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With light breeze, the top of the tree were rustling. The flowerbed was also swaying slightly. 

In the summer, Ye Shu Wei and Bei Er Duo sat face to face on the wooden chair and ate watermelon.

Originally it was just for making a show. However, looking at how red, how sweet it was, and how is it smelling so good. Bei Er Duo ate two slices of it. When she got ready to eat the third, Ye Shu Wei pa.s.sed his to her: "Eat mine."

Bei Er Duo responded then knew what he meant. He was worried that eating the watermelon on the plate which placed together with ice cube would hurt her stomach. So it's better for her to eat the one on his hand. It was already being exposed to the sun so it wouldn't be too cold.

She took it from his hand, and chewed on it happily. She was careless as the juice of watermelon poured down to her lower leg. He noticed it and helped her wiped it. 

The cameraman was close to them and he captured their most natural interaction. 

The people surrounded them, including Yu Sheng and Tang Li looked at them with great interest.

Except watermelon, the cameraman also prepared cold grapes. This was completely outside Bei Er Duo's expectation. Her most favorite fruit was cold grapes. Without any slightest hesitation, she took one.

"You guys could be more intimate." The director guided them.

Bei Er Duo peeled the skin of the grapes then pa.s.sed it to Ye Shu Wei's side lip. She personally fed him.

Ye Shu Wei didn't expect her to take initiative to feed him. Her slight and tender finger and the grapes touched his lips. It was so intimate. He ate slowly the grape.

The time Bei Er Duo retreated her hands back, her heart was beating so fast. He opened his mouth big to eat the grape, he even bit her finger a bit.

"It's my turn to feed you." He took one grape, then peeled. He put it on her side lips. It was like a scene where he fed the little hamster in the laboratory. 

After several times of feeding each other, people surrounded them started to laugh. It dispersed Bei Er Duo's attention. 

"No need to mind them." He said, "Just put your attention to your boyfriend."

He said then, his hand naturally being placed on her knee. It was simple act but it let her knee to suddenly raised in temperature. 


Next, under the director's request, Bei Er Duo needed to lay down. Her head would be rested on Ye Shu Wei's thigh. She would raise her head up to gaze on the layers of the tree. Then Ye Shu Wei would hold a book and pretended to read it leisurely.

Just when Bei Er Duo laid down, and looked at Ye Shu Wei, who was lowering his head down. She couldn't help but to laugh loudly for a while.

He felt his whole body was melting because of her laughter. Very naturally he extended his hands to touch her hair. He played with it and made a beautiful curve with it. 

"It's so itchy." Bei Er Duo smiled, "Don't your hand touch my ears."

"What would happen if I touch it?" His finger lightly poked her ears.

"No No NO, it would turn very red." She hurriedly said it to stop him.

He took his hand back. Then continued fiddle with her hair. He played with it continuously, it made her very sleepy. She slowly closed her eyes.

Then suddenly without her knowing, when she opened her eyes, he already lowered down his head. Then he slightly pecked her forehead then sat down again, he took the book and pretended as nothing had happened.

Bei Er Duo was stunned, how many times had it been? Kissing her already became his habit?


Just let it be, anyway it also his privilege as his pursuer. Just let him do what he loves. The important point was after eating the watermelon and grapes, her stomach was refreshed. Now under warm sunshine, laid down on his thigh, made her feel so comfortable. She closed her eyes and twisted her neck. She enjoyed the moment.

"Don't you move your head randomly." He calmly warned her, "Be careful you would burn something…"


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