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"Ah, it was him."

Myeonghu remembered him as the middle aged player he had seen last time on his way to Ga Dogu's house.

"What is it?"

He couldn't understand why it was that the player was calling him out and even rushing toward him.

"Thank you! I…"

After running over to stand in front of him, the man needed a moment to catch his breath, before continuing.

"You're a player right?"


Hearing the odd question he actually took a moment to think about it before agreeing, which cause the man to sigh in relief.

"Oh, what great luck."


Myeonghu could only wait curiously, unable to understand why it was his good fortune.

"Would you like to go hunting with me? I have a good quest."

'That was it?'

Myeonghu had thought that here was some huge urgency, but it turned out to be such a mundane reason. After hearing that is was all because he needed help on some quest, he began to put more force into tearing open the scroll.

"The reward is a potion which permanently increases mana! Interested now?"

Myeonghu instantly relaxed his grip as he stared seriously at the man.

"Is it really a quests which rewards such a potion?"

"Yes, although the increase isn't huge, the best part is that it's repeatable."

Myeonghu could only gulp longingly as he opened up his character page.

Name: Myeonghu
Nationality: Helioka [Empire]
Age: 22
Cla.s.s: Berserker
Level: 139
HP: 301450
MP: 420
Strength:15030(+140) Agility: 15 Stamina:17 Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 11
Bonus Stats: 0

Currently he didn't even have enough Mana to execute a single on of his One Punch or Quake Strike skills.

'If I can raise my mana….'

Not to mention that the quest was even repeatable.


He now was in a dilemma since both choices were attractive. He really wanted to sell the swords, bows and crossbows in his inventory, but he didn't want to miss this opportunity to increase his Mana.

'What should I do?'

He was conflicted at first, until he realised it wasn't something which he had to do immediately.

"Sorry, but I have something urgent to attend to right now."

Myeonghu replied, showing an expression of helplessness upon seeing the man's turn sad.

"That's really too bad, how long should it take?"

"I don't know exactly when I'll be back."

"Well, can you help me out when you return? I won't be able to finish the quest by myself right now anyways."


After answering Myeonghu went ahead and open the scroll.

"See you next time"

A white light from the scroll began to engulf him


"Oh! I'm…"

It was only then that the stranger realised that he had yet to introduce himself.

"Walcha! The name's Walcha!"

Shortly after he finished screaming out his name Myeonghu disappeared from sight.


He appeared in a flash of light inside Demes' Central plaza.

Bla bla bla!

It was crowded and noisy as usual. Myeonghu simply made his way through the throng of players and headed to the Auction house.

'Just what are the highest bids at?'

Quite a bit of time had pa.s.sed, so he was wondering it the top bids had changed.


There had been strong interest in the items and time had pa.s.sed, so it was still possible for it to have increased.

"I want to see for myself!:

After arriving at the Auction house he immediately went to find the NPC and viewed his trading window, causing a smile to form on his face.

Item for Sale: Shoes of Arrogance

 Current bid: 4,600,000

 Time remaining: 6 hours and 25 minutes [Game time]

Item for Sale: Shoes of Arrogance

 Current bid amount: 4,700,000

 Time remaining: 6 hours and 26 minutes [Game time]

Item for Sale: Helm of Arrogance

 Current bid: 4,200,000

 Remaining time: 6 hours and 27 minutes [Game time]

Item for Sale: Deathblow Dagger

 Current bid: 5,600,000

 Time remaining: 6 hours 28 minutes [Game time]

Item for Sale: Malea's Staff

 Current bid: 5,500,000

 Time remaining: 6 hours and 29 minutes [Game time]

Item for Sale: Poisonous Crossbow of the Dead

 Current bid: 7,000,000

 Remaining time: 6 hours and 30 minutes [Game time]

Item for Sale: Earthen Bracelet of Patience

 Current bid: 5,300,000

 Time remaining: 6 hours and 32 minutes [Game time]

Item for Sale: Earthen Bracelet of Patience

 Current bid: 5,200,000

 Time remaining: 6 hours 33 minutes [Game time]

The bids had all increased and there was still more than 6 hours left in the auction.

