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Chu Feng and party "visited" many places and gained a fair bit of profit. However, they still couldn't find the thunderstruck tree. So, should they head to the Eastern Sea?

They felt that it wasn't quite suitable for them to head to the Eastern Sea just yet. There were more tyrannical life forms in the sea than there was on the land. There were even more secrets like flying saucers and the Rubik's cube which had fallen from outer s.p.a.ce.

Additionally, the current evolved beings like the southern sea dragon king's heirs were all experts with six severed shackles. It was inevitable that he would be even stronger!

The strength of an old flood serpent who had lived for over a 1000 years was absolutely unfathomable.

Add to that the fact that the southern sea dragon king's party had always been searching for the draconification fruit... Once he obtained it, his strength would surely rise by leaps and bounds. It was unknown what level he was currently at.

The marine race would definitely have other hidden experts apart from these people.

"We certainly should be careful. The sea is deep, profound, and boundless with abundant experts." The black yak and the others nodded cautiously.

In truth, what Chu Feng was worried about were the descenders from 22 years ago who had landed in the ocean. There were boundless resources at the bottom of the ocean that might make those ent.i.ties even more terrifying.

Since there were descenders on the continent, there might also be corresponding experts in the ocean!

Outer s.p.a.ce. Around an orbiting satellite, the white-winged blonde man, the violet-robed beauty, and the three black armored demonic-G.o.d-like ent.i.ties were standing close by.

At this moment, they were discussing descending together!

The "guides" had long since informed them of the details—the extraterrestrial tiger's miserable death upset their group a fair bit. A native had dared to unrestrainedly kill the tiger and eat its meat.

"Descend and kill Chu Feng!"

This was their decision. Although they hadn't appeared on earth, they already knew this Chu Feng and his past.

The Dark Roc King's words were true. It was the weakest in the group, while the remaining members were all of higher evolutionary stages.

The extraterrestrial tiger was the second weakest, followed by the violet-robed lady. The blonde man was the strongest.

Naturally, the three demonic-G.o.d like beings were also very powerful and unfathomable.

Very soon, some bad news reached the surface of the earth. The group of extraterrestrials had openly expressed their hatred for Chu Feng and had announced that whoever fights Chu Feng would gain their friendship.

The extraterrestrials announced thus and called to the ma.s.ses to kill Chu Feng. This was fairly suddenly and astonishing.

"Oh, it seems Demon King Chu and his gang have utterly infuriated these people. Their response is so intense. They're actually calling to the people of the earth to kill him."

"It this even useful? This would only serve to distance Chu Feng from certain organizations and serve to keep certain people from interacting closely with Chu Feng. But who would really dare move against Madman Chu? I certainly don't!"

Some people were discussing this matter and expressing their opinions.

Apparently, people everywhere were uneasy after this news spread out. The five extraterrestrials from outer s.p.a.ce had spoken and announced that they would kill Chu Feng. This was a major incident.

Even though Chu Feng was powerful and brave enough to have killed two extraterrestrials, people still weren't too impressed with him.

Everyone knew that the extraterrestrials would appear one after the other. If Chu Feng were to make enemies out of them all, he would still die even if he were ten times more powerful.

"I think that only this batch of extraterrestrials is in conflict with him. The ones that come later might not necessarily clash with him."

"You're wrong. They are all outsiders despite originating from different stars and wouldn't accept the rebellious native killing their people. They will definitely punish him severely as an example to other people."

Currently, many people had different opinions. Some felt that Chu Feng was extremely powerful and that he was a heavenly talent. They felt that his future was difficult to predict.

The matter was still brewing. There were even interview programs that invited famous evolved beings to a.s.sess and discuss this matter. This caused a fair amount of waves.

"In short, Chu Feng is very powerful and has great potential, but he would have to face great waves of extraterrestrial experts. No one knows just how many…"

These so-called famous evolved beings and professionals believed Chu Feng to be in a difficult spot. This was quite unfavorable for him because even if he survived this encounter, more extraterrestrials would seek him out to establish their might.

Demon King Chu was now considered a world-cla.s.s celebrity and almost everyone knew him.

These interview programs incited a fair amount of debates after they were aired.

"Our Inferno a.s.sociation is willing to follow in the steps of the extraterrestrials and kill Chu Feng!"

A certain organization announced their intention to deal with Chu Feng and stand with the extraterrestrial ent.i.ties.

This immediately caused a huge commotion. There really were people willing to deal with Chu Feng.

