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Sp Chapter 69 

Nan Xi could clearly feel the change of att.i.tude of the people in the residence towards her, completely without the previous respect and fawning for favor. Therefore, she was anxious, but Xiao QingYan did not hesitate to listen to her words; letting Xu ChangAn only to take a few people to go out of the residence, which made her wondered if she was thinking too much.

When Xu ChangAn left the gate of w.a.n.g Residence, he looked back all the time. Xiao QingYan said he would go with him, but because he did not want Nan Xi to be suspicious, he would go out by himself. In a moment, Xiao QingYan should find some reason to go out of the residence and catch up with him. Eventually, Xu ChangAn rode on the white horse that Xiao QingYan had found for him, but he felt reluctant to use it. He was afraid that in case something really happened this time, his Flying Snow would be killed in the wilderness, like his former colt.

“w.a.n.gfei can rest a.s.sured, us subordinates two brothers will do our best to protect w.a.n.gfei.” The two brothers of the Wu Family were very good in skill, and furthermore, they were Xiao QingYan trusted people. Naturally they were brought along with him.

Since Xu ChangAn and Xiao QingYan went to Feng Province last time, he was able to know that the Wu brothers turned out to be very useful people in front of Xiao QingYan. Not long after Xu ChangAn first came to w.a.n.g Residence, Xiao QingYan let the brother to follow him. As it turned out, Xiao QingYan was very good to him from a very early time.

When remembering the past, Xu ChangAn also inevitably thought of every bit since he met Xiao QingYan. The more he recalled, the more he found that Xiao QingYan was very good to him from beginning to end. At the beginning, although Xiao QingYan had a straight face, no smile and seemed to hate him, Xiao QingYan never did anything to make things hard for him.

“In a moment, w.a.n.gye will come along, if we really encounter any trouble, you all don’t have to care about me, but you must do your utmost to protect w.a.n.gye.” Although they did not go out together, Xu ChangAn believed that Xiao QingYan would surely follow.

It was also after his words fell that Xiao QingYan came after him.


“Let’s go.” Xiao QingYan was dressed in w.a.n.g Residence's odd worker's attire, but Xu ChangAn almost did not recognize him if he had not approached. Having been accustomed to Xiao QingYan’s attire and his imposing dignity, this manservant Xiao QingYan, at present, made Xu ChangAn felt that… It was not a bit awkward, but it was very pleasant to see.

There were only five of them in all. In addition to the Wu brothers, Xiao QingYan also found the people which Imperial Father had arranged to safeguard him in childhood. He believed that as long as those people did not dispatch large scale of troops, there would be no problem.

Xu ChangAn was not at all fond of this place in the outskirts of the Capital. There seemed to be no good things happened here. The last time, this was the place that Xiao QingYan invited Nan Xi to go back. Although Xiao QingYan did it deliberately, but the woman always made people feel afraid. She remained in w.a.n.g Residence all the time, which was always worrying people.

When the group of people came into the forest, Xu ChangAn began to get nervous. He remembered that the last time he met those a.s.sa.s.sins here, that time he had suffered a lot. Not the most unfortunate occurrence that he was more scared than hurt, and he did not know if he would be so lucky this time.

“Don’t be afraid. It’s all right.” Xiao QingYan was only speculating about Nan Xi's purpose of planning ChangAn’s departure. He did not know whether they would encounter any accidents or not. But even if there were any accidents, he was not afraid. He did not believe that the people of South Xinjiang really had such great ability to hurt ChangAn under the protection of several of them.

Xu ChangAn turned over and dismounted, and pretended to look east and west because they came out to look for herb. It would not look believable if he walked straight ahead ah.

“Um, that is, you all can look for it too ah. The earlier it is found, the soonest we can go back.” Sensing as if the terrifying people's eyes were already staring at him, scared Xu ChangAn could only shift his attention and ordered the people around him to act with him. –“ChangAn, don’t be too meticulous.” Looking at the tense and rigid appearance of him, Xiao QingYan sighed in his heart. Fortunately, he knew this person’s temper long ago, and did not let him be in contact with Nan Xi more. Otherwise, nothing could be concealed from Nan Xi.

Xu ChangAn was really nervous, not because he was afraid, but because his mind was concerned about things and knew that he could not escape, so he hoped it came at once. The anxiety of not knowing when it would come, even that made his whole person looked a little wrong.

Xiao QingYan said like that, Xu ChangAn also perceived that he seemed a little unnatural, so he tried to relax himself, telling himself that there was nothing to think about, anyway, the soldiers would cover him just fine!

Xu ChangAn was nervous, and the people around him were naturally no better. But they seldom expressed their emotions directly before others. Xu ChangAn was not aware of it. He just saw that everyone was taking it easy and he relaxed slowly.

A group of people had been watching from the depth of the forest, after slowly relaxed they came down. For Xu ChangAn to really look like a person going out to collect herb, his hands really took a lot of herbs that he felt useful.

When it began to feel something was wrong, it was Xu ChangAn who found that all the people around him seemed to be on guard and began to protect him slowly. When he recalled the last a.s.sa.s.sination attempt, Xu ChangAn wanted to be closer to Xiao QingYan. But when he looked at Xiao QingYan’s attire, he thought again that today’s goal of those people should be to be him, and only by being far away from Xiao QingYan would be good for him.

“w.a.n.gfei, what kind of herb does Miss Nan Xi want? We have been walking for such a long time. We are all going to the depths of the forest. Why haven’t we seen it yet?”

