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Perhaps Hao Ren's understanding about the world was limited, especially about these ascetics. It seemed that Big Beardy's casual method of finding a way was not much of a problem for others. After he had decided the direction, the old werewolf did not even look at it, just nodded and followed them.

This underground world was large. The big cavern behind them was just a small part of it. Hao Ren let the data terminal scan the nearby terrain, and found that there were several places in the distance that looked like the underground pit in the cavern behind them. And these pits were connected by intricate caves. If there had not been anyone like Big Beardy to lead the way, the average person would have probably been trapped, and died there. After seeing the image sent from radar in his mind, Hao Ren had an indescribable awe of the underground cavern system. He dared not imagine how the founder of the Disciples of Glory of 3,000 years ago found the earliest ancestor of life and the succession of the G.o.ddess in this sacred cavern. Without some kind of guidance, it was hard to believe that one could explore the underworld with pure luck.

The cave was long and tortuous, and the road was rugged. The irregular stone walls were intermittently scattered with the wonderful luminescent material that illuminated the road and made the atmosphere seemed extremely eerie. Fortunately, the cave was wide. Walking in the cave did not let them feel oppressive. Otherwise, staying in this kind of stuffy environment for a long time would affect their mood.

Lily walked beside Hao Ren. As she walked, she gathered some beautiful rocks around her and stuffed them into Hao Ren's hands, asking Hao Ren to keep them in his dimensional pocket to bring them back to fill her treasure chest. At the same time, she dug some glowing powder from the wall along the way and rubbed it with her fingers to examine it. "It looks like a glowing fungus, not a mineral…"

 "Beware of fungal infections." Hao Ren said and stayed away from the powder. He did not really know anything about fungi, but that made him feel uncomfortable when he heard it was a fungus.

 "These fungi should be harmless." Vivian was not worried about it. She released a small bat and let it chew some of the powder on the stone walls before making this judgment. This kind of testing method was really a test of creativity. At the same time, she also released a lot of small bats to check the intersections along the way and seemed like they found something. "There should be some cracks that connect to the ground. The air here is slightly circulating, and there is water seeping through those cracks."

 "There are fewer young mercenaries like you guys now." Elson, the old werewolf, was quiet all the way, suddenly interrupted and said. "Back then, there was no difference between the mercenary and the adventurer, and there was not much rule or organization. Many people were brave enough to go around, to the ruins or crypt. They either brought back lots of treasures or died in it. The men were savage, but they sought the thrill and did not afraid of anything. The mercenaries now... Well, they made a lot of rules for no reason, and they found a lot of decent organizations and taking errands. How can you call that a mercenary? It's rare to have young people as full of curiosity and boldness as you are."

It seemed that this expedition in the cavern reminded the old werewolf of some of his experiences when he was young. Elson continued to talk to them and compared the 'mercenaries back then' with the mercenaries now. Lily was quite curious when listening to his story and asked, "You were a mercenary too?"

Elson smiled, exposing his sharp werewolf fangs and said, "That was hundreds of years ago. At that time, I was living near the gra.s.sland with Ophra. There were no distinctions between mercenaries and adventurers at the time. Those who trained themselves were adventures, and those who were being paid were mercenaries. We used to get into this kind of cavern. Now I look at you and I think of my old times. I'm old, might be a little talkative, hope you don't mind."

Hao Ren heard it and immediately stunned. He knew the story of Marshal Ophra who used to be a mercenary hundreds of years ago. He also heard the story about the Prince of Holletta, Prince Geddon III, recruited Ophra in a small border town. These ancient stories were commonly circulated among current mercenaries like a legend, and Becky was familiar with them. But he did not expect that the old werewolf who looked just like Ophra's sidekick was a witness to that story!

If so, as Ophra's teammate, Elson, the werewolf should also be a resounding legendary hero, at least he also served the kingdom for hundreds of years, but Hao Ren did not remember having heard the legend of this man.