This so-called Infernal a.s.sociation was a half underground and half terrorist organization from the Western world. They had always been a mysterious group, and presently, their strength had increased greatly after the upheavals.

This kind of declaration naturally caused great waves with many people criticizing them.

"An illegal organization engaging in terrorist activities is now joining forces with the extraterrestrials. Can they be any more shameless?"

Those who liked Chu Feng naturally hated them and spoke of them harshly.

"There used to be traitors to China in the past, now we have traitors to earth. These people should be immediately drowned and shot a hundred times over. These sc.u.m are going against the whole of humanity and should all be killed!"

"Absolutely shameless. Siding with the extraterrestrials to deal with our own people. You people should go to h.e.l.l!"

Many people commented on this matter and scolded the dark organization, expressing their anger.

Naturally, there were also some who supported them and spoke out for them.

But the Infernal a.s.sociation held a press conference to elaborate on its point of view. They said that they simply disliked Chu Feng's lawlessness and tyranny.

"For peace and an orderly environment, madmen like Chu Feng who killed people wantonly should be eliminated!"

Naturally, after hearing such words, some people were astonished, some were furious, and others broke into laughter.

"Is this Infernal a.s.sociation representative joking? d.a.m.n your sister, aren't you known as terrorists yourselves? Are the number of people you lot killed any less? And you still have the audacity to denounce Chu Feng?"

Some people were infuriated.

In truth, Chu Feng and party wanted to take action immediately after hearing this news. They hoped to uproot the whole Infernal a.s.sociation as a warning to other people.

But unfortunately, the a.s.sociation had undergone the baptism of dozens of years. They were very strict, secretive, and acted in the darkness. They were hidden in the underworld and could hardly be found by outsiders.

"We are doing this out of goodwill and made a resolute decision out of consideration for the human race as a whole. We will crusade against Chu Feng and embrace the extraterrestrial civilization. Just think about it, the extraterrestrials will bring high-level materials to earth. In order for earth to be reborn, we must accept them and not reject them!"

Yellow Ox sighed. "Even a traitor can speak such righteous and imposing words. This terrorist a.s.sociation has indeed improved."

Chu Feng could hardly smile. His expression was dark because this Infernal a.s.sociation had begun to make their move on the people related to him.

"You're courting death!" Chu Feng muttered. His period of comfort had come to an abrupt end. He was furious because these people had touched his bottom line.

Following which, an organization called Blood Demons also announced that they would take action by killing Chu Feng. They would follow the extraterrestrials and welcome high-level civilization on earth."

People realized that these organizations were the guides.

However, none of them made a move even though they had made fierce announcements. They were only expressing their stance.

"Very good. Civilization has no borders and crosses over all races. When we descend, we will bring the seeds of a higher-level civilization and reconstruct the earth together," an extraterrestrial from outer s.p.a.ce replied thus.

"How corny! I'm full of gooseb.u.mps." The black yak let out an odd cry and expressed his disgust.

"Let's fight! I want to see which of you dares take action. Who dares to actually move against Chu Feng had the people a.s.sociated with him!?" The blonde man from outer s.p.a.ce urged.

Normally, he was disdainful of such actions and would rather descend to kill Chu Feng himself. But he found it interesting after unexpectedly seeing some organizations willing to swear fealty to him.

He hated Chu Feng greatly and wasn't lacking in evil intentions. As such, he decided to support those illegal organizations.

"Whoever kills Chu Feng or one of his friends, I'll help that person evolve and bestow upon him an inheritance from the depths of the cosmos!"

Later on, all the ent.i.ties on the satellite urged those organizations to disrupt Chu Feng.

Meanwhile, they themselves were also preparing to descend!

They hoped there would be more chaos on earth. They would then descend suddenly and avoid being interrupted.

In the end, the Infernal a.s.sociation and the Blood Demons really dispatched agents to the East as a display of their action.

But in the end, only one person from the Infernal a.s.sociation ran back with a terrified expression.

"It was too terrifying. We were captured alive immediately after entering the East and sent to work in the mines. It was completely dark without any sense of day or night. It was simply too inhumane! I protest! Who said we're a terrorist organization?! That coal mine owner is the true terrorist!"

The outside world was sent into a daze.

Although people knew that certain industries in the East were unfathomable, it was jaw-dropping to be able to frighten an underworld organization member to such a degree.

"I protest! I seriously protest! They are too inhumane. Those Eastern mine owners are the true terrorists. They are the true terrorist organization!"