“That’s exactly why it’s hard to find. In the residence, I'm the only one who could recognize it, so w.a.n.gye let me come here personally. In fact, we can’t find it. I don’t want to save her.” Xu ChangAn did not know why Wu Yi suddenly came up with such a sentence, but he also cooperated. He thought that the people behind Nan Xi would never want to hear what he said.

“Who? Come out!” There was a strong wind pa.s.sed by his ear. Xu ChangAn had not responded yet, his body tilted then soon he was pulled into Xiao QingYan's arms.

Wu Ren and Xiao QingYan’s guard almost responded at the same time. While they were completely on guard, the people who had been paying attention to their movements also eventually could not help but show their skills.

Faced with the dark weapons coming from all directions, Xu ChangAn could do nothing but worry helplessly. He had no martial arts. Although he was well protected, he was worried. That Nan Xi was really bad! Went as far as to really scheming against him!

“QingYun, be careful!” Xu ChangAn did not dare to let Xiao QingYan’s ident.i.ty be exposed, so he could only call Xiao QingYan by the previous name, which he never had chance to use. Xiao QingYan knew in his heart why those people of South Xinjiang chose this place where they lay in ambush.

This was far away from the Imperial City, if he was not prepared to mobilize officers and soldiers in advance, this would be a good place to be easily ambushed and easily evacuated after. Regardless of whether they were successful or not, they could retreat with whole body intact in the final!

“Protect w.a.n.gfei!” Xiao QingYan did not believe that those people had such dark weapons, as long as they could resist for a while and drag those people out, they would be able to kill one by one! –“*chi*…”

“Wu Yi! Watch out! ”


“Kill all but one!” When the Wu brothers had successively be taken over, the enemy, who had been hiding behind, finally appeared.

The people of South Xinjiang were good at poisoning. Xu ChangAn knew that they were not in the least have scruples now. They must have thought that two of them who had better kungfu skills had been injured. Not only that, the hidden weapon must be poisonous, afraid that Wu Ren and Wu Yi would not last for a while!

Xu ChangAn’s worry soon came true. Slowly, the Wu brothers could not support their own bodies. At this time, Xu ChangAn began to regret it!

Why would they venture out? It was better to kill that Nan Xi directly! As for the people behind her, since they had been scheming against Xiao QingYan, afraid that they would not let the cat out of the bag!

“Be careful!” Xu ChangAn was guarded by Xiao QingYan with a man he did not know. He watched them deal with more than a dozen people in black clothes and covered with black masked around him. Without a question, he was worried! In fact, he really wanted to let the man with highly skilled Kungfu to run away with Xiao QingYan, regardless of him! But he could not say anything when it got to his mouth several times!

He knew if he said that, Xiao QingYan would not listen and would be angry!


“Master! Somebody’s helping us!

Xu ChangAn watched with open eyes, an arrow flying from nowhere pa.s.sed through the neck of a man in black! He had just screamed excitedly, and Xiao QingYan’s guard’s words immediately rekindled his hope!

Somebody saved them, somebody saved them!

Almost one arrow to a man in black clothes, and everyone was killed by piercing through their throat. There was no chance to maneuver. He watched the people around him fall down slowly. When there were only two people left, Xu ChangAn found an arrow in their chest. Furthermore, it was a harmless arrow, but he did not know where the arrows that came flying from nowhere faded away.

“Quickly go!” The man in black who was shot in the chest by the arrow fell down only when he had time to say such a word to his companion. The only person in black remained quickly escaped the public’s attention.

While Xu ChangAn was curious about who saved them, a person dressed up like a farmer with sweat on his cheeks slowly approached them. With some embarra.s.sment in his words, he said, “Um, there are no more arrows.”

“You are… Thank you! You saved our lives!” Xu ChangAn looked at this man’s rough linen clothes. Although the man had a beard, he could feel the man's shyness at this time. He had an indescribable good opinion about this man.

Xu ChangAn had not time to think that much, but Xiao QingYan was incessantly astonished! Every arrow that this man had just fired was not hesitant but precisely aimed at the enemy. It was conceivable that he was absolutely weak in character, but what was the matter with this person who blushed when he spoke?

“I don’t know who they are, but I know that you all are the people from Xian w.a.n.g Residence. You wear the servant’s clothes of Xian w.a.n.g Residence. They’re going to kill you. They must be bad guys!”

“w.a.n.gye! Wu Ren and Wu Yi seemed to be unable to hold up!” Once safe, Xu ChangAn quickly squatted beside the two brothers. They were not seriously injured, but the dark weapon was poisonous! –“Cough, cough… I have an antidote on my chest.” Xiao QingYan was about to carefully ask about the sudden appearance of this profusely perspiration man. After hearing Xu ChangAn’s words, he still went to see the Wu brothers first. But as he just turned around, the only black-cladded man on the ground, which had not been shot in the throat suddenly made a noise.

“Princess QingYue had saved my life, I will not harm you.” When the dying black-cladded man on the ground spoke, he stretched out his hand to his bosom. Xiao QingYan on the other side who had just responded had already been a step ahead of the man next to him!

When the arm ached, the hand was let go, the black-cladded man really dropped a medicament-type thing out of his hand.

“w.a.n.gye, look at how they are feeling. I don’t know if they can hold on till we go back home, so it’s better to…. Give it a try!” Xu ChangAn had no time to react and think about this series of changes; he now had only a thought in mind: save people first!


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