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Previously on the Royal Fiance...

Chapter 6

Afterwards, Kurosaki escorted Shiori back to his room, treating Shiori very gently the entire time as if Shiori was someone to be cherished. Kurosaki left the room only after he placed his forehead softly against Shiori’s to check that Shiori was not feverish anymore.

He even left Shiori caring words - “Don’t push yourself too hard.” as he left the room.

Following that, he did not hug Shiori roughly, and instead, planted a tender kiss on Shiori’s soft lips.

Shiori silently reprimanded himself for craving that pair of gentle arms.


Why would he kiss me so gently?

After Kurosaki had left the room, Shiori was left alone, unable to calm his confused heart down.

The side of Kurosaki that he had just discovered and the encouraging words that Kurosaki spoke both lingered distinctly on Shiori’s heart.

Since he was young, he had always wanted to be able to clearly make his own honest opinions and true feelings known, but once he thought about the position (standing) that he was in, he was unable to voice such thoughts no matter how desperately he tried.

To Shiori’s own surprise, he was able to reveal the suffering and misery that he felt to Kurosaki wholeheartedly.

The heat on his face refused to cool down.

Feeling restless, Shiori was unable to sit or stroll around his room calmly. As such, he decided to leave his room to take a quick breather.

Recently, the extent to which his subordinates were not allowing him to do his duties as they were worried about his condition seemed to have gone too far to the point that they were being too overprotective of Shiori. Perhaps he should just find Shou and inform him in person that he was well enough to return to his duties.

This was the first time that Shiori went to find Shou on his own accord openly.

Shiori strode unhurriedly down the long hallway. Every time Shiori went to find Shou regarding work matters, Shou’s subordinates would be on alert as they suspected that Shiori finding Shou was an act laced with ulterior motives.

Any man born as a royalty would definitely have their eyes on the throne. The people around Shou had judged Shiori with such unfounded a.s.sumptions and thus believed anything that Shiori does was an act to harm Shou.

Shiori himself was restricted by such unwelcome judgements of others, and was in turn, unable to face Shou openly and honestly.

As time pa.s.sed, Shiori’s frame of mind was gradually influenced by the people around him such that he started to think that Shou was indeed his enemy.

In reality, however, he hated the idea of having to fight with someone and he absolutely did not want to think of Shou as an enemy.

The words that Kurosaki had spoken earlier today made Shiori feel as if he had found himself again.

Now, Shiori knew that he would be able to be sincerely happy from the bottom of his heart for Shou’s marriage and ascendence of the throne.

After everything that has happened, even if they could no longer have an ordinary brotherly relationship, Shiori did not have a shred of malicious intent towards Shou anymore. Moreover, his heart was no longer narrow and cold - he no longer felt bitter about someone else’s happiness.

Although seeing others basking in their own happiness would make him feel miserable about himself as he was someone without anything, ke knew that doing so would do him no good and would not bring him any sort of happiness.

Shou simply would not take Shiori seriously.

If Shiori continued to remain distraught over such a reality, would that not be even more foolish?

--- Don’t look down on yourself.

--- Since you have nothing, it is enough to just create a happiness that you are content with.

Kurosaki’s sincere words permeated the depths of Shiori’s heart -

--- I believe that, even if I had to face many more hardships, I would one day come to understand the meaning behind all these hardships and pain. It’s this thinking that had enabled me to continue pushing on until today. The answer I had found at the end of the day was……

The fervent eyes gazed at Shiori unflinchingly.

After having experienced various terrible hardships, the wish that was equivalent to the suffering that Kurosaki had felt was……

Shiori stood still in front of Shou’s workroom.

He noticed that the door was slightly ajar.

There were familiar voices coming from the room and the contents of the conversation made Shiori’s expression harden.

The voices belonged to Shou and Kurosaki.

Shiori knew that Shou and Kurosaki had an amicable business relationship, but he did not ever guess that they shared such a close relationship to the point where they were able to meet each other in private to discuss personal matters.