 "Haha, I don't like to be in the spotlight," Elson understood Hao Ren was surprised and explained, "and I wasn't as strong as Ophra. She was an ancient descendant. She achieved the status today entirely with her ability. And I just happened to know her and live longer. Plus you're from the north, it's normal that you never heard of me."

 "I've heard of you!" Becky suddenly reacted with excitement. "So you are the Grey Wolf General! The most valiant general under Lord Ophra! But-But, I didn't expect you to be like this... I thought..."

 "Thought what? You thought the general was supposed to be an old warlord in an armor suit, checking the unit with a straight face all day long?" The old werewolf laughed, seemed to think that this young lady was very interesting. "This is the way I am. When I was with Ophra hundreds of years ago, I told Geddon that I couldn't stand their rules."

 "Oh," said Becky and thought no wonder this old werewolf looked like a groom in the barracks. He was actually a real master who kept a low profile in most situations.

Elson took this opportunity to chat with Becky and Hao Ren, asked about the situation of this 'No Good names Left' mercenary corps. His reason was: as a veteran mercenary who had retired for many years, he was curious and had a lot of things to ask when he saw his younger colleagues.

When they pa.s.sed a fork in the road, Elson and Becky finished the conversation. Hao Ren quietly dragged Becky aside and whispered to her, "Is this Elson very famous? I've never heard of him before!"

"The most valiant general of the kingdom, the Grey Wolf General," said Becky with a thrill on her face. Apparently, she would get excited by anything related to Ophra, including the old werewolf. "He is the best valiant general of Ophra. He is very low-key, does not live in the general mansion, but in the barracks. Some people say he is mysterious because he almost never appears on any formal occasions. He only occasionally appeared as a sidekick of Lord Ophra. By the way, his full name is Elson Ebben. You'd better remember it to avoid being seen as ignorant."

"Oh..." Hao Ren nodded and suddenly realised something and said, "Wait a minute! Ebben?!"

His voice was a little loud. The old werewolf in front of him smiled and glanced at him and asked, "Yes? My family name is strange?"

Hao Ren calmed down and thought it had to be just a coincidence. "Oh, nothing. It's probably just a coincidence, but I know a couple of Ebben werewolves too."

Elson heard this, paused his footsteps and asked, "Another Ebben werewolf? I'm the last Ebben in the world! Where is it that you know other Ebbens?"

Hao Ren was surprised. "Wait... You say in this world... You're the only werewolf with the surname 'Ebben' in this world? Is there no other Ebben werewolf in this world?"

"The werewolf family strictly follows the rules of the Blood Clan. Even in their own marriage, they will ensure that the family name is never mixed. There would be no werewolf using someone else's family name, and the patriarch of the werewolf clan will know the situation of other family names very well. This is the root of our society," Elson Ebben's eyes looked a little bit sharp and said, "I can be sure that there won't be a second werewolf with the Ebben surname in this world. There's only one family name for each family, and I'm the last member of the Ebbens!"

Hao Ren did not know how to explain. Luckily, Vivian responded quickly. She made up an excuse and said, "Oh, he was mistaken, not someone with the surname Ebben, but that person was called Ebben…"

 "Oh," Elson Ebben said. He did not seem to doubt the story.

Becky looked at them, feeling confused. She whispered to Hao Ren, "Wait a minute, what's wrong with 'Ebben'?

Becky was not clear of the situation on Earth. She had never met the werewolves on Earth.

Hao Ren smiled and said, "I found someone a relative in another world!"

Since every werewolf family had only one surname, the Ebben Family on Earth and this old werewolf were absolutely relatives!

But this matter was not in Hao Ren's work schedule for the time being. He just took it as an unexpected episode, silently keeping it in his mind. He then continued to focus on his journey.

They finally reached the end of the long cave. In front of them was a large karst cave. However, when Lily just went and had a quick look at it, she cried in fear, "Ahhhhh—it's all tentacles!"

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