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Chapter 1: Amethyst Sea

In ancient times, it is said that one who possesses the amethyst sea can control the six realms (G.o.d, devil, immortal, demon, ghost, human).

"Amethyst sea, the outside world all say that you are equal to obtaining the six realms but I don't have that desire. I only want to live peacefully and happily but trouble always finds us. So amethyst sea, what should I do? Since birth, you've accompanied me through my breakthrough during the Yuan Ying period*, taught me the method of concocting pills of immortality, accompanied me to Mahayana*, taught me the techniques of cultivation*, accompanied me to High G.o.d Luo Tian, taught me the cultivation methods from all six realms, accompanied me to celestial immortality* and finally gave me the highest-quality spirit stone that everybody envied. Those bountiful spirit stones*……it was only with those spirit stones I was able to achieve the peak of immortality. Amethyst sea, it's great to have you around." Zi Luo mumbled to herself as she stroked the inconspicuous purple bracelet and ignored the flash of a shadow. The eyes of the shadow appeared shocked and flashed past straight to heaven.

*TL-note: Cultivation is the process of enhancing wellbeing, expanding lifespan, and becoming more powerful. This is accomplished by cultivating Qi and training in martial and mystical arts. The ultimate goal of cultivation is to become an Immortal or attain G.o.dhood.

*TL-note: Yuan Ying Period is a stage in cultivation and resembles an infant or miniature person.

*TL-note: Mahayana refers to the path of the Bodhisattva seeking complete enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings.

*TL-note: Celestial Immortals are beings who ascended to Immortality through Daoist cultivation practices.

*TL-note: Spirit stones are translucent crystals with spiritual energy trapped within. Mainly used as currency amongst cultivators.

The most envied mystical weapon in all six realms was just a purple bracelet and an inconspicuous bracelet at that!

The sun had set earlier than before and darkness gradually cloaked the earth. The moonlight was unknowingly dyed blood-red and hang in the sky. The night was dark and the winds are high making it an opportune time to commit crimes on this murderous night.

Countless black silhouettes rapidly positioned themselves in the small courtyard and waited the best time to attack. Then whoosh as six silhouettes simultaneously descended in the centre of the courtyard. These were the G.o.ds of the six realms respectively; G.o.d of Heaven, G.o.d of Devildom, G.o.d of Immortals, G.o.d of Demons, G.o.d of the Underworld and the Emperor of Humans.

"Rare guest, rare guests indeed. Who would have thought that the highly regarded G.o.ds of the six realms would stoop so low to humble my small courtyard. I am truly honoured!" Zi Luo slowly walked out of the room with a taunting smile on her beautiful face which had a hint of elegance and coolness.

"Zi Luo, we don't have time to waste with your nonsense. Hand over the amethyst sea and you will be spared." The demon G.o.d bluntly said while his scarlet red eyes with a hint of inexpressible excitement locked onto the amethyst sea on her wrist.

"Are you referring to the purple bracelet on my wrist? Haha, there are so many people here but I only have one bracelet. Who should I give it to?" Zi Luo faced the G.o.ds of the six realms, waved the bracelet and chuckled. Her bright sharp eyes looked in the direction of the purple silhouette and her heart slightly tightened. Who would have thought, who would have thought……

"Zi Luo, don't think that you can use psychology on us and we will start an internal strife. As long as you obediently hand over the bracelet, we have our own ways." The human emperor calmly stated.

"Oh, and what if I don't hand it over. What will you all do then?" Zi Luo proudly raised her chin and snorted.

"No? Then you will die! Not only death but an unpeaceful death! After you go to h.e.l.l, your soul will be tormented day and night and I will let you taste the entire eighteen torture of h.e.l.l. You will never be able to reincarnate." The G.o.d of the underworld ruthlessly replied.

"Oh? My soul……ah, I am so scared~" Zi Luo giggled and with eyes like daggers, she scanned the G.o.ds of the six realms until they landed on the delicate shadow behind a G.o.d. "If I were to hand over the amethyst sea, you will still not let me go so let's fight instead. The amethyst sea is my companion and I will not hand it over to a bunch of sc.u.ms especially you, G.o.d of heaven. Don't think now that you have seduced my discipline that you can obtain the cultivation methods within the amethyst sea. You are simply delusional! My dear disciple, don't you know that the moment you told your sweetheart about the cultivation methods will also be the moment you are going to be obliterated into ashes!" Zi Luo softly stroked the bracelet with contempt and mockery in her eyes.

"Come out my comrades and show our fighting strength to the G.o.ds of the six realms. We will never surrender like them." In wake of Zi Luo's words, five mythical beasts from ancient times appeared by her side.

The eyes of G.o.ds of the six realms burned with jealousy at the sight of the mythical beasts and their desire to obtain the amethyst sea increased profoundly. To think that an insignificant immortal could obtain five mythical beasts, surely this is due to the efforts of the amethyst sea? If the amethyst sea could call upon the ancient mythical beasts then……to rule the six realms is definitely not something difficult, right?

