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Chapter 673: Young Man Exits the Wilderness

Translator: Alsey  Editor: Chrissy

It was in perfect silence that the group of evolvers who had survived was staring at the young man in front of them. He was too young—only 14 or 15 years old—and yet he had almost killed everyone over here. The scene was extremely savage.

What could they do about it? This legendary native of earth was indeed very young and had astonishing talents.

But this was quite different from what they had heard. Wasn't this person in his twenties? Why did he look so young?

"Ah, you old geniuses really make things difficult for me. Should I kill all of you, or should I not?" Chu Feng frowned. With the appearance of 14 or 15 years old, his beautiful face showed a pondering expression and yet those clear big eyes seemed to be so pure.

The group was speechless after being called old geniuses? That was so strange—was it recognition or was it sarcasm?

Usually, people would see them as the up-and-coming younger generation, and no one would say that they were old because it was already very rare to have someone achieved a golden body before the age of 15.

Everyone thought that they were young and promising and people had known them as elites, but now… this was really depressing and indignant.

However, they couldn't refute it because this savage young man's face was indeed very tender, and with the age of 14 or 15, he could already kill some of them. He really had the qualification to call them… old geniuses.

"This is really sad," Chu Feng started to talk again.

The group felt vexed. They wanted to say this line, but this young man had beat them to it and made them speechless.

"Should I kill you all then?" Chu Feng stared at these people as though he was examining prey. All of a sudden, his expression became terrifying because of his sharp gaze.

"Chu Feng… dao friend, we didn't breed enmity with you" The Peony Fairy's long skirt dragged across the floor with her fine black hair dancing in the air, lucid and elegant. She felt a little awkward because she needed to call a wimpy kid a dao friend and to converse as though they were from the same generation. It was really weird.

He looked at her with some intrigue and said, "You are the Peony Fairy, one ranked in the top hundred beauties in the universe. You've come close to achieving the golden body stage."

The glint in his eyes emitted light which made the Peony Fairy feel uncomfortable from head to toe. The others were also trembling with fear because this little devil's gaze was quite l.u.s.tful, and this wasn't a good thing.

Chu Feng said, "I've sold a lot of divine sons and saintesses on earth, but I haven't come across someone so powerful. I think there will definitely be a high bid if I auctioned you."

The group was completely speechless. They had heard earlier that this so-called Demon King Chu was a human trafficker! And apparently, his occupational diseases had recurred—he wanted to sell them! The group felt their blood ran cold.

As expected, after Chu Feng finished examining the Peony Fairy, he started to examine the others, measuring them one by one with eyes.

Chu Feng sighed. "A saintess who has almost achieved the golden body level with an outstanding appearance and ranked in the top hundred. You can be considered someone famous in the sea of stars. Normally, you wouldn't be for sale. What a pity that you're too old, otherwise, I would have kept you for myself!"


The Peony Fairy almost fought it out Chu Feng despite her proper temperament. She really wanted to burst out and ask him if she was really that old? What kind of glance was that?!

To be honest, the Peony Fairy could be considered an up-and-coming youngster. If one could become a golden arhat before the age of 50, it was already considered very rare in the world.

After being commented on by Chu Feng, she almost vomited blood because this was the first time she had been called old by someone. However, when she saw Chu Feng's very tender look, she really couldn't refute him.

The others remained silent with a weird expression. They sympathized with Peony Fairy, and at the same time, they also felt sensitive to the t.i.tle of "old geniuses" that had been slapped on them.

"Forget about it, just let it pa.s.s. I won't make things difficult for you all, I won't sell you all," Chu Feng said while shaking his head. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

However, the next thing Chu Feng said made them break out in gooseb.u.mps again. He said, "I might as well kill all of you because only dead people can keep secrets."

His ident.i.ty couldn't be exposed just yet, and he couldn't leak the rumor because he still wanted to enter the Dameng Pure Land and to fight for that great opportunity of dreaming a hundred years in one night. Nothing in the outside world could exchange for that!

"Dao friend Chu, we have made our standpoint clear when we did not attack, therefore, you can't do this." Peony Fairy tried to be as gentle as possible, but she had secretly contacted the others to prepare to fight it out because it was impossible for them to allow themselves to be seized without putting up a fight.

Chu Feng was filled with killing intent, but in the end, he started to say, "Why didn't you attack me together with Luo Ming? This way, I'll have no qualms of conscience in killing you all. There would be no guilt."

He was hesitant.

