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“U~n. It’s already morning huh”

I get up from the bed. Recently, I’ve just been sleeping so my body is stiff.

If I were to say why I’ve just been sleeping, it’s because I stayed in bed without being able to move my body after that incident.

Two weeks went by since the Royal Castle’s incident that Hendricks caused.

If I were to say what I had done in these two weeks, as I have also said previously, I had been staying in bed.

The reasons are fatigue due to overdoing it with Body Endowment and, anaemia due to bleeding too much.

Shishou, Marin-san and I intended to return to the Royal Castle after the battle ended but, I wasn’t able to move because of the overwhelming fatigue.

I thought, ‘Such thing never happened before so why!’ but, Shishou says it’s because I used my body more than what I’ve trained.

It’s true that I even use Chao Vortex’s Body Endowment twice. I guess it’s good enough that I didn’t lose consciousness from magic power deficiency huh.

And anaemia is just as it sounds. I bled too much when I cut my arm and when a cavity was opened in my stomach.

When it comes to anaemia, it seems even if the wound can be healed by Water Magic, the amount of blood can’t be increased.

Because of that, I’m in a bedridden state for nearly a week and I used the remaining week to exercise so that I can move my body.

When I return to the Royal Castle after the battle ended, I was able to meet Alexia and the others but, everybody got into a panic when they saw my wounds. Helen-san screams; Ferris, Filia who woke up and Chrona start crying; Alexia got mad at me; and then Eris fainted this time around.

Indeed, I did something terrible to Eris. Even though she just saw the image of her son’s arm lopped off just a couple hours ago, her son was in a state where there’s a cavity in his stomach this time around.

Afterwards, the cavity was healed by the treatment of the Imperial Court Physician who Alexia arranged for me but, it goes without saying that Eris who woke up was mad at me for an entire day.

It appears that the King and Sieg were also able to reach the location of the magic square that activates the advanced magic barrier that’s at the centre of the Royal Castle. I hear that it seems one can choose whether to expand this magic barrier across the entire Imperial Capital or just the Royal Castle through the amount of magic power, I heard from Sieg afterwards that it only expand across the Royal Castle this time.

It seems it consumes a tremendous amount of magic power but, it seems it won’t let any impacts or magic pa.s.s through. It became a waste this time around but, the King laughed and said that it doesn’t really matter.

Beast King, Ferris, and the others returned to Beastfolk Country Worvest a week ago. It seems from the start, the length of their stay was about two weeks and their time came when I was sleeping.

I was surprised that I was sleeping in the mansion and yet the Beast King and the others came all the way over.

The Beast King says

“As expected of my son(in-law)!”

, Queen Ashley also nods to that, Prince Fergus says to me

“We’ll definitely have a duel next time! Little brother!”

, I thought, ‘isn’t Ferris going to get angry again!’, as I look towards Ferris’ direction and, she was fidgeting about with her face all red.

……What is this? Where did the Ferris who punched me a week ago go?

While we had such a conversation, the Beast King and the others went back. Lastly, Ferris

“I’ll come after two years so please take care of me!”

shouted as her face turns bright red once again but, I wonder what’s it about? Does she mean that she needs to come here after two years so let’s meet again? ……I don’t get it.

However, I’m bothered by the fact that Sieg was grinning from start to finish. Since it looks like he had spoken with the Beast King about something as well.

……Well, I guess I’ll know after two years.

With such things happening as well, two weeks have pa.s.sed.

My nursing during that period of time was by Chrona who is a given, Chloe and even Filia helped. And another person.

Kon Kon1

The door was knocked. Looks like she came at just the right time. I respond and,

“Ara, you were awake huh. How’s your body, Lei-kun?”

the one who entered was Marin-san.

If I were to say why Marin-san is here, the reason is that she has quit from being the Kingdom’s Magician Squad Captain. The reason is of course because the fact that she’s a Curse Holder has been exposed to the Magician Squad’s members.

Up until now, she pulled the hood that’s attached to her mantle low, used magic to make it difficult to see so n.o.body realised but, because her mantle was torn and her magic as well was broken by the Vampire during the battle previously, it was exposed to everybody.

All the Royal Castle’s soldiers learn of that matter promptly, the other n.o.bles who didn’t know also made a big fuss.

In the meeting after the incident ended, that subject came up as well and it seems various things were said to Marin-san who was present. Because it involved Sieg as well so he attended but, it was terrible in every way imaginable.

There are of course blames, get out of the Kingdom at once! and, you have deceived us so compensate us; become a slave; and so forth, idiotic things that were unthinkable of a n.o.ble were apparently suggested by some n.o.bles as well.

In addition to that, it seems there were also criticisms of the King, Prime Minister, Imperial Guards Captain Gayn, who had hidden the matter of her being a Curse Holder. Although it seems these were mostly from the Royal Prince’s faction.

Well, Shishou who had partic.i.p.ated in this snapped and everybody present went silent, is Sieg has said.

Because it involves this battle, that means Shishou has of course also partic.i.p.ated. Because she basically doesn’t attend the meetings and so forth, it seems she was being silent this time around as well but, as one would expect, it seems she couldn’t let the conversation about Marin-san slide.

Well, it was Shishou who brought Marin-san along to Nanor Kingdom thinking it was for Marin-san’s sake so I guess it’s a given huh.

