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"Ugh, I'm too late."

The player which arrived after rushing towards him spoke dejectedly, which piqued Myeonghu's curiosity.

"Do you not have any swords left?"

"Unfortunately not."


"Why what's wrong?"

"I missed a nice chance to make some money is all."

This definitely caught Myeonghu's attention since it had to do with making money. Just what chance was that?

"Those swords you sold have pretty nice properties, so they sell for about 20 gold more in the Central plaza.


It was only after hearing his response that he finally understood why it was that all the players would run in that direction shortly after buying his swords.

"Were my swords truly that good?"

"Yes, most blacksmiths have been mobilized for the pioneering of new lands, and those who aren't have their items reserved by the local n.o.bles. This makes it difficult to get your hands on decent Magic equipment, which drove the prices up.


He felt a bit embarra.s.sed after learning the truth of the matter.

' Players weren't able to simply buy them in at a blacksmith.'

At first he didn't understand why it was that players would be willing to pay three times the price, but it was only now that he learned that it was still too cheap.

"Good bye"

The user departed and went on to open his stall in the closest available spot to the Central plaza.

As he stared toward the direction of the plaza, he saw more and more players heading in his direction.

He then opened up his inventory and looked at the ring he had received from Ga Dogu


Restrictions: None

Physical Defense: 5

Magical Defense Rating: 5

(Portal: Himise)

You can open a portal from anywhere to Himise. (Twice a day)

With this token which represents the respect of the village, you can enjoy a 10% discount on all goods sold in Himise.


A greedy smile formed on his face as he pictured the mountain of swords in Tilto's shop back in Himise.

"I first need to get some more of those scrolls."

He decided, as he closed his inventory and walked through the market, scanning the items on display.

"There it is!"

It didn't take him too long to find a stall selling different kinds of scrolls. He stopped before it and bent down to examine them.

Restrictions: None

When used, it  will immediately transport you to Demes' Central square.

Selling price: 1 gold

It was the exact scroll he had previously used, and the price was quite reasonable. He instantly bought all 4 available before moving on.

"How much are the bids at?"

He muttered to himself as he made his way to the auction house. Although he was in somewhat of a hurry, he couldn't resist the urge to take a look at the prices of the 8 items he had previously auctioned.

After making his way to the NPC, a window appeared with the list of items. Once he saw the amount of the bids, he stayed frozen in shock

Item for Sale: Shoes of Arrogance

 Current bid: 2,600,000

 Time remaining: 9 hours and 28 minutes [Game time]

Item for Sale: Shoes of Arrogance

 Current bid amount: 2,700,000

 Time remaining: 9 hours and 29 minutes [Game time]

Item for Sale: Helm of Arrogance

 Current bid: 3,200,000

 Remaining time: 9 hours and 30 minutes [Game time]

Item for Sale: Deathblow Dagger

 Current bid: 2,900,000

 Time remaining: 9 hours 31 minutes [Game time]

Item for Sale: Malea's Staff

 Current bid: 3,500,000

 Time remaining: 9 hours and 33 minutes [Game time]

Item for Sale: Poisonous Crossbow of the Dead

 Current bid: 4,000,000

 Remaining time: 9 hours and 34 minutes [Game time]

Item for Sale: Earthen Bracelet of Patience

 Current bid: 4,300,000

 Time remaining: 9 hours and 36 minutes [Game time]

Item for Sale: Earthen Bracelet of Patience

 Current bid: 4,200,000

 Time remaining: 9 hours 37 minutes [Game time]


Unlike online where bids could be removed, this one was permanent, so once the bids were set once would be forced to buy the item at that price.

'I just posted some Rares.'

The market price for his Rare items was much higher than he had previously envisioned.

'Sure they're good items, but still….'

This was especially the case for the Earthen Bracelets of Patience. This hadn't been the first time they were sold and they would usually only go for around 1.8 million won. However this time on both of his bracelets the bids had exceed 4 million.

'Could it not have been just a prank last time around?'

He remembered the time he had cancelled the online auction because he was sure that it was only someone who was messing with him, but now he felt that his items were truly quite valuable.


He let out a deep breath and confirmed the remaining time on the auction. There was still plenty of time, so he closed the window and took a look at his inventory.

"How much is all this worth?"

He currently had 4500 in gold, 2 Unique items, as well as 18 Monstrous Fox pelts which went for 200 gold apiece.

He then closed his inventory and thought about what his next step should be

'Should I focus on selling equipment?'

At first he had planned on disposing his loot from the foxes, but he had now changed his mind.

He casually made his way around the corner and into a secluded alley.

"This should be fine."

He then took the Token from Himise out and wore it on his finger. After activating its option, a portal appeared before him and the sight across from it looked familiar.

With a smile, Myeonghu walked right in.


In but a few seconds he had stepped completely inside, and the portal wisped out of existence behind him.

After arriving at Himise, Myeonghu didn't waste any time and instantly took off towards the blacksmith's shop.

'With 4500 gold…'

He could buy hundreds of swords instead of just a measly 50.


Upon arriving inside he gave a hurried greeting and went straight towards the Sword rack. He quickly scanned them over, checking their properties before bringing them back to the counter.

"I will buy a lot this time"

" 25 gold…"

Tilto who tried to name the price of each sword, couldn't keep up and simply stayed silent, watching with a little smile.

Myeonghu quickly arrived before the counter holding a pile of swords, however none of the were Common rank, they were all Magic swords.

"Any more?"

He looked at the other swords in the store. There were still quite a few left, but they were mostly Common along with a couple Rare ones. There weren't any more of Magic rank.

"How much for these?"

Myeonghu finally asked Tilto.

"The 120 swords cost 2613, I can forget the 3 and make it 2610 gold!"

"Here you are."

Myeonghu happily handed the money over while Tilto was surprised to see him in possession of such a sum.

He then turned around and went to the section with bows and crossbows.

'I still have 1900 gold left.'

He sifted through them before bringing a bunch with him back to the counter.

"1850 gold."


After hearing the price, he should probably have stopped, but his greed got the better of him.

'I can still buy one more.'

Bows and crossbows were somewhat more expensive than swords, so he could just barely afford another with his remaining gold, so picked out one more bow.

"1880 gold, will that be all?"


After handing Tilto a pouch with all the gold, he placed all the bows and crossbows in his inventory.

'A total of 120 swords, 31 bows and 30 crossbows.'

He left the shop with a satisfied smile as he thought of his inventory stocked with items. Once outside, he pulled out a scroll.

"Let's get going."

It was time to sell his stock once more.


Someone shouted, and he stopped himself from tearing the scroll open.


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