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Chapter 1017: Three Hundred Nations

Divine Herbalist Valley was established that night.

The mountain lords drank themselves silly in the pavilion at the foot of the First Mountain.

Other than Tang Hao, there were seventeen other people.

“Heave ho! Pull! Pull!”

Early the next morning, the mountain lords erected a huge stone monument in front of the Ninth Mountain. It was almost thirty meters tall and looked extremely majestic.

Some words were carved on it.

“Glory Through Farming, Wealth Through Diligence?”

Some Goldenglow Mountain disciples pa.s.sed by and were surprised when they saw the stone monument.

In the next moment, they burst out laughing.

‘What’s so glorious about medicine farming?

‘That’s the lowliest job! Everyone looks down upon it!’

That Tang guy might be doing very well recently, he was only a mere medicine farmer. Many people still looked down on him.

People would stop sucking up to him once he stopped making money!

Moreover, that Tang guy was a special case. Among the thousands of medicine farmers, he was the only one.

They all sneered and left.

The medicine farmers were angry when they heard that.

“Don’t pay attention to them. We’ll prove them wrong with our results!” Tang Hao said indifferently.

As he spoke, he climbed the steps up the Ninth Mountain.

“I do have a secret germination technique, but I won’t teach it for the time being…” Tang Hao said.

The people were not surprised. The Valley Master must be testing them before he imparted the secret technique to them.

“Then… what should we do now, Valley Master?” Fatty Qi asked anxiously.

Tang Hao smiled and said, “Do you know why medicine farmers are considered lowly?”

Fatty Qi was surprised and said, “Isn’t it because we’re poor?”

The others also nodded in agreement.

Tang Hao could not help but laugh and said, “You still haven’t figured out why. It’s because of the technical requirements of the job.”

“Technical requirements?”

The people were dumbfounded. They had never heard of that term.

Tang Hao said, “It’s difficult to become a pill maker, isn’t it? That’s why they are respected! It’s also quite difficult to become a medicine maker, and not everyone can become one. That’s why they also enjoy an elevated status.

“As for us medicine farmers, we only do menial work, and we don’t have any technical skills at all. Anyone can become a medicine farmer. That’s why people look down on us.”

When the people heard that, they seemed to have understood something.

“That’s why we medicine farmers must raise our standards and turn farming into a technical profession. Only then can we be respected and change the way others view us,” Tang Hao said.

“Not only that, but we must also unite and actively fight for our rights and interests. That’s how we can become respected.”

The other medicine farmers were shocked as though they were hit by an epiphany. Then, they became excited.

“How profound!”

“You’re amazing, Valley Master. You’ve thought about it all!”

Their praise was genuine.

“But… how do we raise the technical requirements?”

They were puzzled once more.

High-level agricultural techniques were rare to begin with, and they were in the hands of very few large factions. They kept their techniques secret, and the medicine farmers could not learn them.

Tang Hao smiled and handed them some jade slips.

“I wrote this scripture myself. It’s about planting techniques. Take a look!”

Everyone was immediately stunned, and their faces were filled with astonishment.

‘He wrote this himself?’

They looked at Tang Hao and almost burst out laughing.

‘Is he confused or something?

‘Not any random person can write a scripture! One needs to be at least considered a master before they are qualified to do so.

‘How old is the Valley Master again? How could he be a master at his age?’

With that thought in mind, they opened the jade slip and read it.

As they looked at it, their expressions gradually changed.

The shock in their hearts continued to grow. Their hands that were holding the jade slips were trembling violently.

They were incomparably excited.

The scripture was unbelievably amazing. It explained farming techniques in the simplest way, and they had never heard of those tricks and secrets before.

They could understand the techniques at a glance.

“Valley… Master, did you… really write this?” w.a.n.g Er swallowed hard and said in disbelief.

Tang Hao smiled and said, “Of course!”

w.a.n.g Er’s entire body trembled, and his jaw dropped.

The other people were also like that.

They had always thought that the Valley Master was lucky to obtain a secret germination technique. They never expected that he was a master of medicine farming.

‘Who… is he?’

They stood there in a daze, unable to speak for a long time.

When they were halfway up the mountain, Tang Hao pointed at the seedlings in the field and said, “Take those seedlings, and you can practice the techniques on them. If there’s anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask me.”

The people took the medicinal seedlings and hurried back excitedly.

Tang Hao returned to his house and sat down. He began to cultivate the lightning technique.

He had mastered the flame technique because he often made pills, and he could already use it to gather nascent qi. The lightning technique was slightly lacking, but it was about the same.

Those two techniques were relatively simple compared to the Path of Life and Death.

He had comprehended the incredibly profound technique from a Shard of the Path.

Although he had mastered the technique, there was still quite a big gap between his current level and the level at which he could gather nascent qi.

He could not rush things. He could only take it step by step and slowly comprehend it.

In the next month, he had gained some understanding of the First Continent.

The continent was vast and boundless.

It was not divided into regions but nations. It was said that there were three hundred nations in total.

He was currently in the easternmost nation of the first continent. It was called East End Nation.

The nation alone was almost as big as the southern region of the Ninth Continent. From that, one could see how big the First Continent was.

There were countless cultivation experts and factions on the continent.

After asking around, he found out that there was indeed a Jiang family. Just as he had expected, the Jiang family was extremely powerful. They were the most powerful force in the entire First Continent.

However, the Jiang family was too far away. They were separated by countless nations.

He also asked around about Earth, but no one knew about it.

Tang Hao guessed that only the most powerful people knew about the existence of other planets.

He had to get in touch with those people to find out the details.

That place was too far in the real world. He planned to gather his nascent qi, then go up to the Void Realm to ask about the situation.

Those major forces definitely existed in the Void Realm.

He realized that he had not entered the Void Realm since he broke through to the State of the Golden Core.

However, there was no rush. He was still at the peak of the State. It would not be too late if he gathered some nascent qi and advanced to the Proto-State of the Nascent Soul.

That way, he need not be afraid of being killed. He still had a dark gold shard on him, and it would be a great loss if he were killed and someone looted it.

Next, he devoted himself to cultivation. After mastering the lightning technique, he began to comprehend the Path of Life and Death.

Every two or three days, he would go to the medicinal herb street in Bramble City.

w.a.n.g Er and the others would sometimes come to the mountain to ask him various questions.

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