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Chapter 1634: The World Control Terminal?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Hao Ren knew precisely what that road sign meant.

It led to the lost divine realm of the G.o.ddess of creation, a forsaken place without divine blessing and protection or thriving life. No one knew what happened to the place, but the fact that the great explosion caused the divine domain to plunge into the Umbral Realm 10,000 years ago, was enough reason for Hao Ren to be mentally prepared for any eventualities.

There was a high possibility it was going to be a broken and crazy world. Additionally, the power of the Mad Lord and the remnants of the deicide could likely still be lingering around there. If the G.o.ddess of creation could survive, there was no reason that the opposing forces could not.

The Petrachelys could cross the boundaries of s.p.a.ce and time to enter the lost Umbral Realm using that signpost. But anyone in his right mind would know that it was a bad idea to go there without preparation.

Hao Ren looked at Raven 12345 and knew that she had something more to say. The G.o.ddess never disappointed when it came to serious matters like this although she always made an exhibition of herself every other day.

“Speaking of which, I just realized that I haven’t paid you your last year’s bonus,” Raven 12345 said, just as Hao Ren had expected.

“How dare you bring that up!” Hao Ren said.

However, Hao Ren quickly came to a realization. “Wait a minute! Don’t tell me that you’re going to use last year’s bonus as a reward for this mission! You can’t be serious!”

Raven 12345 shot him a sideways look. “What are you talking about? Would I do that…?

“Of course, I will. I’m not asking.”

Hao Ren gritted his teeth. “I am going to make an official complaint! Don’t ever think that I’m clueless about my right to file a complaint.”

Raven 12345 smiled slyly. “Go ahead! I have nothing to lose anyway since I’ve exhausted all my deductions this year.”

Hao Ren was struck dumb.

A sense of helplessness engulfed him. Why would I want to argue with a psychopath ? Hao Ren asked himself. Even though she said so, he suspected that he would still get his bonus in full. Raven 12345 was only making an empty threat; he knew her well.

He almost fell for her prank.

“This is no fun! I thought you would have a bigger reaction.” Sure enough, Raven 12345 was just pulling a prank. She lost interest in it when Hao Ren did not react the way she had antic.i.p.ated. “Let me show you the good stuff. It is more than compensate for your bonus. I tell you what, this is the most over-the-top thing that an inspector has ever gotten in history. It is seriously against the regulations. Had it not been for the special situation and the special approval of the administration, there was no way I could get it for you!”

Hao Ren was hooked and no more depressed. He watched with interest as Raven 12345 took something out of the dimensional fissure.

It was a ball that glowed in a faint green light, slightly smaller than a football. There was a mysterious and complicated texture on the surface and a sense of vitality coming from within the ball. Hao Ren could feel his body was infused with some kind of power as he stared at the ball.

As he could not make of the uses of the ball, he asked, “What is this?”

Raven 12345 looked proud. “It is a seed.”

“Why would I want a seed? Is it for the MDT?”

“I am not talking about a torrent seed, idiot!”

Hao Ren shrank back. “Me too. So, what is it for?”

“Did remember what I said to you when you came last time that I was going to get you something more powerful for your mission in the Plane of Dreams?” Raven 12345 said. “Here you go. This seed will sprout into a world tree.”

Hao Ren could vaguely guess it, but it was too bizarre to even believe it. “A world tree? Which one? Like Yggdrasil or—”

“It is real. Look at me; it is real!” Raven 12345 pointed at her mouth as she spoke. Apparently, she was pleased when she saw Hao Ren’s reactions. “Yggdrasil is only fennel compared with this world tree, which is an authentic product of the Galacticus Lords. It is the tree-type world control terminal. Do you understand?”

The words rang in Hao Ren’s mind. How could he not know what it was when he had read it before in the manual.

