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Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations

Editor: Vivi

Chapter 25

On the silent and expansive Star field, a ship bearing the Sarian logo was sailing around the blue planet outside the Stargate. The Heidis Empire's currently most wanted criminal, the ex third prince, Ivy Osrian was on this ship.

He was playing with a small tube of dark red liquid in his hands. It was said that the Sarians had recently studied and manufactured it specifically for the use of Heidis races. According to the Sarian who brought it to him, this thing was extremely lethal to the Heidis race.

If you let the liquid inside come into contact with the air, all the Heidis within the range of a dozen meters would die from the toxin. The Sarians were unwilling to give Ivy too much support because of the failure of his last mission.

The stars outside the Stargate were all unknown and they could not fully trust the intelligence given by a Heidis. If there was an ambush, they would likely suffer a large impairment of their forces.

This was not an accident to Ivy, Sarians was originally known as a greedy but timid race. It was only due to their ability to produce biological and chemical weapons that they were able to be considered as a level six civilization.

But with the evolutionary power of the Heidis race, this kind of thing can only be used a few times before it started to lose its effects …

Once was enough. The young politician, the Empire’s most wanted man, furrowed his brow. He was going to give his brother a present.

While the ship sailed to Earth, the two people on Earth continued with their daily lives. Stroking the the fur of the cat in his lap, Gu Yan used his chopsticks to pick up a piece of meat to feed him.

Although the appearance was that of a cat, but the Heidis was originally of a higher race and towards human food, naturally would not have the same liking.

This Heidis lying on the young man’s legs, very docile and obedient to accept the feeding of young people, after eating a piece of the throat will be issued a ‘ grunt ‘ voice.

Feeding play. Clearly in this room can become a human form, but this only Hetis since being fed by the youth once, they are no longer willing to eat independently …

Instead of using the form of this domesticated cat to lie on the legs of youth, gently swinging tail waiting for young people feeding.

But the feeding people are enjoying it.

After feeding the round, the Hetis found the young man’s hand stretched out to his mouth.

Young people’s fingers are very slender good-looking, and fair complexion, looks …

The Hetis has been submissive to his own *, rubbing it close to the young man’s finger, before he could think of the words to describe it.

As in bed before, if the young people do not revolt, it will want to follow the fingers, the whole body lick the young. But just in the long and good-looking fingers licked for a while, the finger is not stop on its mouth …

Feeling the young man’s fingers touching the fangs on the left side of it, the Hettiston stopped all movements.

Hetis’s fangs are used to bite and kill, and even the most advanced protective clothing of the enemy also need to weigh the first, the degree of sharpness is not to mention.

So even in the face of a Hetis that is badly wounded to the original, their enemies never take it lightly until they are sure that they are completely wiped out. The reason for stopping all movements is because this Hetis knows that the young people who are interested in its fangs suddenly have little or no protection from the outer body.

Just as this touch on its fangs is very soft, this layer of skin can easily be scratched.

Dare to touch a Hetis in the original form of the teeth, this is really no one, but was touched by the fangs of the Hetis looks very willingly.

Gu Yu In fact is a little curious about the structure of the tooth and the ordinary cat family what is the difference, he set the role of course not meticulous to this extent, now the Lord lying on his lap, he could not help himself to the test.

It’s a little bit sharper.

Although it is his own set of higher race, but the Hetis race is the terror of the bite force this ignorant gu is just so thinking, touched a little while the hand to collect back. “Meow.”

“Then gently swinging the tail, the cat-like Hetis in the young man, muttering as if to ask, you still want to touch me where.”

On the hand, of course, or a little more soft belly, Gu Yu put his hands into the legs of the big cat lying on the position, in the soft belly rub.

Don’t mind being touched by the youth in his own weak spot, this one Hetis back to the scene he saw in that room the other day … ‘ “Well …?”

“Gu Yu Micro Leng A bit, lie on his leg of this only Hetis turned over a body, the soft belly to him lay exposed.”

Although it is very similar to the size of the body, but this is not a real cat, turn over and lay out the belly of this thing

Isn’t this Hetis in that Kitty Café?

Inexplicable have their own truth of the feeling, gu greatly some mood complex continue to rub the legs of this Hetis soft belly.

The Hetis race has a strong ability to learn, and Gu Yu remembers that he did set it up, but in this place … Cough。

With a low cough, Gu Yu the big cat in her lap. It’s time for them to go out.

If you don’t go out, you will miss the opening time of the movie. “Meow?”

“was suddenly picked up by the youth Hetis keen to capture the edge of the young people’s mouth is not obvious a smile, this corner of the mouth is just bending, in the youth low cough after a sound is flattened.

Failed to think why, the gentle touch on the back let the Hetis give up thinking, put his head in the youth’s arms, low voice snoring.

Back on Earth for some time, in fact, Gu Yu is normal and ordinary people like the day, but he is with an alien together.

The choice of the cinema does not prohibit the carrying of pets, Gu Yu holding a skin looks like a domestic cat Hetis go in without any obstruction. When choosing a movie without looking at the profile, Gu Yu yesterday was picking a movie with the most sci-fi-like name, probably like ‘ Star x.x.x ‘.

After sitting in the entrance for 10 minutes, Gu was a little stunned.

Good science fiction movies, why it looks more like a literary love film …?

And this actor specially with the heroine landed on the alien planet, in the case of nudus surrounded by the situation does not hurry to pull the heroine to escape, but still kneel to propose the plot is what ghost?? ……

Not very understanding of their future compatriots in the brain circuitry.

Compared to the already wooden face of Gu big, the Hetis hanging on his shoulder to stare at the huge screen in front of serious.

Carefully watched for a while, this only Hetis down the head to the youth’s left hand, micro-narrowed up the vertical pupil.

Left index finger–

In the position of the young man’s left index finger, he wears a s.p.a.ce b.u.t.ton that he sent over a long time ago.

The s.p.a.ce Shanli is loaded with a “silver wing” of the machine armour, the machine is very famous in the Empire, and even comparable to the military in the seven-storey exhibition hall in the Empire of the tenth Emperor of the imperial driving of the a.s.sault machine armour.

But this is not the point, this Hetis just feel, this s.p.a.ce b.u.t.ton in the youth hand should change a position …
Change to the ring finger of the left hand.

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