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The moon was shining on the night. The night was so quite, it was very suitable to spend time alone.

Because Bei Er Duo knew that previously she was being deceived by Ye Shu Wei, so during way back home she was so gloomy.

"You are not happy?" Ye Shu Wei asked very bluntly.

"Right, because you lied." Bei Er Duo was stern, "It's clearly that there is no script for the trailer scene. You tricked me to say those words so many times too."

"You would say those words sooner or later. It would be okay to practice it from earlier, it is no harm in doing it." He explained.

"……Sooner or later I would say it? What situation would it be?"

"During the wedding ceremony."

"Wedding ceremony? I haven't think about it."

Ye Shu Wei stopped his step and said to the one beside him: "Er Duo, I am seventy years old. Those colleagues, who are younger than me, had married and had kids. Marriage for me it's not a far-fetched thing."

Bei Er Duo was a bit surprised: "You haven't being promoted to my boyfriend, now you are already considering marriage?"

"For everything, I would have a complete plan." He said, "For you, I also have one."

"Then what is your plan for me?"

"We will use a year for dating for interact and deepen our feeling for each other. After a year ends then we would get marry. In three years time, we would have our first child. As for the gender, I wish it would be a girl. If it is a boy then it's okay. We would have another one in three years."

Bei Er Duo was startled, then her face was hot: "You are too arrogant. This kind of matter how could it be your own plan?"

"It's just my initial plan, if you feel it's inappropriate, you could mention it. After discussion, we could change it."


"You don't like kids?

"No, I really like kids."

"Do you not like to give birth kids?" His eyes darken.

"No… You misunderstand." Bei Er Duo was powerless, indeed it would be problem to interact with him. This couldn't be resolved in short time. So she explained it patiently: "I mean, being like this you will give me some pressures."

"The money for the wedding would be in my expense, for giving birth it would be me exerting my energy. You just need to cooperate and enjoy it. You wouldn't feel the pressure."


Bei Er Duo was completely speechless, she thought about it then let of his hand. She walked faster to pa.s.s the road. She seemed to be in hurry. It was until she got into the antique store's door. She just stopped and turned her body. She was facing to face with Ye Shu Wei. With embarra.s.sment she scratched her hair: "That, could you don't be so fast? Let us enjoy the moments of togetherness first? I don't want to be your a.s.signment."

Ye Shu Wei stepped closer to her. He stroked Bei Er Duo's head: "No problem."

He answered it frankly and straightforwardly. He was a bit disbelief that she could say that her wants to him.

"You are willing to go by my rhythm?" She confirmed.

"As long as in the final, you would take responsibility of me."

"Don't worry. I wouldn't waste your youth time. I wouldn't let you be alone in your old age." She smiled and ensured him.

He didn't say anything, he just stroked her brain.

She suddenly regained her good mood, and took initiative to hug his arm. Then she said an interesting thing: "That day I saw a picture of a couple of sleeping sea otters. I just know that the time sea otters slept, they would hold hands because they scare that during the dream they would be attack by the sea wave. It's really too lovable."

"You like to see those things?"

"Em, it's very arm and very loving. It's really refreshing to see."

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