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News of Chu Feng defeating the Black Dragon Crown Prince shook the entire world.

This was the first real showdown between the experts of the continent and those of the marine race.

Since the great upheaval, the ocean had always been a difficult region to step into. It was difficult to imagine what kind of fortunes had appeared in the ocean or how terrifying their experts were.

And as such, the battle attracted the attention of many major powers. All parties were observing intently and a.n.a.lyzing the battle. The effect of this battle was quite significant!

As for the normal civilians, they were exceptionally shaken to see that Chu Feng had actually beaten an expert with six severed shackles. This caused huge waves among the people.

"As expected of Immortal Chu—is he trying to break through the firmament? He had just killed Schiller not so long ago and now he nearly slaughtered a flood dragon?!"

Many people who already favored Chu Feng felt excited after hearing this news.

"d.a.m.n, it's really a flood dragon! It’s even grown a horn. Chu Feng had just beaten a mythological creature. How heaven-defying!"

Many people saw the clear images of Hei Teng, with his gigantic black body, smashing off a mountaintop. It invoked feelings of shock, awe, and apprehension.

Such a large and powerful flood dragon, in its coiled state, looked like a small mountain.

Chu Feng had caused quite a stir when he killed Schiller some time ago, but Lu Tong from the Hollow Jade Temple helped to cover it up by announcing that it was due to the combined efforts of people like the Manchurian Tiger and the Undead Phoenix.

But this time, Chu Feng had single-handedly defeated a flood dragon. This jaw-dropping incident caused a huge quake.

Although there were people saying that Hei Teng had already been wounded before the battle, these voices were drowned out in the general commotion.

"Boss you are so overpowered!" The clairvoyant Du Huaijin, the clairaudient Ouyang Qing and Ye Qingrou were all flabbergasted after hearing the news.

"Has this grandpa eaten some sort of immortal medicine? He had almost slaughtered a tyrant from the sea. He’s on a trend to transcendence!" Xiong Kun and Hu Sheng’s group were also shocked.

White Tiger and Lu Shiyun were also rendered speechless. They could hardly believe Chu Feng had stirred up such a big commotion not long after they had parted ways.

"Sister, although this brother-in-law is somewhat lacking in morals and rather unfaithful, his strength and valor are undeniable," White Tiger commented.

"Brother, are you looking for a beating? Stop spouting nonsense without understanding the situation!" Lu Shiyun was ready to smack him.

Jiang Luoshen was also sent into a daze after hearing the news. Bodhi Biogenetics understood the ocean much better than the rest of the people and was quite familiar with the power of their experts.

The two oxen had long since boarded their west-bound flight. They almost wanted to force the plane to turn back but felt relieved after hearing Chu Feng had won.

At this moment, not to mention the humans, even the beast races were sighing emotionally. Those races who had old grievances with Chu Feng began to speak out.

"The cruel Demon King Chu has extended his evil hands toward the ocean. Let’s offer a moment of silence for those of the marine race who are about to suffer in his hands!"

"The whole world knows of Demon King Chu’s ruthless violence. We offer our sympathies to the Black Dragon Crown Prince and severely denounce Demon King Chu’s actions!"

Although these words didn’t stir up much of a commotion, many people felt secretly delighted after seeing this.

Among the photos being circulated on the internet, the most eye-catching was the image of Chu Feng leaving the battlefield. Despite his severe wounds, he didn’t forget to bring along the hundred kilogram piece of flood dragon meat.

What a glutton!

Even with such severe wounds, he was still thinking about food and didn’t forget to retrieve the piece of flood dragon meat. This caused everyone to be dumbfounded.

Naturally, many people were worried about him after seeing the photos because he was drenched in blood. It was certain that he had been gravely wounded. They all hoped he wouldn’t encounter any fatal accidents.

They noticed Chu Feng had paid a hefty price during his battle with the Black Dragon Crown Prince of the Southern Sea.

The major powers’ a.n.a.lysis unanimously concluded that Chu Feng was barely alive after this battle. He would probably be extremely weak during the upcoming days.

Chu Feng was indeed in a dangerous situation. He had never felt so weak before; it was as if he had exhausted every ounce of energy he had.

The most terrifying was the puncture wound on his chest. The large see-through hole made him feel as if his life force was slowly declining. Blood freely flowed accompanied by agonizing pain.

