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Chapter 1016: The Birth of Divine Herbalist Valley

“The people from Goldenglow Mountain are unconscientious! Look at the mountain they gave you, Mountain Lord Tang!”

“Right, right! They have the nerve to rent out such a shabby mountain!”

The elders from the Everforge sect, the Pillclasp sect, and other sects all began to criticize Goldenglow Mountain.

Elder Ma’s face was flushed red.

Renting out the Ninth Mountain was indeed a bit of a scam, but he could not admit to it.

“What’s wrong with the Ninth Mountain? The qi might be thin, but it’s cheap!”

“Don’t worry, Mountain Lord Tang. As long as you join the Goldenglow Mountain Sect, I’ll immediately vacate the best mountains in the sect so that you can grow medicinal herbs!” Elder Ma hurriedly said.

The people were bickering with each other.

Tang Hao, on the other hand, was in a difficult position. It did not seem appropriate for him to take a side now.

Moreover, he did not have any intention of joining any factions.

After thinking for a bit, he cupped his fists and spoke.

“I appreciate your kindness, Elder. My name is Tang Chuan, and I am but a lowly medicine farmer. I really don’t deserve such kindness.

“Everyone here is so enthusiastic, and I don’t know who to choose! Why don’t you let me think about it?”

The elders of the various sects nodded their heads upon hearing that.

Indeed, they had rushed here upon hearing the news. They did not give Tang Hao any time to think about it.

Joining a sect was not a small matter!

“There’s no rush, Mountain Lord Tang. You should consider it carefully!” They hurriedly said.

Tang Hao smiled, took out a dozen bags of holding, and gave them to the elders.

“Please accept a small token of my appreciation. This one is for your sect, and this other one is to show you my respect.”

Tang Hao gave each of them two bags of holding. One was big and the other was small.

Each of the big ones contained a million crystals inside, while the small ones contained a hundred thousand.

The elders opened the pouches, and their eyes lit up.

Then, they looked at Tang Hao. The more they looked at him, the more they liked him.

That kid was pretty smart!

“You’ll get it for the next few months too!” Tang Hao said with a smile.

They were stunned for a moment before smiling brilliantly.

“Don’t worry, Mountain Lord Tang. If anyone bullies you in these mountains, you can tell them my name!”

“I’ll hand those kids to you, Mountain Lord Tang. You can order them around as you wish!”

Elder Ma pointed at Song De and the others and said candidly.

The people were very satisfied, while Song De and the others drooped their heads.

They were the official disciples of Goldenglow Mountain, but they had to run errands for a medicine farmer. It was too embarra.s.sing!

They gritted their teeth, thinking that they would rather die than submit to the humiliation.

Tang Hao glanced at them and smiled. “Here! Have some spending money!”

As he said that, he handed them a few bags of holding.

When the disciples opened them, they trembled and fell on their knees.


“Thank you, Big Brother!”

They respectfully bowed to Tang Hao.

At that moment, they realized that they had no need for their dignity.

‘What dignity? Can you eat it?

‘So what if he’s a medicine farmer? It’s fine as long as he has!’

After a while, the crowd gradually dispersed.

When the news reached Bramble City, the city was once again in an uproar.

The elders of the major sects in the region had fought over that medicine farmer. In the end, they even unanimously announced that anyone who offended that medicine farmer would be offending all of the sects.

The people who heard it were thoroughly confused.

They expected them to fight over some cultivation prodigy, but not a medicine farmer.

“That guy is amazing!” They lamented.

Medicine farmers were supposed to be lowly and poor, but that had struck a fortune and made a name for himself through medicine farming.

That was the first time they had heard of something like that.

“Heh, they’re only fighting over him because of money! Who would care about him if he doesn’t have money?”

“So what if that kid is rich? Can he become a cultivation expert? A medicine farmer is stuck in that fate for the rest of his life. After all, power is the most important thing.”

Many people were unhappy and envious.

That evening, Tang Hao went down the mountain and came to the foot of the Eighth Mountain.

He rang the bell, and the Eighth Mountain lord came down very quickly.

He was stunned when he saw Tang Hao.

“Ninth… Mountain Lord Tang!”

He called out hesitantly.

Mountain Lord Tang was the most famous personality among the Goldenglow Mountains now. Even the Nascent Soul experts had to treat him courteously.

He felt slightly apprehensive when he remembered how he had mocked Tang Hao.

‘Don’t tell me he’s here to settle the score!’

He became even more apprehensive when he thought of that.

“Mountain Lord w.a.n.g!”

Tang Hao smiled and greeted him.

The Eighth Mountain lord’s name was w.a.n.g Er.

“What’s the matter, Mountain Lord Tang?” w.a.n.g Er asked nervously.

Seeing through his thoughts, Tang Hao smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not looking for trouble. I have something to discuss with you and the other mountain lords.”

w.a.n.g Er was stunned again.

While w.a.n.g Er was still caught in a daze, Tang Hao went around and rang the bells of the other mountains.

The mountain lords came down one by one. When they saw Tang Hao, they were all stunned.

There was a pavilion at the foot of the First Mountain. The mountain lords gathered there.

“Mountain Lord Tang, what… what do you want to discuss with us?”

The Sixth Mountain lord asked.

His surname was Qi, and he was quite plump. The others all called him Fatty Qi.

“Something good, of course!” Tang Hao said with a smile.

“Something good?”

The people were puzzled.

They could not imagine anything good that Mountain Lord Tang could discuss with them.

“Do you… want to make a lot of money?” Tang Hao asked.

“Heh, who wouldn’t? But what can we do?” Fatty Qi smiled dryly.

“We are medicine farmers. We’re not going to make a lot of money even if we work hard for the entire year!” w.a.n.g Er said, “Of course, you’re the only exception, Mountain Lord Tang!”

Tang hao nodded and said, “Our earnings are indeed low, and our status is also low. We have always been looked down upon by others!”

“Exactly! We don’t have any status at all! Anyone can bully us!” They immediately said angrily.

They had been indignant for a long time.

“Then… do you want to change the situation?” Tang Hao asked.

The people were stunned and blurted, “Yes! Even in my dreams!”

“Alright, I’ve thought of an idea recently. I want to create a union for medicine farmers. Everyone is equal in the union, and we shall help each other. This is so that we can make more money and improve our status.

“We have to let those people know that we medicine farmers are no pushovers!”

“We medicine farmers have to band together and make a name for ourselves. My wish is that one day, we won’t be ashamed of our ident.i.ty. Instead, we will be able to say proudly that we’re medicine farmers.”

Tang Hao stood up and spoke pa.s.sionately.

The other mountain lords were excited when they heard that.

“Great speech, Mountain Lord Tang!”

“Boo hoo! I’m touched!”

Some people even wiped away their tears.

They had been mocked and ridiculed ever since they decided to become medicine farmers. All medicine farmers had to suffer the same fate.

They looked again at Tang Hao with admiration.

They had never expected that Mountain Lord Tang would have such great ambitions and lofty ideals.

Tang Hao smiled and said, “The union shall be called Divine Herbalist Valley. What do you all think?”

“Divine Herbalist Valley? That’s wonderful!” The people said excitedly.

“Alright, that’s decided. We shall be its first members, and we’ll recruit more people in the future!” Tang Hao said.

He had two reasons for forming the union. Firstly, he genuinely wanted to improve the status of medicine farmers. The more selfish second reason was that it was too slow to make money by himself. He needed more people to help him make money.

The people discussed for a long time before they drafted a charter.

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