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Chapter 345: Too Spiritual
Chu Feng himself was quite astonished. He felt warm and comfortable as the so-called dog's blood transformed into a spiritual radiance and seeped into his body through his pores.

Additionally, this aura gradually intensified with time—it first became increasingly scalding and then roasted him like a furnace.

He didn't stop it at first and let the dark light circulate freely. The parts of his body where the light entered felt comfortable, relaxed, and was bathed in a spiritual glow.

But at this moment, the black and white grinding stone in his body began to move. Its speed couldn't be considered fast as it turned while still enveloped in mist.

Within moments, the dark spiritual radiance was crushed and pushed out of his body. The black and white grinding stone was incomparably tyrannical.

"Eh?!" Chu Feng revealed an odd expression. What was the matter? He became immediately cautious.

That was because the black and white grinding stone was able to crush out impurities and retain the essence. It could be considered a wondrous and important object related to his future prospects.

But apparently, it didn't think too highly of this black radiance and drove it out immediately.

Although Chu Feng didn't turn around, he was observing the old Taoist with his divine instinct. He found an expression of mockery flash past the old man's face as if he was watching a show.

Chu Feng was dumbfounded. This old b.a.s.t.a.r.d was indeed harboring ill intentions. This so-called black blood, which he claimed was born from stone, likely wasn't anything good.

It was at this time that the old Taoist's body began to glow with black radiance. The speckled shower of light made him seem even more sage-like. It seemed as if he would soar up to become an immortal any minute.

The old fellow's external appearance was simply too good!

"Oh my, it's my turn!" the old Taoist cried out as he rapidly retrieved a simple wooden stick. His whole body began to glow as he pushed the black radiance towards the small stick.

Chu Feng knew, at a glance, that things weren't looking good. As expected, this old geezer wasn't a good person. This was the actual usage. The Taoist had actually tricked him and made him absorb it into his body.

However, he wasn't frantic at this point because he had the black and white grinding stone in his body.

The old Taoist shouted towards the problem-lady, "Granddaughter, why are you staring foolishly? Start working! This black blood is a spiritual divine item that can be used to nurture weapons after mixing it with one's own blood energy. It'll improve the weapon's spirit sensitivity and might even give birth to divinity. Don't waste it!"

This evil Taoist!

At this moment, even the others wanted to trample him, to speak nothing of Chu Feng. It was clearly used for nurturing weapons, but he had misled everyone.

"Ah, grandfather you're too evil. Why do you have to trick people like this? Will handsome Big Brother Chu Feng be alright? He had absorbed a lot of it into his body!" The rebellious young lady was still quite conscientious and began to scold her grandpa.

"It doesn't matter. After entering the body it can nurture and imbue certain parts of his body with weapon-like properties." The old man laughed mischievously.

He kept on pouring the black radiance into his wooden stick as he spoke, making its spiritual brilliance so vigorous that it almost seemed alive.

At this time, the problem lady's body also began to glow with black specks of light. They were infused with her aura and mixed with her blood energy.

According to the old Taoist, this was the best time.

"Quick, you don't plan to refine your own body as a weapon right? This thing is good but it has side effects!" The old Taoist urged.

"d.a.m.ned Taoist!" Chu Feng cursed. This old evil Taoist actually wanted to harm him.

"Brat, you burned this Taoist grandpa back at Mount Zhijin. This can be considered a lesson for you." The old Taoist let out a strange laugh.

At this time, he urged his granddaughter once again, saying, "Hurry, if you're too slow, the black light will condense in your body and become a problem later on. For instance, you'll start barking like a dog!"

What a fraud!

At this moment, everyone turned pale from fright. The scene became chaotic as everyone frantically searched for a weapon.

That was because the outcome was too terrifying. It would be unimaginable if barking sounds were emitted from their body in the future.

The usually fearless problem lady was now shocked out of her wits. Her face turned pale as she produced a silver bell and pushed the dark blood glow into it.

Everyone was frantic and wanted to curse out loud. This was indeed a fortune but it would result in frightening outcomes if they were a step too late.

Some people stole glances at Chu Feng. Some were sympathetic while others were secretly delighted.

"No worries. Don't be afraid," at this time the old Taoist consoled them, "men shouldn't worry. This item will make your bodies as st.u.r.dy as a weapon and glow with spiritual light. Once you're powerful to a certain extent, you can use your own body as a weapon. So what if there's some noise in the body?"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d Taoist!"

At this moment, someone cried out loudly. That was because he had no weapon on him and the dark radiance was about to condense in his physical body. Thereafter, barking sounds would be emitted from his body. It was a miserable outcome.