At this moment, Uncle Ming came with a hint of saintly aura. The group's faces turned pale and they almost fell in a heap because they knew they were done for!

However, they went from h.e.l.l to heaven after hearing what Uncle Ming said. The situation right now was indeed fluctuating rapidly.

"Forget about it, let them go." This was what Uncle Ming said.

And then, he sighed and explained, "Most of their races were attached to the ancient earth back then. They can be considered to be our people. Some of their ancestors had fought shoulder to shoulder with me and many have died. I have never forgotten it so far."

At this point, Uncle Ming became silent for a while.

There was no need to think—Uncle Ming and his people were defeated in the end, and the races of these people had no choice but to make a decision.

Uncle Ming was somewhat emotional. "I don't blame them because, otherwise, their mother stars would be exterminated. Their ancestors had sacrificed a lot for us, and a lot of saints of their races have died. They didn't let us down, and I can understand the decisions they made afterward."

As expected, these people revealed a complicated expression after they heard what he said.

Chu Feng had noticed that these people did not attack earlier and they were all standing on one side. He thought that they might have some other intentions.

"Alright, old brothers, old sisters, and old geniuses, I was too reckless just now. Let's just forget about it." As he finished, he looked at Uncle Ming and said, "Uncle Ming, you can permanently erase this part of their memory, right?"

"I can do it with the help of the special power of the Yang-Realm. And even those who are in the heaven illuminator level which is way more powerful than me will not be able to restore it," said Uncle Ming.

Lady Xi appeared and howled, "You're all so bad. You're always looking to steal my yang energy. You are such a typical demon feeding on the vitality of the Yang-Realm people."

"Stop howling. I'll get you some innate fire spirits to make it up to you!" said Chu Feng.

"Easy for you to say. This is the nether world, the ghost world, there is no Yang-Realm qi here!" Lady Xi murmured.

The group of old geniuses nearby were stunned. A young lady from the Yang-Realm, this was… They were shocked.

Right afterward, they became unconscious. Uncle Ming poked on the s.p.a.ce between their eyebrows, and their memories were forcefully erased.


This zone suddenly started to glow and the domain symbols brightened. It was filled with killing intent.

"You're still unwilling to give up and even dare to put up a desperate struggle?" Uncle Ming sneered.

The Heavenly Umbrella appeared on the vault of heaven. It was suppressing this place to isolate this place from the outer world. But now, the heavenly law umbrella pressed down, effectively destroying the symbols on the ground. At the same time, an old man and a team of people were forced out. They were shivering, and in the end, they could barely stand still.

That was a quasi-saint named Luo Ran; he was also the mysterious ancestor for whom Luo Ming had called out earlier.

"Kill!" Uncle Ming rebuked softly, and the heavenly law umbrella fell. Even though the quasi-saint Luo Ran was very powerful, he could do nothing. He exploded in a bang and transformed into a mist of blood.

Needless to say for the others, they immediately became ashes!

It became quiet in Scarlet Mist Island as Chu Feng left.

The Chaotic Star Ocean was filled with blue waves. There were planets submerged in it which had later become islands. This boundless sea region soon disappeared behind them.

After two days, on a planet named Divine Wilderness, a young man came out from the forest with a long blade on his hand and shouted, "The young emerge from the wilderness to rid the world of enemies!"

Wu Lunhui was thus born. They didn't have much time, so Chu Feng was prepared to gradually expose this legal ident.i.ty. That was because he didn't want to miss the pageant of Dameng Pure Land.

As for Uncle Ming, he had already left and was arranging a huge fortune for him in advance. The former wanted to bring him to go wreck the secret place of the Xilin clan.

And Lady Xi had entered the sun high up in the sky above to refill her Yang energy.

"I'm Wu Lunhui!" on the Divine Wilderness Planet, the evolutionary civilization wasn't quite developed. The birth of Wu Lunhui created great confusion—a teenager who had entered the cloudeater realm! This was incredibly frightening.

In fact, although Chu Feng had the combat power of the cloudeater realm, he still hadn't completely broken through yet because he was suppressing himself.

Chu Feng was demonstrating his extraordinary talent on the Divine Wilderness Planet and became a divine child level character. A lot of sects tried to rope him in, but he claimed that he already had a master and rejected them.

In fact, those people were afraid of the consequences because there ought to be an incredibly frightening master behind such a frightful young man.

At last, Chu Feng went on his way. He spread word on the planet that he wanted to leave home and make his way in the world because the outer world was diverse. The sea of stars would be his trek.