“I intend to marry my royal brother off to Duke Marlo.”

Shou’s words made Shiori’s legs tremble unconsciously.

Following that, Shou and Kurosaki continued to exchange a few more sentences……

“That being the case, I shall act accordingly to your decision,” accepted Kurosaki calmly.

He actually agreed ---?

Shiori widened his eyes in utter disbelief.

“What date will the visitation be set on?”

They appeared to be discussing further details. They were probably talking about the date of Shiori’s marriage.

Not wanting to listen to their conversation anymore, Shiori quietly left the hallway.

He was utterly baffled at how he did not barge into the room nor scream in protest.

His marriage partner was to be Duke Marlo.

Moreover, Kurosaki had agreed to that decision without a second thought.

The warm tea that Shiori’s subordinate made was left untouched and it soon turned cold.

In the end, Kurosaki was merely toying with him.   

He knew it from the start, but why would he think of trying to learn about Kurosaki from a clean slate?

Why would he even think of opening his heart to the playful light kisses and the warm shoulders that hugged him ever so tightly?

Why does his face always heat up whenever he sees Kurosaki?

Just look a fool.

His miserable self.

At that moment, someone knocked on his room’s door.

“....... Please enter.”

“I’m coming in.”

Shiori had thought that it was his subordinate who wanted to change the pot of tea with a warm set, but instead, the person who stood in front of him was Shou.

He wanted to stand up, but Shou stopped him from doing so.

“You’ve just recovered, so it’s fine if you don’t get up.”

For a moment, Shiori thought that Shou was genuinely worried for him, but he dismissed such a foolish thought almost immediately.

“Your marriage partner has been decided,” announced Shou with a rather expressionless face. His indifferent tone made it seem as if he was conveying official business matters to Shiori.

His words came out without hesitation, let alone emotion, thus making him appear to not care about Shiori’s opinion nor reaction at all.

“Understood,” nodded Shiori slightly as he sat on the sofa.

“Are you not going to ask who your marriage partner is?”

“It is the same no matter who that person is. Who would dare to oppose an order that came directly from the Crown Prince?” mocked Shiori scathingly.

Shou merely shrugged his shoulders in reply.

Their conversations were always as such - something that would almost always hurt the both of them.   

Shiori could not go against Shou’s orders.

He was aware of that fact since long ago.

Moreover, having been betrayed by Kurosaki, Shiori could find no plausible reason to resist Shou’s orders.

No…...It was inaccurate to think that Kurosaki had betrayed him. From the start, Kurosaki had never promised him anything.

It was merely his own hopeful wish that Kurosaki had done so.

Perhaps Kurosaki had never intended to forgive him.

The warmth that Kurosaki had given him was probably done with the mindset that Shiori’s transgressions against him were not to be forgiven.

Why would Kurosaki’s calm acceptance of the news make his heart ache so much more compared to the moment that he found out his own marriage partner would be Duke Marlo?

Shiori could only allow a cloud of despair and desperation to surround him entirely.


Wanting to silently drown in his own thoughts, Shiori made his way out of his room, and went to the balcony that overlooked the palace’s grand central courtyard.

He completely failed to notice that someone was looking at him from afar.

Shiori would never know that the people in the courtyard were gazing at him with eyes of pure admiration.

“Recently, Shiori-san has become so breathtakingly beautiful that my heart will unconsciously beat faster when I see him. I’m even at a lost at what I should do whenever I b.u.mp into him!”

The person who spoke with such a bright and clear voice was none other than Kairi.  

And the person that he was conversing with was Kurosaki.

“When I saw Shou for the very first time, he reminded me of a prince that had just walked out from a fairy tale.  But on the other hand, Shiori-san is so absolutely beautiful - it’s weird to say that he reminds me of a princess, but in short, there’s a divine sort of air around him that makes people afraid to approach him flippantly.”

A strong breeze flitted through the crisp air.

