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“I, it has been a while. Headmaster Schicksal”

Sieg is trembling and sweating like a waterfall. Is a person this beautiful that terrifying. I understand that she certainly possesses tremendous skills though.

Her appearance is a pair of sharp ears, straight long hair with jade colour eyes. It seems she’s an elf but it’s considerably rare. Elves are fundamentally a race who excels in magic. Amongst them, to use a sword is.

“It’s been a while huh, Sieg boy. The reason I have to get angry at you, I wonder if it’s because you do idiotic things. Am I wrong?”

“N, no. It is as you have said”

“And yet you call me a demonic old lady. You have some nerve don’t you!”

Sieg is trembling more and more. This person is amazing.

“Well, let’s talk about that later. More importantly, Raymond. Is this child the child who was written in the letter that was sent to me yesterday?”

“Ee, that child is the Margrave’s son and the one who defeated Alexia, Leivelt・Runwalker”

Eh? The Headmaster is addressing the King without honorifics?

“I’m also serving as the Royal Family’s swordsmanship instructor. That’s why I’ve known about Raymond since he was a baby and wetting the bed. Well, recently I’ve only been teaching Alexia though”

The Headmaster who says that and laughs loudly. I heard that elves have long lifespans though.

“Nice to meet you. I am Margrave Runwalker’s son, Leivelt・Runwalker. Headmaster Schicksal”

“It seems you’re more polite than Sieg huh. My name is Sylphid・Schicksal. Call me whatever you like”

The Headmaster who holds her hand out to me. I stand up, hold my hand out and shake her hand as well when


Everything turned upside down. I’ll fall on my head if it goes on like this. I immediately activate Body Enhancement. I somehow twist my body and did an ukemi1 on the floor.


“Hou. There’s promise huh. As expected from having defeated Alexia.”

“What exactly are you doing?”

“What. It’s my way of greeting. This time for sure, nice to meet you”

She says and stands me up. It’s fine this time it seems.

“Well then, since the Headmaster has arrived as well, let’s talk about the yesterday’s matter. Prime Minister”

“Yes. The students who challenged Princess Alexia to a duel yesterday were all the sons of the Earls’ family. They fainted and are under house arrest in their own residence now. Even when we ask the Earls about the Demon Swords, the Earls don’t know about it. We will probably have to ask the sons after they wake up. About the punishment, the Earl family will be demoted to Baron, the sons will be treated as criminal slaves”

……It’s inevitable. We don’t know what they were thinking when they used the Demon Swords but, if we think about how the Princess would have died had there been one wrong move. I guess just being alive is good enough huh. That is if being a criminal slave is better than dying……

“Understood. Headmaster. Are there students who possessed such weapons within the academy?”

“I only knew about it yesterday as well so I don’t know. But if the parents don’t know, that means the children got their hands on it somewhere so, if they obtain it then it’s within the academy or, on the way to the academy”

“That’s right. We will check on the entering and exiting of merchants on our side as well. I will leave the academy’s side in your hands”

“I get it. And the topic that was written in the letter?”

“Yes. I thought of talking to the person himself about that now”

The King who says that and looks at me. Wh, what?

“Margrave. The aforementioned topic”

“Understood. Lei. I have something important to tell you”

“Something important?”

“Aa, I’ll have you stay in the Imperial Capital from now until you graduate”

“Wha! ……Is that because there is the matter with Alexia-sama?”

“There’s that as well but, that’s not all there is to it. I had intended to talk to you about this since the beginning. I have already talked to Eris”

“Is it fine if I ask the reason?”

“Of course. The reason is in your t.i.tle. I’ve already talked about it with everybody here except Princess Alexia and Lady Helen. My bad for talking about it as I pleased, Lei”

“No, that is fine but”

“Ever since Eris and I saw your status, we have been thinking that your calibre won’t settle down in a small place like the Margrave’s territory. In the continent’s conflict that will occur from now on, you will certainly be dragged into it. In order for you to survive when that time comes, Eris and I judged that it’s better if we have you train in the Imperial Capital under the Headmaster. The Headmaster has also already accepted it”

“Aa, spears are outside my area of expertise but I can be your opponent. I’ll be in your care”

The Headmaster who says that and smiles at me. I

“……Understood. Before that, is one thing fine, Chichiue?”

“Aa, what?”

“……Clench your teeth, s.h.i.tty father!”


I use Body Enhancement, aim at the Sieg who’s beside me and swing my fist. And then



Sieg who was blown away.

The surrounding was dumbfounded, only the Headmaster is laughing out loudly.

“Hahahahahaha! You got punched and sent flying by a child!”

……Still, aren’t you laughing too much.

And then I……

“Fuu! I’m refreshed!”

I dispel all the resentment that has been piling up and was refreshed.

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