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Hao Ren was leading Vivian into a women's shop. Before Vivian was dazzled by a large variety of 'luxury' goods around her, she looked around suspiciously and asked, "Why do I feel that someone's staring at us?"

Hao Ren looked back strangely but only saw those ordinary customers and shops. "Just an illusion. If something happens around us, the MDT will alarm us."

"Oh," Vivian responded. She then turned her attention back to the clothes and her mood quickly lifted. To be honest, she really never thought that she could choose any dresses she liked at this kind of place. As a super poor, miserable and shabby vampire, the most extravagant was just picking up one or two pieces of clothing in a wayside stall or even in the secondhand clothes market. Therefore, when she was dragged here by Hao Ren, she even had a sense of happiness. Just as Hao Ren said, this poor vampire was so easy to be satisfied.

"Can I really choose whatever I like?" Vivian whispered, her eyes were full of antic.i.p.ation but she looked eager. Hao Ren looked back with a smile and replied, "Of course, as you like. Lily has changed more than 10 sets of clothes for herself since she came here, but what you have are still those old coats. I can't bear it."

Without any more words, after a happy little cry, she rushed to the beautiful clothes. She still liked these--it seemed to be unrelated to species, she was a girl after all.

Well, there's nothing I can say if you really want to argue about her age...

Hao Ren felt that there was nothing he could help now, so he let Vivian choose the clothes inside while he was waiting very patiently near the counter. The young cashier at the back of the counter was looking at this somewhat strange combination with interest for a good while and said, "Your girlfriend is very beautiful."

"Of course she is beautiful, she..." Hao Ren did not immediately realize something was not right at the beginning and then hurriedly explained, "Err, not my girlfriend, just an ordinary friend, I just bring her to buy some stuff."

"Is it?" The cashier girl was a little surprised but still smiled and said, "but almost, two of you look very close."

Hao Ren scratched his hair, not sure what to say. He did not know how others could see that they were 'very intimate'.

After a while, with the help of the shopping guide, Vivian tried two sets of clothes, and she looked very satisfied. Then, she beckoned him over with a wave at the other end of the clothes rack and asked, "Landlord, come and see if these two sets of clothes look good on me?"

Hao Ren walked toward Vivian, leaving the cashier stunned and muttered, "Landlord? The relationship between landlord and tenant has become so complicated these days? "

Vivian liked black very much, so even if she had the opportunity to choose her favorite clothes, she would only pick the black one. The two dresses she picked were almost all black. One of them looked like a slim maxi dress, but in fact, it was a special woman's windbreaker, and another one was a short coat with a string of small cross on the waist and matched with a black cotton skirt. Perhaps these two dresses were the legendary retro Gothic style. Anyway, the windbreaker looked really suitable for Vivian as a vampire, as for another one... Looking at that string of small cross Hao Ren knew that it was Vivian's special aesthetic view.

You would not find another sane vampire who would surround herself with a string of cross.

"Which one is better?" Vivian asked happily. Her slightly pale cheeks were even blushed with excitement. It was very rare to see a girl who was happy just because she could buy a new dress these days. Hao Ren sighed and waved and said, "Take whatever you like, I got my pay card anyway."

The so-called pay card was the saving card provided by Raven for all kinds of expenses that Hao Ren used to reimburse the living expensed of these unusual creatures.

Vivian slightly swayed her body with delight but uneasily and asked, "Does it suit me… It's so expensive, I have never bought such good clothes...

"Eh, you are frugal enough," Hao Ren sighed, "You just buy two new clothes for the past 6 months, I think it's too easy to provide for you, Lily's snacks were even more valuable than what you're wearing now."

Vivian said no more. She asked the shopping guide to put away the long windbreaker-like dress, and then held the other one like it was her precious and asked, "Can I put this on first?"

Hao Ren points to the fitting room and said, "Go ahead."

Then Vivian went in in the blink of an eye.

After waited patiently for a moment, the door of the fitting room was pushed open. Vivian appeared in front of Hao Ren with the new clothes. She turned around with a little uneasiness and asked, "Does it suit me?"

Hao Ren stunned there for three to five seconds and then kept nodding and said, "The designer of this clothes must be born just for you!"

The vampire was still the same old vampire, but it was true that the tailor makes the man. After putting on the new dress, Vivian looked like she was refreshed after F5. The well-tailored women's winter clothes did not appear plump and was just right to show the good figure of the girl. The black fabric might appear too dull in others, but in Vivian's feminine temperament, it appeared particularly appropriate. With the slightly pale complexion of the vampire lady, there was a kind of prominent, eye-catching, and even the devil charm against the black fabric. And a string of crosses on her graceful waist let Hao Ren who already knew Vivian well felt that there was a kind of unspeakable... art, yes, it was artistic.

It was totally different from those non-mainstream youngsters who randomly wore a bunch of necklace on their necks, the cross on Vivian was always critical, creative, futuristic, looking for trouble... Anyway, it was full of the spirit of symbolism. Even if Vivian was a non-mainstream, she was the non-mainstream among the vampires.

"Am I looked so good?" Vivian came to Hao Ren happily. She had always been calm, but today she was going to have a good time, she wanted to relax in this dress. Hao Ren kept nodding his head that he felt a little dizzy. "Yes. You look so good as if you've been photoshopped."

Vivian took this delicate description as a compliment and accepted it contentedly.

Some of the other sales a.s.sistants were also surprised. They were not just surprised by Vivian's beauty, but also the kind of temperament that did not belong to a human that she accidentally revealed for a second. Just a little bit of it was enough to shake the minds of ordinary people. A sales a.s.sistant confessed that she had never seen anyone fit this outfit so well, just as two things had never been met, but had been prepared for each other from the day they were born. Hao Ren found this exclamation was actually adapted from the advertis.e.m.e.nt. He thought it was a bit of an exaggeration, but the sales a.s.sistant said earnestly, "We've sold more than ten of these two sets of vampire-themed clothes but the previous customers looked like the families of the deceased, and we never understand what's on the designer's mind..."

Hao Ren then noticed the there were vampire theme words printing on the bag that Vivian was carrying. She felt that this topic was sensitive here, so she hurriedly urged Hao Ren to settle the bill and then left the shop.

Along the way, Vivian hugged her new dress with a dreamy face and said, "Go back and I'll wear this one first, and then leave the long windbreaker for New Year."

"Do you have to be so... I'll buy you a new one for New Year. Now let's go and buy a new phone for you," said Hao Ren.

Mobile phone area was just opposite of the apparel area, but because there was not a specialized electronic mall, so there were just three to four mobile phone stores available, and there were not many customers inside the stores. Hao Ren was not very keen on electronic products, especially after having a Mobile Data Terminal, his mobile phone directly became just a watch that he could refer to when he was outside, not to mention Vivian. Therefore, without any target, two of them simply entered a shop that looked nice. There were quite a number of customers inside and there was only one salesgirl who was free behind the long counter, so Hao Ren walked to her and knocked on the gla.s.s cabinet and said, "Excuse me..."

The salesgirl behind the counter looked up at him silently and said, "h.e.l.lo."

Hao Ren was stunned.

The woman looked cold. There was a shallow but easily notice scar near the bridge of her nose. Although she carefully makeup, Hao Ren could still instantly recognize the scar and the face.

This was exactly the female fighter whom Hao Ren was facing when he had a head-on encounter with the demon hunter for the first time.

For a moment he thought he was wrong, but when Vivian stepped back, he knew... That was her!

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