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Chapter 325: A Gathering of Heroes
Lake Xuanwu, Jiangning. To its east was Mount Jing and to its west was the Ming City Wall.

The largest royal gardens of ancient China was also called the Mulberry Lake or the Empress Lake. It was a cultural heritage with a long history that could be traced back to the pre-Qin era.

Ouyang Xiu once praised, "Nanjing isn't more beautiful than Empress Lake. Qiantang River isn't more beautiful than the West Lake."

The Empress Lake, at present, was as luminous as jade with strands of auspicious purple mists rising into the air and suffused with astonishing energy fluctuations.

Chu Feng and the old grandmaster approached the lake and sensed the dense vitality. There were golden carps leaping out from the lake from time to time. They were several meters long and sparkling with multicolored lights.

"This way, please!" There were agents guarding this place. The man looked at their invitations and revealed a surprised expression. However, he disguised it aptly and only took charge of leading the way.

That was because they had been warned not to make a fuss whoever they met. One had to know that there were numerous famous people and experts coming here.

"Eh? Why do I feel that man looks rather familiar?" Someone saw the figure of Chu Feng's back and revealed an odd expression, staring fixedly at the latter.

However, Chu Feng didn't turn back and only walked onwards with the old grandmaster.

The ice and snow had melted and the whole world had evolved rapidly. The vicinity of this lake was completely different from before. Presently, it was not inferior to the famed mountains—there were wonderous gra.s.ses and mutant trees growing on its banks. The fragrance rushed at one's nostrils.

Many corporations such as Bodhi Biogenetics and Deity Biomedicals gained ownership of this area and lined the place with gardens and villa districts.

"Impossible, who did I just see? That man looks just like Chu Feng!" Someone stared at the figure near the lake.

Chu Feng had disappeared from public eyes for three months. The people had shifted their attention to the newly rising tyrants since no one had heard any news about him for a long time. Now that he had suddenly returned, many people were fairly surprised.

"This isn't ordinary news. Are you sure it's him?"

"Looks a bit like him!"

The group of people went over excitedly but was blocked by the crowd and couldn't get any closer.

Suddenly, great movement was seen in the distance. Flames were surging in the sky as a fierce

red bird that looked like the legendary vermilion bird descended amidst a spray of scarlet flames.

Doubtlessly, this was a king level ent.i.ty. It was extremely strong and exuded a terrifying aura which intimidated the many evolved beings who approached it.

"Which great demon is this? What a strong aura!" Some people were shocked.

The red mutant bird was over 150 meters long and kicked up a whirlwind after it landed. It was surging with red radiance and overflowing with dense energy which swept through the area like a tidal wave.

The group that had their eyes on Chu Feng was similarly attracted by the scene.

"Ah, it's only a mount!?" The people were moved. One had to know that this vicious beast was an expert with at least five severed shackles.

There was a palace upon the bird's back being used as a temporary residence from which a few people walked out and jumped down onto the ground.

The leader was a young man wearing a violet shirt. His hair was hanging below his ears and onto his shoulders. This person appeared quite elegant and his eyes were very bright.

He wasn't very old and seemed at most 25 or 26 years old. Smiling gently, his whole person exuded an inexplicable energy.

Despite smiling amiably, everyone felt a certain hidden sharpness from him—this was no ordinary person.

"The young grandmaster of the Baji School, Gao Yuan!"

The arrival of the young Baji grandmaster caused no small commotion. This was a new evolved being who had trained in the Baji Fist to the realm of perfection.

It was rumored that he had picked eight lightning fruits on Mount Zhongnan which pushed him towards becoming a top-grade expert.

Additionally, his fist techniques became infused with the lightning attribute and became almost indefensible. It was also rumored that his first arts had already formed an ability.

"Those from the Baji School are indeed powerful. They could even use a ferocious bird with five severed shackles as a mount. How imposing!" some people whispered with envy and apprehension.

"I wonder if the old grandmaster has come." Some people glanced at the palace on the red bird's back.

Everyone knew that the Baji School's rise was simply too rapid. Apart from this young top-grade expert, Gao Yuan, there was also a 100-year-old grandmaster whose techniques were near-divine!

Many people came to welcome Gao Yuan as he walked forth. People didn't dare to neglect such an honored guest. All of them were wearing smiles.

Before long, a super racing car

car rolled in and stopped there with a rumble. It was extremely streamlined with bright glossy colors—one could tell at a glance it belonged to a lady.

Many people had come today and some of them were famous people. There were naturally various kinds of eye-catching vehicles. The people were already somewhat used to it.

However, this person drew away everyone's attention after she got down from the car.

"Jiang Luoshen!" someone shouted.

After several months, Jiang Luoshen had grown even more beautiful—her eyes were like black gems. Her charming hair fell loosely behind her while her countenance was l.u.s.trous and perfect. One simply couldn't find a single blemish.

Her superb figure was accentuated by the undulating lines of her curvatures. A pair of long legs stepped down from the car and incited a peculiarity in many eyes. They almost seemed to be burning.

"Reportedly, this national G.o.ddess has become a king level ent.i.ty on Mount Putuo," some people whispered.

The whole world had evolved, changing many things and many people. Some experts grew stronger, some took the opportunity to make swift progress. Jiang Luoshen wasn't weak to begin with. Add to that the support of a corporation behind her back, it would be impossible not to improve.

