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The planet of the Aerymian elves was beyond the World Gate.

The brilliant light film rippled and the first thing that flew out of the gate was the Petrachelys. It was followed by Vimm's fleet and then the Helcrown, which had been escorted by the fleet. At the very end of the line was the gigantic wreckage.

A s.p.a.ce fortress, similar to the size of Aerym's floating island slowly floated out of the World Gate under the towing barge. The mottled hull was covered with remnants of huge tentacles. Scars, dents and radioactive perforations caused by explosions could be seen everywhere on the deck. A fleet of Aerymian elves who were waiting near the s.p.a.ce station already knew that a huge wreckage would be parked on their tracks, but they did not expect the size of the wreckage to be so daunting. Although they had the experience of transforming huge floating islands, the transformation was carried out on the base of the rock layer. The ships they actually built were not that gigantic.

Nonetheless, they reacted quickly. After Vimm issued the order, a group of piloted s.p.a.cecrafts began to flash bright lights and flew past the towing barge, leading the gigantic wreckage to the predetermined area to dock.

The "port" for the wreckage had been built about 1,000 km away from the s.p.a.ce station. Dozens of silvery-gray spires were floating there, and the spires were connected by beams of light. There was also a small s.p.a.ce station, whch acted as the "port's" control center. These were the things that the elves of Aerym used to fix their floating islands that went out of control in the "death land". The spires could be anch.o.r.ed in s.p.a.ce and the small s.p.a.ce station functioned as a surveillance facility. Now that the floating islands were gone, these devices lost their purpose. They were originally prepared to be recycled, but they were now useful again.

Although Aerym's technical expertise was not the greatest in the entire cosmic civilization, it was at least good enough to help Hao Ren.

"The wreckage will be parked in the new planet of Aerym from now on. There is no extra s.p.a.ce in Kuiper Station. Raven 12345 has clearly given me the right to dispose of this wreckage." Hao Ren looked at the scene and turned to the communicator next to him. He could see Vimm's image floating above it. "Just make sure the boat doesn't drift into s.p.a.ce."

Vimm nodded and said, "Rest a.s.sured, that will be easy."

The s.p.a.cecraft wreckage from the Otherworld had special research value. Its main value lay in the First Born that traversed the void. After Hao Ren reported to Raven 12345, she said that she only needed a small number of its tissue fragments to carry out research. The wreckage itself was useless to her, so naturally, it became Hao Ren's big toy. Hao Ren wondered what he could do with it. Turn it into a sea view room? He could not find such a big beach. Turn it into an apartment building? n.o.body would rent it. Turn it into a battleship? It was not as st.u.r.dy as the Petrachelys. And honestly, he felt that even if he tried to sell it as sc.r.a.p metal, n.o.body would want it. Hence, he decided to leave it on the new Aerym planet as a great treasure.

After all, this planet was also his property, right?

Despite that, Hao Ren had a feeling that such a huge s.p.a.ce fortress would eventually come in handy. It was such a high-tech object that the average person could not have even imagined it. After transferring the remains of the First Born, someone could probably think of a way to use it...

Hao Ren sent out dozens of autonomous robots from the Petrachelys and allowed those little guys to go into the wreckage and cut each part of the First Born's structure. He would bring those samples back to Raven 12345. He let those autonomous robots stayed there for the time being to clean up the remains of the First Born and preferably, dig up the wreckage in relatively good condition. He also expected them pile it up and put the pieces on a nearby natural satellite. The new Aerymian planet had a medium-sized moon, where they could build an engineering station on. Though he had no idea what the use of keeping it was, Lily said something that everyone deeply agreed with: "It did not matter if it was useful or not, just bring it back and keep it. It may just come in handy someday!"

Although the husky was a little dumb, sometimes she was still very insightful.

Cleaning up the wreckage, which spanned hundreds of kilometers was not an easy project. However, autonomous robots were highly efficient, and each of them came with small s.p.a.ce containers (used to store their vast array of kits and materials), so it probably would not take long. Hao Ren was not in a hurry anyway, so those little ones did not have to worry.

After he had arranged the long-term projects in s.p.a.ce, the Helcrown began to descend slowly, ready to enter the atmosphere to greet their new neighbors.

As the team's "only highly educated girl", Lily helped Y'zaks with writing a bulletin about their circ.u.mstances. It was sent to everyone in the city when Helcrown departed. Now everyone in Helcrown knew that they had come to another world and they were about to secure a dream home. But to be honest, they were all muddled up. Anyone who had a normal mind may not have been able to react to it properly at that point. Plus, they could not believe that such a good thing would happen to them. It was an incredible stroke of luck like pennies from heaven!

Regardless, the people of Helcrown were very faithful to Y'zaks. These people had a kind of blind faith towards the demon king and they worshipped him. As long as Y'zaks patted his chest and ensured them that it was all safe, no one in the city would doubt it.

This was how the MDT evaluated the people in the city: as long as Y'zaks declared the Earth to be square, these people would run to the ends of the earth to create an edge on it... This was called loyalty.

Anyway, with Y'zaks' reputation, everyone in Helcrown had accepted and believed this incredible fact. Countless people were looking at the magical scene outside the city's shield: It was that of the splendid Milky Way, and endless stars.

Those who were born in s.p.a.ce bubbles had never seen the cosmic stars. The sight of countless stars shining in the sky had only appeared in the papers of that unpopular old scholar. Y'zaks and Lanina were the only people in the entire city who had seen such stars. Now the splendid stars of the universe were shining above the city. People walked out of their houses, astonished and uneasy, but full of interest.

They got their first glimpse of the stars on the other end of the World Gate once the fleet rushed through the gate. After that, the people could finally immerse themselves in the starlight...

Until the whole city sank into the atmosphere and ushered in the sun as it slowly descended along an arc.

Under the fleet's guidance, Helcrown slowly approached the south of the main continent. An uneven coastline appeared in the thin morning light and they saw lights flashing on the coastline. It was the elves, who came to greet them in advance.

Helcrown was now in a state where it could not land directly on land (after all, it was hard for the elves to dig a pit of suitable size), so the most suitable place to land was the offsh.o.r.e sea. According to the size of Helcrown's base, the elves found a landing point that would allow the bottom of the floating city to reach the continental shelf. After the city was docked, experts would come to help connect the base of Helcrown with the continental shelf, making it a secure island. The tall walls of Helcrown were not afraid of storms, and landing not too far from the coastline made it very convenient for the mages to build roads that connected to the mainland. So, the Helcrown was now considered to have settled down safely.

The elves were experienced in this field since they had helped settle a dozen floating islands before.

Hao Ren led a group of Helcrown representatives to the coast and was surprised to find that Hilda was also standing amongst the welcoming team.

"Your Majesty, you actually came in person?" Hao Ren greeted Hilda cheerfully. "Not busy today?"

Hilda smiled and looked at the most eye-catching bald head in the crowd and said, "My old friends are here. I had to come and greet you all."

Y'zaks scratched his bald head a little awkwardly while Y'lisabet sat and wriggled atop his shoulder. The little one looked at the distant Helcrown, which was slowly landing on the sea. She had joy written all over her face. It was basically the reaction of a child when moving to a new home.

"The last time, I helped you move house, and this time you helped me."

"Don't mention it," Hilda said as she smiled and looked at Hao Ren. "We're all renting anyway…"

As the landlord, Hao Ren was suddenly filled with a gentle feeling of affection.

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