Chu Feng didn’t dare to stop because he knew that there were at least ten odd experts at his tail.

These people were following him tightly without revealing themselves, a truly dangerous situation.

Obviously, people had guessed his physical condition and were entertaining certain "ideas". They were most likely after Chu Feng’s breathing technique and now was a perfect time.

Chu Feng didn’t stop to rest and maintained constant movement. If these people saw his condition up close, they would likely grow more daring and might even make their move.

His body was in too bad a shape to enter another fight.

"There are beast kings and humans among them!"

Chu Feng felt a chill run down his back. Not only were there beasts but also certain human kings were after him.

Peerless breathing technique!

This rumor had produced terrible consequences.

Certain human corporations were tempted by this technique.

If he was in good condition, these people wouldn’t dream of doing anything to him. But now, the odds were stacked against him after being severely wounded in his fight with Hei Teng.

"These people were offering olive branches just a while ago. Now, after realizing that I have a powerful breathing technique, they’re for an opportunity to do me in.

Chu Feng’s eyes were cold. These so-called corporations turn hostile quicker than flipping a book page. Within the blink of an eye, those friendly people were now trying to kill him.

But he realized these people wouldn’t dare reveal themselves and would probably attack cautiously from the dark. They would also like to probe ahead to see how much combat power he had left.

Chu Feng frowned. His current condition was indeed bad; even his thigh had been fractured and his speed affected.

"Old man, I’ve encountered trouble. The Hollow Jade Temple’s name no longer has any deterring effect. There are people coming after me!" he contacted Lu Tong and informed him of his current situation.

Lu Tong turned serious after hearing about the situation, "These people are like smiling tigers. They won’t dare attack in the open but are truly sinister. I’ll dispatch agents to your location and also inform the Palace Master immediately. You must be careful!"

"I’ll give it everything I got!"

Chu Feng ground his teeth. Indeed, the distant water cannot alleviate the current thirst—he would have to depend on himself to escape the area as soon as possible. It would be troublesome if they caught up with him.

He was continuously circulating his breathing technique. A vague cloud of mist was swirling around his nose and mouth while his body was undergoing critical repairs and acc.u.mulating energy for use in dangerous situations.

He didn’t hesitate to use up what little energy he had in store to increase his speed and flee frantically.

Suddenly, a huge explosion resounded within the forest as Chu Feng broke through to four times the speed of sound—his every step took him hundreds of meters away. It was an amazing sight.

Tree branches were snapped and fallen leaves flew haphazardly in his wake as he shot out like a human bullet. Nothing could stop his acceleration.

He was dripping with blood, especially from the wound on his chest and had to quickly use his hand to stop the sanguine fluid from escaping. His face was deathly pale and appeared almost dried up.

At the same time, he was in great pain after running at full speed on a broken right leg. The unbearable feeling could hardly be relieved even after he activated his internal energy to heal the body.

But it was near impossible, even for bird kings, to catch up after Chu Feng raised his speed to the max and disappear over the horizon.

He couldn’t sustain this speed all the way. He moved intermittently with some pauses in between and was soon over 400 kilometers away.

He was drenched all over in cold sweat. Now that he had finally shaken off his pursuers, he could finally slow down and take a breath. He quickly found a hiding spot and began to rest.

A layer of white mist enveloped his body. He was respiring gaseous essence with not only his mouth and nose, but through all his pores in order to maximize the replenishment.

This breathing technique was indeed frightening—it was able to nourish the physical body and catalyze evolution—Chu Feng would’ve long since died without it.

After a long while, Chu Feng opened his eyes. His face was deathly pale and his brows were locked in a frown. He wasn’t overly worried about the pursuers—those he could outrun. What worried him was that his wounds were more severe than he had imagined. The troublesome cavity in his chest had damaged his heart.

The Black Dragon Crown Prince’s desperate final attack was backed by an explosive amount of energy. He was severed at the waist but had also severely wounded Chu Feng with the power of six severed shackles.

Chu Feng’s chest had been pierced through by the beam he had shot out from his horn, tearing his heart in the process.

Although he was able to close the wound on the heart owing to his great vitality, Hei Teng’s invasive energy still lingered and would probably take time to eradicate.

