It was a firm and cold reply. Guilt, she said. If she only took out a little, then would I be able to squeeze out more things from now on with the remaining? I didn’t ask for the reason for the guilt. She probably wouldn’t reply either.

[I cannot transmit the skill entirely. It will only be able to be used just once. Even so, if you properly accept it, it will become a great help. You already know, right, Honey?]

“You probably mean that as you experience it, you can become familiar with it.”

[Though it will not be easy. It all depends on that child’s talent and effort.]

“Can it not be about 10 times?”

It wasn’t that I couldn’t believe in Yerim, but once was too little. But the mermaid queen refused, saying that even once was excessive.

[If even a portion is acquired, it is more than enough.]

A gem appeared in front of me. It was a blue gem just like the mermaid queen’s earrings’ decoration. When I grasped that in my hand, an explanation window popped up.

[Ruler of Water – Myth Rank

The strength through which the Mermaid Queen of Sea Waves settled into the position of the source of one world’s water.

Limited to 1 time]

Just looking at the rank, the words that ‘just once was excessive’ wasn’t lacking. At the same time, I deeply felt how far of an existence a transcender who could attack a source, was.

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