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After shouting, the group began to frantically run forward.

The black yak, the Manchurian Tiger, and the Donkey King were like three train engines, kicking up clouds of dust and mowing down the gra.s.s along the way.

Yellow Ox was like a four-year-old boy. His blonde hair was as l.u.s.trous as satin, and his face was fair and radiant. His eyes, under the long lashes, were accompanied by a glow of intelligence as he sat jolting on the donkey's back.

There was also a golden condor in the sky whose wingspan was 120 meters long, casting a huge shadow onto the ground as he broke through the sound barrier like a bomber plane.

The people from the corporations went dizzy because this was a fierce beast with six severed shackles radiating energy akin to the tides.

"Brother Chu, are you alright?!" The Manchurian Tiger stepped forth and opened its large mouth to reveal rows of dagger-like fangs.

The corporate scions nearby all went pale.

"I'm fine. I only suffered some injury on Mount Huang. It's not a big problem," said Chu Feng. He was delighted to finally see these people.

"Croak!" the toad spoke simply to confirm his existence.

The black yak looked quite like a primordial beast with his jet black body and shiny fur. He arrived accompanied by vigorous gales and glared viciously at everyone with his bell-sized eyes. He then pointed at the group with a finger and said, "You lot have gone too far. You kidnapped my brother to toil in the mountains and also let him get wounded."

Kidnap my a*s! The corporate agents really wanted to cry out. This man was simply a messenger of death! It felt terrifying just to think about it.

They became drenched in sweat after a moment of thought.

First it was on Mount Zhijin in Jiangning—Chu Feng had nominally offered to nurture weapons for everyone, but in the end, the Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace had burnt countless people to death. The second Black Dragon Prince of the southern sea was turned to ash, while the extraterrestrial old woman from Deity Biomedicals was left with only half a body.

Later on Mount Qinling, the corporate agents had to serve as cannon fodder along the way and had to pay with dozens of lives. Even the extraterrestrial Li Canghe had died with only a pool of blood as his remains.

Then on Mount Zhongnan and Mount Huang, they had just experienced the most miserable of excursions. They had lost a group of descendants with nothing to show for it.

Even the group from the north pole had dark expressions as gloomy as water because not only had they lost some young scions, but even some true descenders had died without a grave. Only some blood and bone dregs were left of them. It was simply too miserable.

It was fine before they thought of it, but they began to feel a chill after thinking about it in detail. This was no joke—Chu Feng was simply a G.o.d of misfortune—anyone who went together with him wouldn't encounter a good ending.

If not for the fact that there was no proof to fault Chu Feng, they might really suspect him of open murder. He was the bane of all living beings, and death would follow wherever he went.

Some people turned green after realizing this and felt fortunate to be alive.

They really wanted to thank the G.o.d of misfortune for not killing them. It was simply too dangerous to go together with him, and they were all lucky just to be alive. Next time, they definitely wouldn't bring him along to play.

There was no way they could cooperate happily because bringing Chu Feng along was like signing one's death warrant. He was simply full of misfortune.

After the corporate agents complained about their grievances, even the Manchurian Tiger, the black yak, and the others were dumbfounded. After some thought, it was truly the case.

"You can't make irresponsible remarks like that. This is slandering my brother. Won't this ruin his business if this news spreads out? Who then will find him to break through the famed mountains and great rivers. Mn, let's just do it like this. Let it be this time and strive for a happy cooperation next time!" said the Black Yak.

"There's no next time!" a certain old man said emotionally. He was drenched in blood and his head was full of bandages. He had personally experienced things and would never repeat this again.


The black yak was infuriated. As he glared at the front and forcefully stomped down, his bucket-sized hooves actually fell on… the toad beneath him.

"OWW!" The toad let out a long cry and jumped up, ready to fight it out with him. It cried out in exasperation. "Croak. d.a.m.n you, five-spice beef noodle soup!"

"What misfortune! What dog sh*t luck to have a random stomp land on a toad. Woe is me!" the black yak said brazenly.

The toad leapt up and immediately delivered an "Overbearing Dragon Has Regrets".

"Says the minotaur! I won't beat you to death and will instead make you into beef sauce!"

The corporate agents and the people from the north pole were all astonished. Was this internal strife? They were actually looking forward to these two vicious beasts killing each other.

Chu Feng was dumbfounded and immediately moved to stop them. He shouted, "We're all on the same side!"

The toad's abdomen was bulging as it glared indignantly at the black yak. It challenged the black yak to combat, saying that it would beat this minotaur into stewed beef.

"Frog meat, I'll beat you into a tadpole so that you can go back and find your mom!" the black yak raised his head and said disdainfully.

"Shut up! If you keep on fighting I'll make you both into a beef toad feast!" Chu Feng threatened.

"Brother Chu, your taste is problematic. Where's that divine beast you talked about? Who're you trying to fool? This is just a toad." The Manchurian Tiger's only fear was that there would be no chaos. He moved over to add more fuel to the flames.

Even the old donkey couldn't sit still. He eagerly waved his hooves and wanted to size up this so-called divine beast. This spineless donkey had recently increased greatly in strength, and as such, his courage had also increased.

"Stop messing around." Finally, Yellow Ox smacked the donkey with a serious expression.

"Everyone, the clear waters will flow as long as the verdant hills remain. We shall meet again later!" Chu Feng said his farewell to the people. This trip hadn't been in vain for him because he had picked some divine fruit and was quite satisfied.

"It's best we don't meet again!" someone mumbled. They couldn't stand it anymore because meeting him meant that someone was going to die.

"You're something I won, so you'll leave with me, right?" Chu Feng teased Princess Lin.

Princess Lin's white forehead was filled with black lines.