Her charm only grew stronger after becoming a king. Her flowing eyes, her bright red lips—her every move exuded a sense of beauty which bewildered the heart.

Jiang Luoshen walked proudly and elegantly, asking her guide with a smile if Lin Naoi had already arrived. This clearly showed some signs of silent compet.i.tion.

Bodhi Biogenetics and Deity Biomedicals had always been compet.i.tors while the two ladies were also G.o.ddess-grade characters. Although their relationship appeared harmonious, there were no small amount of comparisons being drawn.


Strong winds screamed in the air as a silver figure circled in the sky before landing. It was actually a western dragon. Its whole body was snowy white and l.u.s.trous, exuding a divine aura.

"Silver Dragon Recura!"

Many people let out surprised cries. This silver dragon, one of the recent top-grade experts, was simply too famous in the West. His strength was absolutely terrifying and he reportedly possessed a divine bloodline.

He landed on the ground and transformed into a young silver-haired man. With his charming smile, one had to admit this handsome man did have the temperament of a western dragon.

Even the Western experts had arrived. This showed that all parties treated this meeting quite seriously.

"Nice to meet you, Benefactor Recura. Who would've thought we'd arrive at the same time."


In the distance, a man riding a white elephant had arrived. He was a monk with short hair and draped in a monastic robe. He looked less than 30 years old and although he appeared fairly tranquil, there was boiling blood energy contained within his body.

"The senior monk from India!" Some people recognized him.

Both Recura and this young monk could both speak the Eastern language quite fluently. After landing, they walked away laughing together.

It could be said that experts were appearing with increasing frequency. Many famous figures had arrived.

Moments later, a silver flying vehicle flew over at supersonic speed. Only after it landed on the gra.s.s did the sound of an explosion arrive through the air. This attracted the attention of many people.

"A flying saucer?"

The group of people stared fixedly at the flying machine with wide eyes. They were incomparably astonished.

At this time, a number of people emerged from the flying machine—a dazzling blue-haired beauty with a l.u.s.trous horn on her head and a certain transcendent temperament. There were others like marine humans, bronze scaled sea monkeys, etc. All of them were experts emanating intimidating energy fluctuations.

"The dragoness. It's a group of marine race experts!"

Many people were nervous.

After the snow melted, the earth and sky changed rapidly, causing Xuanwu lake to expand by over ten times.

At the end of the gra.s.slands, a narrow strip of green land pierced into the Xuanwu lake like a bridge connecting the wide island within the lake with the surrounding land.

Chu Feng and the old grandmaster had already reached the island. Many people had already arrived here beforehand. The gardens and villa areas were full of people. There, they met a few familiar faces.

"Heavens, who's that man? Is it Chu Feng?!"

After arriving on the island, Chu Feng attracted the attention of many people who immediately discovered him.

Some people from the surrounding areas turned to look with surprised expressions.

Some distance away from Chu Feng, Xu Wanyi was shocked out of her wits. The wine gla.s.s in her hand almost dropped to the ground. Her face was pale as she lightly placed her hands on her chest.

Back then, Chu Feng had killed her sister Xu Wanqing and the young master of the Mu Family. She hated him for it and continuously sought revenge. In the end, Chu Feng rose rapidly and almost shocked her to death when he arrived at Deity Biomedicals.

Although it was rumored that Chu Feng had been crippled and he crippled and he had already disappeared for three months, Xu Wanyi was still restless after seeing him again.

Fortunately, Chu Feng only shot her a glance and proceeded to ignore her.

"Greetings Brother Chu, I've long since heard of your fame. It's such a pleasant surprise to meet you here today." The first to walk over was a white-robed young man. He was extremely scholarly and refined like jade. He could be counted as a peerlessly handsome man.

Chu Feng was astonished because he had come into contact with this young man before and it left a deep impression on him. That was because it was from him that Chu Feng had stolen the Xingyi Fist Manual.

This was Xu Qing, the supreme genius of the Xingyi School. At such a young age, he had already become a true grandmaster and was a top grade king level expert with six severed shackles.

He introduced himself with a gentle expression and no noticeable hostility.

Chu Feng, however, was cautious in his heart because this man was a dangerous character. He had always been scheming in the dark, cautiously and meticulously. His strength was also astonishing.

Chu Feng had used the Xingyi True Forms before in battle but most of them had been killed by him. Only a few marine race members had escaped.

It was unknown whether Xu Qing was in contact with those marine race members. If he had access to inside information, he would likely not treat Chu Feng amiably.

However, the present Xu Qing was friendly and possessed an outstanding temperament. He was smiling as he chatted with Chu Feng. The atmosphere between them was quite harmonious.

"In truth, I didn't have any relationship with Brother Chu in the past and even held some ill will towards you. However, so many things happened and I learned that the divine children and fairies from the outer realms would descend at any time. This made me feel that I was too unbearable in the past. Now after meeting Brother Chu, I feel sorry to have not meet you earlier."

Xu Qing spoke frankly and was quite humble. Chu Feng naturally followed along and the two chatted agreeably.

At this time, the young grandmaster of the Baji School, Gao Yuan, arrived, and after entering the island, he happened to see Chu Feng and Xu Qing in the distance.

"Oh, you're Chu Feng? Interesting, you actually showed up today." Gao Yuan wore his hair to the shoulders and possessed shining eyes. He arrived in the company of a few people.

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