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Nian Xiaomu: "...!"

When the a.s.sistant was done conveying the instructions, he carried the ingredients into the kitchen.

It was a clean and neat kitchenette that was adequately equipped.

So he really wanted her to make lunch...

"If there is anything you need, please let me know." The a.s.sistant put everything down and turned to leave.

"..." Nian Xiaomu's lips quivered.

She needed a chef. Could that be arranged?

"Excuse me, did your Young Master misunderstand something? I don't know..."

"Miss Nian, Young Master said that this meal concerns your triple bonus at the end of the month," interrupted the a.s.sistant before she could explain that she did not know how to cook.

Hearing that, Nian Xiaomu held her tongue and immediately shut her mouth.

Her face contorted into a crying smile. Through gritted teeth, she managed to force out a reply and said, "Okay, I'll do it right away!"

The a.s.sistant set his mind at ease and left the kitchen.

When his figure disappeared, Nian Xiaomu's face fell.

She stared blankly at the pile of ingredients and fell into a deep dejection.

Should she concede that the only skill that she had not mastered was cooking?

However, her triple bonus was at stake. If she had to, she would use magic to form a whole meal for Yu Yuehan.

What to do? What to do?

Got it! She could order delivery and use her own plates to present them.

So brilliant!

Nian Xiaomu walked out of the kitchen to get her mobile phone. From the corner of her eye, she noticed that the a.s.sistant was standing at the door like a door G.o.d.

She stopped in her tracks!

Before she could even raise her question, the a.s.sistant spoke up to deliver a reminder.

"Young Master asked me to stay here to supervise you until you are done cooking."

"..." Her delivery plan was crushed!

Nian Xiaomu felt a tightening in her heart and stuffed her mobile phone back into her bag, silently cursing Yu Yuehan under her breath.

She was a nurse, not a nanny. Why did she have to cook lunch for him?

However, when she thought about the bonus that she was about to receive...

No way. The money-minded queen would never concede defeat in front of money!

Nian Xiaomu took a deep breath and re-entered the kitchen.

Shortly after, clanging sounds could be heard from the kitchen

In the meeting room.

For the first time in his life, Yu Yuehan was lost in his thoughts in the middle of a meeting.

He kept looking down at his watch.

It was almost time for lunch. Was she done making lunch?

For the first time ever, the man who had obviously been used to luxurious cuisine was looking forward to a meal.

Or rather, he was antic.i.p.ating what other "surprise" she would give him.

He recalled how she had pointed to the diamond hair clip and was certain that it was a fake diamond.

Also, she had sat down at the piano during the party and played a mind-blowing performance. She had also shared a dance with him that took everyone's breath away...

"...Master Han? Master Han?" The department manager who was presenting his report called out a few times, but Yu Yuehan did not respond.

The department manager was shocked!

Would a b.l.o.o.d.y rain fall from the skies?

The big boss had never been so distracted during a meeting.

"..." Very quickly, Yu Yuehan realized that his thoughts had strayed, and his eyebrows furrowed together.

He took a sweeping glance at his subordinates and got up from his seat.

"The meeting will end here today. Dismissed!"

Before anyone could react, he had already stepped out of the meeting room.

Without stopping, his handsome figure headed straight to his own office.

"Master Han, these are the minutes for the meeting. There are a few other doc.u.ments that require your immediate signature..." The secretary at the meeting carried a stack of doc.u.ments and followed hurriedly behind.

Yu Yuehan stopped and reached over for the doc.u.ments. He glanced through and signed them quickly.

Then, he pa.s.sed the doc.u.ments to the secretary and reached out to open the door of his office.

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