It was true, these five ancient mythical beasts were given by the amethyst sea to accompany Zi Luo's bracelet. So far, Zi Luo has only opened five tiers and she knows that as long as her level increases, she will be able to open the sixth tier, seventh tier, eighth tier and many more.

The first tier is tens of thousands of elixirs*, spiritual herbs*, a herb garden, an alchemy* room and an alchemy jade slip*;

*TL-note: Elixirs are miracle drugs which can have all sorts of effects. Often taken to boost cultivation, heal wounds, cure poisons, purify or strengthen the body, and much much more.

*TL-note: Spiritual herbs (Spirit Gra.s.s) are a magic plant which has absorbed spiritual energy from the natural world and is highly sought after by both cultivators and alchemists alike.

*TL-note: Alchemy is the refining of plants, minerals, and other substances into medicinal pills & elixirs.

*TL-note: A jade slip is a long, narrow strip of jade used as a magical item. A cultivator can magically store information inside it, and other cultivators can then use that Jade Slip to directly transmit the stored information into their minds.

The second tier is tens of thousands of high-quality immortal weapons, G.o.d-tier weapons, super G.o.d-tier weapons, talismans*, formations*, a weapon refining* room and a weapon refining jade slip;

*TL-note: Talismans are a strip of paper with mystical diagrams & calligraphy drawn on it. They're essentially consumable spells.

*TL-note: Formations comprise of either battle formations and spell formations, although they are often just called "formations". Battle formations are "fantasy-field" tactical formations used by several cultivators or martial artists attacking in concert. Spell formations are also called Arrays. They're essentially magic circles which cast a continuous areof-effect spell on the location the formation encompa.s.ses.

*TL-note: Refining is when something underwent multiple refinements in order to gain spiritual value and slowly grow closer to perfection.

The third tier is tens of thousands of high-quality cultivation jade slips;

The fourth tier is tens of thousands of high-quality spirit stones;

The fifth tier is five ancient mythical beasts: Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise and Qilin*;

*TL-note: Qilin is a Chinese unicorn.

Zi Luo has yet to open the sixth, seventh, eighth tier and beyond but she knew it must some unfathomable items. The battle could happen at any moment and with the five ancient mythical beasts, Zi Luo was just exactly at the same level as the G.o.ds of the six realms. Underneath the shadow of the saber* and disorder of carnage, wisps of blood floated down every once in a while.

*TL-note: Saber is single-edged and curved. It is heavier and considered somewhat brutish in comparison to the elegant Sword

The sounds of "Bang, bang, bang" are unending thus it was clear the fight was extremely fierce.

A loud bang sound was heard and Zi Luo was sent lying on the ground. Every part of her body was injured and several b.l.o.o.d.y marks appeared on the five ancient mythical beasts behind her as scarlet red blood dripped downwards.

Zi Luo and the five mythical beasts could not contend with the true strength of the G.o.ds of the six realms.

Zi Luo looked at her heavily injured comrades and her eyes filled with tenderness and guilty. I am sorry, it is because I am not strong enough so you guys are hurt. Zi Luo saw that they could not fight a moment longer so she clenched her teeth and decided to summon them back into the amnesty sea.

"Comrades, for the rest of the fight I will finish it myself. I swear that I will fight them until death and never surrender." Zi Luo knew when she said this it might be their last farewell but so what? If she could not live then in no way will other people have an easy time either!

Zi Luo slowly rose up from the ground, her body was on the verge of collapse but spoke in an imposing manner like a man who could withstand thousands, "Come at me, all of you. If you want to get the amnesty sea then you need to tread over my body. Ha, you want to knock me down with those skills like yours?"

The G.o.ds of the six realms had never been insulted like this and slowly circled Zi Luo ready to perform their ultimate attacks. Zi Luo looked at the G.o.ds surrounding her and smirked. Yes, come closer, come, it would be fortunate to have some company on the road to Huangquan*.

*TL-note: Huangquan is the underworld of Chinese mythology equivalent of h.e.l.l.

Zi Luo slowly mobilised her cultivation and the cultivation from all the spirits between heaven and earth slowly drew near to her at the same moment the ultimate attacks fell on her. Finally, Zi Luo used a forbidden technique and mobilised all the cultivation in her body to draw the cultivation from all the spirits to her own dantian* —— An omen of self-detonation.

*TL-note: Dantian refers to the region in the body where a person's Qi is concentrated. Qi is the vital energy which exists in all things.

"Not good, she is going to self-destruct. Get back!" A voice could be heard from among the G.o.ds of the six realms as they all quickly retreated.

The smoke from the mushroom cloud slowly rose to the sky and a huge bomb crater had been exploded into the ground while a great amount of soil and broken rocks were thrown into the air. The formidable power of self-destruction by an absolute immortal was something that not even the G.o.ds of the six realms could stop.

As Zi Luo's willpower gradually dissipated, her expression flickered when she saw the G.o.ds of the six realms on the ground. Humph, to think that they would also become like this. At that moment, there was an unspeakable irony in their battered silhouettes.

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