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That gloomy and vicious magic treasure had already been cut into two halves, dropping onto ground like a venomous snake slain into two pieces.

The two disciples of the Three-Purities Sect were enormously upset, and they yelled at the free-traveling Cultivation pract.i.tioner, "Cultivationist Chen, what are you doing?!"

Chen looked at Liu Shisui in shock, and he asked with a confused expression and a pale face, "Why did you stop me?"

Liu Shisui said, "You intended to kill your two colleagues first and then help me escape; you were then going to tell everybody that I'm responsible for the killing. Am I right?"

The free-traveling Cultivation pract.i.tioner explained hastily, "You would believe me only if I did this, wouldn't you?"

"I should accept it as normal practice." Liu Shisui said to him, "But I don't like it."

Having said this, two devil flames of extraordinary red suddenly appeared in the deep ends of his pupils, exuding remarkably wild energy.

The free travel Cultivation pract.i.tioner called out his magic treasure with a surprised cry, attempting to flee skyward.

Bang!!! Bang!!! Bang!!!

Dozens of light fists shot out from Liu Shisui's body toward the free-traveling Cultivation pract.i.tioner.

Those fists, a mixture of black and red colors, were not actual fists. They were the b.l.o.o.d.y Devil Force, propelled by the energy of the devil flames!

The free-traveling Cultivation pract.i.tioner had nowhere to flee because the sky was filled with the devil flames and monstrous fists.

The surface of the Cultivation pract.i.tioner's body showed dozens of dents after receiving a barrage of intensive punches, each one sounding like leather being struck by a fist. He fell onto the ground heavily, losing all his life force instantly.

Liu Shisui looked at the two disciples of the Three-Purities Sect.

Their faces were pale, but they didn't attempt to flee. "Though we don't understand why you have saved us, you can go ahead kill us now," one of them said while holding the sword in his hands.

Liu Shisui said, "Why did you want to kill me?"

"Any devil man like you who has betrayed their own sects and joined the devil sects, and murdered a senior member of the orthodox sect, they must be killed by all Cultivation pract.i.tioners!"

Liu Shisui said, "What you said makes sense, but you two are not devil men; why should I kill you?"

Liu Shisui returned to the small town, two unconscious disciples of the Three-Purities Sect in each of his hands; he looked like he was carrying two chickens.

He found the damaged horse-drawn carriage first, then found the inn where the family he had saved earlier stayed, and he asked the frightened manager of the inn to take him to their room.

The husband opened the room door while rubbing his eyes. As he recognized Liu Shisui as the immortal master who had just saved the lives of his whole family, he was so pleased and grateful that he knelt down on the ground.

The wife knelt down by her husband, and she also pushed her child's head forward to bow to Liu Shisui, saying "Thank you" to him many times.

"I am sorry to bother and ask that you look after them for a while. Tell them what has happened when they wake up."

Liu Shisui put the two unconscious disciples of the Three-Purities Sect on the floor, turned around, and left, giving a small amount of silver to the couple before he did.

Liu Shisui couldn't ride his sword, because the sword light would be too noticeable.

Yet he couldn't walk because it would be too slow.

He couldn't go to the crowded places, otherwise he would be discovered easily by someone.

And he couldn't travel on the lonely and hazardous cliffs, where he might encounter the Cultivation pract.i.tioners.

As such, Liu Shisui chose to jog in the forests near the official road.

But, he didn't expect to encounter another group of people in such places: the robbers.

He stopped short with a slightly troubled expression as he looked at a dozen robbers eating meats and drinking alcohol around a bonfire.

There was a wagon behind them, no corpses in sight, but he could smell the blood.

The dozen robbers looked at him in surprise, speechless, as they were fully aware that anyone who dared travel in the forest alone must have some kind of special skills.

Liu Shisui asked, "Have you killed the owners while robbing their wagon?"

