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"This is just the beginning."

This was a brave statement. Accordingly, Jing Jiu should turn around and fight against his opponent, until the outcome was determined.

However, after Jing Jiu said this, he instead rushed to the darkness and soon disappeared without a trace, like a ghost.

The old man took his clutching hand away from his mouth, and the fresh blood dropped onto the ground before turning into smoke and vanishing.

In the middle of his palm, there was a short piece of a jade-like object which should have been a broken segment of his dragon tooth.

Jing Jiu was indeed too hard even for the dragon teeth to penetrate; and the dragon teeth had even broken when colliding with his body.

The old man lifted his head to look at the dark s.p.a.ce with the most indignant expression; but his face didn't show even a hint of worry.

Though he didn't know what had happened at the lowest level of the Fiend Prison, n.o.body could elude his perception here.

He knew exactly where Jing Jiu was at the moment, and the indignant expression in his eyes turned into a lethal intent. He flew up while flailing his sleeves, and the dark s.p.a.ce began spinning around.

It merely took a few minutes for Jing Jiu to arrive in front of the broken cliff. He moved like thin smoke. As long as he could get to the top of the cliff, he would be able to return to the first level of the Fiend Prison.

His body suddenly disappeared. As he reappeared, he had already arrived at the middle of the cliff. In the next moment, he was on the top of the cliff.

The wind was still as hot as before, devoid of any watery element. Jing Jiu looked at the slightly reddish sand under his feet, and found that he was still on the second level.

He didn't pay attention to the gazes coming from the cells in the distance. It was quite obvious as far as what had happened was concerned.

The moment Jing Jiu leapt to the top of the broken cliff, the old man turned the heaven and earth in the Fiend Prison upside down.

The heaven and earth of the Fiend Prison was under the total control of the Old Dragon; so it was truly difficult to escape from there.

When the darkness had a gap torn into it, a cooler breeze replaced the hot air; but soon the breeze became just as hot as the air it had replaced.

The old man walked out from the darkness.

Jing Jiu flew in the opposite direction without hesitation at an amazing speed; but he was bound by a shapeless force so that he couldn't go far enough.

At the moment, Jing Jiu looked like a moth flying into a spider's web.

The old man appeared in front of Jing Jiu, and said emotionlessly while staring at him, "Like I said, you can't escape from me."

Jing Jiu didn't say anything in response.

The old man felt the pain in his mouth, and thought he had guessed what was on Jing Jiu's mind. "There are countless ways to kill a person," he said with a sneer.

As soon as he had said this, the formidable energy tore the darkness apart, like a violent wind. The sky was lowering down slowly, and meanwhile the ground was rising up gradually.

The shapeless force of heaven and earth coming from all directions pressed against Jing Jiu's body, like a great many heavy iron plates.

No matter how sharp and hard an object was, it could only have an effect on the tangible things.

The white cloth worn by Jing Jiu became tattered under the pressure, sticking to his body tightly; both hands poking out of the sleeves were extremely pale, devoid of any trace of blood in them.

The old man's eyes grew even gloomier and colder, and the pressure from heaven and earth was getting heavier by the second.

Though Jing Jiu's face was masked by the Sword Force and his eyes and brows were unrecognizable, one could vaguely see a pinkish color spread in his face; it must have been a sign of blood

"You are actually someone who can die," the old man said.

"I'm a human being; of course I can die."

Jing Jiu said while looking at him, "But, as I said earlier, this is just the beginning. You will need more time and to find more ways to kill me."

Having said this, his body quivered slightly, resembling a shapeless flame that swayed with the wind and could die out at any moment.

With a faint buzzing sound, the pressure of heaven and earth had contacted something, causing a great deal of smoke and dust.

The shapeless flame died out instantly; but it reappeared somewhere else in the next moment.

Jing Jiu disappeared in front of the old man, and reappeared a mile away.

Seeing this, the old man revealed a baffled expression.

How could someone who was in heaven and earth escape from heaven and earth?

The more shocking fact was that this disciple of Green Mountain moved faster than the flying sword, surpa.s.sing even the concept of time. How did he achieve it?

Thinking of all this, the old man stepped into the darkness. He arrived in front of Jing Jiu who had been a mile away after taking one single step.

His expression was graver now, as he said, "You are indeed fast, but still not as fast as I am."