However, because it’s a fact that they had hidden it, the King instructed the resignation of the Magician Squad Captain as the compensation and Marin-san also agreed to that. It makes me think, ‘Just because her eye colours are slightly different, why?’ but, I guess it’s something that’s ingrained to that extent. I suppose Marin-san herself also finds it hard to stay.

And then, Shishou and Sieg brought Marin-san who has nowhere to go along to the mansion. She still hasn’t decided on what to do hereafter but the current plan is for her to stay in the mansion.

And then, I have her take off her hood inside the mansion. The reason is that I thought it’s a waste to hide her beautiful eyes along with her beautiful face. Besides, another reason is also that there is n.o.body who worries about something like a curse in the Runwalker family.

Our territory also being a reason, ‘as long as you have the capabilities, whoever it is, come!’ is how it feels. Marco was the only one who was worried but he was shut up by Sieg.

Though I panicked when I told Marin-san about that and she started to cry. I’ll keep it a secret that I thought of punching Sieg’s grinning face at that time multiple times.

“Lei-kun? What’s wrong?”

Oops, I drowned in my thoughts and made Marin-san worry.

“No, it’s nothing. Shall we go”


Because there’s also the fact that I was staying in bed during the time Marin-san is in the mansion, she took care of me variously. It also makes me think she’s adorable when I see Chrona’s compet.i.tiveness burning because of that.

……However, during the time when I can’t move my body, I can’t enter the bath so I have my body wiped but, I wished the two of them would stop competing for that task. Because Marin-san was also competing with a beet red face against Chrona. In the end, it ended up with Chloe wiping though.

“Today is the day everybody is going back huh”


“Isn’t it lonely?”

“It’s lonely but, it’s something I decided”

“Is that so. You know. I want to talk to Lei-kun beforehand regarding hereafter”

“Oo! You decided on what to do huh!”

“Ee. I’m thinking of going along to Runwalker Territory as well”

“Eh? Is that so?”

“When I was thinking about what to do hereafter, I was invited by the Margrave to come to the territory. It ended up with me being hired there as House Runwalker’s exclusive magician. My job is to nurture House Runwalker’s Magician Squad along with Fi-chan’s guidance in magic. Since if it’s over there, there is also n.o.body who knows that I was the Royal Castle’s Magician Squad Captain”

I see. Indeed, I suppose it’s better than staying as it is in the Imperial Capital.

“It’s going to be lonely huh”

“Fufu, thank you for thinking that way”

The two of us chat as we head towards the dining room and

“Morning, Lei”

“Ara, morning, Lei”

Everybody has already gathered.

“Good morning, Chichiue, Hahaue, Elizhahaue. Marco-aniue, Vont-aniue. Morning, Filia, Chloe, Chrona”

“Good morning, Lei-sama”


Filia and Chrona are obviously feeling down. We won’t be able to meet for a while from now on so I guess it can’t be helped huh.

“Chichiue, are you heading off immediately today?”

“Aa, I think we will be leaving right after the meal is finished. Since I had left the territory empty for nearly a month. I feel bad for Alene and the others”

While we talk about such things, the meal finished and it’s finally time for goodbye.

“Eliza. I’ll be entrusting the mansion to you again. You can come to the territory at any time”

“Yeah. Since there is nothing else for me to handle with the children, it might also be time for me to go huh”

And the two of them kiss. Eris is spewing maledictions next to them.

“Marco, you know what will happen if you don’t lose weight by the next time we meet, right?”

“Ye, yes, Chichiue!”

“Vont, I’ll entrust the surveillance to you. You can even attack him with Water Magic if he eats nothing but sweets”

“Understood, Chichue. Leave it to me”

“And then, Lei”

“Yes, Chichiue”

“I suppose various things will happen to you hereafter. But no matter what happens, us family will definitely help you. Consult us without taking everything upon yourself. It’ll take some time but I’ll rush over immediately if there’s anything. Well, you have your fiance so I guess you’ll be alright huh”

Sieg who says that and laughs.

……Even though he was saying nice things at the beginning, this father.

“The next time we meet, I will punch that face not with a surprise attack but with my true strength”

I said with a grin.

“Now you’ve said it, you rascal. Well, I’ll be looking forward to it”

And then Sieg and I put our fists together

“Lei. You won’t listen even if I say a lot so there’s a part of me that’s given up but just don’t overdo it. Because you’re my adorable son”

Eris who says that and hugs me closely.

“I will keep that in mind, Hahaue. Hahaue as well, please take care of yourself”

And then

“Filia and Chrona, don’t cry so much. It’s not like we won’t be able to meet ever again”

“Bu, b.u.t.tt, ueeen!”


And then the two of them who cling to me.

“Hora, both of you, show me your smiles, alright?”

“Ye, yes!”

“Un, understood!”

And then Filia and Chrona who smile at me. Un, adorable.

“As I thought, the both of you are adorable with your smiles”



Alright, alright. I’ll pat their heads.

“I’ll be counting on you as well, Chloe”

“Yes, please leave it to me, Lei-sama”

Chloe who says that and bows at me.


“Marin-san as well, please do your best in the territory”

“Ee, I will also become stronger so that I can match Lei-kun”

“Okay, I will be looking forward to it!”

And then this moment came.

“Come now, the carriage arrived so let’s get on”

They get on in sequence starting from Sieg.

“Well then, Lei. Be healthy and do your best!”

“Overdoing it is not allowed, alright!”

“Onii-shama~~~~! UeeeN!”

“Lei-shama~~~~! UeeeN!”

Thus, I bid farewell to my family.

I also have to mature until the next time we meet.

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