A servant immediately appeared beside Shiori and draped a clean blanket over Shiori’s shoulders gently. Not wanting to let Shiori be exposed to the cold air any longer than necessary, the servant ushered Shiori back indoors.

The soft, white blanket billowed gracefully in the breeze behind Shiori, giving the illusion that Shiori was an angel that had just descended from the heavens above.

Smooth radiant skin, glistening shy eyes, thin wrists……

Shiori’s silhouette vanished slowly from the balcony as he retreated indoors.

“He really is…...a very beautiful person,” smiled Kairi softly in admiration.

“There really is such a person who can make others feel blessed just from merely watching him from afar! Someone who makes others not dare to touch him as it seems as if they will stain him with their unclean and impure hands if they do so.”

Just by seeing Shiori, the people would feel a sense of happiness.

Shiori, having always been unable to reveal his true feelings to others, was in pain. He could only reveal his true warm nature to the silent grape vines in the lonely and secluded royal vineyard.

And the only person who could sense Shiori’s deepest, most heartfelt feelings before anyone was……


Shou’s concise instructions came quickly.

“You will be brought to Duke Marlo’s residence tomorrow.”

Shiori stood still in his workroom, staring intently at the doc.u.ment which bore Shou’s signature and insignia.

Duke Marlo had always been pestering Shiori to visit his residence, and now, it seems that his wish would finally come to true.

The doc.u.ment stated that Shiori would be expected to spend several days at Duke Marlo’s residence.

Was Shou’s intention to allow Shiori to get acquainted with and comfortable with the new environment before the official marriage?

It seemed that Shou had already prepared the marriage arrangements for quite some time.

Duke Marlo was a sleazy man who looked like a playboy, came across as rather lecherous and was a n.o.bility who owned a large, sprawling vineyard in Ecuratol. When this man was young, he was well-known for his frequent nightly escapades and frolicking. Even as he grew older, he continued to behave as such and seemed to not have lost any of his overzealous s.e.xual energy.

Everyone’s evaluation of him was that he was a rather overly conceited man.

That man who had always used lecherous eyes to ogle at Shiori would, from today onwards, be able to lay his hands on Shiori anytime he wanted to.

A wave of resentment surged through, making Shiori’s spine shiver slightly in horror.

--- Don’t blame yourself! Even if you blame yourself, doing so would not make anything better. The most important thing to do is to find your own happiness yourself. You must push yourself to be such a person

--- I have always believed that, one day, I will come to understand the meaning behind all of the struggles that I had been through.

As that person spoke, he peered pa.s.sionately at Shiori.

--- At the end of it all, I realised that…...


--- I intend to marry my royal brother off to Duke Marlo.

--- That being the case, I will act accordingly to your decision.


n.o.body believed in him. No matter how much effort he put in, he would not get any reciprocation and would only see his vain efforts go to waste as he is slowly alienated from his people, left alone to suffer in desolation.

Amidst the bleak circ.u.mstances, it was the first time that he had thought there was a chance for him to find his own happiness.

He believed that he would, one day, meet a person who would never betray him. Even if there was only one such person, that was all Shiori ever wished for.

And yet, the person that he wanted to put all his faith and heart in betrayed him.

No, that does not count as an act of betrayal.

From the start, the reason why that person would even approach Shiori was for the sole reason of hurting and ridiculing Shiori.

Was his insult to that person really that unforgivable?

Shiori did indeed betray Kurosaki once.

Although it was not intentional, he had indeed caused Kurosaki to export wrongly-labelled poor quality wines, thus damaging Kurosaki’s reputation and the hard-earned trust that his business partners had in him.

As such, how could Kurosaki not despise him?

In order to exact his revenge on Shiori, he purposefully pretended to treat Shiori kindly, earn Shiori’s trust, and following that, hurt Shiori ruthlessly.

Not just Shiori’s body, but also, hurt Shiori’s fragile heart.