The Infernal a.s.sociation and the Blood Demons actually began to protest.

Many people were rendered speechless.

Doubtlessly, this was Lu Tong's handiwork. He was about to leave the Hollow Jade Temple and had thus made use of his current authority to help Chu Feng solve some small problems.

Chu Feng was dumbfounded after hearing this and didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

At the same time, the Dragoness also came personally. She invited him to head to the Eastern Sea to dig up the true dragon's lair. She told him that there were as many thunderstruck trees there as he needed.

At first, Chu Feng wanted to decline because he hadn't made sufficient preparations and his strength was still lacking. He felt that the time was not ripe.

But he changed his mind after seeing the Dragoness' flying equipment. That flying saucer possessed extreme speed.

Chu Feng understood after asking her that the Dragoness had come from the Eastern Sea on this flying saucer which she had obtained from an undersea ruin. It was as fast as lightning.

"How are the weapons systems?" Chu Feng's eyes lit up.

"Very powerful. Even shackled realm ent.i.ties would hardly survive after taking a direct hit," the Dragoness informed.

Chu Feng's eyes erupted with brilliance. He told the Dragoness that there was no problem for him to help her explore the true dragon's lair, but the caveat was that she needed to let him use the flying saucer for a while.

"That's not a problem, but may I know what you're going to do?" The Dragoness was curious.

"To deal with the extraterrestrials in s.p.a.ce!" said Chu Feng.

The Dragoness was so astonished that her mouth was opened wide. It was as if she had seen a ghost. "He wants to… go on a s.p.a.ce campaign?!"

That day, Lu Tong contacted Chu Feng and told him that the extraterrestrials were beginning to descend. Additionally, they were coming down together. Five extraterrestrials were rushing down towards earth!

"Chu Feng you're dead meat!"

The descent was quite smooth at first. The blonde man spread his snow-white wings and began to approach earth. His eyes erupted with light and swore to kill Chu Feng and his party immediately after his successful descent.

"A native b.a.s.t.a.r.d dares to kill the Dark Roc King and eat the Tiger King. You're truly courting death!"

It was difficult to imagine that this beautiful purple-robed woman actually spoke such ferocious words.

As for the three demonic-G.o.d-like ent.i.ties, they stepped onto their meteors and began their descent while emanating terrifying auras.

"Chu Feng, I'm leaving the Hollow Jade Temple now. I'll give you a great present before I go," Lu Tong told Chu Feng to watch the livestream.

Although the five extraterrestrials wanted to hide their descent, they were actually found out quickly by the governments of every nation and put on live television.

"Extraterrestrial b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, we represent the Infernal a.s.sociation in putting you to trial. You group of filthy and arrogant invaders, accept the baptism of doomsday!"

A suspicious person thought to be from the Infernal a.s.sociation made such an announcement.


Following which, a number of supersonic missiles were fired from the Western world. They whistled through the air, surged into the sky, and were poised to blast the five extraterrestrials.

"It's not us!" The Infernal a.s.sociation was first stunned and then panicked. They didn't know what to do.

"Our Blood Demons group will also kill the extraterrestrials. Anyone who violates our earth will be punished!"

Everyone was flabbergasted after hearing such thunderous words. What exactly had happened?

Following which, people saw even more supersonic missiles whistling towards the sky.

At the same time, Lu Tong told Chu Feng that the Hollow Jade Temple had some hidden a.s.sets overseas. The supersonic weapons belonging to these organizations were fired under Lu Tong's orders.

He then left the Hollow Jade Temple.

In truth, the effects were rather exceptional. In the end, the supersonic weapons caused a huge explosion and exerted some obstructive effects.

n.o.body had thought that it would cause great difficulty for the extraterrestrial descenders.

That was because they had to utilize their energy in order to defend against the explosion. This intensified the mysterious energy runes in the atmosphere.

Someone immediately fell into a dangerous situation and almost died on the spot.

"This works?! The Infernal a.s.sociation and the Blood Demons are so loyal to earth. Their supersonic weapons were extremely effective and might even be able to kill the extraterrestrials!"

The spectators were all stunned and many began to offer praise."

"Loyal your grandpa! G.o.ddammit!" At this time, the Infernal a.s.sociation and the Blood Demons were about the cry. They wanted to explain that it wasn't their doing.

Chu Feng was pleasantly surprised and his eyes erupted with radiance. He then entered the flying saucer and directly took off with the black yak, the toad, and the others. He was prepared to engage in a s.p.a.ce battle!

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