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When Dragon Mother was punishing her boys and Emperor Xun was holding a party, a few dark-faced priests wearing long coa.r.s.e robes walked to Emperor Xun's palace in a hurry. Right behind the jade stage in the middle of the palace, the few priests ran into Wu Bi and a few Chu Wu Clan elders behind him.

They paused under the stage and looking at each other with skeptical eyes.

Thin and bone-piercingly cold gusts of wind spiraled up from the earth, raising clouds of dust and leaves. The leaves swirled swiftly in the winds, then were shredded by an invisible force.

Among the few priests, the one who seemed to be the oldest had a pair of brightly shining eagle eyes, with dark-golden pupils. He abruptly bowed to Wu Bi, said, "I am Zang Yuanzi, a disciple of Saint Mu from the west."

Wu Bi threw a glimpse at Zang Yuanzi, then laughed with an evil hissing voice, "Cut the c.r.a.p...Are you really their disciples?"

Zang Yuanzi smiled and responded seriously, "I am really a disciple of Saint Mu. I cannot lie to you about this. If you don't believe me, ask Saint Mu...As long as you have the guts to do it."

Wu Bi bared his teeth and let out his long and slim crimson tongue, which looked like a snake, quickly licking his nose. The longer and deeper he turned into a devil, the less and less like a human being he became. While laughing, he slowly shook his head and said, "You surely know this. How can I ever visit them? That'd be suicidal, right? Hah, why're you here?"

Zang Yuanzhi calmly pointed at the jade stage and said, "We came to visit Emperor Xun, for all living beings in this world, of course."

Wu Bi remained silent for a while. Suddenly, his eyes turned blood-red as he screamed with laughter, "For all living beings in the world? I always knew that you people from the west are the most shameless ones of all. Telling me about your hokey kindness...Is this interesting? We both clearly know what're we here for...You know it...I know it!"

Zang Yuanzi chuckled. He bowed to Wu Bi again and said, "In this case, let's see what we can do, shall we?"

Wu Bi's eyes showed an intent of killing.


A pair of blood-red bone daggers suddenly appeared near Zang Yuanzi's body, being wrapped in raging flames as they cut through Zang Yuanzi's throat and chest at lightning speed.

Zang Yuanzi's body exploded. A fist-sized pale-white lotus petal drifted down from the air, with two thin cracks on it. At the same time, Zang Yuanzi reappeared right beside Wu Bi. His entire body had turned transparent, vividly green and venting a thriving life-force.

Before Wu Bi could react, Zang Yuanzi gripped his shoulders with both hands and lifted him up.

Green blood vessels bulged from Zang Yuanzi's arms as he prepared to smash Wu Bi on the ground. But suddenly, Emperor Xun poked his head out from the edge of the stage and threw down a giant wine pot.


The wine pot shattered, as Emperor Xun pointed at Wu Bi and Zang Yuanzi and laughed, "What're you doing down there? Why're you putting arms around each other? Are you gonna commit adultery?"

Zang Yuanzi stopped, then slowly put Wu Bi down on the ground. Both Zang Yuanzi and Wu Bi raised their heads and grinned at Emperor Xun. "Emperor Xun, please don't say this. We're just learning from each other by exchanging moves." Wu Bi said.

Emperor Shun giggled. He abruptly dragged a maid down and pressed her on the guard bar of the stage. Ripping her clothes apart, he exposed her snow-white upper body and then grinned, waving his hands to Zang Yuanzi and Wu Bi as he yelled, "Cut the c.r.a.p! Come up here, up… We have wine, beauties, all prepared for you! Let's enjoy the day together! Together!"

Laughing again, Emperor Xun raised both arms and pointed at the north, then said, "Look, those idiots are nearly wiped out… How beautiful this is? How great is this? Ah...Come on, come on, come up here. Let's make a toast!"

Zang Yuanzi and Wu Bi exchanged a glance. "If I threw you to the ground just now, your body would have been smashed by the 'Wuding mountain-breaking strength' that belongs only to our sect." Said Zang Yuanzi with a low and frosty voice.

Wu Bi hissed with laughter. He coldly glanced at Zang Yuanzi's left arm and said, "Do you really think that you managed to dodge my daggers? Hehe, is our Chu Wu Clan so soft?"

The expression on Zang Yuanzi's face changed slightly. He immediately rolled up his sleeves and saw two, three-inch-long blade wounds on his left arm, burning with a faintly red flame. Within a couple of breaths, the blood and flesh of Zang Yuanzi's arm were about to be burned out, but he felt no pain or any other discomfort.

"Good!" As Zang Yuanzi slapped his own left shoulder, his left arm fell off entirely, being incinerated within a blink. He sneered at Wu Bi and shook slightly. Next, a pale-white lotus bloomed on the wound on his shoulder, then a new arm quickly grew out from the lotus.

"Oh, not bad!" Wu Bi shook his head at Zang Yuanzi while chuckling and said, "I wonder if your head can grow back out too if I chop it off. Can it?"

Zang Yuanzi threw a chilly glimpse at Wu Bi, lowered his voice, and said, "Why don't we try later? Let's see which one of us can kill the other, alright?"

Zang Yuanzi's face was twisted, eyes showing a mad desire for killing. He looked even more like a devil than Wu Bi, who was already a devil. Which well-cultivated being could look like this?

If Priest Mu were on the scene, he would never admit that Zang Yuanzi was his disciple. The disciples of Priest Mu and Priest Hua had been doing all kinds of evil things, but which one of them didn't look like a kind immortal? Did any of them have such a twisted, hideous devil face?"

Wu Bi wasn't afraid of Zang Yuanzi. He also lowered his voice and sneered, "Good. Let's do it later."

They glanced and smiled at each other, then turned around and walked up to the stage through the cliffy stairs together. They were both powerful beings with high-level cultivations. They flashed across the air and left shreds of afterimages behind while climbing onto the stage.

Under Emperor Xun's orders, two maids had already papered two small wine pots, fully contained aged wine. Seeing Zang Yuanzi and Wu Bi walking up, Emperor Xun laughed and handed the wine pots to them, then said, "You two, long time no see. What have you been doing these days? Come on, come on… Empty the pots, then we'll catch up."

Zang Yuanzi and Wu Bi again glanced at each other. Afterward, they took over the wine pots, slightly opened their mouth, and made an inhalation. A stream of wine flew up from each pot and spiraled into their mouths.

Thud! Thud!

After finishing the wine, they threw the wine pots to the ground simultaneously. "Emperor Xun, when can this unheated war end? From my point of view, we should build a large blood-offering altar and sacrifice the lives of hundreds of millions of human beings...Then, we'll just break the city." Wu Bi yelled.

"Bullsh*t!" Before Wu Bi finished, Zang Yuanzi laughed coldly.

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