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Smashing down from above was a giant bowl so big that one could bathe in it.

Everyone was petrified. This was a huge stone bowl filled with what seemed like black dog's blood. The jet black fluid within was about to spill out during its descent.

Earlier, the fast reacting group had wanted to rush up to s.n.a.t.c.h it. However, after seeing the situation, all of them scattered like a swarm of bees.

"Carry me away!" Chu Feng let out an odd cry.

At this time, he actually became immobile. This was something drawn over by the little grinding stone in his body, and as such, there was a certain attractive force between the two items which mysteriously immobilized him.

The group of people was sorely lacking in loyalty. Not to mention those from the corporations, even the rebellious girl who was calling him handsome big brother had escaped without a trace. All of them ran away as if they were evading snakes and scorpions. None of them wanted to come into contact with the falling object.

That was because the scene was too shocking—a dog's cry was actually heard from the stone bowl and the jet black fluid within it was too terrifying.

The dark dog's blood splashed out during its descent and turned into black smoke mid-air.

The old grandmaster wanted to take action but he was simply too far away. Earlier on, he was waiting at the exit to prevent the young divine beast from escaping.

Hence, he was the last to arrive and couldn't get near Chu Feng.

It was such large bowl of black dog's blood and even emitting barking sounds. This was too bizarre. No one was willing to touch it.


At the critical moment, Lin Naoi took action. She was standing quite far, so she threw a stone which struck the bowl with great accuracy.

With a clang, the bowl shook slightly but the impact didn't change its direction. It kept on falling straight down towards Chu Feng.

The lingering howl of dogs was being emitted from the opening as black blood splashed about. It was truly too bizarre.

Chu Feng cried out in misery, "What suffering!"

The black and white grinding stone in his body had set its sights on this large bowl. The attraction between the two drew the bowl rapidly towards Chu Feng who had no way to avoid it.

It was at this time that he secretly activated his spiritual energy. He wanted to move the giant bowl to one side but ultimately failed.

Just what kind of bowl was this? Even his extraordinary power was rendered ineffective.

With a pfft, the giant bowl smashed onto Chu Feng. He saw golden stars as the black blood splashed and drenched him from head to toe. Dog howls rang out continuously from the area.

How bizarre. Were there demons here?

Chu Feng wanted to curse out loud at his bad luck. He was actually unable to evade and was literally drenched in dog blood. This was simply too unfortunate.

The area splashed by the dog blood was suffused with black mist. It was as if a black dog was wandering about howling incessantly.

Chu Feng felt odd because the large bowl immediately shattered after striking him. After which, a certain mysterious item drilled into his body.

Very soon, he was shaken after realizing what it was.

Black substance!

The grinding stone in his body was made of the same material. This was like divine medicine for evolved beings at the golden Bodhisattva level. The benefits were simply too great.

However, this was a poisonous drug to lower ranking evolved beings.

This rare substance was usually hidden in the uninhabited corners of the cosmos and it was difficult, even for demonic sages, to find them.

At the same time, these things were usually enveloped in stone skin and couldn't be seen through.

This large stone bowl was made of special stone skin which contained the dark substance within. Now that it was shattered, the special material oozed out and drilled right into Chu Feng's body.

Chu Feng finally understood what the black and white grinding stone was drawing out. It seemed a resonance had occurred between the two. There was even a feeling of hunger.

They were made of the same material!

The dark blood fumed as a great dog howled continuously.

No one noticed the dense substance appear from the stone bowl and enter Chu Feng's body like cloud and smoke.

The others only noticed the chaotic scene—the black blood fumed continuously and produced rolling black mist while, at the same time, emitting odd barking sounds.

"Handsome Big Brother, are you okay? You were simply too unfortunate. This is a cla.s.sic case of being soaked in dog's blood!" The rebellious girl blinked her large moist eyes with a sympathetic expression.

However, she hadn't gone to Chu Feng's rescue and instead escaped faster than anyone just now. She simply couldn't stand the black liquid and ran far away from it.

Chu Feng disguised the shock in his heart and was currently looking rather grieved and indignant. He had never expected the dense black substance to extend and enter his body.

But to the current him, this was no longer a fatal drug but had become a supplement instead.

That was because the black and white grinding stone was rotating rapidly as it absorbed this substance with all its might.

He realized that the substance forming the grinding stone within his body couldn't be considered abundant. But now, it was quite sufficient.

In truth, it would be abnormally difficult if he wanted to search for this substance. He might not necessarily be able to find it even after walking throughout the celestial realms. But it was right there on the altar as a sacrificial offering.

Although he was soaked in black blood, Chu Feng was secretly overjoyed.

To the small grinding stone, this substance was like a powerful supplement.

Chu Feng began to understand why the black and white grinding stone didn't move much after taking form and was instead being nurtured in a membrane. It was probably lacking in nourishment.

Right now, the problem had been solved perfectly!

He used his internal vision at this moment and noticed that half of the dark substance had been transformed into the silver substance. This was extremely astonishing.