The group from the north pole glared at Chu Feng with furious expressions. This time, they had suffered great losses in the famed mountains and great rivers. If it wasn't because they feared that he was a malicious fraud pretending to be weak, they really wanted to beat up him and capture him to the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave.

"Let's go!" Chu Feng said his farewells, sat on the toad, and slapped its b.u.t.t to make it jump forward.

The group was completely dumbfounded. Was this really the vicious man who had killed the Dark Roc King? This person looked inferior no matter how they looked at him. However, no one dared to mock or look down on him.

Currently, the group was as if they were sending off a G.o.d of calamity.

Yellow Ox only began to talk to Chu Feng after they had covered some distance. They had hidden in Tibet for quite some time before they finally recovered. The benefits of the reconstruction were great because their foundation was now completely tempered.

Additionally, Yellow Ox, the black yak, and the others had all severed their sixth shackles. Their strengths had increased explosively.

Yellow Ox appeared like a beautiful four-year-old child, but his strength was astonishing to say the least. He was invincible at the same level and had won many battles in Tibet.

The half-energy medicinal mortar and pestle in his body was now completely active. It possessed the same properties as the black and white grinding stone in Chu Feng's body.

In outer s.p.a.ce.

The white-winged blonde man, the purple-robed beauty, and a multicolored tiger were currently wearing ugly expressions.

That was because they had received reports that the Dark Roc King had died. He was killed by a native.

Some powers on earth specifically contacted them and were communicating with them via the s.p.a.ce station.

There was no shortage of such people and powers in every era—people who cast their lot with foreign powers and helped them with their work.

Currently, there was such a group, and it wasn't just a single party. There were even militaries in contact with the life forms in outer s.p.a.ce. They were selling favors with all their might by telling them everything.

"Chu Feng!"

That's why they were already aware of the name Chu Feng even before descending. They were also knowledgeable about what had happened on Mount Song and were both shocked and furious.

Outsiders could hardly imagine how difficult it was to descend through the energy defenses and secret domains that selectively targeted outer realm beings. They could easily be turned to ash and eliminated.

The Dark Roc King had used all his strength and gone through myriad dangerous hardships to finally land on earth and occupy a famed mountain. In the end, he was killed and eaten by a native.

To them, this was a great humiliation.

"Slaughter him, eliminate his whole tribe!" A tiger's roar came through from outer s.p.a.ce and almost tore the sky apart.

In the distance, four demonic G.o.d-like figures opened their eyes. They had currently reached an agreement with the blonde man and tiger.

They hadn't descended or made their move because they were negotiating and splitting their profits.

Right now, the white-winged blonde man, the purple-robed lady, and the vicious tiger came to see them. They talked for a while and told the other party that they would soon descend.

Finally, they reached a decision that day.


In the end, that multicolored tiger let out a long roar with its head raised, shaking the whole of the outer s.p.a.ce.

The various powers on the ground were all shocked. The higherups of every country were moved because this tiger seemed as if it could swallow up the sky. Its terrifying aura was incomparable and seemed as if it could swallow the moon.


The tiger's roar shook the sky. This gigantic tiger rushed towards the earth's atmosphere with its body rapidly increasing in size until it was finally a full 1000 meters long.

During this process, it encountered the a.s.sault of earth's mysterious energy. It roared and struggled, erupting with vast suppressive might and astonishing amounts of energy.

Following which, a meteor tore through the sky and descended to earth. Standing upon it was a demonic-G.o.d-like figure who came down to earth along with the enormous tiger.

This was a terrifying scene.

"The extraterrestrials are invading!"

Unimaginably powerful energy raged in the atmosphere. The measurements from the surveillance equipment all went off the charts.

On the ground. People in charge of s.p.a.ce surveillance and military bases were all in chaos.

The expressions of the higher ups of numerous countries and the leaders of certain major powers had changed. With the extraterrestrials coming down with such momentum, it was certain to cause huge tidal waves!

So much that it might cause a terrifying storm of blood and trigger a shocking ma.s.sacre.

Many people noticed that Chu Feng was about to encounter disaster. Once these extraterrestrials land successfully, they would definitely team up to kill him!

It's easy to see that they had come for him.

"Chu Feng, hide quickly! Great trouble is on the way. The demonic G.o.d and vicious tiger from outer s.p.a.ce have arrived to kill you!"

Lu Tong, the old man from Hollow Jade Temple, immediately contacted Chu Feng anxiously. He was quite worried and asked Chu Feng to hide in the deep mountains or run away swiftly.

That was because he felt that this matter had become too big. Two extraterrestrials had come at once and both were terrifying experts. There was no way for Chu Feng to handle both of them.

Later on, Lin Naoi, Du Huajin, the Dragoness, and others contacted Chu Feng urgently, telling him to hide away.

The news spread rapidly and soon every party was aware of this. The news drew the attention of the whole world because they now know the descenders had arrived to kill Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng seemed quite calm. "Why should I hide? They will definitely be badly wounded after descending. It's precisely the best opportunity to kill them!"

He glanced at Yellow Ox, the black yak, and others. "You should leave first!"

"What leave?! Let's play it big together!" the black yak said.

"We'll bring the Buddhist staff along to kill extraterrestrials!" Yellow Ox waved his little hand. His beautiful little face seemed quite domineering.

Chu Feng said with a serious expression, "Golden Condor. You're now an ent.i.ty with six severed shackles. You should've achieved six times the speed of sound right? After we confirm the descenders' positions in a while, bring us to kill them. Let's conquer the world in one hour!"

Of course, this wasn't possible and was just a goal. If these people landed in Eastern territory, they could still conquer a wide region within an hour.

The extraterrestrial ent.i.ties were descending, but Chu Feng was still fearless. He wanted to take the initiative to launch a preemptive strike. He was going to kill them!

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