If Duke Marlo were to embrace him, what would he think?

Would he be shocked that Shiori’s body was already familiar with a man’s embrace? Or would he push Shiori away because he was already sullied, impure?

He was already unable to return to the time in which he did not know anything. Under Kurosaki’s rough embrace, he tasted the exquisite taste of forbidden pleasure again and again.

Kurosaki had clearly used force to subdue Shiori, to conquer Shiori, but Shiori would nonetheless still pant lewdly and c.u.m under Kurosaki’s hands.

His body had also accepted another man’s c.u.m countless of times.

His shy bud would become soft when being teased by a finger, ready to accept another man.

What would Duke Marlo think of such a wanton body?

No, before that could even happen, it would be more likely that he would be unable to tolerate Duke Marlo’s touches.

What if the touches belonged to Kurosaki instead?

(Could it be that if it were Kurosaki touching me instead, I would not hate it one bit……?)

He clearly hated Kurosaki and had looked down on him in the past.

Everytime he was captured by Kurosaki, his skin would be numb and slightly bruised from Kurosaki’s rough caresses.

A surge of excitement would instinctively surge through him whenever Kurosaki pulls him into his embrace.

During the soiree, Shiori’s heartbeat went uncontrollably fast when he saw Kurosaki’s silhouette.

Compared to the Kurosaki who was regal and gentle, the Kurosaki who would push him down aggressively and roughly penetrate him made Shiori more……


Hearing someone call out to him, Shiori lifted his head from the doc.u.ments.

The person who stood at the doorway was Kurosaki.

Shiori’s subordinates thought that Shiori was deeply concentrated in his work, and thus was not in the workroom in order to avoid distracting Shiori.

“Are you already allowed to return to your official duties?”

Still putting on a calm face as if nothing of importance had taken place.

Using warmth to gain his trust, and right afterwards, betray him heartlessly.

That was a tactic used by men who were skilled at toying with the hearts of countless innocent women. The more trust one has invested in that man, the greater the hurt will be.


Seeing that Shiori did not react, Kurosaki moved closer towards Shiori, a worried expression appearing across his face.

As Kurosaki placed his hand gently on Shiori’s shoulder, Shiori immediately smacked Kurosaki’s hand away before his own brain could even register what he had just done to Kurosaki.

He could not believe that he could be this agitated.

“Do not touch me……!” Shiori’s bottled-up emotions spilled over at once and exploded.

After shouting fiercely, he saw Kurosaki’s expression change abruptly.

“That is enough! Just how much longer do I have to remain as your slave!”

He was extremely regretful that he did not set a deadline for this agreement with Kurosaki.  

Shiori felt his heart ache dully.

How could this man agree to Shiori getting married to Duke Marlo?

Kurosaki clearly knew that if the marriage were to happen, he could no longer meet Shiori. Even so, he still agreed nonchalantly.

(Don’t confuse my heart any more than this……!)

“What did you just say?”

Sensing an angry aura emanating from every pore of Kurosaki’s body gradually, a chill ran down Shiori’s spine.

Ever since Shiori fell ill, Kurosaki had always treated him gently and warmly, thus causing Shiori to forget momentarily what an angry Kurosaki was capable of.

Shiori wanted to pull his hand back, but it was already too late --- His wrist had been grabbed roughly by Kurosaki.


“Not allowed to touch you? Just who do you think you’re talking to!”

Normally, it should be Shiori who would be angry at Kurosaki’s disrespectful behaviour. However, Kurosaki had only seen Shiori as an accessory --- from the very beginning.

This man would never allow Shiori to rebel against him.

“Don’t make me laugh!” glowered Kurosaki. The intensity of his aura and temper made Shiori turn pale.

Shiori wanted to run, but his legs refused to move as they remain stubbornly rooted to the ground in utter fear.

Without hesitation, Kurosaki’s hand grabbed Shiori’s jacket, and with one powerful yank, the jacket’s b.u.t.tons snapped, flying everywhere.

