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Chapter 537: May I Kiss You?

In the middle of the dining table was a plate of sushi.

The grains of white rice with pieces of fresh fish on top looked quite tantalizing.

“How does that look? I’ve spent hours on it. It’s my sushi of love!” She dragged Tang Hao to the dining table.

She looked and sounded like a young girl, without any of the seductive maturity earlier.

“Come, sit down!”

She pulled Tang Hao to a chair, then picked up a piece of sushi with a pair of chopsticks.

She stood next to Tang Hao and gently bent over. From where Tang Hao was sitting, he could see the contents beneath her kimono.

The wobbling twin peaks almost caused a nosebleed.

‘Oh my G.o.d! She’s not wearing anything inside!’

Tang Hao coughed violently and quickly looked away. Only then he felt the burning urges recede a little.

She did not seem to realize it. Instead, she brought the piece of sushi close to Tang Hao’s mouth. “Come, open your mouth!”

Tang Hao took a bite of the sushi and chewed. “Tastes not bad!” He said.

Tamamo was happy. “If you say that it’s not bad, then it must be delicious! Here, have another piece.” She picked up another piece of sushi and brought it close to Tang Hao’s mouth.

Tang Hao ate several pieces in a row and started to feel embarra.s.sed. “Let me eat myself!”

“No, I want to feed you!”

She pulled a stool over, sat next to Tang Hao, and said coyly.

After she fed Tang Hao another piece, she rested her chin on both of her hands and transfixed her eyes on Tang Hao. Her beautiful eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with love.

Her lips were slightly curved in a gentle smile.

“What are you doing?”

Tang Hao was surprised when he saw her looking at him that way.

“I’m looking at you!”

“There’s nothing interesting on my face!”

“You look nice!” She grinned.

She picked up another piece and brought it to Tang Hao’s mouth.

Tang Hao could only open the mouth to accept the sushi while trying hard not to look at her.

Eventually, he finished the entire plate of sushi.

“Alright, now you can say why you’re here!” Tang Hao wiped his mouth and put on a serious face. Even his gaze was cold.

He did not believe that the Dongying woman came to visit just because she missed him.

He could never figure out what the Tamamo woman was thinking.

It was too much of a coincidence that she appeared immediately after he came back from Europe. It was easy to suspect that something was up.

She pouted and said resentfully, “Why don’t you believe me that I really miss you, my dear little brother?”

She paused for a while and smiled. “Of course, there’s another reason why I’m here to visit you this time.”

“Say it!” Tang Hao said coldly.

She resumed her mature self.

“You Huaxianese have been in the limelight lately! You’ve cleaned out the foreign influence in your cities, then went to cause a big fuss in Merrica, and then there’s the recent incident in Europe.

“Everyone around the world is wondering about the person behind this! Someone guessed that he’s from Mao Mountain, but other people.

“I’m also very curious too! That’s why I’m here to ask you. You should know who it is, right?”

She looked at Tang Hao earnestly.

Her last sentence seemed to be hinting at something.

Tang Hao furrowed his brows. “What does it have to do with you?”

“I’m just curious! I’ve investigated a bit and found some leads, but… I can’t believe it. I’m here to verify it with you.”

“What did you find out?”

“The list of people who entered and left the country!” Tamamo smiled seductively. “While I went down the list, I saw a familiar face. It’s the face that I’ve been dreaming of every night! You can’t imagine how surprised I was!”

Tang Hao grimaced.

He had used a forged pa.s.sport when he went to Merrica, but the photo was indeed his.

Other people might not suspect that it was him, but Tamamo was very familiar with his face.

“So what if it’s me?” Tang Hao said.

Tamamo was surprised when she heard that.

She could figure out the truth from Tang Hao’s tone of voice.

Then, she slightly opened her lips as she felt a pang of fear in her heart.

She had her doubts, but she could not believe that Tang Hao was the one behind it. After all, the boy was too young for a cultivator. She was already amazed when they fought for the first time.

‘How did he manage to break through and become a Perfected person?

‘Furthermore, he’s really the famed Dragon of Huaxia?

It was quite unbelievable when she pinned her suspicions on him, and it was even harder to accept the fact that it was truly him.

She sat there in a daze.

A long time later, a bitter smile appeared on her face. ‘This guy is such a freak!’

However, she began to smile happily.

She had thought that the boy was freakishly powerful the first time she met him. Now, she had confirmed that he was indeed a freak.

‘He’s already a Perfected Person at nineteen years old. What will happen in his future?’

“You’re so amazing, my dear little brother! I admire you!” She looked at Tang Hao infatuatedly while propping her chin on her hands.

Tang Hao rolled his eyes. “I didn’t admit to anything.”

“I know!” Tamamo chuckled.

Then, she said, “Can I kiss you?”

“Huh?” Tang Hao was shocked. He immediately blushed and shook his head. “No!”

“How selfish! Can’t I kiss you even once?” She pouted.

She suddenly thought of something, and her eyes sparkled. “My dear little brother, I’ll give you one million dollars every time you let me kiss you. Merrican dollars!”

She winked and bit her lip in an attempt to seduce Tang Hao.

“One million? Merrican dollars?” Tang Hao was shocked.

“Yes, one million Merrican dollars per kiss for your charity foundation. Do we have a deal?” Tamamo chuckled.

Tang Hao was discreetly shocked. ‘One million dollars per kiss? That’s very generous, but I know that she’s incredibly rich, and that money is nothing but loose change to her.

‘Should I accept the offer?’ Tang Hao hesitated.

“Whatever. I should accept it! It sounds like a great deal!” Tang Hao mumbled and nodded. “Well… you may kiss me, but only here.”

He pointed at his cheek.

His face was blushing intensely.

‘Why do I feel as though I’m hustling myself?’

However, Tamamo did not listen to the second half of his sentence.

She leaned close and looked obsessively at Tang Hao. Her gaze was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with infatuation.

Without saying another word, her arm hooked Tang Hao’s neck and brought him close, then brought her red lips onto his.

The kiss seemed unending…

He was almost out of breath when Tamamo finally pulled away. “That’s one million. How about another?”

She leaned close and kissed him again.

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