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The forest nearby was blown apart!

Chu Feng almost flew through the air, crossing 1500 meters before landing with the momentum of a landslide. The rocks and giant trees on the ground—everything he so much as brushed past—burst into pieces. The debris formed a gigantic wave of earth and rocks which flew in all directions!

This didn't feel like a tall and delicate looking young man—it was as if an incoming missile had flattened the whole area.

The most important thing was that his speed was simply too fast and his physique was too st.u.r.dy.

Chu Feng arrived with extreme speed after seeing the black yak's miserable state.

In the distance, blood was flowing out all of the black yak's orifices. His Buddhist staff had been knocked out of his hands. He had used up all his strength to deliver a powerful blow which severely wounded one of the marine race experts, but immediately afterwards his body was drained of all energy. He could do nothing against the other expert who charged at him with a furious roar.

The black yak's current situation was miserable. One of his horns was broken and there were blood wounds all over his body.

The black yak was shaken after seeing Chu Feng's sudden arrival. He revealed a delighted smile since he had never expected Chu Feng would actually rush over to this area.

Originally, he had thought disaster was inevitable and that he would die here.

At this time, half of that marine race expert's body was destroyed. He was struck by the energy from the Buddhist staff and was completely helpless against it.

He would probably be a meat paste by now had he not shifted sideways at a critical juncture.

"F*ck!" The marine race expert's hair was disheveled. He was determined to claim this Buddhist Staff and had already slapped the black yak away single-handedly.

In truth, all the eyes of all the other marine race experts had already turned red. They were focused on this side of the battlefield in order to get their hands on this great killer weapon.

"Scram!" Chu Feng roared loudly after he landed and made his move immediately.

However, the wounded marine race expert was extremely decisive. He immediately rushed forth in an attempt to grab the staff.

The black yak's expression changed. He was completely exhausted and was lying on the ground bleeding. He was dissatisfied because it would be a great injustice to lose the staff even after Chu Feng had arrived.

The staff wasn't too far from the black yak but he couldn't move.

As expected, the marine race expert rushed over and not only moved to grab the staff but also launched an attack at the black yak to kill him off completely.


A scarlet light flashed as Chu Feng utilized his spiritual arts to shoot the bright red flying knife towards the marine race expert and obstruct him.

This marine race expert was extraordinary even though he had lost half his body. He moved swiftly sideways and abandoned the notion of killing the black yak.

But the hand moving towards the staff didn't change and was determined to obtain it.


Chu Feng's flying knife arrived with exceptional speed and split his arm open in a gush of blood. It had almost cut off the entire arm.

In truth, if the expert hadn't reacted rapidly, the knife would've cut off his head.

"You're courting death!"

This expert turned around and was now more vigilant towards the knife flying through the air. He knew he had to kill this dangerous human first or else he wouldn't have the chance to pick up the killer weapon.

"You wouldn't happen to be that Chu Feng, would you?" he inquired.

The other marine race experts all stopped and split off towards the four directions. They had cut off Chu Feng's paths of retreat while the seahawk covered the skies.

The seahawk screamed from the air, "So it is you! The southern sea Elder Dragon King has issued a command. Anyone who brings him your head will be awarded a molting fruit! It seems we're quite lucky today!"

"Oh? How unexpected! The one who killed Hei Teng actually doesn't have three heads and six arms. Tsk, tsk… you do have some skill but rushing here without due consideration is quite suicidal, don't you think?" The seagull also laughed.

"Stop wasting words. Let's kill him first!" the wounded marine race expert shouted. He was apprehensive because he had already tasted Chu Feng's flying knife and understood his strength. He was also the closest to Chu Feng at the moment and was worried he would be attacked.

"Ha, selling a favor to the southern sea Elder Dragon and even gaining a molting fruit out if it, this is a good deal!" The other marine race experts laughed.

At this moment, the four experts rushed in. Some dived down from the sky while others attacked from the front and back.

"Careful!" the White Crane of Mount Shu Sword Palace reminded. He had been gravely wounded and lost the ability to fight. Even his flying blade lay dimly at one side.

Apart from the two who were busy attacking the White Snake, the remaining four surged with killing intent and attacked violently.


Chu Feng was cold and indifferent as he made a violent move. He brought out the black spear from the spatial bottle and pierced towards the weakened marine race expert amidst a burst of black light.

"The Tiger Whale King's weapon!"

Everyone was astonished at this moment and became alert. The Tiger Whale King's fate didn't need to be explained if even his weapon had changed owners.