Even the usually calm Lin Naoi was acting swiftly. She couldn't stay unperturbed any longer.

Chu Feng was rather calm because he now knew what this thing was. There were mentions of this secret fluid in some of the mottled ancient volumes gifted to him by the corporations. It was indeed born within stone but it wasn't blood as stated by the old Taoist, much less dog's blood!

This was a type of worldly treasure which possessed powerful spirituality. It could make weapons more spirit-sensitive and even nurture divinity within the weapon, granting it sentience.

This mysterious fluid nurtured astonishing spirituality in itself.

After being gestated in stone for 10,000 years, the secret fluid would emit various beast cries. At 100,000 years, its spirituality would become boundlessly frightening and start to emit draconic roars and phoenix cries!

Naturally, it wasn't better the older it got. That was because, past a certain age, the mysterious fluid would start to dry up and completely lose its essence.

Chu Feng wanted to curse

curse out again. He had been tricked!

Entering the body wasn't different from entering a weapon. The part from which it entered would give birth to weapon-like spiritual properties.

Domain researchers dabbled in too many things. Among them, probing under the ground and searching for treasures on famed mountains was also one of their jobs.

Hence, there would often be mentions of such bizarre substances in the notes of domain researchers.

Chu Feng had the black and white grinding stone and thus this substance couldn't invade him. He moved slowly and poured all of the black radiance into the scarlet flying knife.

He didn't reveal his king level energy. For today, he was only an "awakened".

Although the black substance was good, he didn't consider using it on the diamond chakram because he felt it wasn't fitting. It was a substance even the little grinding stone didn't look up to.

He felt it was enough to nurture the flying knife.

"If it was a secret fluid that could emit draconic cries, I can consider using it on the diamond chakram," Chu Feng muttered to himself.

Everyone was frantic at the moment and the old Taoist was no exception. He was currently using the black radiance to refine his "burning staff".

Chu Feng shot the old Taoist a glance. He then proceeded to carve symbols and use magnetic stones to lay down a weapon nurturing domain around himself.

This domain covered the broken bowl and the black liquid which fell to the floor.

Everyone was focused on their own business and had no time to take notice of him. Even the old Taoist was busy nurturing his own weapon with full concentration.

That was because the implications were too great and no one dared to be distracted. A spiritual weapon was too important for an evolved being!

Chu Feng lowered his posture and walked towards the old Taoist to hara.s.s him amiably. Chu Feng's words were cordial as he admitted his previous faults from before and requested the old Taoist to help him deal with the dark radiance.

The old Taoist was too busy and didn't want to be disturbed. He replied without much thought, "It's not important. You're not a woman. What's so bad about your body producing some noise occasionally? On the contrary, your strength will increase. Although this Taoist grandpa isn't very broad-minded, I'm not evil either. I won't cheat you."

"d.a.m.ned old Taoist. Is this called 'not cheating'?" Chu Feng thought in his mind as he pestered the old Taoist without end. He was intentionally hara.s.sing the old man.

In the end, he relaxed his tone even more and, very respectfully, dragged the old Taoist to where the broken bowl was.

"Taoist grandpa, this way, please. There's black blood on the floor that you can use to increase the spirituality of your flaming staff. Take your time with the refinement and turn it into the Golden Cudgel." [1]

"This is a dragon beating staff! Move away!" The old Taoist urgently shooed him away saying he would help him find a way afterwards.

Chu Feng very tactfully withdrew to a certain distance and wandered around the old Taoist. He walked around the place and seemed as if he wanted to say something.

In truth, he wasn't quite at ease. He secretly placed more magnetic

more magnetic stones and symbols into the stones in the vicinity.

Now he had laid down eight types of weapon nurturing arrays!

That was because, according to the notes and isolated volumes, the weapon nurturing array could also nurture people. He was planning to nurture this old Taoist.

"Let's add a catalyst run!" Chu Feng mumbled.

He was afraid the weapon nurturing array would be too slow. He wanted to raise the efficiency and rapidly nurture the old Taoist.

Following which, the whole area became quiet as everyone began to concentrate on nurturing their weapons. No one dared to be distracted.

Chu Feng also calmed down, steadily fiddled with his scarlet flying knife, and began to pour all of the black radiance on his body into the weapon. Not even a speck of it was left behind on his body.

As for the portion that had entered his body, it had been pushed out by the little grinding stone!

Afterwards, he walked a safe distance and began to lay down over ten types of weapon nurturing arrays. He then tossed the flying knife into it.

Half an hour later, the flying knife erupted with spirituality and a red brilliance.