Chu Feng circulated his breathing technique several times over and slowly chipped away at the residual energy. This slow process would probably take a certain period of time to accomplish.

In the five following days, he wouldn’t be able to exert his full power in combat, lest the cardiac wound ruptures once again.

"Hei Teng, just wait till I sever my fifth shackle! I’ll definitely roast you!" Chu Feng has never taken such a big loss; he had almost died out there.

He found a source of water and cleaned the piece of flood dragon meat before roasting it over fire. It was important to replenish his vitality and there was no doubt that this flood dragon meat was one of the best high-energy foods available.

After the meat was cooked through, Chu Feng began to gobble up the food. An obvious source of heat could be felt in his stomach which spread towards his bones and muscles.

Chu Feng’s fatigue was somewhat reduced and he could feel that a fair amount of energy had been replenished. Even his wounds were gradually healing.

His ribs, chest, shoulders, and thighs let out crackling sounds as they began to heal on their own. Although the fractures weren’t fully healed, it was definitely faster than a normal person.

The so-called "hundred days to heal bone and tendon injuries" didn’t apply at all to king level ent.i.ties.

He felt would he be completely healed in just a few days.

He took the time to recover in peace and quiet. He didn’t get up from sunrise until sunset. He would drink spring water when thirsty and eat flood dragon meat for meals. All of this greatly aided his recovery.

"I have to get stronger!"

Otherwise, with his current strength, it was too dangerous to face an expert with six severed shackles in battle.

Especially when the impending upheaval arrives, various experts would make their moves to obtain divine fruits from the great mountains and rivers. The strong will surely have a more bountiful harvest.

Only by becoming an expert with six severed shackles would he be eligible to stand alongside the first batch and partic.i.p.ate in this contest between the most powerful.

"But how do I find divine flower buds to help me evolve? There is no suitable mutant soil for me to plant this seed." Chu Feng frowned.

He had wanted to conquer Mount Longhu at first, and borrow its power to increase his level, but he had failed quite miserably. The ancestral court of Taoism was built upon dangerous geomagnetic anomalies.

"Can I not evolve without pollen? Can I not sever this fifth shackle on my own?!" Chu Feng mused.

He had once asked Yellow Ox about this problem and he replied that it was not completely impossible but the difficulty level was extremely high.

Because the world, in its convalescent stage, had still not recovered to its prior state of abundant mysterious energies. Although it wasn’t as hard as ascending to the heavens, trying to sever a shackle on one’s own was still quite the remote idea.

"I refuse to believe this. I’ll definitely give it a try! When I find a way to sever my fifth shackle, I no longer need to fear anyone!" Chu Feng yearned to grow stronger and live a life free of fear and worry.

That night, Lu Tong contacted Chu Feng urgently saying that the Peac.o.c.k King was out to hunt him personally.

"He finally wants to make his move!" Chu Feng was startled. The news came as a surprise but it was still within reason because there existed a deep enmity between him and the Peac.o.c.k race.

"You exceeded all their expectations. Now they expect you to become a potential threat if let alone. Things were stirred up quite a bit after you killed Schiller and defeated the Black Dragon Crown Prince of the Southern Sea," Lu Tong informed him.

That very night, the Peac.o.c.k King sent a secret order to all the bird kings of the south to hunt down Chu Feng and report to him as soon as they found any traces of him.

Although the order was supposed to be secret, it was soon leaked to the ma.s.ses and caused a huge sensation. All the king level ent.i.ties were shocked.

The Hollow Jade Temple immediately announced that anyone seeking to harm Chu Feng is their enemy and that the temple would respond with martial might.

Lu Tong also told him that he had already asked the master of the Hollow Jade Temple to head south and deter the Peac.o.c.k King.

These developments caused great tempestuous waves that were difficult to keep hidden.

Some corporations immediately sided with the Hollow Jade Temple, stating they would send agents south to protect Chu Feng.

But Chu Feng didn’t feel relieved after hearing this. On the contrary, he felt even more stressed because such a mixture of king level experts gathering in the south would create a great commotion. Anything could happen amidst the chaos.

He didn’t want to come in contact with any of those corporate powers before his wounds were healed because he knew these agents were completely unreliable.

"I have to grow stronger!"

Chu Feng truly wanted to grow stronger. It was the only reliable way to overcome this dangerous situation.

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