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Liu Shisui opened his eyes, awake, and he found that he was on the ground as Xiao He lay by his side, unconscious.

Judging from the scene, they had fallen from the sky and landed on a mountain, in a pit created by the impact. They were lying in the pit at the moment.

Liu Shisui wanted to check on Xiao He; but as he tried to move, he felt the unbearable pain throughout his body, as if all of his bones were broken.

He used the Sword Awareness to check himself, and found he had been injured severely, and his Sword Pill and the Devil Pill were both damaged to a great extent.

Xiao He woke up. As shy saw his pale face, she instinctively wanted to help him get up, but this slight movement aggravated her wound, making her spit out a mouthful of blood.

The flying sword, hovering in mid-air quietly, grew a bit dimmer, unlike its usual appearance, which had been bright and intimidating.

Liu Shisui was quite stunned.

Xiw.a.n.g Sun, as the behind-scene master of the Old Ones, must be at a high state of Cultivation, but unexpectedly, his sword will could render such a powerful a.s.sault from one hundred miles away; even the peak masters at the Green Mountain Sect in their upper state of the Broken Sea might not be able to achieve such a feat, since the sword will wasn't as effective as the real flying sword.

Another thing that shocked him was this flying sword.

Had this sword not helped them, both of them would have already been dead.

Even though this sword had a high spiritual state, it was still a miracle that it had blocked the powerful a.s.sault from Xiw.a.n.g Sun in the absence of its master.

"Is this the rumored flying sword of the Fairy State?"

Xiao He's face was pale, either because of her severe wound, or because of the fact that this flying sword of the Fairy State had stayed on her wrist for over ten years.

As Liu Shisui was about to respond, he suddenly sensed something; he stood up by pushing against the side of the pit with difficulty, looking to the east.

Hundreds of white sword lights appeared suddenly in the sky, flying toward Haizhou City like shooting stars.

Seeing this spectacular scene, the expression in Liu Shisui's eyes was complicated, partly relaxed, and partly excited.

Based on the number of the sword lights, the Green Mountain Sect must have sent out all of their disciples in the Undefeated State and beyond.

Standing up and looking at the sword lights filling the sky, Xiao He was shocked speechless for a long time before remarking, "The Green Mountain Sect must have emptied its nest sending out so many people."

Looking at her from the corner of his eyes, Liu Shisui hesitated for a while, but he still couldn't help but tell her, "Miss Xiao He, since you are on our side now, it's not quite appropriate to say so."

Xiao He realized that the connotation of "emptying the nest" wasn't so positive, and she smiled apologetically.

The sword lights, covering most part of the visible sky, headed toward the West Ocean, followed by numerous magic treasure lights, and a few precious boats.

In the end, a row of tide rose up in the sky, with tremendous power and amazing energy.

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