"It's strange, but…."

The price was definitely too high since it exceeded the true value of the items. Still that certainly wasn't a bad thing from his perspective, so after briefly looking at the trading window, he closed it and opened his inventory.

"Now it's time to sell off all these."

He scanned the crowd of players around him which were busy shouting.

"Buying items in bulk! Can pay in gold or cash! I'll buy as much as you have!"

The player who just screamed that out caught his eye, so Myeonghu made his way towards him.

'If I sell them all at once, just how much could I make?'

After arriving before him he initiated a trade and placed a Light Steel Sword inside.

"How much for this?"


After examining the sword and taking a moment to think, he put up 100 gold in exchange.

"Is this fine?"


He was surprised upon checking the trade window, because the price quoted was higher than he had expected.

'100 gold?'

Myeonghu had come to the right place since he'd be buying in bulk.

'For the player, even if he buys it for 100 Gold, he can later turn around and sell them individually for 110. A profit of 10 Gold was still quite a nice margin. I really have sold the other swords way too cheap.'

"Let's make it 102 gold"

Suddenly the player decided to increase the amount by 2 more gold. He had become nervous since Myeonghu had kept quiet.


Naturally since he was willing to accept 100 gold, he wouldn't refuse an extra 2. Myeonghu quickly pressed the OK b.u.t.ton then opened his inventory to examine his remaining items.

"Buying items in bulk! Can pay in gold or cash! I'll buy as much as you have!"

Myeonghu looked up at the man and smiled as he opened up a new trade window.

"You have more for sale?"


"Sell me everything, you can put them up three at a time."

It was the att.i.tude of someone confident in their wealth, but since the maximum number of items in a trade window was 8, Myeonghu decided to go with that. Six swords , one bow and crossbow in a single trade window.

"Whoa! You're scaring me, give me one moment."

He quickly recovered from his surprised expression and began examining the properties of the different weapons.


After pouring over them for some time, he finally decided on a number and placed 870 gold on his end.

"Six Swords for 600, 140 for the bow and 130 gold for the crossbow. What do you think?"

"It's fine."

Myeonghu confirmed the transaction then checked to see that he had received the gold in his inventory. After seeing it indeed arrived, he smiled and sent another trade request.

"What, you have more?"


"Alright put them up."

Myeonghu once again put in 6 swords, one bow and crossbow.

"Okay, the properties are a bit better so how about 880 gold?"

"Works for me."

After the transaction was done, Myeonghu once again checked he had received his gold.

'… It's all there.'

He now had 1900 gold in his inventory. If he were to convert that into cash, it would be 19 million won. He was simply stunned by the fact that he could earn such a sum in just three simple transactions.

He once again looked up to the player and requested another trade, after all he still had plenty of equipment left.

"…Surely you don't have more?"

"I do"

The player became shocked once more upon hearing Myeonghu's answer.


He quickly put up another six swords, one bow and crossbow up for trade.


The player proceeded to once again examine them all, before putting in 900 gold on his end.

"Is 900 enough?"


He confirmed and the trade was completed.

"900 gold, that was 9 million won….'

If he stopped to think about it, 9 million won was a considerable sum, but he had somehow earned it so simply.

'No need to dwell on it.'

Making money wasn't a bad thing, so he didn't waste any time to send another trade request. However, this time the player could only look back at him helplessly.

"I'm really sorry sir, but I don't have any more gold!"

"Ah, I see."

The player then turned around and left. After watching him leave for some time, Myeonghu then opened his inventory to have a look.

"2800 gold already, and I still have quite a few left."

Apart from the 2800 gold, he still had 101 swords, 28 bows and 27 crossbows left in his inventory.

"Buying items in bulk! We guarantee the best price!"

"Buying buying in bulk! You'll never regret selling here!"

There were still plenty of players willing to purchase items. Faced with such a scene, Myeonghu smiled as he made his way towards them.


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