“Let, let go……!”

His shirt was now being ripped apart by Kurosaki, causing a deep sense of fear to well up within Shiori.

And yet, Kurosaki did not stop there.

Shiori’s body was enveloped by Kurosaki’s, his menacing stare akin to a predator peering sinisterly at its helpless prey.

“Do not touch you? To think you would dare to speak such words to me!”

Flailing his body, Shiori tried to struggle away from Kurosaki’s iron grip.

But as his body was gripped with fear, it was not listening to to Shiori’s commands properly.

As Kurosaki plopped himself on the polished work desk, he forcefully yanked Shiori off the chair. He was shamelessly sitting on the official royal doc.u.ments while making Shiori straddle him.

“You dare say that you don’t want to see me ever again? Despite the fact that you clearly cannot live without this!”

“Let, let go……!”

In the unlocked workroom, where anyone could enter anytime, Shiori’s lower body was stark naked, and was being mercilessly f.u.c.ked by Kurosaki.

“Ah, aah ---!” Unable to control himself, Shiori let out a shrill scream.

“You have been embraced by me countless of times!”

Kurosaki started to thrust into Shiori rapidly.

“This, here, has already changed into my shape, hasn’t it?”

“No, don’t! Let go…… Aah, aaahh!!” sobbed Shiori weakly.

It’s scary. Why was Kurosaki so angry?

Kurosaki should be aware that if Shiori were to wed Duke Marlo, Shiori would not be allowed to meet Kurosaki again.

He was afraid to hear from Kurosaki that they would never meet again, and thus, took the initiative to remind Kurosaki of this fact.

As Kurosaki thrusted forcefully into Shiori, Shiori felt as if his insides was about to be mercilessly torn apart.

Even his slender waist was crying out in pain from the intensity.

The excessive strength that Kurosaki was using to embrace Shiori was so great to the point that it felt as if it could crush Shiori’s bones.

Kurosaki sat on the work desk while Shiori straddled lasciviously across Kurosaki’s hips as he allowed Kurosaki’s d.i.c.k to enter and leave his tight hole roughly.

“Please, I beg of you, for...forgive me…...”

Shiori’s body groaned in pain from the forcefulness of Kurosaki’s actions. But the place that was in much greater pain, was his heart.

Unable to stand it, tiny droplets of tears started to trail down his cheeks.

Since Kurosaki had already nonchalantly agreed to Shiori becoming Duke Marlo’s wife, then why would Kurosaki still want to embrace him……

“If that is the case, you won’t say such things as not wanting to see me anymore right?”

“I won’t say that anymore, aah……!”


Could it be that even after he gets married to Duke Marlo, Kurosaki would still want to use Shiori’s body to satisfy his s.e.xual urges?

Realising how pathetic and lonely his own self was, Shiori’s tears spilled forth.

If only this act was done out of mutual love for each other……

During the time when Shiori had just recovered from his illness, Kurosaki would be concerned for him as they strolled through the beautiful vineyard leisurely, and he would not take his eyes off Shiori for even one moment.

The kisses that touched his cheeks made his heart beat faster after Kurosaki had sent Shiori back to his room.

The kisses were light and gentle, reminiscent of how a dragonfly would skim gracefully across water.

The kisses made Shiori feel as if he was being treated very preciously by someone.

But all these were simply an act.

And yet……

“Aa, ah!! Please, I beg of you, I’m already…...”

Shiori’s body was soon at its limit from being subdued so forcefully by a man of much greater strength. Moreover, Shiori’s body had never been treated so roughly before.

Whenever he had a flu, no matter how minor it was, he would be forced to rest and not be allowed to work. Furthermore, he was forbidden to partic.i.p.ate in any rigorous sports.

That man mocked Shiori, comparing him to a protected flower that is locked away in a pristine greenhouse, away from the world --- blissfully unaware of the suffering of others.

But he was not wrong --- Shiori did indeed grow up in such a protected environment.