Thus, Wu Lunhui was born. He picked a star pa.s.sage from the Divine Wilderness Planet and proceeded toward the outer world.

On the way, Chu Feng pa.s.sed by a lot of planets. Some of them were lifeless, and some were habitable. Lady Xi followed him, but he was on the ground and she was hiding in the sun.

"You'll see me when you raise your head. A G.o.d-like lady is looking down at you from the sky, you have to revere the G.o.ds at all times!" Lady Xi's words had Chu Feng speechless.

In the meantime, Luo Ming had been killed. The Deity Race members on the Scarlet Mist Island and part of the geniuses attending the event were killed, too. At last, the news of this spread out, and it caused quite a sensation.

Especially since a processed story was brought out.

Clearly, Luo Ming was unable to withstand a single blow—he was sent flying in a single kick and beheaded by a divine weapon. He was almost like a scarecrow.

"Is that the up-and-coming youngster of the Deity Race who's achieved the golden body stage before the age of 50? This is just too weak!"

"G.o.d bless the Deity Race, they're really on the decline. Look at the attacker, although he was blurred, he must be very young. He managed to hit Luo Ming until he couldn't fight back, it was very astonishing."

Things were only getting worse for the Deity Race. They had suffered repeated defeats, and now, their backyard was now on fire—someone had gone to their inner sea and directly killed a quasi-saint, an army, and a genius who was quite famous in the race.

"This old genius was too weak!" A young but husky voice was heard.

d.a.m.n it!

People of the same age cursed!

After that day, the term "old genius" officially started to spread across the sea of stars.

Lady Xi would come out of the sun once in a while to walk with Chu Feng and to cadge a meal, but every time, she would return howling.

For instance, on a planet, as she was tasting some humble fare, she held a piping hot bowl of noodles and she immediately became tearful. "G.o.d, it's so cold, even colder than the iced divine syrup I've eaten before. I don't want to eat this bowl of noodles anymore!"

Chu Feng was quite speechless because the noodles were just dredged up from boiling water. An average person's tongue would have been scalded, but that was her reaction.

The seller came in just in time and immediately, he was shocked!

Chu Feng quickly "brainwashed" him, erasing the memories he shouldn't have seen.

"This… flood dragon meat is inedible. It's so cold that my teeth have almost fallen out." Lady Xi picked up a piece of steaming hot meat with her chopstick but was still complaining. She held her cheeks in her hand and screamed.

"Stop eating!" Chu Feng kept a straight face and said, "I'm starting to doubt my life after being together with you. Don't tell me I'm really a ghost? d.a.m.n it!"

He was unsatisfied because being next to this lady gave him mental distress.

"Fine, I'll stop eating. I don't want to eat ghost meat anyway!" Lady Xi twitched her mouth and said, "Don't doubt your life, actually, this is the truth, this is the nether world. I think when I go back to the world of the living, you might as well come with me and go reincarnate there to start a new life. Otherwise, being a ghost is just so boring and meaningless."

"How is it boring and meaningless? This is the true universe, and I'm a human, not a ghost!" Chu Feng indignantly correcting her.

Lady Xi said, "I can a.s.suredly tell you that you're definitely not human because this is the nether world, any data can prove my views. Also, when I said that it is boring and meaningless, I'm comparing it to the Yang-Realm—there's nothing here, while the Yang-Realm has everything. The cultivation alone is already so weak. After seeing your battle with those geniuses, I thought to myself, what kind of geniuses are they? Their battling skills were so crude that I can't bear to watch. There was absolutely no spirituality to speak of and not even a single divine skill. If this was the Yang-Realm, any sect could come here and dominate."

"Go away!" Chu Feng didn't want to talk to her anymore.

"Loli Chu, it's true. For example, the breathing technique, I think 90 percent of the breathing techniques is incomplete in your world, only a small number are completed. What does this mean?"

"What does this mean?" Chu Feng asked her, and at the same time, he was very shocked because she was able to see that all of the breathing techniques were incomplete.

Lady Xi said, "A lot of breathing techniques looks quite familiar to me because they are similar to some of the sects' in the Yang-Realm. However, they didn't master the true meaning and hadn't obtained the essence. This means that when the people in the Yang-Realm died and became a ghost in the nether world, some certain people might have retained parts of their memories before, therefore, they brought parts of the incomplete breathing techniques."

What she said stunned Chu Feng.

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