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The guy who was sent flying draws the sword that’s hanging on his waist. In this academy, carrying weapons are allowed. Hence, this male student is also carrying a sword but

“Prepare yourself, you b.i.t.c.h!”

He’s completely blown his top. It’d continue until either sideeither one gets hurt if it isn’t stopped. The moment I who thought that was about to step in between them,

“What are you people doing!”

comes a woman’s yell. I look to the direction of the voice and……it’s you who I should be saying that to instead, what are you doing?

“Wha! Why are you in the academy! Shouldn’t you have graduated!”

The guy who drew his sword is also surprised and lowers his sword. Everybody around is also surprised. I’m also surprised. Dargris who came back asks Rene, ‘Who is that?’, and was. .h.i.t by Rene as she says, ‘Why don’t you know!’. The one over there was

“Why am I around, you say? That’s because I became a teacher here!”

Alexia who sticks her large b.r.e.a.s.t.s-sama out proudly was there.

Everybody is dumbfounded by what Alexia said. Amongst them, the violet hair student tilts her head. Looks like she doesn’t know her either.

“I became the teacher-in-charge of this grade’s martial arts’ practical skill from this year onwards. Nice to meet you!”

Alexia says that and, the people around cheers loudly. It didn’t matter whether it’s a boy or a girl, everybody is rejoicing. It’s because Alexia is also popular amongst the girls. And then Alexia looks to my direction and winks. Is it perhaps because I entered school?

“Putting that aside, you people are causing problems right after entering school. It’s still inchoate so I’ll forgive you but, if somebody was to be injured because of this, you’d be suspended right after entering school. There has also been an actual case in the past so be careful!”

……It’s definitely Eris and Elizhahaue. I remember Sieg talking about something like that. If I remember correctly, he said that at that time, they were suspended for a month and were made to do miscellaneous ch.o.r.es.

“Tsk, I got it. You better remember this”

Although the guy puts away his sword, he glares at the violet hair student. However


she said and went back to the cla.s.sroom. She puts the gigantic axe that is about her height into the pouch that’s on her waist. Item Box huh.

All the students who understood that the ruckus has settled enter the cla.s.sroom. Dargris and Rene also enter the cla.s.sroom. And for me

“What is this about, Alexia. When was this decided?”

I ask Alexia.

“Nn? Even if you ask me ‘when’, I had been considering it since the start. Whether to be a teacher or to enter the army. Since from the start, I like those younger than me. After I discussed that with Shishou, I was told, ‘How about you try being a teacher until Lei graduates for the time being’. But I can’t teach all of a sudden so, in this approximately two years, I was being taught on how to teach by the teachers here even as I partic.i.p.ate in the army’s training. I wanted to see Lei’s surprised look so I kept quiet about it. ……Are you possibly angry?”

Maybe because Alexia misunderstood me keeping silent as me being angry, she looks at me worryingly. I pat Alexia’s head.

“……No way I’d be, right. It’s the path Alexia decided. It’s not something for me to complain about. Besides……I want to meet you as well”

It seems she clearly heard what I muttered at the end as well. She embraces me tightly with a tremendous smile. It, it’s painful!

“Er, erm~ Alexisensei? Let’s quickly go inside~”

I hear a voice from Alexia’s back. Who?

“Ah, I’ve forgotten about it. Sorry, Mary-sensei. I got excited because I was able to meet Lei”

Alexia who says and lets me go. And then behind Alexia, a woman whose height is about 150cm with green hair was standing. She’d be well-matched against Vice-Headmaster Melody. She, of course, has no b.r.e.a.s.t.s-sama. It’s a woman with a slightly timid aura but, who is she?

“Lei, I’ll introduce her. This girl is, Mary・Vinegar-sensei. My cla.s.smate and a sibling with quite an age difference of the Vice-Headmaster. This girl is also very skilled with magic, her magic practical skills were always at the top when she was in school. Isn’t that right, Mary”

It makes sense why she’s similar to Vice-Headmaster Melody. Both her height and also b.r.e.a.s.t.s-sama.

“Is that so. Nice to meet you, my name is Leivelt・Runwalker. Please take care of me”

I give my greeting.

“Ah, yes, I am Mary・Vinegar. Nice to meet you! rather, putting that aside, let’s go into the cla.s.sroom! It is already time!”

Mary-sensei who says and heads to the cla.s.sroom. I have to quickly go in as well!

And then when I go inside, the tables and chairs are being lined up in 8 horizontal and 5 vertical, 40 seats in total. Furthermore, each of the tables has a s.p.a.ce between the tables that a single person can fit through. It seems the seats can be sat freely and there’s only one left. I look over there and on the left side was Dargris and on the opposing right side was the violet hair student.

In the third-row seat from the front corner seat of the corridor side is the violet hair student. I am the third row of the second column. I sit down over there and

“Aren’t you late. What happened?”

, Dargris asks me. It seems he left the seat open for me.

“No, just a little something”

When I keep my words ambiguous, Dargris tilts his head but didn’t ask me any more than that. And then

“Everybody, good morning! I will be the teacher-in-charge for this cla.s.s from today onwards, I am Mary・Vinegar! Nice to meet you!”

Mary-sensei who stands on the teacher’s desk greets loudly. It seems Alexia went back.

“Eh, that kid is the teacher?”

“Not a student?”

“Amazing, though she’s small”

“Loli, haa haa”

Everybody, perhaps because Mary-sensei’s appearance is childish, apparently can’t believe that she’s the teacher. ……I have to make sure that I don’t let the last fellow get close to Mary-sensei.

“Hey, Sensei. Didn’t you come to the wrong place? This place isn’t, a nursery!”

the guy who snapped just now says that to Mary-sensei and starts to laugh. About three of his companions who are around him laugh together as well. The scuffle from before as well, what’s with these fellows? The moment I thought that,


, a red arrow pa.s.ses through the side of the guy’s face. It grazed the guy’s face so his hair was frizzy and slightly burned, the wall that was pierced was burned black and has a hole. I wonder if it’s Fire Magic’s Fire Arrow. It was at a terrifying speed though.

And when everybody looks to the direction where the arrow flew over from, the figure of Mary-sensei who is pointing her index finger at the guy was there.


A diligent-looking male student who sits at the front asks Mary-sensei and,

“Chattering and chattering, you brats are so d.a.m.n noisy! I’ve given my greeting so you brats f.u.c.king give yours as well! Furthermore, I’m the older one here, idiots! s.h.i.thead, next time if you f.u.c.k around, I’ll drive it between your brows and sink you in a sea of blood! You got it!”

Mary-sensei who rants. ……Who in the world is that? I take a glance at the guy and he could only say, ‘Ye, yess~’. Everybody looks towards Mary-sensei dumbfoundedly. And Mary-sensei

“……Ah, sor, sorry! I, become like just now when I get excited. I am usually careful about it but, it is my debut as a teacher today and furthermore, I have my own cla.s.s so I got nervous!”

Mary-sensei who apologies in a panic. n.o.body can say anything after what they saw just now.

With something like this happening as well, my academy life started.

However, the first thing everybody discussed was, to make sure not to make Mary-sensei angry……

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