Speaking of speed, the Escaping Method of Heaven and Earth of the Center Sect was undoubtedly the best of all; and the old man had practiced this method to the highest level. Neither the Unicorn nor the Center Sect Master was as good as he. More importantly, this was the Fiend Prison, so the old man could appear in any place at any time with the aid of the Escaping Method of Heaven and Earth.

It was the Underworld Fairy Sword Jing Jiu had practiced diligently for three years at the lowest level of the Fiend Prison that helped him escape from the dragon teeth and the closing of sky and ground this time.

The foundation of the Underworld Fairy Sword was the Control of Soul-Fire. As such, it was highly evasive and elusive; it could disappear in one place and reappear in another place one mile away in a blink of an eye, like a ghost.

This was the first time the Underworld Fairy Sword had been used in the world.

This peculiar method of the Sword Ghost displayed a dazzling effect and potential; unfortunately, it encountered the Old Dragon, who was the fastest being in all of Chaotian.

Yet, Jing Jiu had no regret, and he didn't show any signs of defeat or despair.

The expression on Jing Jiu's face was calm, with even a hint of expectation in his eyes.

This was rather rare.

The old man attacked again.

The sky and the ground were closing in again.

Jing Jiu's body became lighter again, as if it were an illusionary ent.i.ty resembling a shapeless, swaying flame. As it reappeared, it was already one mile away from its original spot.

A moment later, the old man walked out from the darkness, and struck down on Jing Jiu's head with his palm.

Before the huge palm, resembling the roof of the sky, touched Jing Jiu's head, Jing Jiu had already leapt to a place a few miles away, his cloth ruffling slightly like an Underworld ghost.

The old man gripped his right hand tightly, his face impa.s.sive.

The huge palm, along with the violent wind, crushed the s.p.a.ce in the vicinity of a few miles into pieces.

It was at this critical moment that Jing Jiu swiftly leapt to a farther spot. A piece of his sleeve was left behind, drifting down with the wind and turning into dust, disappearing in the sand.

The old man caught up to Jing Jiu.

In the dark heaven and earth, Jing Jiu and the old man appeared and disappeared frequently like two shadows, engaging in the most dangerous pursuit in silence.

However, the Fiend Prison was the home territory of the old man. No matter how peculiar the Underworld Fairy Sword was, it couldn't possibly evade the closing in of the sky and the ground every time. Jing Jiu was. .h.i.t a few times and injured severely. But his speed was getting quicker, and he could always evade the fatal strikes in an incredulous way. In fact, he had increased the distance from the old man.

The old man's face look terrible.

It was an extremely humiliating thing that he, who had a much higher generation and status in the Cultivation circle, failed to catch such a weak opponent for such a long time.

The main reason for the failure was mostly due to the prowess of the Underworld Fairy Sword.

But another reason was because the old man couldn't employ his most powerful method in the Fiend Prison, so he felt indignant, growing even angrier.

It even occurred to him that this young man might have a chance to escape if the chase kept going like this.

The old man stopped short, and opened both of his arms, eyes closed. He let out an extremely formidable energy, connecting to heaven and earth beyond.

After dozens of shadowy figures had turned back to a tangible ent.i.ty, Jing Jiu reappeared again in front of the broken cliff.

His cloth ruffled slightly, looking like a fairy immortal as well as a ghost.

All of a sudden, the whole cliff collapsed, like a monstrous mountain slide; and Jing Jiu was pinned underneath.

Along with a faint sound, like an alcohol jar being pierced, a small and round hole appeared in the middle of the cliff rocks; and Jing Jiu flew out from it, the stone chips covering his body.

Yet, at the same time a huge fire ball rolled over from the sky, forcing Jing Jiu to move backward until he ended up in the wild field.

He coughed twice with his head hung low, his cloth tattered and dusty, looking very awful.

"Who the h.e.l.l are you?" the old man asked while staring at his eyes.

In the old man's eyes, Jing Jiu's Cultivation state was nothing worth considering, but his speed was unimaginably quick.

And Jing Jiu used an unknown method to ride his sword, which was not the Escaping Method, or something the old man could recognize.

"You are in the Cultivation state of the Yuanying at such a young age…or the Free Travel State if using your term. I think you are either Zhao Layue or Liu Ci's personal disciple, who is rumored to stay behind closed doors all this time."

The old man added icily, "Since you are a man, you must be Zuo Rusui."

"Don't even bother asking me, because I won't admit to anything," said Jing Jiu.

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