Having been treated so gently his entire life, Shiori’s body started to scream in strained protest under this man’s intense desire.

“Kurosaki…… Kurosaki…...” whined Shiori pitifully as tears glistened in the corner of his eyes. Kurosaki looked down at Shiori who had a thin layer of sweat forming on his cheeks and forehead.

“This thing...already…… For, forgive me…...”

Whenever Shiori attempted to resist Kurosaki’s embrace, Kurosaki would kiss him forcefully in order to m.u.f.fle Shiori’s lips that were about to utter words of protest.

“Nnn, nnghh……!”

Kurosaki would not allow Shiori to resist.

He would also not allow Shiori to reject his touches.  

And forbid Shiori from wanting to not see him ever again.

“Nnng, huff, aaahh……!!”

As if hunting Shiori’s lips down, Kurosaki tilted his head and deepened the already intense kiss.

He was only willing to release his lips from Shiori’s when Shiori stopped struggling due to the lack of oxygen.

Drained, Shiori could only afford to slump himself helplessly against Kurosaki. Kurosaki grabbed Shiori’s hands and placed it in a position such that Shiori was clinging onto his shoulders and neck for support.

Shiori’s arms were tightly wrapped around Kurosaki’s neck, making them seem as if they were hugging each other pa.s.sionately. Satisfied, Kurosaki hugged Shiori’s slender waist.


They looked as if they were lovers embracing each other.

Afraid to receive any more punishments from Kurosaki, Shiori did not dare to resist Kurosaki anymore.

He allowed himself to be forcefully subdued by Kurosaki.

They were clearly in a tight embrace, but, why was in so much pain?

That was because……

Shiori had already sensed it.

He did not know when it started, but……

The sudden rapid increase in his heartbeat whenever he was kissed by that man he had hated so much was an undeniable reality.

His feelings that were being hurt so deeply by this man, was also because of……


No longer having any pride nor ego to cling onto, tears started to stream uncontrollably down Shiori’s cheeks. He no longer tried to stifle his sobs, and started to sniffle and whimper without restraint.

At that moment, Kurosaki wore a lost expression for the first time.

Kurosaki, who was overbearing and full of confidence.


Kurosaki stopped his thrusts and brought his lips towards Shiori’s face. As his large hands cupped Shiori’s cheeks gently, he licked Shiori’s tears lightly.

Delicate kisses were placed continuously on Shiori’s cheeks and forehead.

However, Kurosaki’s sudden warmth and gentleness only made it more unbearable for Shiori.

No matter how Kurosaki tried to wipe away Shiori’s tears, Shiori’s tears simply would not stop flowing.


Seeing Shiori’s tearful expression that was filled with immense pain and hurt, Kurosaki face started to contort.


Kurosaki’s sympathy would only make Shiori feel more painful, thus, Shiori buried his face into Kurosaki’s broad shoulders.

n.o.body could see it. He absolutely did not want anyone to see his pathetic face now.

A face that was filled with sadness, agony and hurt.

Although his tears were due to his distress and the immense sadness he felt towards his own miserable self, he wanted Kurosaki to think that his tears were caused by the violent penetration.

He wanted to pretend that the tears were a result of the immense pleasure that he was feeling.

Being in this position was a good thing. As he was clinging tightly onto Kurosaki, Kurosaki would not be able to see his crying face and the distorted expression that seemed to scream that Kurosaki was in great pain.

If he were to continue being embraced this way by Kurosaki, it was very likely that Kurosaki would notice his shameful true feelings --- that was what Shiori was truly scared of.

Shiori, in a daze, absent-mindedly lifted his head. At that very moment, he saw……


There stood Kairi, whose eyes widened in utter shock.

Kurosaki did not shut the work room’s door tightly. It should be that Kairi had just happened to be pa.s.sing by.

(It was seen by him…!)

Compared to being f.u.c.ked by Kurosaki, what Shiori could not stand was for his tearful face that was filled with vulnerable pain to be seen by others.

