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The summer wind was blowing gently, the flowerbed was still swaying gently. White-yellow little b.u.t.terfly stopped on the fence. A couple sat down face to face and being intimate naturally was being captured on the camera.

Yu Sheng folded his hands and whispered to Tang Li: "They are real."

Tang Li rolled her eyes. When she was about to say something, then behind her there was someone ran toward them. She squeezed in the middle of her and Yu Sheng.

"Hehe, give me a s.p.a.ce." Xing Zhen moved close, and smiled so brightly. She looked at Yu Sheng: "Chief Yu, it's my first time to see you with leisure clothes."

Yu Sheng smiled: "In private, I frequently wear something like this."

"It's really cool." Xing Zhen opened her eyes big, "Indeed a man with great body could just walk the runway with a pair of casual clothes."

 Receiving a praise from a little girl, made him lose his immunity. He just smiled without saying anything.

"It's quite hot here." Xing Zhen undid two b.u.t.tons from her collar. She wiped her sweat on her forehead. Then she requested thoughtless to Tang Li: "Sis Tang Li, could you move away a bit? It's s.p.a.cious and empty beside you."

Tang Li thought why didn't the one that go beside the empty s.p.a.ce? Why should you be in this tight s.p.a.ce?

Of course she just thought about it, and moved a bit. It made her could get a great view.

Xing Zhen asked Yu Sheng a lot of questions, she simply kept on asking with an unending stream. In a while "Chief Yu, what is that?", in a moment "Chief Yu, what are they doing?", completely lost her own ability to judge. Luckily Chief Yu always someone who are answering questions.

Tang Li tried hard to ignore it, she gazed fixedly looked at the intimate couple of Ye Shu Wei and Bei Er Duo.

Tang Li examined them in detail, to the extend she noticed that Ye Shu Wei didn't pay any attention to the book on his hand, he was placing his attention on Bei Er Duo. 

Er Duo really finds someone that belong to her. Realizing this point made Tang Li feels so happy for her.

Yes, being able to encounter someone who only sees you and regards you as the whole world is really a greatest blessing and fortune.

After the shooting ended, Bei Er Duo directly ran over to look for Tang Li. Tang Li pa.s.sed a bottle water to her.

"How is it?"

"It's lively, you guys have a great chemistry." Tang Li shrugged her shoulder, "Even though it's not perfect, but it's really authentic."

Actually these words let Bei Er Duo feel a bit embarra.s.sed, she knew what Tang Li meant.

Just as expected, very quickly Tang Li leaned close to her and interrogated her: "Bei Er Duo, how is your first love feel?"

"I feel it's a bit exciting." Bei Er Duo considered.

"What is it mean?"

"I don't know whether it's illusion or not. But today he is really good at enticing. When those pair of eyes look at me all the time, I am burnt."

"Go go go, I am the one that receive the excitement okay?"

Bei Er Duo knew that she is wrong, she didn't say anything more.

Tang Li sighed: "Hey, in the past we all clearly said until forty years old and we haven't meet a man, we would be together. It seems to be impossible right now. You already find your true love, but maybe I would be alone to spend this endless life."

"It's still early, don't you be illusional." 

"The problem in this world, a man like Ye Shu Wei is rare." Tang Li sighed with sorrow. "Till now, I still ponder in a question that I should look for someone less than yours right?"

Bei Er Duo pretended to hit Tang Li. Tang Li ran off at once. Bei Er Duo rose up the mineral spring water bottle and chased her. They both ran around in a circle. Suddenly Tang Li noticed Ye Shu Wei came over toward them. She turned her direction and left behind his back. Bei Er Duo saw it and carelessly unable to stop that she fell into Ye Shu Wei's embrace.

Ye Shu Wei grabbed Bei Er Duo's body, and asked her what had happened.

"It's okay. I'm playing around with Tang Li."

"Save some energy. Tonight you will be on date with me."


"Em, now it's too many people outside. It's not convenient for us to go out."

