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Important: Edited Alexia’s last dialogue in the previous chapter.

Suggest in the comments section if you have a better name for Merlin. Originally, マーリン: Maーrin. She’s a cute girl.

vs First Princess

Dozens of times I think about how it became like this.

Right now I’m confronting Princess Alexia in a practice area that’s in the Royal Palace.

I who was set up by Sieg, went to prepare for the duel while being dragged along by Princess Alexia.

Because I had absolutely no intention of fighting, the weapon and armour, even the clothing had to be borrowed. What I am most troubled by amongst that is when I change my clothes. The reason being Princess Alexia is for some reason trying to help me change.

“Wai! Your Highness Princess Alexia, I can change by myself!”

“Don’t say that, I’ll give you a hand! Ehehe~a little child’s changing of clothes~! Jyuru1!”

I heard a somewhat disturbing noise but I’ll ignore it!

“Don’t Your Highness Princess Alexia have preparations as well!”

“Just Alexia is fine. I’m only left with wearing my protector and carrying my weapons. Since I have the school’s clothes for my clothes. These clothes are endowed with magic, an exceptional item that has impact mitigation and all sorts of magic mitigation”

Are they wearing such fine items in the academy……

“Leaving that aside, let’s quickly go and change! Quickly undress!”

“I said it is fine! I can change by mysel, tte, don’t start undressing me from the trousers! Wai, let g, ahーーーー!”

……And then coming out from the room were Princess Alexia who is glittering with a tremendous smile and me who is tremendously exhausted.

Though she’s so helpful that she even helps me change and wear my protector, it troubles me that her motives are too impure. However, the b.r.e.a.s.t.s-sama that touches me during the change was soft.

And then as I am waiting on the practice ground, Sieg came.

“You came huh, Chichiue”

“Well, don’t be that mad. You had all sorts of fun, right?”

Sieg who says that and laughs. Wh, what is he on aboutーI try to whistle.

“There’s no sound coming out. Well, I guess that doesn’t matter. More importantly, win this duel”

Changing drastically from before, Sieg looks at me with a serious expression.

“Why is that?”

“What, it’s for the sake of tomorrow. I think Lei will be able to win tomorrow as well but, I thought of having His Highness and the others have a look at your true strength before that”

“……The real reason is?”

“It’s just that it’s troublesome. If Lei wins then Princess Alexia’s interest will go towards Lei. Then I won’t have the need to fight”

Sieg laughs in a way like sounds are coming out. This father……

“Well, be careful. I hear that both Princess Alexia’s swordsmanship and magic are on quite a high level. She uses water, earth and wind magic depending on the situation, and her swordsmanship is apparently the rare dual blades. It seems she has cut down her enemies until now with her phantasmagoric swordsmanship”

Come to think of it, I’ve never seen dual blades before. I might be slightly looking forward to this now.

“Hey, she’s here”

When I look at her from the front, she’s wearing breastplate or something above her uniform and on her waist is two swords.

“I’m sorry, boy. The preparations took some time”

“No, it is fine”

“Then I’m glad. Margrave. As promised, if I win against this child then please be my opponent!”

“I understand. If you win against Lei then I shall be your opponent”

Then the King

“The preparations looks to be in order. Gayn will be refereeing. Gayn”

“Yes. Then I shall fulfil the role of the referee. The rule will be until either one of you surrenders or until I stop it. The use of magic is allowed but please restrain from magic with high lethality. Any questions?”

Princess Alexia and I both shake our heads.

Sieg returns to the King’s vicinity, for some reason Magician Squad Captain Merlin is around. When did she?

“Then, both of you get ready!”

Oops, it’s not the time to be thinking about that. I ready my spear. Princess Alexia unsheathes only one sword for some reason.

“……You are not unsheathing both swords?”

“I will be exhausted later if I go out for the warm-up”

Princess Alexia says that and smiles. I as a person who’s fond of martial arts as well got irritated.

“I understand. I shall make you unsheath it immediately”

ーーbachi bachi, bachi bachiーー

Nn? Hikarin is for some reason on top of my head? Even though I should have left her in the mansion today.

“I came!”

What do you mean ‘I came’. Well, whatever. I should concentrate as well.

“Then, start!”

On Imperial Guards Captain Gayn’s signal, the duel begins.