Shiori reached his hand towards Kurosaki’s face.

He purposefully kissed Kurosaki seductively on his own initiative.

“Make me feel it more,” sighed Shiori breathily into Kurosaki’s ears.

Lascivious words that were spoken on purpose to entice Kurosaki.

In reality, Shiori’s face was already burning hot with embarra.s.sment. However, he would go so far as to use alluring words to seduce another man just as a prost.i.tute would.

Pretending to be drowning in pleasure, Shiori looked as if everything was happening as he had wanted Kurosaki to do.

To be seen in such a pathetic state by Kairi, someone who is bathed in endless happiness…… such a thing would simply be too tragic.

Kairi stealthily inched away from the entrance of Shiori’s work room.

The sounds of the light footsteps grew distant.

If Shiori was willing to call for help, Kairi would most likely, without a doubt, come to his rescue immediately.

However, Shiori would rather choose to be embraced by Kurosaki instead of saying two simple words --- ‘Save me’.

“Who was at the door? The Crown Prince? Or was is the Royal Princess?”

The sharp man seemed to have notice Kairi’s presence.

“Instead of begging for help, you’d rather protect your ego, huh? How very like you.”

Kurosaki did not realise Shiori’s true intentions.

(......That’s great.)

He hoped that Kurosaki would think that he wanted to protect his own pride.

Shiori absolutely did not want Kurosaki to know his one-sided sincere feelings and his pain.

“You too.”


“To use me as your bed partner - it seems as if you are severely lacking in bed partners, huh.” As Shiori finished his sentence, Kurosaki has a shocked expression on his face.

“I don’t lack bed partners, mind you. However, it feels rather good to push down and dominate someone who hates me, and especially someone who looks down on me.”

Indeed, that was the case.

Shiori had received an answer that he had expected to hear.

He wished that Kurosaki would not treat him kindly anymore. Thus……

“You are still as obscene and vulgar as ever! Ahh, aaahh!!!”

Right after Shiori blurted out such malicious words as if he had abandoned all hope, Kurosaki, once again, started to violently penetrate Shiori.

The only way to escape Kurosaki was to lose consciousness. And at that moment……

Just as Shiori felt dismal towards his own predicament, the moment that he had been waiting for was about to arrive.

Kurosaki continued to thrust rapidly into Shiori from below intensely.

He wished that Kurosaki would help him, be gentle towards him, and…

He wished that Kurosaki would love him.

But he could not simply beg Kurosaki to fulfill his heartfelt desires.

And that was why Shiori chose to abandon his consciousness.

That man gazed at the unconscious Shiori who still had traces of tear stains streaked pitifully across his pale cheeks, and his expression twisted.

His face was filled with an expression that he had never shown anyone before --- a pained expression tinted with self-loathing, remorse and silent regret.

***End of Chapter 6***

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Son of Destruction Hakai No Miko Chapter 1.39 Author(s) : Mumei kōbō,無銘工房 View : 34,775
A Seductive Gentleman

A Seductive Gentleman

A Seductive Gentleman Chapter 2 Author(s) : 三千风雪 View : 694
Reincarnation Paradise

Reincarnation Paradise

Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 50 Author(s) : 那一只蚊子 View : 23,373
Remarry, No Way!

Remarry, No Way!

Remarry, No Way! Chapter 285 Author(s) : Nan Lin, 南凛 View : 914,641
Peerless Battle Spirit

Peerless Battle Spirit

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 969 Author(s) : Supreme Villain (极品妖孽) View : 2,648,623
Dragon-Marked War God

Dragon-Marked War God

Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1389 Author(s) : Su Yue Xi View : 14,664,258

The Royal Fiancé -White Prince- Chapter 6 summary

You're reading The Royal Fiancé -White Prince-. This manga has been translated by Updating. Author(s): Asuma Risai, あすま理彩. Already has 1007 views.

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