The wounded expert produced a sharp broadsword and proceeded to clash against the black spear, sending sparks flying in all directions.

He was still smiling coldly at first. The other three experts would arrive to kill Chu Feng if only he could block this one strike.

However, he was shocked to find that the sword in his hand was immediately broken by a powerful force which numbed his now bleeding hands.


He hastily retreated!

Chu Feng pressed on, evading the other experts' attacks and releasing a peerless energy fluctuation. His whole body was like a blinding sun as he pursued the wounded marine race expert.

He possessed extreme speed and almost seemed as if he was flashing through the battlefield. The spear in his hand was being used as a staff at this time. He raised it with both hands and smashed down towards the enemy.


That marine race expert tried to block the attack with the broken sword in his hands but the weapon was duly shattered.

Additionally, the black spear, no, the black staff smashed down upon him like a bolt of dark lightning that couldn't be blocked.



Blood spurted out in all directions, and within the blink of an eye, the marine race expert's body was completely broken apart and shattered—half the body had completely disappeared.

The scene was somewhat terrifying!

A marine race expert with six severed shackles had fallen immediately.


Chu Feng pierced through one more time and injected his energy into the dying expert's body, causing it to explode into pieces!

Everyone was shaken because all of this happened so quickly. How did an expert with six severed shackles suddenly disappear from this world?

"What a great kill!" the black yak called out. He was extremely excited because he had felt stifled all this time from hiding here and there. Now he was able to let out a sigh of satisfaction.

The seahawk and seagull in the sky as well as the remaining expert on the ground all became tense. They felt they had underestimated this human. This was too unusual!

Could he be on par with the Sea G.o.d Tiger!? He was simply too powerful!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Beams of energy shot forth. Although the three great experts were somewhat apprehensive, they didn't stop their attacks and were prepared to kill Chu Feng.

Dark lights flashed as Chu Feng pierced the spear into the ground and retrieved a snow white saber from within the spatial bottle. He used this weapon to block the incoming attacks, surging with killing intent.

Chu Feng wanted to try out which weapon suited him best.

"The White Shark King's weapon!" This time, the enemy forces were all shocked. They felt chilled and terrified.

That was because the White Shark King was a top level king. He was much more powerful than the usual experts with six severed shackles and even peerless existences like the Sea G.o.d Tiger would attach some value to him.


The Seahawk was first to shoot towards the sky in fear. He dared not attack head on and decided to retreat temporarily.

"You…" The Seagull King was astonished. His attack naturally weakened due to the distraction.

"Where have your courage gone?!" The marine race expert on the ground was furious. Did they expect him to fight alone?

The bright saber was glowing with light and overflowing with murderous intent.

This marine race expert had been struck with the Buddhist staff before but wasn't as badly wounded as the other one. Therefore, his attacks weren't weak at all.

They clashed furiously and shattered the whole mountainous woods!

So much that a couple of nearby mountain peaks had been cut in half by Chu Feng's sword intent. The marine race expert's body was full of blood and wounds.

He had persevered for ten moves and had already reached his limit.


The Seahawk King spat out sword lights from its mouth.

The Seagull King also opened its wings and shot out hundreds of feathers which charged towards Chu Feng.


The pensive toll rang out as a large golden bell took form around Chu Feng. It was too difficult to damage him from afar.

In addition, the two birds in the sky dived down; one towards the black yak and the other towards the White Crane of Mount Shu, hoping to capture them.

The Seagull King who was charging towards the black yak encountered Chu Feng's flying knife and was immediately obstructed. Its feather projectiles were also ground apart by the blade intent.


It was at this time that Chu Feng erupted with blood energy as vast as the oceans. Energy overflowed from all of his pores and illuminated his whole body.

The saber within his hand turned into a silver stream which smashed down at the b.l.o.o.d.y and struggling marine race expert before him.

This was a strike at full force delivered at lightning speed. The opponent didn't even get the chance to evade and could only defend against it.


The brilliant sword light split apart the weapon in the other party's hand and split the expert into two halves. Blood rained down as the two halves fell in different directions.

Chu Feng raised his blade and rushed through the two different halves of the dead expert towards the White Crane in order to rescue him.

The White Crane of the Mount Shu Sword Palace would have never fallen to such a state if he hadn't already been wounded by a killer weapon. He was, after all, a true peerless expert, a master of the Imperial Sword Technique.


He saw the White Crane forcefully move his flying knife to block the Seahawk's attack at the most critical juncture.