One had to know that, according to Yellow Ox, this kind of transformation was virtually impossible. It was simply too rare. Even in the strongest ten celestial realms, there were only legends regarding this.

But now, he was easily able to transform black material into silver with the small grinding stone.

In the end, the dark substance was completely absorbed by the small grinding stone like mist and transformed into black and white colors. It had apparently been condensed to the extreme.

One had to know that this thing used to lie in a state between material and energy, but now it had completely materialized!

At this point, Chu Feng was so content that he wanted to burp.

The black and white grinding stone once again became hazy as it was enveloped by a layer of mist akin to immortal qi.

Chu Feng knew that the grinding stone had obtained sufficient nourishment. It would likely reach a new level and come into being very soon.

He stopped his internal vision and focused on his external appearance. He was in a truly… miserable and sorry state. His whole body was drenched in black blood. There wasn't a single part of his body that wasn't wet.

Others saw him standing there without the slightest movement and thought he had been smashed silly.

"Brother Chu, are you alright?" someone asked.

People such as Jiang Luoshen, the old grandmaster, and Lin Naoi came over. They could only watch, absolutely dumbfounded.

"Of course I'm alright! Blessings fell from the sky, bathing me in dragon's blood. You lot don't understand. This is a great blessing!" Chu Feng uttered a string of nonsense with a serious expression.

Everyone was flabbergasted. Dragon blood my a*s! It was obviously black dog's blood. There were even bizarre howling sounds just now.

However, someone cried out oddly at this time. It was the old Taoist. With an excited expression, he dragged his granddaughter forwards and towards Chu Feng.

"Those who see are ent.i.tled to a share. Give me some black blood!" he actually shouted out loud as he arrived before Chu Feng and wiped some of it from Chu Feng's body.

The problem lady turned pale. She cried out and began to struggle furiously in an attempt to escape.

"Ah, save me! d.a.m.ned old man, let me go. How disgusting!"

"You don't know anything. This is 10,000-year-old black blood. It's extremely valuable and grants great benefits. How else would it be used as a sacrificial offering?" The old Taoist didn't loosen his grip on the girl and instead, wiped the blood all over her tender little face.

"Ah!" the problem girl cried out in misery. She suddenly had the urge to bite someone.

What situation was this?

Everyone was dumbfounded and wore weird expressions.

"This isn't real dog's blood, but blood gestated from stone. Those which had been born less than 10,000 years ago will emit animal cries such as dog, cats, leopards, while those above 10,000 years will emit draconic cries. You lot won't understand even if I explain!"

The old Taoist moved swiftly while speaking. He absorbed the black blood from Chu Feng's drenched clothes and rubbed it all over himself. He also rubbed it on the problem lady.

Everyone was stunned because it was simply too bizarre. Was it all true? But looking at the old Taoist, he didn't seem like someone who would lie. There was no reason to for him to make himself so disgusting.

After all, he had smeared so much on his own body.

Everyone watched on silently. Only the Taoist's granddaughter was screaming, kicking and biting. She had no intention to cooperate at all.

"Could it really be that kind of blood?!" At this moment, the half-burnt old woman revealed an odd expression and rushed out to seize the blood.

At the same time, she gestured towards Lin Naoi to follow suit.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

A large batch of people rushed over. They stopped hesitating since even the outer realm experts were taking action.

"You perverts!" Chu Feng shouted.

He was already quite miserable but now he was being felt up by everyone.

"No need to use so much. It's sufficient to just catch a little bit of its aura. It's no use even if you use a lot," the old Taoist reminded everyone kindly and walked out of the crowd with his granddaughter in tow.

"I don't want to live anymore. d.a.m.ned geezer, you're too evil. Although I like that handsome Big Brother Chu, I don't want to be stained in the black dog's blood on his body." The problem lady complained mournfully.

Chu Feng really felt puzzled. He was being fought over by everyone. Even some old geezers had come.

"Old monk, you're already over 100 years old. Don't touch me in weird places!" Chu Feng cried out oddly.

At the same time, he glared at some female kings and said, "You lot be a bit more reserved!"

After the commotion calmed down, everyone had rubbed some black blood on themselves. Even Lin Naoi and Jiang Luoshen were no exception. There were no small number of black marks on their fair faces.

"Old Taoist, you aren't tricking us, are you?!"

In the end, everyone suddenly became alert. This was simply too odd.

"Don't rush, there will be changes very soon. This old Taoist's reminder will grant you a certain fortune. But it'll depend on your own luck whether you're fated to accept it."

Suddenly, Chu Feng detected some initial changes.

He began to glow with a black radiance and his physical body became translucent. The black light enshrouding him made the surface of his body extremely limpid.

Everyone was shocked. The really was a change!

What was going on? Everyone gazed at Chu Feng in shock. The specks of light on his body, if not for its black color, would've been quite resplendent, making him appear like a levitating immortal.

Not to mention his body, even his hair was in the same state. A thin layer of light had completely enveloped him.

The people looked on in astonishment and wanted to see just what kind of changes would occur.

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