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Chapter 220: Revenge match

「… So why does something like this happen?」(Chrome)

「I also don’t understand at all…

It seems that it is a mock battle, right?」(Arge)

*Hai Hai*, the cheers of the rebellion’s members resounded around us.

Or rather, there are quite a few people who are obviously holding alcoholic drinks and k.n.o.bs. The tension greatly different compared to when Ginka-san’s group fought before.

…uhm, so, why did this happen again?

To be honest, I have no idea.

Why do we need to fight?

Ginka-san ignores our opinion and sets it up, so the match was ready in half a day, but I never thought it would happen.

「Ha~a… honestly.

It seems to be Ginka’s work as always.

It’s not a freak show.」(Chrome)

Chrome-chan sighs seem to be annoyed.

She is somehow uncomfortable or moody, maybe she doesn’t want to get too much attention.

Chrome-chan gently stroked her own magical artifact, The “Blurred Sound Child of Dead”, and looked at me.

Her amber gaze is somewhat melancholy, it feels like she is being lost.

「…Regardless, I hope for this and it comes true.

I was surprised because it was so sudden.」(Chrome)

「…Chrome-chan, as expected, you want to have a rematch after all?」(Arge)

「Isn’t that obvious!

…is what I want to say, but…」(Chrome)

Chrome-chan glanced at me and sighed again.

She doesn’t seem to be annoyed but has an att.i.tude that she doesn’t want to do it.

The same goes for the last words she mutters.

「… To be honest, I think it’s hard to do.」(Chrome)

「Is that so?」(Arge)

「…While it’s true that I lost. As a bonus, I become your friend (Nakama) now.

A friend who drinks tea together once in a while」(Chrome)

「Well, certainly, that’s true」(Arge)

We were certainly hostile when we first met, but now we are in the same rebel army.

It wasn’t necessary to get along with each other more than necessary, but she had to take care of me. And before I noticed, we started to drink tea and have snacks together.

「That’s why I thought the opportunity (for a rematch) was gone.

I can’t say it out in front of you so easily, you will be more confused than happy.」(Chrome)

「Uhm… then, do you want to stop?」(Arge)

「… I don’t think that’s the case.」(Chrome)

Replying so, Chrome-chan relaxes her body.

Rather than holding equipment, she removed all extra things to make it lighter.

Enough for me to feel that way, she was ready to fight.

The friendly air that she had just now disappeared in an instant, and was replaced with the murderous intent when we first met.

「I know I’m a nuisance for the rebels…」(Chrome)


That’s not right. I think it’s different.

At least, yesterday’s Ginka-san said it wasn’t so.

The rebels acknowledged her power but also said that they couldn’t get close to her.

However, Chrome-chan doesn’t seem to think so.

No, that’s why she avoided getting used to them more than necessary.

「I don’t know what Ginka is thinking …

As long as I’m here, if I’m told to show my strength, I’ll do it.」(Chrome)

「Chrome-chan, that is……」(Arge)

「Enough already, I have already made up my mind…」(Chrome)

*Flowing Flowing*

Chrome-chan sways like a pendulum.

It’s gentle, quiet, and you can’t take your eyes off it.

That’s her move.


Then, in an instant, a “Knifehand strike” was swung around my neck.


I chose to move away because Chrome-chan was much faster than before.

A sense of crisis, that came late, made my back shivering.

While recognizing that I started sweating, I’m ready myself.

「…As usual, you are really fast」(Chrome)

「Chrome-chan is really faster than before」(Arge)

「Ha~… isn’t that obvious?」(Chrome)

Lowering down her “Knifehand strike”, Chrome-chan looks at me.

Her amber eyes are fiercely distorted and her murder intent is sticky.

The sign of Chrome-chan now is much sharper than it was when first met her at Neguseou’s forest.

Chrome-chan chased me into the empire, where she moved into the rebels and surely experienced a number of battles.

Her strength should be much higher than that time.

「I will come at you seriously…

Don’t complain in case you die…」(Chrome)

「…How about whoever wins, we shall live and have a cup of tea later?」(Arge)

Instead of a reply, there’s only a “Knifehand strike” coming at me.

As for Felnote-san’s group, the mock combat started without any signal.

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