This was sufficient to stall for time. Chu Feng had already arrived and the dazzling blade in his hand was already hacking towards the Seahawk King.

The Seahawk let out a long cry and spread his wings. He rushed towards the sky and didn't dare to fight Chu Feng head on. However, the blade light still managed to touch him, resulting in a gush of fresh blood.

Its abdomen was wounded and was almost split open!

"Chu Feng, just you wait!"

The Seahawk cried out in fury. It had decided not to fight against Chu Feng and already dodged Chu Feng's blade radiance but was still wounded in the end.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Blade lights burst out as Chu Feng turned and rushed towards the Seagull. The flying knife was hacking away at the Seagull King and had it pinned down and suppressed. The latter was unable to fly into the sky.

The black yak was dripping cold sweat. Just now, the Seagull King had almost torn him apart. It was fortunate that Chu Feng's Imperial Sword Technique was extremely powerful and his spiritual art was peerless.

The Seagull King attacked with all its might and wanted to escape.

However, sword light formed a whirlwind as Chu Feng leapt into the air and hacked at it ferociously. The beams of white sword radiance were light bolts of white lightning, terrifying and unstoppable.

At this time, Chu Feng used his spiritual energy to move his body and suspend himself in midair in a battle against the Seagull King. At the same time, he used the flying knife to suppress the latter, effectively preventing it from escaping.

After a dozen exchanges, Chu Feng hacked towards the enemy and split it cleanly into two halves which fell to the ground accompanied by miserable screams.

"You dare!"

At this time, the black yak cried out. He was both furious and afraid.

That was because the Seahawk King had actually circled back, and from atop a nearby mountain, it was bombarding the area around the valley with feather projectiles. A dense rain of energy beams showered down.

Not to mention the valley, even the mountain above was cracked open and began to collapse downwards and was about to bury the ravine beneath.

The Seahawk King didn't escape because he had discovered Yellow Ox sitting cross-legged within the ravine and wanted to kill him. The Seahawk understood that this group of people had a good relationship with Chu Feng.

"Seahawk you're courting death!" Chu Feng loudly roared.

He had long since sensed where Yellow Ox was and had sent the Donkey King over. But even so, he was quite worried.

After killing the Seagull King and alleviating the black yak's peril, Chu Feng rushed towards the ravine and retrieved his black spear.

Within the valley, the Donkey King was standing with a spatial bottle in hand.

Chu Feng had secretly tossed it to him after taking out the spear. At this moment, the Donkey King had drawn Yellow Ox along with the stone he was sitting on into the spatial bottle.

He didn't dare to touch Yellow Ox's body, afraid that it would interfere with his breakthrough. He could only move the latter whole.

Following which, the Donkey King and the wounded Golden Condor King dodged left and right within the ravine to avoid the shower of energy beams.

At this time, the sides of the valley collapsed like a broken floodgate and gradually drowned the whole area.


Chu Feng pulled out the black spear from the ground and threw it out with all his might. The weapon turned into a black bolt of lightning which rushed towards the distant sky.

The Seahawk evaded to the best of his abilities but one of its wings was still pierced through and half of it was blasted apart. The immense pain was difficult to endure and it couldn't help but let out a long cry as it flapped its wings, hoping to escape into the distance.


Chu Feng angrily roared and chased after it swiftly, unwilling to let the enemy go. This bird king had already escaped but actually dared to turn back to harm Yellow Ox. This caused his fury to burn wildly.

Chu Feng's body seemed to be flickering with flames. His speed was extremely fast as he rushed upwards along a gigantic mountain and leapt off its peak to reach the Seahawk King.

The Seahawk spread its wings and flew towards the firmament. A chill permeated its heart and it was frightened out of its wits. It had never seen someone so fast—Chu Feng had actually caught up to him.

"Come down, you!"

Chu Feng loudly shouted. The flying knife shot out towards the skies and through the Seahawk King's body with a pfft. The bird fell down with a mournful cry.

At the same time, Chu Feng had also reached the peak of his jump and was about to fall down.

He swung the saber violently amidst an eruption of bright lights!


Finally, the Seahawk King miserably cried and was cut apart by Chu Feng's blade. Its body was severed and fell amidst a shower of blood.

The two marine race experts who were fighting against the White Snake personally witnessed the battle just now and were absolutely terrified, especially after seeing Chu Feng charge into the sky like a demonic G.o.d and finally destroying the Seahawk King. Both of them became pale and turned to run without another word.

This human was actually so terrifying! In their minds, only a heavenly valiant like the Sea G.o.d Tiger would possess such methods.

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