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Chapter 1036: Shockwaves Across East End Nation

“Oh my G.o.d! It’s so big!”

Everyone looked at it and was shocked.

The immense tortoise was like an island. It occupied half of the lake. Its back was covered with a thick layer of mud. In the middle, there was a stone door.

The stone door was simple and ancient.

“What’s that?”

Many people were puzzled when they saw the door.

Before they could take a closer look, the giant turtle submerged and pulled a bunch of people into the lake. At the same time, the lake surface roiled, and huge waves surged toward the sh.o.r.e.

“Pull! Pull harder!”

The people roared and exerted their strength to stabilize themselves.

The others quickly flew up and attacked the giant tortoise.

However, its sh.e.l.l was too thick. After bombarding it for more than ten minutes, nothing happened.

“Pull it to the sh.o.r.e!” Someone shouted.

The people exerted their strength together and finally managed to pull the beast up. They surrounded it and beat it to death.

“Phew! It’s finally dead!”

The people heaved a sigh of relief and cheered.

Many people jumped onto the back of the turtle and looked at the stone door.

There were numerous engravings on the stone door. Upon closer inspection, they realized that there were all kinds of exotic beasts.

“That’s weird. Why is there a door on the back of the tortoise?”

“It looks ancient, at least two or three thousand years…”

The crowd gathered around the door in bewilderment.

Who could have erected a door at the back of a giant tortoise?

That was really strange!

Soon, they lost interest and jumped down from the tortoise’s back.

“Keep fishing, kid!”

“We’re going to fish up all the things in the lake today!”

They surrounded Tang Hao and said excitedly.

Tang Hao checked the fishing rod. It was a little damaged, but it was fine, as expected of an ancient fishing rod.

He sat down and continued fishing.

Not long after, another fierce creature was pulled up. It was also very big, almost like a small mountain.

As soon as it showed its head, the Nascent Soul experts rushed up hurriedly, slaughtered it, dragged it to the sh.o.r.e, and tossed it into the spectacularly huge pile of fish, shrimp, snakes, crabs, and all sorts of creatures.

“This is amazing!”

Everyone looked at that mountain of catch and exclaimed in admiration.

Darklight Lake had been a popular fishing spot for thousands of years. Even the greatest fishing experts had never caught so many fish.

Today, they could be considered to have witnessed history.

Splash! Splash!

Creatures surfaced one after another, dazzling everyone.

The people cheered whenever Tang Hao caught another one.

The entire Darklight Lake was immersed in a festive atmosphere.

Suddenly, all of them heard a loud buzzing sound. Following that, a huge pillar of light suddenly shot into the sky.

Everyone was shocked. They turned around and saw that that beam of light was coming from the back of the turtle. More precisely, it was from the stone door.

The stone door was originally dull. At that moment, dazzling golden light flowed on the engravings on the sides of the door. A middle-aged man was standing in front of the door with a shocked expression.

Clearly, he had done something to trigger the door.

The light pillar lasted for a while before dissipating. In the middle of the stone door, reality rippled, and a pa.s.sage appeared.

“It’s a pa.s.sage!”

“You don’t say! Where does it lead to?”

Everyone whispered.

For a moment, no one moved.

It would be suicide to go into the pa.s.sage if they did not know what was at the other end.

“We’re on Darklight Mountain, and there are beasts carved on the door. That must be the abode of the legendary True Hegemon of Beasts!” Suddenly, someone shouted.

Everyone was stunned. Many people had blank expressions on their faces. Clearly, they had never heard of the True Hegemon of Beasts.

However, some other people were excited. They hurriedly rushed toward the stone door and went inside.

“Yes, the True Lord of Beasts is from extremely ancient times. After the State of the Nascent Soul is the State of Path Seeking, then the State of Path Severance. In ancient times, people in that state were called True Hegemons.

“The True Hegemon of Beasts was a famous figure who loved to raise all sorts of exotic beasts, which explains the t.i.tle.

“Legend has it that Darklight Mountain is where the True Hegemon of Beasts’s abode is located. However, no one has been able to discover it. Unexpectedly, that entrance is hidden at the bottom of the Darklight Lake.”

Someone explained for a while.

Everyone gasped when they heard that.

‘The abode of an ancient Path Severance expert!

‘Oh my G.o.d! This will surely send shockwaves around the entire East End Nation!’

Many people ran into the stone door greedily, though most of them remained where they were to observe.

It was extremely risky to intrude into the abode of an ancient Path Severance expert. One would easily lose their life inside.

Tang Hao was also excited. He did not expect that he would catch something so amazing.

However, he was not in a hurry to go in. It was too dangerous, so he might as well let the other people try.

No one was interested in fishing anymore. They gathered around the turtle and discussed it excitedly.

Tang Hao returned the fishing rod to the old man.

After some discussion, Tang Hao and his friends took a large part of the catch and let the others split the rest.

“Thank you, young man!”

The middle-aged and old men thanked him one after another.

w.a.n.g Er and the others stashed the catch into their bags of holding excitedly.

“Give me their qi cores, and you can have the rest. Remember to share them with the people in the valley!” Tang Hao said.


w.a.n.g Er and the others responded. They took out the qi cores and handed them over.

Half of the twenty or so qi cores were at the State of the Nascent Soul. That was a huge haul. They were equivalent to countless spirit stones after turning them into pills.

“Not bad!”

Tang Hao counted them and put them away.

The trip had not been in vain.

Although he had used ordinary bait, he had mixed it with flood dragon blood. Naturally, that attracted the creatures of the deep.

The blood came from the Yue family’s flood dragon.

When he tore the flood dragon’s body with the Barbarian G.o.d in the decisive battle, he had stashed the corpse away.

After w.a.n.g Er and the others took their haul, Tang Hao sent them away.

What happened next was none of their business. When the news spread, the major factions would come, and Darklight Lake would be a battleground.

“Take care, Valley Master!”

w.a.n.g Er and the others left with the carriage.

Tang Hao squeezed into the crowd and watched.

Suddenly, a figure rushed out from the pa.s.sage and landed on the back of the turtle. His entire body was covered in blood and gore as if something had bitten him.

He had a terrified look on his face. His lips moved as if he wanted to say something, but before he could say anything, his head dropped and he died.

Everyone felt a chill run down their spines when they saw that. They did not want to go in anymore.

More people arrived about half an hour later, some people arrived. They were from the nearby factions. Then, groups of people arrived one after another.

As the news spread, the entire East End Nation was shaken. Each faction sent delegations to investigate the situation on Mount Darklight.

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