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〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜Marin side〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜
“All members hold out no matter what it takes!”


This is terrible. Me aside, if it carries on like this, everybody won’t be able to hold on.

“Vice-Captain. You guys are able to maintain the barrier without me, right”

“Indeed we are able to but, could it be, Captain?”

“I will draw their attention so hold out until His Majesty activates the advanced magic barrier”

With just me, handling the both of them is tough. I have to take down those who possess the Demon Swords somehow……

“……Understood. I wish you good luck”

“Ee, I’ll leave the rest to you”

I head outside the barrier.

“Oya, why have Magician Squad Captain-dono come outside? Did you possibly come to let me cut you up?”

“No, she came to let me suck her blood!”

“No way that’s happening, right? I came to take you guys down. Volcanic Arrow!”

I cast Fire Magic’s Volcanic Arrow at those who possess the Demon Swords. I don’t really want to use magic in the middle of the town but it can’t be helped. The flame arrows approach those who possess the Demon Swords and explode. I activate this multiple times. And then what appeared when the dust clouds that were whirled up disappear was


……It seems something of this degree won’t do huh. They suffered injuries but it seems it didn’t matter much.

“In that case, how about this? Earth Magic Earth Hall, Fire Magic Flame Burst!”

I create dirt walls encircling those who possess the Demon Swords and lock them up. I activate Fire Magic’s Flame Burst the instant I shut them in. If it’s like this then they shouldn’t have any place to escape. Loud rumbles roar within the Earth Hall.

The Earth Wall crumbles. Thereupon

“Gaa……GIL…..L. Guhee……”

It seems they are alive but it seems they can’t move because their limbs are blown off. What about the two of them?

“Fuu, this one was effective. I’m not good at magic but I’m good at Body Enhancement. I withstood it somehow”

That’s impossible! For him to defend against it with just Body Enhancement.

“Rather than that, is it okay for you to be looking away?”

Eh? Thereupon, from my back

“Dark Magic Shadow Lord. I shall have your blood!”

The Vampire who came out from the shadow approaches.

“Kuu! Wind Magic Wind Wall!”

I activate a barrier of wind around me but

“Too easy!”

The Ripper Demon slashes at me.

“Magic Barrier!”


I blocked it somehow but I got blown away because I couldn’t resist it entirely.


I was sent flying all the way to a shop somewhere.

Kuu, I have to quickly recover my posture or else

“Hora, over here this time. Darkness Claw”

The Vampire strikes at me with her right hand that’s endowed with Dark Magic.

“Light Magic Shining Spear!”

“Not good enough!”

s.h.i.t! She blocks my Light Magic with her right hand and continues on to strike and send me flying.


Haahaa, it’ll be terrible if it goes on like this…….


There’s no way I can die with everybody watching though

“Say, Basan2. It’s about time to let me cut her up~”

“What are you talking about. I am going to drink her blood”

The Vampire who says that and grabs my neck.

“Shall I have a look at your face before I drink your blood. Let me see……”

This is terrible! Only His Majesty and Gayn and the others, a limited number of people know of this matter and yet

“St, stop it! Stop!”


Aa, my mantle was torn and then

“Nn? What, you’re a Curse Holder huh”

“Nn? What’s that?”

“Take a look at this fellow’s eyes. Both eyes normally have the same colour but, this fellow has her right eye blue and her left eye red, right. There are occasionally those who are like her who have a different colour in each eye. Fellows like that are called Curse Holders, they are avoided by everybody because they say the colours are different because they are being cursed. The king of this country is an eccentric fellow huh. To deliberately make a Curse Holder serve him. It’s true that her figure is good so, is she his partner at night?”

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Don’t you humiliate His Majesty!”

I try to cast magic but

“You’re noisy”


I got kicked in the stomach.

“Take a look. The squad members’ faces changed the moment they found out you’re a Curse Holder. That’s the extent of your trust”

I look to the direction of the squad members and, that’s really how it is huh…… Everybody turn their faces away like it has nothing to do with them. It’s the same here as well. No, His Majesty said even someone like me has talent and picked me up. Gayn also came saying he wants me to teach him magic without being bothered.

