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Chapter 1018: Master Tang Chuan

“Glory through farming? Wealth through diligence? Hahaha! That’s too funny!”

People laughed when they heard about the words carved on the stone monument in front of the Ninth Mountain.

It was true that one could become rich through hard work, but glory through farming? That was hilarious.

Farming was the lowest level of work. There was no glory to speak of.

The news of the establishment of Divine Herbalist Valley also spread among the medicine farmers.

They were very interested when they heard it, and they went over to enquire. When they learned that Tang Hao was not imparting any secret techniques but only a scripture written by Mountain Lord Tang himself, they began to curse loudly.

“Pah! Unity, equality, and mutual a.s.sistance? That’s all nonsense! That Tang guy is too selfish!”

“Haha! Who does he think he is? He even wrote a scripture? How can you believe in that sort of thing!”

They cursed and mocked for a while before leaving.

Soon, the news spread.

When everyone heard that, they were all stunned.

That Tang guy actually wrote a scripture himself?

Haha! That was too funny.

Only master-level experts were qualified to write scriptures, even in the lowly field of medicine farming.

Who did that kid think he was?

He probably got lucky in obtaining a secret technique to speed up farming. Did he really think that he was a master?

“How vain of him to think of himself as a master when he only made a small fortune!”

They all laughed mockingly.

“Don’t you dare laugh at our Valley Master! He is a true master of farming!”

“Our Valley Master is very ambitious. You’re in no position to criticize him!”

w.a.n.g Er and the others were angry when they heard the mockery.

However, the more they tried to talk back, the louder their detractors laughed.

“Hmph! Just you wait!”

They decided to devote their time to studying the technique.

Half a month pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

That day, Tang Hao led a group of people into Bramble City.

“It’s the Ninth Mountain lord!”

“Haha! That’s the self-proclaimed Master Tang Chuan!”

On the way, a group of Goldenglow Mountain disciples pointed at them and laughed mockingly.

Recently, “Master Tang Chuan” had been quite popular.

That kid was originally a lowly medicine farmer, but he had made a lot of money and earned the envy of a lot of people. When they heard that he had written a scripture, they seized the chance to ridicule him.

Tang Hao and the other people did not say anything and went directly to the medicinal herbs street.

Tang Hao sold his seedlings as usual.

“That’s a total of 2,010,000 crystals!”

After totaling up the sales, Storekeeper Hu was ready to pay.

“Wait! The others have something to sell. You can pay us together!” Tang Hao raised his hand and said.

The old storekeeper was stunned. “Are they selling seedlings too?”

“No, it’s not a seedling! Look at this, Storekeeper Hu.”

w.a.n.g Er smiled and took out a stalk of medicinal herb.

“Is that… heptaswirl gra.s.s?”

The old storekeeper exclaimed, “It’s already mature. Did you plant it?”

He looked at w.a.n.g Er in disbelief.

Heptaswirl gra.s.s was a relatively rare medicinal herb on the same level as dragongall gra.s.s. Mountain Lord Tang had bought it in his last gamble.

The herb was especially delicate and difficult to grow. An ordinary medicine farmer would not be able to grow it even if he had a seedling. How could w.a.n.g Er manage to grow one?

He knew very well what w.a.n.g Er was capable of.

w.a.n.g Er grinned proudly.

“This isn’t the only one I have, Storekeeper!”

As he spoke, he took out another one.

The old storekeeper’s eyes widened in shock.

Two stalks of mature heptaswirl gra.s.s? Were his eyes playing tricks on him?

While the old storekeeper remained in shock, w.a.n.g Er took out the herbs one by one.

“F*ck! w.a.n.g Er, where did you pick them?”

The other storekeepers were also shocked.

“Haha! I grew them, of course!” w.a.n.g Er thumped his chest and smiled smugly. He had never felt so vindicated.

“I have heptaswirl gra.s.s too!” Fatty Qi shouted hurriedly.

Then, he took out the herbs one by one. They were all mature heptaswirl gra.s.s. The storekeepers watched in utter shock.

Then, the other medicine farmers also began to take out their stash of mature heptaswirl gra.s.s.

The storekeepers felt dizzy when they saw what was going on.

Were they going crazy, or were those farmers going crazy?

That was heptaswirl gra.s.s, not cabbages!

Growing one stalk alone was hard enough. How did they grow so many?

They roughly estimated that each of the farmers had a hundred stalks. Together, the seventeen farmers had one thousand and seven hundred stalks!”

Oh my G.o.d! That was insane!

“Are you taking these, Storekeepers? If you are, do the math and pay up!” w.a.n.g Er laughed.

“Yes! Of course!” Ol’ Hu said hurriedly.

“How… did you grow all that?” A storekeeper asked in puzzlement.

They could not figure out how they did it. Even if those farmers were lucky enough to ensure that a large proportion of seeds survived, the growth period was too short!

How could the seeds have matured in only half a month?

“It’s all thanks to our Valley Master. I told you that he’s a true master, but you didn’t believe me!” w.a.n.g Er said.

The storekeepers were stunned and looked at Tang Hao in disbelief.

‘That guy… is really a master?

‘That is too absurd!

‘He looks so young. How could he be a master? Moreover, how did he ensure that the heptaswirl gra.s.s seeds survived or shorten the growth period?’

However, that seemed to be the only explanation.

Seeing the floor full of heptaswirl gra.s.s, they had no choice but to believe the medicine farmers’ claims.

They regarded Tang Hao in a different manner.

Earlier, they regarded him with envy and contempt because they thought that he was lucky. Now, their gazes were respectful.

A master-level medicine farmer was nonetheless worthy of respect.

“Master Tang!”

The storekeepers greeted him respectfully.

“The current market price of a stalk of heptaswirl gra.s.s is 8,000 crystals. There are a total of 1,680 stalks here. That makes it a total of 13,440,000 crystals!”

Storekeeper Hu was speechless after he arrived at that number.

After taking the money, the people left excitedly.

As soon as they left, the news spread and shook the entire Bramble City.

“What? Those medicine farmers sold herbs worth more than ten million crystals? And they sold it as mature stalks?”

“That Tang Chuan is really a master?”

Everyone was stunned when they heard the news.

When the news reached the ears of the other medicine farmers, they were all dumbfounded.

Then, they thumped their chests and gnashed their teeth regretfully.

They were presented with the opportunity to make a fortune, but they did not cherish it. Now, they could only watch other people count their fortunes.

“I was wrong! Brother w.a.n.g, please put in a good word for me in front of Master Tang!”

“Here’s a small token of my appreciation, Brother Qi. Please help me ask Master Tang to take me in!”

They all ran to Goldenglow Mountain, crying and shouting, begging to be under Master Tang.

In their hearts, Master Tang had already become a peerless expert!

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