Bei Er Duo raised her head while still being inside his embrace. She teased him: "Mr Ye, now you are realizing that public eyes are watching you?"

"No." He said, "I just wish that not too much people would disturb us."

"You are too simple-minded. If you don't want people to disturb you, it would be impossible. Unless you take me to isolated island."

"If you want to go, then I would arrange it."

"I just say it to explain to you." Her voice was soft, "Don't you do it."

He hugged her close, and with seriousness: "You have enlightened me. If we are in isolated island, we could do anything that we want. Indeed it makes me await for it."

"………." how could he always be able to say that seriously while it means so vague.

Yu Sheng booked the most expensive j.a.panese restaurant in that area for the employees. They all sat down in long table.

Before they sat down, Xing Zhen especially ran over and asked Ye Shu Wei to take photo together, but unfortunately it was refused by Ye Shu Wei. Xing Zhen went away and went to Yu Sheng's side, she sat close to him.

Yu Sheng said few things and invited everyone to eat.

Ye Shu Wei peeled a crab leg's and put it into her bowl: "Eat it."

"I could do it by myself. You just eat." Their affection made everyone else felt they were acting as if no one else were present. 

Ye Shu Wei's gaze was not leaving Bei Er Duo's face, he said: "Okay."

Then Bei Er Duo raised her chopsticks to the left side, but Ye Shu Wei was quick, he helped her to take a veggie for her. Another time Bei Er Duo raised her chopsticks toward the prawn stew, but Ye Shu Wei was quicker than her, he helped her to take it. Bei Er Duo placed it down. When she prepared to take the wet tissue, Ye Shu Wei already took it for her and wiped the sauce on the corner of her mouth.

"……..Shu Wei, just eat yours. No need to mind me too much." It's the sixth time Bei Er Duo said it that time.

"Em." He kept on gazing at her.

"…… You can also look at the scenery around here." She signaled her tactfully, "Don't you keep on looking at me."

Then Ye Shu Wei shifted his gaze, and looked boringly toward the corner. Bei Er Duo sighed. Tang LI couldn't help to stifle her laugh.

Yu Sheng smiled, he said: "Ye Shu Wei should think everyone else here to be a row of third-wheel parties."

"Seems that you are really good at knowing at your place." Ye Shu Wei replied him.

The directors laughed. Everyone was laughing. Their laughter made Bei Er Duo couldn't help but feel embarra.s.sed to the extend she wanted to immediately dig a hole and bury herself in.

"Bei Er Duo, let me remind you. He has a gene that likes to being sticked close to the one he loves." Yu Sheng said, "Now you are being sticked. Supposedly this lifetime you couldn't escape it."

Bei Er Duo answered: "Wait until the day I really feel tired of it, I will use my power to swing him over."

Everyone was laughing again.

"O? There would be a day that you would tired of me?" Ye Shu Wei heard it and got close to him, "You are preparing to swing me away."

"I just make an a.s.sumption, don't you take it seriously." Bei Er Duo immediately said it.

Xing Zhen, who are eating dessert, raised her head up, then joined the lively conversation: "But he is so cute, he likes a big baby. I really want a boyfriend like him."

She said it then looked at Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng responded: "If you want a boyfriend, hurry up and find it."

Xing Zhen smiled: "Just let it be. I am the one that like him, who likes to being closer to one that I love. I need to look for patience and tolerant boyfriend."

Yu Sheng didn't say anything more.

Bei Er Duo suddenly remembered something, she asked: "Chief Yu, don't you say that it would be a dialogue part during the trailer shoot?"

"What dialogue?"

In a flash, Bei Er Duo understood it then looked at Ye Shu Wei.

The main culprit looked so calm and collected.

She remembered their practice lines "Shu Wei, I vow that you are my first, also the only one that move me emotionally." Bei Er Duo knew that she was trapped. It was too crafty. She raised her foot and stepped on his. Luckily his foot was quite far-reached from her so it would just a soft one.

He looked at her after received the soft punishment from her: "Er Duo, *this matter should be done when we are back home."

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