“As you know, K1, K2, and K3 are the three sovereign hubs.” Raven 12345 continued. “They make the rules, manage the world orders, run the heavenly program; they are a high-level world management terminal, a product of Xi Ling technology. And the thing in front of you is the same as the sovereign hubs. The difference is that it’s made of the Galacticus Lords technology. I could only get this for you as the power of the G.o.ddess of creation comes from Bryndis, the Dark Valkyrie. She’s a G.o.ddess of the Galacticus Lords. I’m telling you, getting it was not easy. No matter how close the two celestials are, this thing is not meant to be pa.s.sed around. It is given to you only because the situation has come to this stage.”

At that moment, Hao Ren did not really hear what Raven 12345 said as he had only one thing on his mind: the G.o.ddess had given him a sovereign hub! The G.o.ddess had given him a sovereign hub.

Those who were in their right mind should know that this thing was not meant for the inspector.

“They have made an exception just for this case.” Raven 12345 certainly knew this too. She shook her head and continued. “I have to remind you that although you have the world management terminal now, you must use it with care. It is so powerful that it could change the format of the entire universe, and an extremely high level of skills is needed to operate it. It takes a thousand years just to get the operation qualification from the Galacticus Lords. So, there are many limitations of how you can use it. First of all, most of its management functions are locked and set to run automatically; secondly, you are on the shared admin rights and currently there is no one else have this shared right except you. When you find the G.o.ddess of creation and make her complete the study, she will be the other administrator—at this point, you have to understand that the G.o.ddess of creation is half Galacticus Lords, therefore she will enjoy higher access allocation than you. More importantly, this world management terminal is to be connected to the Weaves of Destiny, so she must be the other administrator.”

Hao Ren nodded as he finally understood that he had to share the powerful gadget with the G.o.ddess of creation. “Did you just say that this thing has to be connected to the Weaves of Destiny?”

“Yup. As I said before, we have to modify the Weaves of Destiny and place it under our control, and this world management system is to replace Vivian’s position.”

Hao Ren finally understood the entire arrangement.

The G.o.ddess of creation had left behind the Waves of Destiny, which was virtually a sovereign hub prototype. Its functions of manipulating the universal constants and maintaining the laws of the world were the fundamental modules of the sovereign hub. But because of the rudimentary and primitive technology, this network had some innate flaws and could only run with Vivian as the controlling core. Raven 12345’s solution to this problem was straight and simple. She replaced the original kernel with the more advanced world management terminal.

Now, the bug left behind by the G.o.ddess of creation had been solved—the best solution to Samsung’s system hang was to switch to Huawei.

“This is only a basic model, and it has fewer function than the real thing. But it is efficient, stable, and almost completely autonomous, which is quite suitable for the situation of the Plane of Dreams. Plus, it uses less system resource; it will have no problem running on the Weaves of Destiny.” Raven 12345 sounded like a financial software salesperson. “But let me tell you again that this is the first time an inspector has ever gotten such a high-end gadget. Although there is an example where a single inspector is directly responsible for all the affairs of the universe, it happens in a remote and spa.r.s.ely populated world, and there is no allocation of a sovereign hub. You are the first one who gets it. the pressure at the top is enormous.”

Hao Ren was seeing Raven 12345 babbling like an old grandma for the first time. It felt funny. “Do not worry, I am not a kid and certainly will use it with care.”

Raven 12345 let out a sigh. “I am not worried about whether you are careful or not, but mainly about you are Sir. Ominous.”

Hao Ren cried out loud. “Wait a minute! I don’t mind when those rubbernecks say it, but how can you say this?”

“You may see me as one of them.” Raven 12345 spread out her hand.

Hao Ren was like what the heck.

There was no point harping on this topic when the other party was neurotic. So, Hao Ren continued to talk about the World Tree. “You better tell me how to activate, connect this thing to the Weaves of Destiny, the way it works, and what this thing can do if I jump straight into the Umbral Realm.”

“Startup and making the connection are basically idiot-proof; just place it near the highest I/O port of the Weaves of Destiny, and it will run by itself. But be warned that things will get pretty loud during startup. I suggest that you quickly left after the activation. I will send you the information about its specific range of influence and the icons of the startup process. What it can do? I can pull you and your buddies out from the broken divine realm and give you all another life to get revenge even if the one how kills you if the Mad Lord. As for other functions, you can slowly find them out.”

This thing was awesome.

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