One of the robbers reacted very quickly, as he said loudly, "No! We don't dare to! We have only robbed the wagon and the silk on it, and the owners were wounded but didn't die."

Another robber said in a trembling voice, "The owners are still on the road about three miles away. Immortal master can go have a look."

Liu Shisui fixed his gaze on the knife used by the robbers to cut the meat.

The knife had blood stain on it.

"The sheep blood! Nothing but the sheep blood!" the two robbers said in a hoa.r.s.e voice, with the blood running toward their heads due to apprehension.

The two disciples of the Three-Purities Sect and the free-traveling Cultivation pract.i.tioner didn't have enough time to inform others; as such, as long as he didn't cause a big disturbance, he should be safe.

At least he should be safe before the two disciples of the Three-Purities Sect woke up the next day.

As Liu Shisui was thinking of these and ready to leave, he suddenly realized that the family in the small town might be in trouble if they encountered these robbers when they got on the road.

"Who is the boss here?" Liu Shisui asked.

The robbers were too scared to reply; but a few of them snuck glances at a tall man with a muscular face.

That tall man returned their look harshly, took an iron broadsword from the roasted sheep, and wielded it at Liu Shisui with a desperate shout.

The head of the chief robber had separated from the neck with a crisp sound, and his corpse fell onto the ground like a log.

"You should quit robbing people from now on. It's a bad and dangerous business."

Pointing to the headless corpse on the ground, Liu Shisui said to the robbers, "Consider this an example; you will be like this if you keep on robbing people."

He intended to say some more.

The robbers let out a barrage of terrified shrieks, fleeing into the deep end of the forest like the scattering animals in fright.

Liu Shisui didn't pursue them after some thought.

His whereabouts would be revealed soon.

He couldn't go to the contact place for the Old Ones.

There were only a few thin clouds in the sky.

The devil flames formed underneath his feet.

A residual shadow formed in the forest along with the wind.

Half a minute later, Liu Shisui had turned into a black dot on another mountain.

Two days later…

There was a river valley at the foot of a nameless mountain, with the steep cliff walls and the fast moving-current of a river.

The river had numerous rocks of various sizes. The sounds of water hitting the rocks resembled booming thunder.

A thud could be heard among the thundering waves, like a bag full of rice being thrown onto the street.

A moment later, Liu Shisui floated up in the current, then hid himself in a crack between rocks with a great deal of difficulty, making sure he wouldn't be discovered by the human beings or those unusual birds.

He was soaking wet and pale of face, with blood stains on his cloth, his chest slightly dented; it was obvious that he had been wounded severely.

The dent on his chest wasn't caused by a rock in the river, but by a magic treasure.

Last night, he was in an intense fight with a few free-traveling Cultivation pract.i.tioners after being caught up to by them, and in the end he was forced into a dead end.

As he was about to be killed by them, he gritted his teeth and jumped into a hidden river in the mountain.

Those free-traveling Cultivation pract.i.tioners didn't dare pursue him further in the darkness, and gave up.

After pa.s.sing through the middle section of the mountain, the hidden river split into several branches, one of which fell down as a waterfall from the cliff on that nameless mountain.

Liu Shisui thought that those free traveling swordsmen would have no way to identifying his current position.

Though he had survived the pursuit, it didn't mean that he was safe, and he could still sense the danger ahead.

His sight pa.s.sed through the crack and reached the sky above.

He could vaguely see the sword lights in the distance.

He didn't know if they were from the Green Mountain Sect or the No-Mercy Sect, and it was also quite possible that the sword lights were from the swordsmen of the West Ocean Sword Sect, now that he was near Haizhou.

If he were discovered by the highly achieved swordsmen of these sects in such a condition, he would not make it to see the next day.

An old scholar suddenly appeared in the river valley.

Looking at Liu Shisui in the crack, he said sentimentally, "I really don't understand how someone like you could possibly survive to this day."

Liu Shisui smiled cheerfully, showing his white teeth.

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