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In the starry void, Mr. Crow wielded his little whip and lashed heavily on the Chaos dragon's tail.

The incredibly strong Chaos dragon lunged forward and cracked the s.p.a.ce, creating a black hole which was tens of meters in radius, then dove directly into it. In the next moment, the Chaos dragon again broke the s.p.a.ce hundreds of thousands of miles away and darted out. Treading on fiery clouds, it flew forward like a bolt of thunder.

Tens of thousands of miles were covered by the Chaos dragon within a second. As the dragon lunged again, another black hole was left in the s.p.a.ce.

Ji Hao quietly sat in the chariot, sensing the super fast speed of the Chaos dragon. Before the world was created, this Chaos dragon was a powerful creature who dared to fight Saint Pan Gu face to face. Its soul had perished, leaving an extraordinarily strong body. But, after merging into the nine dragons chariot, the moving speed of this Chaos dragon body was still so amazingly high.

The chaos dragon's flying speed was even three times higher than Ji Hao's flying speed with the golden bridge before he drank the spring in the living calabash!

"What a terrifying creature! Mr. Crow hasn't managed to thoroughly understand the marks of Dao on its body, so he can't trigger his power yet, but can only control it to fly with its physical strength. Yet, its speed is already so amazing." Murmured Ji Hao, "If we can activate all its power… Hah, hah, hah!"

Ji Hao then closed his eyes. Through his spirit power, he silently looked at the sphere of glistening spring inside his body.

A pure and great power had been flooding out of the spring, quickly merging with Ji Hao's embryo of Dao. Ji Hao's power and cultivation had both been rising, and for which reason, his embryo of Dao turned more energetic and lively.

The mysterious man's estimation wasn't exactly right, because this spring didn't just give Ji Hao 'a huger amount of saint's power'. Instead, before he absorbed all of it, the power Ji Hao attained from this spring was already ten folds greater than what he gained from Priest Mu's tree heart.

According to Ji Hao's estimation, after absorbing this spring completely, he would attain an amount of saint power that was greater than the saint power contained in Priest Mu's tree heart by at least twelve folds. With such a great power and the pre-world magnetic life and death sword formation, Ji Hao would be strong enough to fight against ancient powerful beings like Bamboo Master and Priest Sadness face to face, and would have a large chance to destroy their physical bodies!

However, even though these ancient powerful being weren't saints, their souls had merged into the great Dao, and they had touched some secrets of being saints. Ji Hao would be able to destroy their bodies and hurt their souls, but currently, he still could not kill them!


Ji Hao opened his eyes and two streams of golden light shone out of his eyes, scanning across the golden-purple page in his hands.

Three golden marks were imprinted on the page, looking like dragon heads and phoenix tails, with clouds of glowing warm mist rising from them. Those were three characters — 'Break', 'Dao', 'Kill'. This was a sword art, created by Evil Yu Yu for Ji Hao after he learned some of the Chaos dragon's power of destruction, in combination with his own sword spells.

'Chasing the great Dao through the s.p.a.ce, pressing straight on the enemies souls, then killing the souls!'

According to Evil Yu Yu, by launching a perfect Beak-Dao-Kill strike, Ji Hao would have thirty percent chance of killing an ancient powerful being like Tong Jiong, Priest Sadness, and Bamboo Master.

The mysterious man silently showed up in Ji Hao's spiritual s.p.a.ce. Through Ji Hao's eyes, he read the Beak-Dao-Kill sword art, then closed his eyes. Between his eyelids, thunderbolts-like blue lights were sizzling and flashing quickly. He gently raised his hands, as if holding a large axe, and silently launched a Beak-Dao-Kill strike in Ji Hao's spiritual s.p.a.ce.

Ji Hao put down the golden-purple book and gently knocked the arm of his chair with his fingers.

Evil Yu Yu showed up suddenly and left also fast. After upgrading the East Emperor chariot for Ji Hao, he left in a hurry. Ji Hao seized the time and asked Evil Yu Yu quite a lot of questions, but upon getting the answers, he was puzzled even more.

Evil Yu Yu honestly told Ji Hao that the red-robed Yu Yu was Priest Yu Yu's 'kindness'. The red-robed Yu Yu and Evil Yu Yu were extremely opposite, and never liked each other.

The Priest Dachi and the Priest Qingwei that Ji Hao knew, who had been in the Chaos, killing Chaos monsters to protect Pan Gu word, were both the 'kindness' of Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei.

The real Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu were staying in a secret place, cultivating themselves severely. The natural reward power that their 'kindness embodiments' earned was for their cultivation.

As for why they needed so much natural reward power, Evil Yu Yu didn't explain. He just seriously told Ji Hao that the disaster that the humankind was facing now was only the prologue of a great calamity.

The true enemy of the humankind, or of all living beings in Pan Gu world, hadn't even shown up yet.

The ten Pan Yu saints who had been confronting Priest Hua and Priest Mu in the peaceful world in the west, according to Evil Yu Yu, were just 'small potatoes', merely slightly more powerful than Priest Tong Jiong. They might have already stepped into the world of saints, but they were new to this level, and were far from being true saints.

If the two clones of Priest Mu and Priest Hua, who had been showing up and doing things in the mortal world, didn't find some bizarre thing to weaken themselves quite largely, the ten Pan Yu saints would have been suppressed by the ancient magic formation in the peaceful world long ago, even if they joined hands. The true enemies hadn't shown up yet. Those intractable powerful enemies would be a problem even for Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu.

The humankind had now been facing internal problems and powerful enemies at the same time. Evil Yu Yu seriously told Ji Hao that he must be careful about the three 'Pengs' disciples. The three 'Pengs' were never on the 'light side'. Now, they had shown up to worsen the situation, but not even Yu Yu knew what exactly they wanted.

After all, the three 'Pengs' were hiding inside Saint Pan Gu's body. Back when Saint Pan Gu was still alive, even he didn't feel their existence. The situation would remain controllable if these mysterious, powerful beings did not make a move. But once they did, something terrible would definitely happen.

Compared to the three 'Pengs', Original Devil was easier to deal with. He was also powerful and mysterious, but his goal was clear. He wanted to destroy the humankind, and kill every last human being to free himself. Therefore, as long as human beings remained alive, Original Devil wouldn't be infallible.

'Be careful of the three 'Pengs', of all changes that have happened or are happening inside Yu Dynasty, of Priest Mu and Priest Hua, especially some of their disciples who have been secretly doing things.' These were all the warnings that Evil Yu Yu gave Ji Hao.

Ji Hao silently recalled Evil Yu Yu's expression changes to try to fathom every word he said. As he was sinking in his thought, the Chaos dragon had pulled the chariot to Pan Gu Motherland.

From a distance away, Ji Hao saw a colorful beam of light connecting Yao Mountain City and the heaven.

He also saw the four armies surrounding Yao Mountain City and fearlessly charging towards the City.

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