“My mood to drink is gone. I’ll give her to you, Ripper Demon”

“Is that so. I don’t care about something like curses! Let out some nice cries for me, Captain-san!”

The Ripper Demon says that and raises his sword overhead. I shut my eyes. Thereupon

“Yare yare, I wonder if it’s too early to be giving up”

“That is right, it still has not ended yet!”

Kinn! Kinn!

I open my eyes and over there

“Come now, stand up. Young lady, Marin. It still hasn’t ended yet”

“Although it might not be much, I will help as well. Let’s do our best, Magician Squad Captain”

Schicksal-sama and Lei-kun were standing there.

〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜Lei side〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜

I who finished my contract with Maririn ran with the Headmaster until the front of the gate.

“Sonny, call me ‘Shishou’4 from now on”

“Shishou, is it?”

“Aa, since you’ll become my disciple like Alexia from now on”

“Understood, Shishou!”

“Un, good answer. Well then, let’s head over quickly”

“Th, this is, Schicksal-sama! You came to reinforce us, right!”

If I’m not wrong, was it the Magician Squad.

“Aa, since I was able to ensure the safety within the Royal Castle. And then where’s the young lady, Marin?”

That’s right. Magician Squad Captain Marin should be here. I guess this place won’t fall that easily as well if that person is around.

“Th, that is……”

“What is it? Hurry up and say it!”

“She is currently in a battle with the Ripper Demon and Vampire. We have been entrusted with the magic barrier in the meantime”

Is she fighting alone? There should be quite a few of those who possess the Demon Swords.

“I get it. Where is she?”

“At the first barricade in front of this place”

We head towards the first barricade and over there was


Magician Squad Captain Marin who has collapsed and, a man and young girl who are surrounding her.

“This is terrible huh”

“That is right! We have to quickly save her or else!”

“No, take a look at young lady’s face”

Magician Squad Captain’s face……wha!

“To, to think that”

“Aa, have you realised”

“Ee, to think that the Magician Squad Captain was an elf. She’s tremendously beautiful huh”

Her appearance looks to be about 16 years old, golden hair about the length of her shoulder. b.r.e.a.s.t.s-sama is about average. I couldn’t tell until now because she had her hood on but, are all elves beautiful men and women after all? Are Shishou and Magician Squad Captain Marin special?
I say that and


“Ouch! Why?”

I was. .h.i.t on the head by Shishou.

“Not that. The problem is with that child’s eyes. You guys! Don’t tell me you’re not going to her aid because of this?”

Eyes? I don’t really understand but I look at her eyes and……oo! The left and right side have a different colour! If I’m not wrong, was it called heterochromia. Her right eye is blue and her left eye is red.

“Is there something wrong with her eyes being different colours?”

“You don’t know? In this continent, those with different eye colours are being called Curse Holders. Well, I who have lived several hundred years thinks that something like that is just superst.i.tion though.
Those who possess those eyes would be persecuted variously, that child herself was also chased out of an elf’s village and was living by herself, I picked her up and brought her here”

She had such a past huh. However, she’s an elf that’s why she’s that good at magic huh!

“Well then, what is sonny going to do?”

“Do what?”

“Are you saving that child?”

“Haa? I don’t understand the meaning of your question though. Instead, are her eyes supposed to be a reason to not save her?”

I asked Shishou with a serious look.

“Aha, ahahahaha! Quite so, Lei! Something of that degree is no reason to not save her! Well then, let’s go!”


Shishou draws her sword, I ready my spear and we start to run.

This is bad! The man swings his sword down onto Magician Squad Captain Marin. eh. Shishou, you’re fast! You’re already all the way there. I also activate Body Enhancement. Shishou


deflects the man’s sword. I also mow my spear towards the young girl who’s beside.


Tsk, it was blocked huh. However, I was able to separate her from Magician Squad Captain Marin with this.

And then

“Come now, stand up. Young lady, Marin. It still hasn’t ended yet”

“Although it might not be much, I will help as well. Let’s do our best, Magician Squad Captain”

We ready our weapons.

Both of you, lend me your strength.

“Of course nano!”

“Understood, Aruji-sama”

Now then, shall we do this

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