I activate Body Enhancement in that instant. Closing the distance between Princess Alexia at once.


Then I release a lunge.

“Wha! Kuu!”

Princess Alexia looks surprised but she somehow averts it with her sword.

But I nimbly return the spear back into my hands and release multiple lunges.

Princess Alexia who has only been on the defence immediately after the start tries to create distance but I didn’t allow that and close the gap she created.

“Kuu! Body Enhancement activate!”

And then Princess Alexia also activates Body Enhancement. With this, she somehow manages to cope and creates distance.

“I let my guard down. To think that you’re so strong despite having such a cute face. I wonder if it’s expected from the Margrave’s son”

“A martial artist is mistaken the moment they look at an opponent and let their guard down. Your Highness Princess Alexia”

“Fufufu, fufufufufufufufu! You’re right! It’s my bad!”

Princess Alexia who says that and unsheathes her second sword.

“This time I’m going to you!”

Princess Alexia says that and charges towards me as she laughs.

She swings the sword on the right side down on me. When I try to block that


It’s my turn to be surprised this time. Even though the sword on the right side is being swung down first when I saw it just now, a side slash from the sword on the left side is right by my side when I realize. She doesn’t change the speed of the sword on the right side, and only changed the speed of the sword on the left side huh!

I somehow repel the sword on the left side with the b.u.t.t of my spear. I immediately deal with the sword on the right side and, the sword on the left side approaches during that time!

……I see. This is amazing. If I think it’s from the right then it’s from the left. If I think it’s from the top then it’s from the bottom. Shifting the timing and angle from various directions, making it hard to avoid. This is the swordsmanship of Princess Alexia huh.

“Fufufu! Wind Cutter!”

Over there she includes magic as well. I have to deal with attacks from 3 directions at all times. I’m the one being pushed back this time.

It’d be fun to try losing because of Sieg but, I also want to win against this person now.

……It’s something I heard afterwards but, it seems I also laugh with my teeth showing during the fight. The spectacle from outside is two people laughing while slashing at each other, something like an eccentric spectacle.

……I also can’t criticize Princess Alexia huh.

But I’ll be pushed back if this carries on so I also use magic.


I take distance with my special smokescreen move. And then immediately

“Lightning Magic Lightning Body Endowment!”

With this, the equilibrium should crumble!


I draw close to Princess Alexia whose vision is returning.

“uu! What speed!”

Princess Alexia somehow responded but, I pressure her like before.

“Fufufu, aha, ahahahahaha! It’s fun! It’s so fun! Boy!”

Princess Alexia says with an ecstatic look.

“It looks fun huh”

“Of course! There’s no way a match like this wouldn’t be fun!”

Princess Alexia who says that and smiles.

I saw that face and thought it was beautiful.

“But it seems like it’s no good if this carries now so, I will use the greatest technique I can currently use! Wind Magic Gale Storm Weapon Endowment!”

Wha! Though Weapon Endowment should only be able to endow one weapon, both weapons are being endowed.

“Have you noticed. This is one of the abilities of the skill dual blades, if it’s up to two weapons then I can use it with it being treated as one weapon!”

Dual wielding huh. Should I take it as well?

“Now then, let’s go! Eat this! Gale Twister!”

I’ll be minced if I ate that……then I will

“Lightning Magic Lightning Voltex Weapon Endowment!”

I’ll counter it with that technique!


The pair of swords that blow a violent storm and the spear of lightning that roars thunderously collide.



And then


Thunderous roar


Princess Alexia and I got sent flying.

I stand up immediately and

“Both of you, that will be it!”

got stopped by Imperial Guards Captain Gayn.

I look at the spot I was standing at just now and a large crater was made. The spear I was using is also tattered and broken.

I look at Princess Alexia and she’s not getting up. It seems she’s lost her consciousness.

I look at Imperial Guards Captain Gayn and

“Haa, even though I said to restrain on using magic with high lethality”

Imperial Guards Captain Gayn says and sighs again.

I look around and the King is surprised, Magician Squad Captain Merlin is for some reason looking over here with sparkling eyes. What?

And then Sieg is……shaking his head like he’s saying ‘My, my’

I think while suppressing the feeling of wanting to punch Sieg.

……I slightly overdid it?……

じゅるり:Jyururi, the sound effect for slurping up saliva

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