Chu Feng was astonished as the flying knife began to vibrate on its own. It was about to fly up.

He knew that the refinement had been completed and thus walked over to pick it up.

Chu Feng didn't activate the Imperial Sword Technique because the impression he had given everyone was that he had been crippled and was now in the awakened realm.

An odd change came over the flying knife when he used his fingers to pinch it. The blade's body began to flourish with red light and emit waves of dog howls.

Chu Feng was petrified. "I can call this weapon flying dog from now on."

"Ha, ha…"

At this moment, the old Taoist was also laughing loudly. He held onto the wooden staff and danced around in great delight because he had finally succeeded.

"Woof! Woof! Woof!"

Apart from the sound of vibrating air, the staff itself would also emit barking sounds when he brandished the wooden staff.

"This is too spiritual! It might even give birth to its own divinity after nurturing it for a couple of years!"

"Taoist grandpa, it's still a dog even if it gains sentience. That isn't very good, is it?" Chu Feng spoke to the old man to prevent him from leaving the domain.

"What do you know? This kind of thing can evolve and transform continuously. It's like a dog G.o.d in its early stages but might become a dragon G.o.d later on. Ah, I might be able to evolve my weapon if only I could find some golden secret fluid over 100,000 years old. Then it'll start emitting draconic cries."

The old Taoist was greatly self-satisfied. At the same time, he muttered to himself, "It succeeded in such a short time. The effects are extraordinary!"

Chu Feng curved his lips and cursed silently, "I've laid down eight whole domains to nurture you along with the weapon. How could the effects not be good?"

At this time, Chu Feng kept on finding things to say to the old Taoist.

"Ah, G.o.ddammit, how could it be?!" the old Taoist cried loudly. His concentration returned since he was since he was no longer refining his weapon. With his sharp divine instincts, he immediately found something wrong with his body.

"F*ck…" the old Taoist cursed.

That was because his body was emitting rhythm black lights which had begun forming certain patterns on his body.

The so-called weapon nurturing domain had silently imprinted the black blood onto his body and was nurturing them into a weapon.

The old Taoist went pale with fright. He concentrated his spirit and circulated his energy in order to block everything.

"I'm so angry!" he roared in fury.

That was because the substance had to be pushed out of the body within a certain period after it infected the body. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to eliminate.

The old Taoist was utterly discomfited because he couldn't remove the black radiance.

He utilized secret techniques, trying wanted to find a solution. He was trying his best to expel it.

In the end, he saw some results. Most of the patterns dimmed and some even collapsed. But they were still present in some parts where they had been imprinted.

For instance, the area on his b.u.t.t which was once burnt by the flames of extreme yin and flames of extreme yang, was now a disaster area.

"Taoist grandpa, many places on your body are releasing black light, you're simply too spiritual!" Chu Feng spoke with some schadenfreude.

The old Taoist was anxious. He had exhausted all his options, but in the end, his b.u.t.t began to glow rapidly and the sound of barking dogs was transmitted from it.

"Oh sh*t!" The old Taoist's face had almost turned green. The "spirituality" in that place certainly couldn't be erased!

"Awesome, you refined a vital place into a weapon! Oh wait, that place should have pretty thick skin," said Chu Feng.

"Oh Immeasurable Celestial, this Taoist is absolutely enraged!" The old Taoist had gone mad. He finally sat down cross-legged and attempted to use certain forbidden secret arts.

However, he knew his chances weren't too good. Some parts of his body were bound to be imprinted with the radiance of spirituality!

"Leave quickly!" Chu Feng whispered to the old grandmaster.

The old grandmaster was calm all this time because he hadn't fought for the black liquid since the beginning.

"Leave the Pilgrimage Grounds?" the old grandmaster asked.

"Let's take this opportunity to see if we can catch that young divine beast," said Chu Feng.

At the same time, he was prepared to escape because once the old Taoist calmed down and accepted his fate, he would probably discover the weapon nurturing domains around him. At that time, he would likely fight it out with Chu Feng.

Chu Feng swiftly rushed off, taking advantage of the period the old Taoist was meditating cross-legged. He brought out the flying knife to test it out after entering the glowing forest of thorns.

"Woof, woof, woof…"

The barking sound was extremely loud as the flying knife flew at lightning speeds. It almost felt as if it was about to bite people!

Chu Feng was dumbfounded to find that the might of the weapon had increased explosively. It was absolutely terrifying! However, it was too strange. It sounded like a puppy that was about to bite people!

[1] Sun Wukong's Staff: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruyi_Jingu_Bang

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